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By the time I was thirteen, my sisters were fourteen and fifteen. I showed them some of the things the kids on the street taught me and before long we were experimenting with a lot of new techniques. The first thing we got into was oral. They were bashful about sucking my cock at first, but pretty soon they really got into it, especially when I would cum in their mouth. They showed me what they wanted me to do when I went down on their little pussies, and before long I was licking their twats and sucking on their little clits and making them cum like crazy. Oral was good, but it just naturally led to fucking for real. At age fourteen I was nailing both of my sisters at least once a week and my oldest sister decided she wanted to take it up the ass. That was okay with me, I porked her in the ass while our other sister watched. Later on she took it in the back door too. You probably think I couldn’t go much lower than fucking my own sisters—and in the ass to boot. Well, you’ll find out just how wrong you are. I could, and did, fall farther into the pit of degradation. As I got older there was only one thing on my mind, how to satisfy the urgings of my cock. That was my goal in life, to fuck as many women as I could in as many ways as I could think of. Nothing was too perverted in my goal to satisfy my lust. Every time I looked at a woman I imagined her lips wrapped around my cock or her legs spread to receive me in her cunt or ass.

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   I fucked so many women that I lost count. I could only remember them by the way they fucked, never by their names. Then it all came to an end one day, a day when I reached the extent of my perversions. And what perversion was it? It was love, but for me it had to be a perverted love. Still, it changed my life. I was working as a freelance artist, doing mostly covers for paperback books. It was a good profession because I could work in my own home, and because I had a steady flow of models stopping by to pose for me. I’m not an unattractive man, and there were many nights when my models stayed around for a little overtime, so to speak. I would serve up a nice dinner, then we’d settle back with drinks and watch a film on my large-screen TV. Knowing my reputation, you can imagine what happened before the night was through. There would be a bit of kissing, followed by a shedding of clothes, and then the fun would start. If someone should walk by, outside one of the windows, they would hear a continuous sound of moaning, grunting, begging and the screams of rapture. It would not be difficult to divine what was coming about inside. God, I loved that job—until my niece came to spend part of the summer with me. My eldest sister was married to a factory rat and they had a house about two blocks away from mine.

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   They were going on a Caribbean vacation, a belated honeymoon, and they asked if their sixteen year old daughter could spend a couple of weeks with me. Just great, I thought, a skinny little brat to screw up my screwing. She’d been over plenty of times to use my pool, but she’d never stayed overnight. I hardly even noticed her before, other than to se she was a scrawny little thing with a little boy’s ass and a flat chest. I guess I figured I owed my sister something for the way I used her as a kid—so I said okay. That was my downfall. We got the kid moved in and my sis and her old man on their way to a fun vacation. I had a big nude shoot that afternoon, taking photos to use later for a cover painting. I hustled the kid off to her bedroom to watch TV while I went to work. After about three hours of work, I ordered in some food for me and the model and I took some in to the kid’s room. After we ate, we did a little more work then settled down with some drinks to relax a bit. The model, her name was Angie, was a real good looker and we’d made it together a couple of times before. When it came to sex this kid wrote the chapter on dirty. When you got her warmed up she turned into a real slut. Just the way I like them.

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   Well, we got our clothes off after we’d played dueling tongues for a while, then things really started to get hot. Never one to fuck around when there was fucking to be done; I pushed Angie onto her back on the couch, spread her legs and shoved my cock into her sopping wet hole. Nothing better to get a party warmed up than a straight fuck. After about ten minutes of missionary style—I can last a long time because when I feel like I’m going to cum I imagine getting my nuts caught in a vise. That does the trick every time. —I grabbed Angie by the hips and flipped her over on her stomach. I pulled her hips up so she was on her knees and plunged my tongue into her asshole. Angie loves it in the ass better than anything else. She let out a loud moan as I swept my tongue over her little rosebud sphincter and she pushed back so I’d know she wanted more. When her ass was good and wet, and my tongue wanted to slip inside, I stood on the floor behind her and rubbed my hard cock up and down the cleft of her ass. She was begging now for me to shove my dick in her ass. “Oh shit, I can’t stand it any more. Fuck me now, fuck my ass you bastard. ”Always ready to please a lady, I shoved my cockhead in to her waiting shitter. She let out a little howl as I plunged farther up her shit tube.

