Kissing Cousins


I was 16 years old. We were coming “home” to spend Thanksgiving with our family. My favorite aunt and uncle had invited everyone to their 1 story 3 bedroom 2 bath home on the North West side of town. The weather was great a sunny 78 degrees in Southern California.
I was especially excited about this trip because my cousin Kyle was home from school and I missed him so much. Growing up we were always close. Only separated by 3 years, we were always playing flag football in the front yard. Imitating the WWF wrestlers and their moves as we rolled around on the floor. We were inseparable and it had been nearly 4 years since I had seen him.
Dinner was great and since my mother and sisters were staying with my grandparents I decided to stay with Kyle and his family. Breean, his younger sister had gone to bed and I helped my aunt Jean clean things up while Kyle and my uncle Andy talked about the race car Andy had been building. I had noticed Kyle watching me move about the kitchen, just as I noticed him watching me earlier that day. The thought of him checking me out made me so hot, I had all kinds of naughty images of Kyle dancing in my head. After 4 years he had become quite a hunk. I always found him attractive, growing up, and I had a huge crush on him for years. I was shocked at how well matured he looked.

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   Tall golden tanned skin, broad shoulders with a trim waste. Dark hair and blue green eyes. I could see that the sleeves on his shirt were tight on his biceps. Damn he was hot.
After an hour or so my aunt and uncle had gone to bed leaving Kyle and I alone. The two of us sat on the couch watching TV. MTV was playing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and I was so tuned in that I almost didn’t hear Kyle talking to me. “Hello? Earth to Danielle!!” “what?” I asked as I turned to face him. “I asked what’s up? How are things going?” “Oh, I’m sorry dude, I was into the video. Things are ok, school is school. I’d really like to move back home but my mom has this great job so I’m stuck. ” “Yeah, I think I heard my mom telling me about it the other day. That sucks. It’s not the same around here with out you. How long are you in town for?” “mom and the girls are heading back tomorrow morning but I’m not leaving until Monday around noon.

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  ” “Right on. You look great by the way. ” I could tell he was talking about my tits. 16 years old and I had been blessed with 38 DD’s. I just smiled at him, gave him a wink and returned the compliment.
I got up to get a glass of water and when I returned Kyle had removed his shirt and was lying on his back on the couch. Just the sight of him looking like that made my head spin. “hey, sorry. I’m really tired from the long trip home and it was such a busy day…I was wondering if you would give me a back rub if I flipped over?” WHAT? That was it, I knew I was done for. “Uh, sure…” I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “umm, go ahead and uh, roll over” I crawled on top and straddled his ass and thighs and began to massage his back and shoulders. Grunts and moans came from deep in his throat. “How does it feel?” “incredible” I smiled. “Kyle?” “Yeah?” Why were you starring at me all day?” “I uh…well, ha! You’re just so grown up now and so beautiful…I umm…I just couldn’t help it. ” By this time I had stopped the massage.

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   “oh” was all I said. I felt him start to roll over to face me so I lifted myself off of him and started to sit on the floor in front of the couch. He grabbed my arm and sat me back down on top of him. I was straddling him again only this time we were facing each other. My eyes traveled over his perfect body and to his face. I felt his hands go to my hips and electrical waves hovered just underneath my skin as his hands moved from my hips to my thighs and then to my ass. I could feel his cock growing in his pants from the position I was sitting in. I was so nervous I was shaking. “you ok, Danny?” “Yeah, just a little confused. And scared that your parents or sister might walk in and see us like this. ” “Everyone’s asleep don’t worry. Just go with whatever you feel is right. ” With that I bent down and kissed him on the lips. Quick at first and then long and hard. I felt a ball of fire go from my stomach to the center of my pussy when he pried my lips apart with his tongue.

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   My pussy was soaked and my cousin cause this. What the hell was going on? His large hands had invaded my bra and my nipples were sore from his pinching and tweeking. I rocked my hips on his groin and his cock now bulged in his jeans. “Kyle, I want you so bad right now. ” “Christ I want you too. You make me so damn hot” My shirt flew to the other side of the room followed by my bra and he burried his face between my breasts. I arched my back for better access. He was sucking on nipple and then the other as soft moans escaped my mouth, I knew there was no stopping us. I felt his hand slide down the back of my jeans and grab a hand full of my ass. “Oh God Danny. Take of your pants. Hurry up baby” he gasped as he fumbled with the buttons in the front of my pants. “not here”.
With that said we jumped off the couch, I grabbed my discarded clothing and turned the TV off and he led me to his bedroom. Once behind clothes doors we became animals and tore at each others clothing.

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   I watching as his cock sprang from his falling boxers. I heard him let out a soft laugh and I realized that I was wide and mouth gaped open. “oops. Sorry” I giggled. “It’s OK. I felt the same way as I watched your massive tits fall from you bra. ” I laughed at this and felt more relaxed. “It’s just all so surreal to me” “It’s all real, Danny. ” He flipped on the stereo and cut off the lights as he let me to his bed. We laid side by side and he kissed and nibbled my neck and down to my boobs. “That feels so good Kyle” I could feel his hot breath on my bare skin. “Scoot down baby, I want you to suck my cock” I did as he asked and laid on my stomach between his legs as he propped pillows between him and the headboard. I took his 8 inch cock in my hands and began to stroke it up and down while I placed my mouth over the swollen purple head. I licked, sucked and stroked his shaft while I massaged his balls. “Oh fuck that feels good.

