Lessons Part 4


Lisa was so horny she couldn’t stand it. As soon as her brother left she stripped off all her clothes and went to take a shower. Her thong was soaked; she didn’t think she had ever been so turned on. Just the feel of her brothers hard meat through his jeans was enough, she was pretty sure she would have let him fuck her if they had of continued. She’d never really thought about him that way before, although she had always been curious about his dick.
She had her own bathroom and it wasn’t until she reached puberty that she figured out why a pulsating, massage shower head was one of the best inventions ever for a girl. She turned to water on real steamy and climbed in. Within seconds she had the shower hose off its hook and turned on to her favourite setting, hard pulse. She bent over slightly so she could position the flow to come from below, right under her pussy. She reached down with her hand and spread the wet lips apart and pointed the nozzle right at her clit. The first pulse came hard and just about lead to an orgasm.
She had been doing this for a couple of years now and had the perfect system down. When the device was on pulse it shot out a glob of water about once a second or so. She had developed a technique where she would flick her clitoris between pulses. This provided very intense pleasure and as usual she achieved her orgasm very quickly. The orgasm released some of her sexual tension, but she could get the feeling of her brother’s hard cock out of her mind.

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   As she dried off she decided to go downstairs and see what her dad had planned for the evening. She went back into her bedroom and threw on a sweat suit she often wore around the house. She liked it because she could be naked underneath of it and she loved the feeling of the soft cotton against her skin.
She found her father in his den reading the paper. “Hi dad, what’s up? Do you have any plans for tonight?” He raised his head from the paper and smiled at his lovely daughter. Even in that old track suit she looked beautiful. He could even tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were creating bumps on the material. He wondered if she even bothered to put panties on.
“I thought we’d go out for dinner together. It’s been a long time since you and I have had any time together alone. There’s this really nice restaurant I found that we can try,” he replied.
“Sounds good, how should I dress though?” She asked.
“It’s pretty fancy so dress up nice, like a lady. Do you have anything that you bought today that you could wear?  Or, if you want to, go and have a look in your mother’s closet to see if she has something. ” Lisa giggled when her father suggest she wear something that she bought today, obviously he didn’t know where her mother and she had gone shopping.

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   “If you make yourself look grownup enough maybe you could have a glass of wine with dinner too. ”
Lisa smiled at her dad, he was always so nice to her, always treated her like she was older than she actually is. “Okay dad, I’ll go get ready see you in awhile. ” She ran over to him, leaned over his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. She felt her boob press against his shoulder and as she looked down noticed that her dad had a distinctive bulge in his crotch. Even though it wasn’t hard and stiff it made her think of her brother’s cock and how much she wanted to touch it. She then bounced out of the room and went upstairs to see what she could find in her mothers closet.
The first thing she saw when she opened the door was the dress she had thought of when her dad suggested she wear something of her mothers. It was a black dress with an uneven hem and a slit up on side. The waist fit snugly and the bust was low cut, but not too much so. She didn’t even look at anything else and took the dress, along with a pair of her mother’s high heels, back to her room. She immediately took off the old track suit and picked out some lingerie to wear. They had bought a black bra and thong matching set that would be perfect. The cups left just enough of her breasts bare so she didn’t need to worry about people seeing her bra. They also pushed her tits up and together a little to give her just a little bit tighter cleavage than normal.

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   She put these on and sat in front of her mirror and carefully applied her makeup. Her mom had taught her years ago how to apply the colors and creams in just the right way depending on the occasion. She knew the makeup would help make her look older too.
She pulled the dress on over her head, went into the bathroom to fix her hair a bit with the curling iron, grabbed the shoes and started down the stairs. As she passed her full length mirror though she noticed she didn’t have any stockings on. Her legs looked great with or without stockings, but she decided to go all the way. She went back into her mother’s room and found a new pair of black sheer stockings that had a design woven into the material. She picked these because they stayed up on their own, so she would not need a garter. Her dad had put on a sports coat and was waiting for her when she went downstairs.
Ken couldn’t believe how beautiful his daughter looked as she came down the stairs holding the shoes in her hand. She looked a lot like her mother but her breasts were a bit larger, and her waist was slimmer. When she got to the bottom of the stairs she bent over, raised her leg and slipped the shoe unto her foot. As she did this her thigh was almost totally exposed, all the way up to the lacy stocking tops. Ken could feel his prick start to react. They left, and Ken followed his daughter out to the car watching her perfect ass cheeks sway back and forth as she walked in front of him.

