Like Father, Like Son


The Chapter Like Father, Like….
 Dave’s e-mail had been short and terse, “Friday 2pm. My Place” nothing more, it had aroused my curiosity and my passion. My last visit had evolved into one of the best orgies I had ever participated in. Dave and I had always shared a special relationship and neither of us was growing any younger. All these thoughts ran through my mind on the long drive to his place. The circular drive made of in laid brick and manicured lawn gave testament to the thought and care behind its quiet graciousness. The front door was ajar with a note taped to it that read quite simply, “Come in. ”  I pushed the door open and entered slowly calling his name and got no reply. I took down his note as I entered the foyer closing the door behind me. The house was quiet and it appeared no one was home as I strode into the main hallway. On the banister to the stairway leading to the second floor was another note which simply said, “Turn left at the top of the stairs, door at the end of hallway. ” As I climbed the stairs to the second floor I collected the second note and thought of it as I trail of breadcrumbs leading me to him and smiled as I thought of it as a game. As I reached the top of the stairs I remembered my last journey up them I turned to the right, following his son’s path to the his sister’s bedroom where I witnessed their coupling. I remembered how his father had introduced his sisters and I to the joy of unleashing our passions that fateful Christmas season decades earlier and smiled. In anxious anticipation I strode down the hallway to a set of double doors, of which one was ajar.

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   I let myself in and gasped at the majestic sight before me, the master bedroom was larger than my whole house. Its high vaulted ceilings were punctuated by large skylights and spanned by massive oak beams. Like a small child entering a large cathedral I walked, with measured steps, into this hedonist temple. A red carpet laid a path across the polished marble floor to a large raised dais on which sat a huge four-poster bed that abutted a wall of glass overlooking the lake beyond. To my left the gleaming marble floor led to a walk-in cobblestone fireplace fronted on either side two high back wooden chairs with lamped side-boys. A single bottle of champagne sat in an iced silver bucket beside one chair. When I reached the bed I could see it had been turned down and a negligee was draped on one of its posts. Again a simple note, which read, “Put this on. ” I wondered at the feel of the negligee’s material as I picked it up. It was made of a sheer material soft to the touch and light as air. The wall to the right of me was punctuated by one set of french doors and two regular doors. Instinctively I walked toward the french doors with my newly acquired garment over my arm. I opened the doors to reveal a master bathroom unlike any I had ever seen. To call this a bathroom is to liken Saint Peter’s Basilica to a chapel. It was more like a roman spa.

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   Beyond the standard toilet and sink area was glass cubicle eight by ten feet in size dotted with showerheads at every conceivable angle strategically placed to turn the mundane shower into an experience. In the corner a large walk-in Jacuzzi tub with enough room to seat twelve comfortably surrounded by sliding glass walls which opened unto a balcony overlooking the manicured garden below and with the forest at its edge. Skylights above brought natural light into the room. To the right of that large oak doors leading into a sauna of like size to the shower. On the opposite wall a large pair of louver doors opened onto a long walk-in linen closet its shelves stacked high with plush towels. To the left as I walked into the closet was another louvered door which led to a long hallway with two doors along its right side. The first led to the backside of Dave’s closet and the second to Jan’s. Each closet had it’s own dressing area with mirrors. Dave’s was tiny when compared to Jan’s. Eight suits of the same color hung side by side with matching shoes beneath. A closed wardrobe held his formal attire (tuxedo’s for various times of day and occasion with matching shoes). His clothing drawers were built into the wall and held his socks, underpants and casual clothing. Jan’s closet had a large vanity table with lighted mirror and accompanying stool. She had many beautiful outfits and an assortment of shoes to die for. Her wardrobe held a variety of playful garments to amuse and titillate Dave’s carnal desires.

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 I had dawdled long enough exploring these rooms and stripped out of my clothing pausing to stare at the aging naked form reflected in the mirrors that surrounded me. I worked hard to keep my figure close to the 34-24-36 I had been in college but time and two pregnancies had taken their toll on my once sleek figure. My breasts had begun to sag; my ass and tummy was no longer firm. I than remembered it was Dave who had requested this rendezvous, so my shortcomings had not deterred his lust for me nor that of the other men who mattered to me. I smiled as I pulled on the negligee noting it denied the observers eye a teasing view of the object of desire. I checked my make-up in the mirror one last time and dabbed my perfume near the areas of attention before using the door at the other end of the closet to reenter the bedroom. A naked form stepped from behind the open door to press itself against my back as arms encircled me to firmly hold my body against his, one arm encircled my chest to cup a breast as the other sank to firmly grasp my pussy pulling my body firmly against his. His hard cock pressed against my butt. I groaned my approval as I turned in his arms to kiss him. I closed my eyes and kissed him, one hand grasping the nape of his neck as the other sank to grasp his cock. His lips parted and the taste of his tongue on mine was familiar as was the cock I grasped.   I pushed away from this wondrous man to see David’s smiling face leering at me. He said, “Your as sexy as always, my first love. ”
 “David, as are you” I sighed. Grasping my hand he pulled it towards him placing it around his turgid cock.

