Kristy...again and again


As I kept working along Kristy’s 14 year old ass, she moaned a little in a way I had become used to.   She rolled over and grinned up at me “Hi Daddy!”  “Hi Princess” I smiled back.   I sucked a nicely formed and slightly aroused nipple into my mouth and reached down into the lightly hair-covered pussy to start rubbing the enlarged clit. She started to lift her hips in a way that I remembered from our first time years ago…
With her hand on mine, I started to very gently move towards the tiny clit I could clearly see.   The hairlessness alone was turning me on, but I wanted to take it really slow, so as not to scare her.   “You’re going to start feeling strange, but I hope you will really like the feeling, sweetie” I whispered.   At the same time I leaned over and started sucking her nipple and licking the sides of her breast.   She was making soft moaning sounds and her breathing was starting to pick up.   I struggled to me knees and started to kiss her legs just above the knee.   At the same time I started to force apart her legs slowly.   The higher up the legs I kissed the more I worked the way to the inside of her thighs.   When I reached the top of her thighs, I paused for about 30 seconds.   I wanted her to be ready for something special, while at the same time building up my courage for the next step.   With no other warning I sucked her tiny clit, between my lips and started to gently, but persistently suck.   Her whole body heaved up, and she cried out again “Dad-dee!”  But this time it had a different tone.   Not so much shock as pleasure.

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    I was sure that she was ready.
I continued to lick her pussy lips while gently rubbing her clit.   She was moaning a lot now and her hands were rubbing my back and rubbing her own sides in arousal trying to figure out something to do.   I decided to move ahead and at the same time fulfill her need to take part.   I swung my left leg up and over her head so that I was now in a typical 69 position, but high above her face.   I didn’t want to force her too quickly so I continued pleasuring her, while just having my hardened cock well above her face.   After a few seconds I heard her tiny voice whisper “Can I touch you daddy?”  I stopped what I was doing so I could answer.   “Sure honey, do what ever you feel like” It took a few more seconds but I felt a tiny, furtive fingertip touch the head of my cock.   An electric shock went through me as I realized that my daughter was actually rubbing her finger through the pre-cum she had caused.   I thought if I went back to what I was going she would continue to explore.   I started becoming more aggressive with my tongue actually entering the unbelievably tiny entrance, while my hand explored the recesses of her beautifully tiny ass.   The scent and taste almost immediately I felt a tentative little kiss on the very end of my cock.   I slightly lowered my hips bringing my cock closer to her face.   The tip slipped slightly between her lips. I knew I would have to change position to keep myself from raping her little face.

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I flipped myself around so that now we were face to face again.   “I’m sorry daddy, did I do something wrong?” she asked with her voice trembling. “No princess, I just wanted to kiss you and show you how much I love you”.   I leaned into her face and kissed her gently on the lips where I could still see the precum moistening her lips like some sort of little girl’s lip gloss.   I very slowly worked my tongue between her lips so that the tips of our tongues met.   She moved her tongue around mine in a shy dance.   At the same time I cupped her breast and gently massaged her nipple.   “Oh daddy, this is the best time of my life”.   I could only agree. I raised above her to straddle her