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Once they were on the road things seemed to relax a bit for both of them. Lisa just looked out the window, mostly thinking about what all had happened to her so far today and how she was going out to dinner with her dad and he was treating her so much like a lady and not a kid. Beside her Ken concentrated on the road while trying to catch glimpses of his daughter. The black dress was one of his wife’s sexier outfits and his daughter filled it out very nicely indeed. Although you could not see a lot of her breasts with that neckline, they were shaped beautifully under the material. He would order a bottle of wine with dinner and let Lisa have a glass or two, that should help loosen her up a bit. He turned a corner and Lisa asked her dad where they were going, she didn’t recognize this part of the city.
“It’s a place someone suggested to me. It’s supposed to have great food and a very nice atmosphere. ” In reality he had chosen it because he was pretty sure they would not about him walking in with a girl who was young enough to be his daughter and not question her about her age. It was a decent place too and provided a very intimate setting. He had been here with his wife a few years ago so he doubted anyone would remember him.
They arrived and the valet took the car after opening the door for Lisa so she could get out. She saw the young man gaze at her legs as she swung them out, and right at her tits once she was standing. She loved turning guys on like this, it seemed so simple.

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   They were seated at their table and had plenty of privacy. They ordered the wine without any hassle and chatted about all kinds of things. Eventually her dad asked about boyfriends, to which she replied she had none, with no prospects in sight. He acted surprised but he had discussed this with his wife before and she assured him that Lisa didn’t need some teenage boy spoiling their daughter in the backseat of some car. He knew she probably intimidated the high school boys anyway she look so much more grown up, and acted so mature.
Lisa felt great. She was enjoying a great meal with her dad, and the wine made her feel very warm inside. It wasn’t her first time, on special occasions her parents would let her and Mike have a glass a wine with dinner, but just one. She finished off her second glass just as they finished their entrée so it would soon be time to go. In some ways she didn’t want it to end because she felt so good. The place was a lot more crowded now then when she came and the loss of privacy bothered her. Her dad asked her if she wanted some desert which she declined and they decided to go back home where they could talk more quietly.
When she stood up to leave she lost her balance just a bit. Between the wine and the high heels she did feel a little unsteady for a moment. Her dad grabbed her though and put his arm around her waist pulling her tight against him.

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   She told him she was okay now and he relaxed his grip, but still held her. The warmth of his body was soothing as they exited into the cooler night air. He made her feel warm inside and she started to think about how his crotch had bulged this afternoon and then she was thinking about her bother’s hard cock and the sales girl from this morning and before she knew it she was sitting beside her dad driving home and she was horny as hell again.
They finally got home but it was still pretty early so Ken suggested that the go into the living room and continue their conversation. “You certainly look beautiful in your mother’s dress sweetie, and sexy too. ” Lisa blushed when her dad said this too her, although she knew she looked sexy, it was just different coming from her dad. “So what did you guys buy today that wasn’t nice enough for you the wear out tonight?” Ken asked.
Lisa blushed again and then smiled. “What makes you think I’m not wearing something I bought today dad?” Ken had not even thought of underwear, he looked but no jewellery was showing, and he knew the shoes where Debra’s. Lisa smiled at her dad as he looked her over trying to find something that may have been hers. “Don’t be so silly dad, mom bought me a bunch of lingerie today, that’s where we were all morning. ” She giggled a little feeling light headed from the wine, and her horniness had not subsided. “If you think the dress is sexy you should see some of the things mom bought me today,” Lisa blurted this out without realizing what she said, but didn’t care either so she just laughed.
Her father smiled at her and realized what his wife meant when she told him to suggest to Lisa to wear something she had bought. He felt the time was just about perfect to move his plan to the next level.