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   Smiling with a leering wink he said, “Something to make you fell really good. ” His hands than reached out and gently grasped my breasts tweaking their outstretched nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He stepped forward and kissed my forehead as his hand traveled down my body to my crotch. My legs spread to welcome his touch as his fingers spread the petals of my labia seeking out my hooded pleasure pearl. I groaned my approval as his fingers found their mark causing my hips to swivel to his touch. He asked, “Are you feeling warm? Let me help you out of that. ” as he untied the single string holding my negligee on and slid it from my body. My hand grasped his cock more firmly and began to stroke its length. His head sank to my breasts to suckle first one and than the other. My breasts swelled with arousal at his touch and my nipples leapt at the swipe of his tongue. An all to familiar warmth began to radiate from deep within my body as my pussy juices saturated his hand. My grasp on his cock was broken as he knelt before me to lift my willing leg that he might insert his tongue in my already damp pussy. My hands grasped his head to steady my quivering body as his tongue circled but did not touch my now blood engorged clit. This male before me may have made love to me many times before but his caress was better than that of many men I had been with. I urged him to his feet as I sank to my knees before him.

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   My nostrils filled with the musky odor of his crotch as my tongue traced the circumference of his cock’s ridged crown before sucking the length of his passion enflamed tool deep in my throat. His hands grasped my head as he groaned, ”Suck It!” I eagerly complied as my hands traveled around his hips to grab his muscled ass to swivel his hips into my face. I could feel the head of his cock swelling in my mouth as he pummeled my face, drops of pre-cum splashed in my throat. His hands grasped my shoulders urging me to stand. He helped me to my feet, sweeping me up in his arms to carry me to the bed depositing me on my back. He instructed me to close my eyes as he climbed on the bed. I felt the bed shift under his weight as he positioned himself between my legs lifting and spreading them to place his rock hard cock at the entrance to my womanhood. His thick dick plowed into my well-lubricated passage, “Open your eyes” he instructed. I was greeted with the sight of his still youthful cock protruding from my body. I groaned my approval as he drove its length into my yielding pussy his curly matt of pubic hair entangling with mine as our pelvis’s bumped. His piston strokes were short but slow. I lost track of time as I surrendered to the always-welcome feelings of sexual tension Dave aroused in me until he finally came muttering as he fell on the bed beside me, “That was great!” An odd sense of déjà vu became a clear memory as I realized how closely his words and actions had mirrored those of decades earlier. I rolled on my side and lifted myself on one elbow to look down on his smiling face and marveled at how alike we were.
 Dave opened his eyes and smiled back at me as an all to familiar glint came into his eyes, the same one he would always get when he wanted something, “What?” I asked as I stared into his face. “I was wondering if you could teach Kelly? Like you did Candy.

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  ” A startled look crossed my face as it became abundantly clear that he wanted a lot more of me than he should. Puzzled by his apparent knowledge of intimate details I had seen I asked, “What do you think you know?” “All of it,” he shot back. I couldn’t believe Dave would discuss such intimate details with his son and I had never told Dave about Kelly and Kyle. It was plain Dave was bursting with something to tell and I wanted to know, “How?” I asked. Dave smiled and leapt from the bed motioning for me to follow him. I followed him to the chairs before the fireplace. Dave offered me a seat and opened the chilled bottle of Asti filling and two long necked glasses of the bubbly and offering me one. Smiling, I took the glass from him as he turned and seated his naked form in the opposing chair. I turned to Dave to find him to find that twinkle in his eye as he stared at me, “What is this?” I demanded. “All in good time,” he replied as he pointed his remote at the fireplace, in response to this action heavy drapes drew across the windows and skylights darkening the room as a screen dropped from the ceiling and a hidden projector flicked to life showing me walking down the hallway to Kelly’s room and my peeking in. The camera angle changed to show the interior of the room as Kyle enticed than deflowered his sister, a time and date punctuated the bottom of the screen. “So, he did the same thing as you. Why should I help you with this?” Again he pointed the remote at the screen showing a view from behind them as they watched the five of us going at it, than running away back to Kelly’s room. As the two entered the room Kyle closed the door as his sister remarking, “Watching Aunt Debbie eat out Mom made me hot! Did you see the size of Daddy’s cock?” She stepped toward her brother allowing her robe to fall to the floor than tearing the robe from his shoulders. She grabbed his hardened cock and kissed him deeply her passion clearly evident by her sweat streaked body and straining nipples.