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   She was pushing back as I stroked in. It wasn’t long till my cock was buried to the hilt and she was grinding her ass trying to get more. Some women are never satisfied. She was whimpering now as I drove my hard meat into her shit hole. Just then I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw the kid standing in the doorway. She was staring at us with her mouth wide open and her eyes bugged out. Not wanting a little thing like that to get in the way of a good ass fuck, I waved my arm at her and motioned her to go back to her room. She moved off into the shadows and I got back to the business of reaming out Angie’s plumbing. Angie was bucking and grinding her ass at me so much that I could feel my load beginning to boil up out of my balls. Angie must have felt it too because all of a sudden she jerked her self off my cock and turned around. “Don’t waste it in my ass,” she said, “cum in my mouth. Let me taste your hot fucking sperm. ”I thought about having my balls in a vise and held back until she had licked my cock all over then engulfed it in her talented, sucking mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down, trying to suck the cum out of my dick when I looked over and saw the kid hiding by the doorway.

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   She had her little babydoll nighty pulled up around her waist and one hand shoved down the front of her panties. I could see her hand moving inside her panties so I knew she was whipping her little cunt into a frenzy. I guess seeing her watching us, and her whipping herself off, sent me over the edge. I was looking straight at the kid when I shot an unbelievably big load of cum right down Angie’s throat. She was gagging and sputtering as she tried to swallow all the sperm I sent at her. It was squirting out of her mouth and running down her chin by the time I finished blasting her tonsils with my load. “Shit,” she finally said, “you almost fucking drowned me. ”“I can’t help it if you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever met,” I lied. She was using her fingers to catch the cum that was dripping off her chin, then she licked it off her fingers. This girl never wasted a drop. While she was finishing up her lunch, I looked toward the doorway and saw that the kid was gone. It was another hour before I could get rid of Angie. As soon as she was out the door I slipped into my boxers and went down the hall to the kid’s room. Her curtains were closed and there was only a night-light to light the room, but I could see her sitting cross-legged on the bed. “You okay, kid?” I asked.

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  “Yeah, I guess so,” came the quiet answer. She didn’t sound like she was freaking out or anything so went into the room and turned on a small desk lamp. She had her hands clasped together and I could tell it was to keep herself from shaking. She really looked scared. “Take it easy, kid,” I said, “nobody’s going to hurt you. I’m not mad at you and I’m not going to reprimand you. You didn’t do anything wrong. ”“But I saw you,” she almost whispered, “and you saw me. ”“I can’t blame you for trying to see what was going on. It’s just natural with all the noise Angie was making. It’s my fault for not going in the bedroom and closing the door. I just never thought of it, I’ve been living alone for so long. ”“But you saw me too. ”“Listen, kid, what you did is nothing to be ashamed of, everybody that says they haven’t done it is lying. If I’d walked in and saw something like that I probably would have whacked off too.

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   Oops, sorry kid, I have to watch my language. ”“I don’t mind, Uncle Jack, I’ve heard a lot worse than that, but my name isn’t kid, it’s Sandi, okay?”“Okay, kid, I mean Sandi. Do you feel better now that we’ve talked a little?”“Yes, but I still wonder about what I saw. ”“That was just two grownups making love,” I said, sitting on the edge of the bed. “That wasn’t any way I ever heard of. I mean you, like, put your thing in her butt, and she really seemed to like it. Like it didn’t hurt or anything. ” “Yeah, well, that’s something she just likes, and I made it easy for her to take it, if you know what I mean. ”“I’m not a little baby, you know. I’ve had a boyfriend and everything. ”“Wow, you’re quite experienced, aren’t you. ” I teased. “I maybe don’t know everything like you, but I do know how to give a blow job, and French kiss and things. ”“Shit,” I said, “where did you learn about blow jobs?”“My boyfriend taught me. But I didn’t like it too much.

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   He made me promise to swallow when he shot his stuff, but when it started to come out he pushed my head down and I almost choked on his penis. I wouldn’t do it for him anymore, and he stopped seeing me. ”“I don’t blame you. He just didn’t know what he was doing; probably bragged about it later. You’re better off without a guy like that. ”“Thanks Uncle Jack, I feel like I can talk to you and you won’t make fun of me. ”“No kid, I won’t make fun of you, we all have to learn sometime and it’s better to learn from somebody who knows what their doing. ” I put my hand on her knee to show her I knew what she was talking about. “Mom says you know more about sex than anybody. ”“Well, I guess she would know, we grew up together. ”“Will you teach me some of the stuff?” she asked real nice and put her hand on mine and gave it a little squeeze. I took a good look at her and could see she wasn’t the same little girl that used to use my pool. She had nice legs and a nice round butt. I could tell she had about a large mouthful in the tit department. Actually she was a pretty nice package.