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   “I bet they all look sexy as hell on you dear, you are a very appealing women”. Ken said this is a way that he had never talked to his daughter before, and she noticed it. Lisa loved it that her dad treated her like an adult and would just about do anything for him.
 “I’ve got an idea,” she said, “lets go upstairs and I will show you what we got. I was surprised by some of the things mom got for me. ” Without waiting for an answer she stood up and started up to her bedroom. Her father followed not believing that things were moving this fast. When he entered the bedroom his daughter was standing beside her bed and indicated for him to sit on the seat to her makeup table. She was still in her dress but she’d taken the shoes off downstairs. She picked up three or four boxes from her bed and brought them over to her dad. “See, look at how sexy these bras are. Mom never bought me anything like these before. This is the one I have on now,” she showed her dad the box with the picture of the model in the black bra and matching thong she was now wearing. “mom even bought the matching thong for me. ” She threw the boxes on the bed and stood straight in front of her dad.

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“See how well the bra makes the dress look,” she said as she smoothed the dress material over her breasts and pulled it downward as tightly as she could. Her father just stared marvelling at her beauty and her sexiness. With her tits thrust out she turned sideways for a profile look, and then she turned away from him and ran her hands over her butt cheeks and smiled back over her should. “No panty lines either, and the thong makes me feel sexy too. ” She didn’t believe she had said that but she was still horny and getting hornier by the minute. She walked back over to the bed and showed her dad more of the items. Taking bras out of their boxes and holding them up, and showing him all the panties and thongs and the two camisoles she had taken.
Ken sat through all this just letting things unfold. His cock was getting harder with every minute and he was sure she would soon notice it. He had promised himself he wouldn’t force her to do anything she was uncomfortable with but it was real hard not to jump up right now, throw her on the bed and fuck the hell out of her. He was patient though and seeing the way things were going he decided that waiting was the best option.
Lisa did notice his bulge growing as she bounced back and forth showing him her lingerie and watching his reaction. She wanted to grab his cock just like she had grabbed her brothers earlier that day. She wondered if dad’s was as big as Mike’s had felt. She made a decision right then that she wanted to see how big that bulge would get and she knew just how to do it.

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   “You really can’t appreciate how sexy these are unless you see them on. Would you like me to take the dress off dad so you can get a better view?”
Ken was surprised by his daughter’s forwardness. He knew the two glasses of wine had loosened her up but he never expected this. He didn’t want to take advantage of his daughter when she was drunk, but he didn’t want to miss the opportunity either. He had to make sure so he asked her, “Are you sure you want to do that dear?”
“Oh, I’m quite sure,” she replied, “it’s not that different than when I wear a two piece by the pool. ” She said this very firmly and reached behind her and unzipped the dress, pulled if off and looked at her dad. He had a funny look on his face. Not unpleasant just odd. “See, I told you that they looked better without any clothes on. And they make me feel good too. ” She was running her hands down her sides to her hips. She stopped at the thin band of the thong and straightened them so the sides were even. Her dad was clearly aroused by this and she moved her legs apart a bit so he could get a better look at her pussy. She wondered if he noticed how wet she was. She certainly noticed that his cock was growing down his pant leg.