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   She drew Kyle to her bed spreading her legs as she fell back onto saying, “Stick you cock into me Bro! I got to have you now. ” She groaned loudly as he entered her and as he pile drove her toward an orgasm she kept muttering, “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me hard!” Dave than flicked to a new camera angle of his daughter entering the front door. “You help me and I’ll help you,” he stated. I was tempted to wring his neck but realized that would get me nowhere. “What do you want?” I sighed. Smiling he sank back into his chair and again pointed his remote at the screen Candy’s maiden name appeared on the screen and a series of dates appeared and he clicked on the third one. Again the screen flickered to life as I saw my naked younger self, step into the shower with Candy, in a series of short clips I watched as our backlit forms merged on the shower curtain. Dave pointed the remote at the now split-screen where I saw his half naked daughter bend to step out of her panties and turn to enter the shower. The clear shower door afforded no privacy. Immediately I understood and nodded my approval. With a satisfied grin Dave rose from the chair and proceeded through the door as the screen behind us blinked out and the drapes slid open. We strode out of the bedroom and down the hallway to Kelly’s room. Dave opened the door to her room and I could hear the shower running through the open doorway to her bathroom. Dave led me to the door and urged me enter. I knew he was using me but shrugged it off as I entered the room and stepped into the shower with Kelly asking, “Mind if I join you?” as I closed the door behind me.

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   Kelly smiled as her eye lit with desire. Her arms encircled me as mine encircled hers, her mouth opened as our lips met and our tongues took turns as they encircled the interior each other’s mouth. As my hand sank to her crotch to seek out her love pearl her hand sank to my pussy to be rewarded with a slick coating of her Daddy’s cream. She drew back to stare at and looked from her hand to my face saying, “Is this Daddy’s?” I slowed nodded my head yes and she giggled licking it from her hand savoring each morsel. Dave watched from the doorway as I lit the match of Kelly’s passion. Taking my hand she led me from the shower to seat me on her toilet. Kelly spread my legs as she knelt between my thighs, her eyes met mine and we kissed again. She begged me softly as her head trailed kisses down my neck over my taught nipples to my dripping pussy, “Please! I want more. ” I slid forward slightly arching my back and lifting my legs to allow her head to more easily access my orifice. She swiped her tongue along my gash a few times before locking her lips around my love canal and began to suck so hard I thought she might pull my heart from my body. I could feel Dave’s recently deposited cream flow from my body filling her mouth as she groaned her approval. She looked almost disappointed as she sank back on her knees using her fingers of scoop back into her mouth that which had dribbled down it’s sides I saw Dave enter the bathroom placing his hand on his daughter’s shoulder saying, “There is more where that came from. ” as Dave jabbed his jutting cock in Kelly’s face. Kelly eagerly grabbed it wrapping her stretched lips around its still glistening girth. Her eyes opened wide as she unwrapped her mouth from her Dad’s now straining cock she licked slowly while muttering to me, “I can taste your wonderful pussy juice, Aunt Debbie.

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  ” While grasping his cock she looked up at him saying, “Daddy I feel so hot, please stick you cock in me!” Dave smiled as he picked his daughter up and carried her to her bed placing her on the edge; she leaned back on her elbows spreading her legs pleading again. Dave rubbed his cock along her vaginal gash gently probing her still small orifice until its saliva-coated head wedged into tight pussy. I crawled on the bed beside her kissing her naked form careful not to block her view. Slowly he slowed pressed about half its length into he red distended cervix. Kelly’s eyes were glazed over with lust as she screamed, “Daddy, it feels so wonderful. Please! Don’t stop!” Obligingly Dave withdrew his cock twice more than he rammed its length into her pussy, messing their Daddy- daughter pubic hair together. Tears ran down Kelly’s face as her Dad stroked his cock mightily in and out of her pussy causing our breasts to rock.   As with Candy and Sherri before Kelly welcomed Dave’s cock into her pussy and howled her approval. I envied Kelly’s position and was surprised when I felt hands grasp my ankles to spread my legs and a cock head sink into my all to willing pussy. We had lost track of time and Kyle arrived home to hear his sister’s groans and entered the room to stumble on our ménage a tois. Kyle had eagerly stripped his clothes and joined us on the bed his hands groping for my breasts as he drove his cock in and out of me. Kyle came quickly and Dave drove his daughter to two orgasms before he filled her body with his cream. Kelly wrapped her arms around her Dad’s body as he began to withdraw pressing her tear-stained face onto his broad shoulder and between shuddering gasps muttered, “Please Daddy, don’t take it out just yet. Hold me a while. ” Kyle, taking the hint crawled on the bed beside me as I turned on my back and held me in his arms, removing one to stroke my body.

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   We lay there together for some time.

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