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  “Uncle Jack, you’re checking me out aren’t you? I can tell you’re looking at my goodies. You must like what you see, you’re prick is standing straight up. ”I looked down and saw my boxers were tented up and my cock was actually pulsing. She was staring at it, then she reached over and pulled the boxers over so my cock popped out of the fly. She reached out and lightly touched it. I think I went into shock when she ran her fingertips up and down the shaft. “Whoa, you don’t have to do that you know. ”“I know I don’t have to, I just want to. Don’t you like it? My boyfriend always did,” she answered. “I don’t know if I can be as nasty as your girlfriend though. I mean she sucked your cock after you had it up her ass. That was pretty nasty wasn’t it Uncle Jack?”As she asked me that last question she was reaching out to wrap both her hands around my cock shaft. “Damn girl, you’ve got a mouth on you. You might not know the actions, but you know the words. ” She was jacking me off now with both hands.

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  “Like I said, I’m not a fucking baby. I know how to jerk off a cock so it shoots its load, and I’ve had a couple of boys finger fuck me, so I do know something. ”I laughed, “I’m surprised you’ve haven’t fucked half the school, as much experience as you have. ”She grabbed my cock so hard I thought it would break off. “You promised not to laugh. ” She said. “I’m sorry, Sandi, I forgot you had ahold of my joint. I would do it again, I promise. ” She eased up on her grip and continued to work on getting me off. She got a silly grin on her face and said, “Okay, since you promised not to tell, does that still count if I want to give you a blow job? I mean, who better to tell me if I’m sucking it off the way I’m supposed to. ”“I guess if you want en expert opinion, I’m the guy to ask. ”With that, she got on her knees, bent over, and popped my dick head in her mouth. No playing around with this girl, right down to business. I could tell she’d never been to cocksucker school; her technique was limited to bobbing her head up and down, no tongue work or finesse at all. “Slow down,” I told her, “Give me your hand and I’ll demonstrate.


  ”She let go of my joint and reached out a hand to me. I took her thumb and licked it and sucked it like a tiny prick. Lord knows I’ve gotten enough blow jobs, I could probably be a pro at giving one—that is, if I were built that way, which I’m not. “Wow, Uncle Jack, that’s a lot better than I was doing, let me try it again. ”This kid was a fast learner. She started by licking all over my cock shaft, and even went down to slurp on my nut sack. When she started gobbling my dick, she made use of her tongue in my pee hole, and swirled it around my cock head as she sucked me off. I could tell this kid would be a natural. All she needed was some lessons, and I figured I was the guy to give them. Even after the fun I’d had with Angie, it didn’t take long before I knew I was going to bust a nut. “Slow down and suck harder, sweetheart, I’m about ready to shoot my wad. ”“Don’t hold my head,” she told me, “I can do it by myself. ”“Okay, it’s all yours,” I grunted, “Shit, here it comes…shit…aaaghh…NOW. ”She swallowed it like a trooper, gulping down every drop, even wiping off her chin so she could savor the last drip. She must have learned something from watching Angie.

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  “Damn girl, you were good. ”I had a good teacher,” she said, “Now, don’t you think it’s time to go to bed?”“Yeah, I guess so. I’ll see you in the morning. ” These hot little sluts had worn me out. I headed for the door, and she hopped out of bed and started to follow me. I thought she was going to the can, but she headed straight for my bedroom. “And what do you think you’re doing?”“I think I’d better sleep with my teacher, I’ve still got a lot to learn. Besides you wouldn’t want my mom to find out what we did. ”I grinned at her. “Why, you blackmailing little bitch,” I said, “I guess you had better get your ass in my bed. I’ll have to teach you a lesson you won’t forget. ”“Oh boy,” she laughed as she hopped under the covers. I pulled off my boxers and got in with her. She did a lot of wiggling under the blanket and tossed her nighty and panties on the floor. In just a second I had her warm, naked body pressed against mine.

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   I left a table lamp turned on, and leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead. Little Sandi wasn’t having any of that shit, she grabbed my head and pulled it down to kiss me hard on the lips. My prick was lying against her warm belly and I didn’t take any time at all to stiffen up. She squirmed around until my dick was clamped between her legs. She was dry-fucking me by sliding her twat back and forth against my hard shaft. “Fuck me Uncle Jack,” she moaned, “I want to feel your cock inside me. ”“Are you sure that’s what you want, sweetheart?”“Oh yes, Jack, I want you to do it to me the first time. Teach me to fuck. ”Well, how can you argue when somebody puts it like that? I grabbed hold of her hips and pushed her up so my cock head was lined up with her little slit. She spread her legs to give me access, and I eased the head into her cunt. She gave a moan and wiggled her hips to help me spear her wet hole. When I say wet, I mean she was sopping. She must have cum while she was sucking me off. I gave a shove and gained a couple of more inches before it stared to get tight. Well, what the hell.