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Ken looked at his daughter with a look of pure lust in his eyes. He smiled at her finally and told her she was right, it is a lot better seeing them on someone. She asked him what else she could try on for him. “You pick something Lisa, I trust your judgement. ” Lisa turned and bent over the bed giving her dad his first view of the perfect heart shaped ass completely bare except for the thin piece of nylon that was almost invisible inside her delicate looking crack. God he felt like running his hands over those sweet looking cheeks.
Lisa picked up the bra she’d shown her brother and it’s matching thong. She went into her bathroom to change and left he dad alone. Ken took the opportunity to adjust his pant legs so his stiff cock would have a bit more freedom. Lisa quickly changed, making sure she pulled the crotch of her thong tight against her hot pussy. The pair she had just took off were soaked with her juices. She knew her dad would react the same as Mike did this afternoon except she wasn’t teasing him. She wanted to see his hard cock and if he wanted to fuck her she was going to let him have his way with her. She was almost dizzy from feeling horny for so long and she just wanted to get relief. She was positive that the only way to get that relief was with something long and hard up her pussy.


   She pinched her nipples to harden them and tucked them into the bra and went back to her bedroom.
She loved the way the tops of her tits bounced on the shelf of this demi-bra. This was more than her father had expected that’s for sure, his face was definitely giving him away. “So what do you think of this set,” she asked as she walked and stood right in front of him. She had her hands on her hips and twisted her upper body back and forth, making her tits come out even more. She turned so her dad could see her ass up close too. When she turned back around she stepped forward so her pussy was just a few feet from his face. “So dad, what do you think of this set, it feels like my tits are going to fall out. ” She said this and at the same time bent over so her tits were freed from the bra and hanging right in front of his face. “Opps, I didn’t think that would happen,” she said but didn’t make any attempt to move or reseat her tits into the cups of the bra. She was looking right at her dads cock and knew that it was probably as hard as it was ever going to get. She could see the tent the head was forming half-way down his thigh.
That was all Ken could take, He stood up at the same time she straightened up and put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him. He kissed her lightly on the lips at first, but quickly felt her tongue with his, and they were soon kissing each other hard and passionately. Her breasts were pushed firmly against his chest and he could feel her thigh pressing against his hard cock.

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   He broke the kiss and asked her if she was sure about this, told her she had to tell him what she wanted. “I want you to fuck me daddy. I want to feel that hard cock of yours, play with it, suck on it and feel it inside of me. I want you to teach me how to make love. ”
Ken pushed his daughter onto the bed and told her to lay back. He quickly removed his clothes and stood at the edge of the bed with his hard cock sticking out straight in front of his body. His daughter just laid there staring. He told her to touch it if she liked and she reached up and wrapped her tiny hand around the thick meat. Ken felt her hand tighten around his cock and thought about how long he had wanted this, and how easily it seemed to come. Lisa sat up on the side of the bed and wrapped her other hand around his meat. She leaned forward and rubbed the fat head across her cheeks and nose. “Can I kiss it dad?” she asked.
“Of course dear, just lick the head at first, and then up and down the shaft, and when you are ready take the head in your mouth, you can suck on it. ” Ken replied. Lisa was a good student and followed her dad’s instructions to the letter.

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   Eventually she rolled her lips over the smooth purple head and sucked on it like you would a lollipop. Ken thought he was going to lose his load the second she started sucking on his cock. He didn’t want to so he pushed her away when he was close to his point of no return.
Lisa sat there looking up at her dad, wondering if she had done something wrong. She thought he was enjoying what she was doing, and she certainly was. She was so horny all day long and she never thought that kissing and licking her dads cock would be such a turn on. She could feel him getting harder and harder as she ran her hands up and down his shaft while she sucked on the head. “Is everything okay dad?”
“Everything is perfect dear, but I don’t want to shot my come into your mouth right now, I want to give you pleasure. Now take your bra off for me. ” Ken watched as she reached behind and undid the clasp of the bra and let it fall forward. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and were capped with dark brown aureoles and nice long, thick nipples, just like her mothers. He pushed her back on the bed again and started to make love to her. He took his time, just like he had always planned.   He kissed her on the lips and face, all around her neck and her ears, and then her shoulders. Her continued down her upper chest until he came to her wonderful firm breasts.