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   Suck my balls! Hell yeah Danny. Suck me just like that. ” His dirty talk made me hotter and I could feel my juices all through out my throbbing cunt. It wasn’t too long before I felt his balls tighten. “I’m gonna cum, Danny. OH FUUCKK!” His cum shot out hot and thick to the back of my throat. Load after load I swallowed. When it stopped erupting I gave it one last kiss and worked my way up his body. Kissing and nipping at his six-pack. Swirling my tongue around his erect nipples. His hands roamed my body and found my ass. His breathing had become regular but mine was more rapid as I felt his fingers travel down my ass and brush my sopping pussy. “mmm! You’re so hot and wet. It’s like a slip and slide down there. ” “Careful.

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   You are going where no man has gone before!” I blushed at my confession to him. “Danny, if you’re not sure…” “Kyle” I whispered, cutting off his words. “ I have always wanted you. Tonight we have passed the point of no return. There is no way I’m walking away from this. Now are you going to work you magic or am I going to have to guide you through this?” I could tell he was surprised at my take charge attitude. “Hey. Just because I’m a 16 year old virgin doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want. ” “OK. Just remember, when you can’t walk tomorrow, you asked for it. ” And with one swift move he had me on my back was kissing my inner thigh. I gasped as his fingers probed and parted my pussy lips. “Baby, you smell wonderful” “ahhh” His tongue ran the line of my slit until he found my swollen clit and inhaled it into his mouth. “Oh yeah, suck that clit. Harder!” I demanded as I bucked my hips to meet his face.

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   His tongue darted at my clit as his middle finger slide inside my dripping hole with ease. I arched my back which allowed another finger to slip in. He found my G-spot right away and soon my breathing had quickened and I new I was about to explode. “Don’t stop! Harder! Faster!” I quietly begged and he happily obliged. “oohhh yeah, yeah! Kyle, fuck! I’m cumming! Oh my GOD. ” My Body stiffened and jerked as he kept me at the peak of my orgasm for as long as he could.
Dawn was breaking and I could see a disturbing look on Kyle’s face. “You ok?” I nervously asked. “you look disappointed. ” He looked at me shockingly “Shit, baby. No way. You’re amazing. But…” Here it comes. Oh God I’m so embarrassed. I started to get up and search for my clothes.

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   “Don’t say anything Kyle. I understand. ” He grabbed me and pulled me back to the bed and I laid down next to him with his arms wrapped around me. “You didn’t let me finish. ” he whispered as he kissed my neck. “You’re amazing. My dreams came true here tonight, well…almost all of them. But, the sun is coming up and my parents will be up soon. ” Just then we heard the shower turn on. “OH SHIT” I said as we scrambled around to find our clothes. We snuck back into the living room turned the TV on and sat on opposite couches just in time for Andy to come strolling into the living room. “you two kids still up?” “yeah dad, a lot to catch up on ya know?” Kyle turned to me and winked. “yeah, to be young again. Listen, I’ll take Bree to your grandma’s so you two can catch some sleep today. But don’t sleep all day, we are all having dinner tonight at the Hacienda.

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   All you can eat baby back ribs. Your mom and I are meeting there after work so you two can drive over together. Be there at 5 o’clock!” “alright dad. We’ll be there. Hey Danny, you can take my room if you’re ready for bed” he said with yet another wink. “sounds good. Goodnight” “night!”
I walked to his bedroom, stripped my clothes off and crawled naked into his bed, waiting for him to join me.
I laid there for what seemed like hours, fighting sleep and replaying the most recent events in my mind. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Was this normal? A Sexual relationship between cousins? What was going on?
I must have dosed off because Kyle woke me with lust filled kisses as he crawled into bed and lay behind me. “mmm, what took you so long?” “I’m sorry baby, I thought they’d never leave. ” “what time is it?” “7:47. We can fuck the day away. ” I laughed at this as we began to wrestle from one corner of the bed to the other. “Kyle.


   You’ve got me so wet. I need your cock inside me. ” “you sure about this?” “yes, do it!!” with in moments he was positioned between my legs pushing the head of his cock inside my virgin pussy. “Shit” “you ok baby? Did I hurt you?” “no, no I’m fine. Don’t stop!” And he didn’t. Soon after that he was talking so dirty I was cumming over and over again. I heard things I never could imagine “I wanna pump you full of my goo” was the best I had heard and still to this day nothing has topped it.
We fucked all day, just like he said. And I was sore. Just like he’d said I would be.
Through out the weekend we snuck around the house and fucked everywhere imaginable. The kitchen, the shower, the backyard, his truck, the garage. By the time I left for home it hurt to move.
After that weekend Kyle and I never had sex again, but when there is a family gathering he never fails in calling out “Slip and Slide” when there is a crowd. No one ever knows what he’s doing except me.

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   We just giggle and keep our secret just that. Our secret. Of course there is still the occasional kissing and fondling, with clothes in tact of course.
5 years ago at a Thanksgiving gathering my aunt Jean sent Kyle and me to the store for more ice. I climbed up in the same truck that he fucked me in just 5 years ago. Halfway down the road Kyle pulled the truck to the shoulder of the road. I just smiled and asked “ What exactly do you think you’re doing?” “I bought something for you. Hang on” He got out of the truck and retrieved a box from the inside of the toolbox in the bed of his truck. He handed me a box and taped to the top of it was a Polaroid of his rock hard cock. I giggled and could feel my pussy get moist. When I opened the box I pulled out a rubber dildo, an exact replica of Kyle’s cock. “I bought a “clone a willy” kit and molded my cock for you. That way you can always have me, anytime you want” I thought I was going to cry! “Thanks Kyle. For everything. ” I leaned in and kissed him long and hard full on the mouth.

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   I took his hand and placed it up my skirt and between my legs so he would know that he still did it to me. He fingered my hot cunt all the way to the store and all the way home. I had fun! We always had fun together. We still do, just with out the sex, well. On his part anyway. I still have Little Kyle. Tucked away here next to my bed.

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