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   I thought, and rammed it in half way. She let out a little scream, then clamped her legs together so I couldn’t move. We lay that way for a few minutes, then she opened her legs again and started to rotate her hips, letting me know it was time to get down some serious fucking. God she was wet. One little shove and my cock was buried in her to the hilt. Her cunt felt like it was on fire, it was that hot. She was moaning every time I rammed my cock into her snatch and grinding her hips against mine as I plowed out her juicy cunt. After a few minutes of hard fucking she started to quiver and rolled her head back and forth, all the while chewing on her bottom lip. I could tell she was getting ready to cum so I started humping as fast as I could so I’d catch up with her. As I shot my load of cum into her suctioning little cunt she screamed out loud and shook all over—she was cumming at the same time. When we’d calmed down a bit, I slid my cock out of her and watched the jizz running out of her pussy. Not wanting to waste any of it, I dropped down and sucked her dripping cunt. She grabbed my now deflated cock and washed the cum off it with her tongue, then she sucked it to get the last drop that remained. I was getting hard again so we sucked each other off to another gentler ejaculation, all of which she again gobbled up. With that we curled up together and went to sleep.

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  What woke me up the next morning was a sensation of wetness around my ass. As I became aware of my surroundings, I saw that Sandi had turned around in bed and was now probing my asshole with her tongue. She used one hand to hold my ass cheeks apart while her other hand was jerking off my now erect cock. What a way to wake up, she was slurping and sucking my sphincter and trying to shove her tongue into my asshole. Not one to miss an opportunity like this, I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. Now we were lined up so we could suck each other off, and we were also in position to do some serious asshole lapping. I worked back and forth between tonguing her sweet little asshole and her tight young pussy. Sandi, meanwhile, finished teasing my ass and began slurping on my cock. She was squirming like crazy and moaning every time my tongue hit her tiny pink clit. Myself, I was almost ready to bust a nut from her suctioning mouth. That’s when she stopped sucking and said, “Now, Jack, I want it now. I want you to do me in the ass. Fuck my ass…please…now, Jack. ”“Okay, honey, Get on your knees with your shoulders on the bed. I want your knees by the edge of the bed so I can stand on the floor and still reach you.

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  ”She positioned herself the way I told her, and I began rubbing the head of my hard cock up and down the cleft of her ass, paying particular attention to pressing against her sphincter. Before long she started to moan with every stroke. When I thought she was ready I pushed my cockhead gently into her ass. “JesusfuckingchristOHSHIT…EEEEOOOWW!!…It HURTS. ” She let out a scream and I felt her asshole clench on my cock. “Sssssh, relax your ass muscles and it’ll get better. Don’t fight it and it won’t hurt. ” I started move my dick in a small rotation to get her loosened up. I was finally able to slide in two or three more inches without hurting her anymore. Now that the shock of her ass first being penetrated was easing off, she was relaxing so I could slide my joint in all the way. After pulling it out and shoving back in a few times, she got into the swing of it and began pushing her ass back at me every time I shoved my meat into her shithole. A few minutes later she was ramming her ass onto my cock and yelling at me. “OH YES…FUCK ME, JACK…RAM THAT BIG COCK UP MY ASS…FUCK ME IN MY DIRTY FUCKING ASS…SHOW ME I’M YOUR FUCKING SLUT. ”Damn, this girl could really get into it when she wanted to. I had cornholed a lot of women, but Sandi had to be the wildest of the bunch.

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   Her passion got me going too. I was almost there in no time flat. “Okay you hot little bitch, you asked for it. Here it comes. I’m gonna shoot a big load of cum up that sweet fucking asshole. I’m gonna fill you ass with hot cum. ”She was still screaming, “YES, GIVE ME YOUR CUM. FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR FUCKING CUM!!”That’s when I shot my load—and she stopped dead still as the cum shot up her ass. “I can feel it,” she moaned, “I can feel it in my ass. It’s hot, Jack. I feel you’re hot cum in my ass. ”That was in the summer when her folks were on vacation—now it’s winter and she’s back in school. We still get together on weekends but seldom during the week, she has her homework to do. I think my sister’s picked up some clues as to what’s going on, because she lets Sandi sleep over here anytime she wants. Her mother may have noticed the cum soaked panties in the laundry, or the way Sandi has switched to wearing tiny thongs and bras that unclip in the front so they’re faster to get out of, but whatever, I think she still remember the fun we had when we were little and she wants her daughter to enjoy what she did.

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   One evening Sandi and I were sitting on the couch, my arm around her as she cuddled against my side, when she looked up and said, “I love you, Jack. ”“I love you too, sweetheart. ” I’d said that a few times before, but this was the first time that I meant it. The problem now is that as she grows up, she’ll also be growing away from me. It won’t be long until she’s in college and meeting new boys her own age. The time will come when she’ll be completely gone from my life, and I don’t know what I’ll do when that happens. I’ve finally found what I was looking for over the years—what the hell will I do when I lose it?# # # # #.
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