As I continued to stroke Kristy's buttocks, I could tell by her breathing she was waking up.   She roled over and opened her eyes.   "Hi Proincess" I smiled at her.   "Hi Daddy" she grinnied back.   I gently kissed her incredible breast and sucked on a large nipple.   At the same time I reached down, feeling my way through the light hair cover and started rubbing her clit.   She started a groan that was very familiar.   I remembered the first time we did that had gone that far.
Her hand was on mine, and her eyes were still closed.   Her lip was trembling, but her hand has pushing mine down.   The absolutely hairless cleft was so soft and slightly moist.   I realized that I was about to make a decision that would change both ofour lives forever.   Either in a terrible way, or in the best way possible.   I decided to go ahead slowly.
"Sweety, I am going to do a few things down there that will feel strange, but I think you will really like it. OK?"  "OK daddy, I trust you"  With that go ahead, I started moving one finger slowly over her clit and through the tiny crevice below it. 

    Her hips started to rise to my hand, and my lips closed around a nipple.   Her body jerked as if electrocuted, and a gasp came from her lips.   "Are you OK Princess?"  "Oh yes daddy, that does feel strange, but really, really good. "  I'm glad sweety, I'm going to try something else now. "  I got up on my knees and knelt over her.   I first gently cupped her breasts traced her nipples with ne finger.   I then leaned over and started to kiss her legs just above her knees.   I very slowly moved up her legs all of the time gently forcing her legs apart.   As I got higher up, I started kissing and licking the inside of her legs.    All of the tiome I could feel and hear her breathing speding up until by now she was actually panting.   I paused for a moment to gather my courage and to prepare her, and then I lick her slowly, but firmly, from the bottom to the top of her slit.   She gasped and pushed my head away.   "What's wrong sweety?" "Nothing Daddy, I was just surprised.   I've neer felt anything like that before.

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