Katie Kat's in Trouble


The day bore on and they had only made six bucks after deducting supplies. The girls were both dishearted. As they were packing everything up Mrs. Newton came outside. "Honey, your father and I are going to go out tonight. Since you and your brother have been getting along so well, we are going to leave him in charge, okay?" Marcy nodded. "Mom, can Katie spend the night?" she asked. "Well you have to ask your brother if it is okay with him, but I have no objections. " her mother said. Katie knew there was no way Scott would say yes, the two hated each other. For as long as she could remember Scott had tormented her. He was 3 years older than the girls and he tried to boss them around constantly. Much to Katie's disbelief, Scott agreed to let her stay. In fact he almost seemed happy about it. Maybe Marcy had been right, maybe Scott had a sudden change of heart and decided to be nice. Whattever the reason for his transformation, Katie was happy about it.

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   The three ordered pizza for dinner and played monopoly for hours. Katie was having a great time. Scott was so much fun now. When they grew tired of board games, Scott suggested they go to his room and watch some dvd's. Katie was a little weary at first, but Marcy seemed all for it and she did not want to seem like a baby. So they all went upstairs to Scott's room and began to watch a movie. After they had finished the first movie, Scott popped in another one. It was rated NC17. Katie thought about objecting, but again Marcy seemed to want to go along, so she bit her tongue. Half way through the movie there was a graphic sex scene. Katie began to feel very uncomfortable. She turned to Marcy to tell her she was ready to go to bed, but froze when she saw her best friend. There was Marcy kissing her own brother on the lips, much more shocking, she had her hand down the front of his shorts. " WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" she yelped. Marcy and Scott looked at her and started to laugh.

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   "C'mon Katie Kat, it is no big deal" Marcy said. "Yeah Katie," Scott added, "We thought you might want to join us. " Katie shook her head and jumped from her seat. "Your sick, thats incest," she shouted. Before she could run from the room, Scott grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. He thrust his lips to hers and kissed her hard and passionatly. Katie fought him with all her might, but was not strong enough. Finally he released her. She had tears streaming down her face as she looked at her friend. "Marcy, how could you do that with your brother?" Marcy took her friends hand and rubbed her arm gently. "It feels so good Katie. We are not hurting anyone, just having a little fun. " Katie stopped crying and wiped her face. "I want to go home. " she demanded.

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   Scott shook his head. "No Katie, you are staying here with us. I am responcible for you tonight. " Katie felt anger rising within her. She knew Scott had motive for being nice, she just could not believe Marcy was involved in this. "Listen Katie, Scott thinks your really pretty, he wants you to join us too. " Marcy said to her adding, "Best friends do everything together don't they. " Katie shook her head. Scott smirked at her, "I think you are, because if not Marcy and I are going to tell our parents that you tried to touch her. Everyone at school will think your a dike and none of the girls will come near you. No boy will ever want to talk to you. " He laughed wickedly, "You will lose all of your friends and even your parents will be ashamed to be seen with you. Hell you might even have to move. " Katie could not believe this was happening to her. She was being blackmailed by her best friend and her sick perverted brother.

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   "But I will tell on you, I will tell what I saw?" Katie threatend. "Go ahead, It is your word against ours and lets face it, no one will doubt Marcy. Why would she come to me for sex, look at her she is gorgeous. Besides, the way you follow her around all the time, it will be easy to make you out to be a lesbian trying to take advatage of my dear, sweet, little sister. "Katie was backed into a corner and she knew it. She began to cry again. Marcy had turned on her. Scott lifted Katie up and layed her on the bed, "Go ahead and cry, it kinda turns me on. " he laughed. He lay down on top of her and held her down with his weight. He pressed his lips to hers then shoved his tongue in her mouth. She began to gag on his tongue, but he kept persisting. Finally she went limp, surrendering to him. She knew she could not fight him, he was much stronger. He tore open her shirt and exposed the two small nipples that made up her breast.