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   He kissed all around the fleshy tissue of one breast and then the other. He then wrapped his lips around one of the stiff nipples while his hand massaged the other breasts. When he started sucking he heard her moan with please. He loved to hear that sound.
Lisa just lay there and let her dad control her. She could feel his cock rubbing on her leg, and his kisses and caresses were turning her on more than she had ever been before. When he sucked on her nipple it was like there was an electric cord between it and her clit. She had a orgasm right then and moaned loudly. She had never had an orgasm like that before, very subtle and sudden. He dad kept on moving down her body. She knew he was going to lick her clit, she knew a lot about sex like blowjobs and eating pussy, she just hadn’t done any of it before. She could feel her dad’s lips and tongue on the inside of her thighs now, and the sensation was unbelievable. She couldn’t wait to feel his tongue on her clit. She thought that if he didn’t do it soon she would just grabbed his head and drive her pussy right into his face.
Ken was astounded by the how wet the inside of his daughters thighs were.

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   He lick up the sweet nectar before pushing aside the thin piece of cloth that was covering the source of the liquid. It looked like a perfect flower to him and her clit was so engorged it stuck out. He flicked his tongue against it and felt her shudder. He continued licking and sucking her womanhood until he couldn’t stand it any more. She was bucking her hips wildly and he suspected she was having a series of orgasms from his manipulations. He got up and pulled the thong off her narrow hips and moved forward until the head of his cock was at the entrance of her vagina.
He looked at her face and knew she was ready so he slowly inserted his cock into her. Little by little he pushed forward until he felt the resistance of her hymen. He stopped and told her this part may hurt a little. Before he could push in again, she thrust her hips up breaking her own cherry and allowing her father to continue his journey. He was soon buried deep in her and just stopped pushing hard into her, and she back against him. He slowly started to fuck her, picking up the pace with every stroke. She was thrashing her body wildly and he knew she was going to come soon. He could feel the muscles on the inside of her vagina start to spasm as she started her orgasm. He was ready for it and pumped faster now wanting to blow his load while she was still coming.

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Her body stiffened as she came and he started dumping his come at the same time. Lisa thought she passed out for a few seconds. The pleasure was so intense and as it built to her orgasm she felt like she was running out of breath. She was sure she could feel her dad’s semen as it spewed into her body, which was a major turn on all in itself. When she came to her dad was just pulling his cock out of her. She could not move because her body was in such sensory overload, she wished it could continue forever, but also knew that would not be very practical.
Her dad was kneeling in front of her watching as she came down from her sexual high. There was no doubt in his mind that his daughter had experienced a very intense orgasm and knew it would be to intense to dive back in right away, although he knew they would be fucking again in the very near future. He moved down to the bed and laid beside her waiting for her to verbally respond to what had just happened. For a few minutes he thought she may have fallen asleep, which was not a surprise to him considering what had just happened to her body. Just when he thought he would just be moving her so she was under the covers her eyes opened up and she turned her head to him and stared him right in the eyes. “Oh daddy, I love you so much. I can’t believe how incredible that felt, I’m sure glad you decided it would be okay to teach me about fucking. ” She smiled for a second and continued. “Do you think we can do it again soon?  I want to suck your cock again and feel you come in my mouth.

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   I’ve always wondered what it would taste like. And I want to feel you balls too,” she giggled, “they look so weird just hanging there. How long do you think it will take for you cock to get hard again? They said in health that sometimes it can take awhile for a man to get an erection again, but I always figured it would depend on how horny he was. Are you horny enough to get another hardon daddy?”
Ken could feel the blood starting to rush to his prick again and seconds later his daughters hand was holding his cock in her hand. He knew it wouldn’t be too long before he was blowing his wad into his little girl’s mouth. He knew this was just the beginning.
This concludes Part Four. Part Five will follow the adventures of Mike and his mother Debra as they get down to business.   rabbits@ehmail. com .

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