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   He laughed at her. "You as flat as me. " Angry tears streamed down her cheeks. He took one of the puffy nips into his mouth and sucked it. He used his hand to massage the other one as he did this. A warmth surged through katies body. Although she was discusted by Scott, her body responded to his touch. He stopped sucking her long enough to undo her pants. He slid them off of her and gazed down and her small white panties. He could see the outline of her tiny little mound through the thin fabric. His dick began to rise in his pants. He motioned for Marcy to come to him. "Suck my cock," he instructed, "while I work on this pretty little cunt. " Marcy did as she was told. She dropped to her knees and within seconds had her brothers cock inside her mouth.

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   She worked him over exactly the way he had taught her, paying special attention to the dome shaped head of his dick. Scott moaned as his sister sucked his shaft, then returned his attention to Katie. She was still whimpering, but he did not care. Her pussy was his for the taking. He ripped her panties off. She started to protest, but knew it would do no good. He smiled as he gazed at the small pink slit before him. She had a small patch of fuzz and the mouth of her cunt and a few hairs on the small lips. Her pussy was by far the tiniest he had ever seen. He gently ran a finger up and down the slit, careful not to enter her. She squirmed beneath him. Her body was betraying her and he could tell as he noted the lips began to glisten with wetness. He slowly parted her and bent down to better examine his prize. He could smell her juices. Her clit looked like a small pea covered with pink flesh.

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   He teased it with his finger. She jumped as if she had been hit by electricity. He knew he had her. He dropped his mouth to her beautiful cunt and began to kiss and lick it softly. Marcy was sucking him with all she had and he was doing the same to Katie. Within minutes the girl exploded onto his eager mouth. This sent him over the edge and warm spurts of cum shot out of his dick, filling his sisters mouth to the brim. She did not swallow her brothers load. Instead she held it and approached her friend. Katie looked into her eyes, wondering what she was going to do. She started to ask that very question, but the moment she opened her mouth, her friend spit the load down her throat. Katie gaged. Marcy held her hand over her friends mouth, forcing the girl to swallow every drop. Scott's dick began to twitch watching his slutty sister take charge. Katie was recovering from her orgasm.

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   She could taste the bitter remenents Scott's jiz in her mouth. It was not too bad. She found herself anticipating what would happen next. She would not have to wait long to find out. Scott turned her over roughly to where her tiny ass was in the air. Her pussy glistened in the light as if beckoning to him. Marcy undressed and positioned herself in front of Katie. She opened up her pussy lips giving Katie a view of her pink twat. The girl was dripping wet from sucking her brother and needed to cum badly. She forced katies head down to her cunt and began to grind on her face. Meanwhile Scott was attempting to slide two fingers in Katies tight little hole. His dick was hard as steel, he wanted to drive it straight into her small pussy. He descided to be gentle since it seemed that Katie might actually be coming around. His sisters pussy was great, but no where near as tight as Katie's. he wanted to enjoy every second of popping her cherry.

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   Katie was licking her friends pussy the best she could. Marcy was humping Katies mouth for all she was worth. Katie could feel her own pussy being spread by Scott's fingers. It felt so good. Finally she felt some pressure on her small slit. He was sticking his dick into her, she was about to lose her virginity. Katie's pussy was so incredibly tight, Scott was afraid he would never fit all 7 inches inside her. She was moaning loadly into his sisters pussy already and he had only gotten the head in. Slowly he thrust forward and felt the soft skin tear around him. Katie was in agony and ecstasy all at once. He fet resistance, but descided it was now or never. With one sharp thrust he had torn down the barrier and was enetering into Katie's virginal cunt. She screamed in pain as he forced himself in and out of her opening. That was all it took for Marcy to errupt, she covered Katie's face in her girl goo. She sat up and began to lick her cum off of her friends face.

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   The two exchanged kisses as she did this. Scott felt his dick swell, before he could pull out his head burst, shooting streams of fresh cock juice inside Katie's aching little hole. He collapsed on the bed while his sister took he spot and began to work on Katie's pussy. Within minutes the girl was moaning in ecstasy and cumming into his sisters mouth. The three of them cuddled together until they heard the Newton's return. The girls ran to Marcy's room and jumped under the covers. They both fell asleep, exhausted and satisfied. To Be continued. . . . .

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