Little Brother, Part IV


I actually figured Robbie would forget all about our little 'episode' in my bedroom, but that just goes to show how naive I was. I thought about it during practice and afterwards but it seemed to me like something a 13 year old kid would quickly move on from. After I got home from practice, my mom was fixing dinner. She asked why the chicken wasn't thawed out and I mumbled something. I went upstairs and took a shower and when I got out and was toweling off, I looked at myself again in the mirror. "I really do have nice, firm, perky breasts. " I said to myself. They looked like two oranges, sitting up high and not sagging or drooping at all. I started wondering if Robbie got turned on when he saw them or if he'd just think I was "flat. " Before I could erase that question from my mind, the sight of his long, skinny penis popped into my head. I imagined him visualizing my breasts and his penis beginning to grow longer and harder. I was hopeless. . . . .

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   I sat on the toilet seat and cupped my breasts,squeezing them both at the same time while watching in the mirror. I watched my nipples grow darker and stiff. I pulled at them gently and whimpered a little. I imagined Robbie watching me and rubbing his crotch. My right hand, almost as if by itself, dropped to my lap and my thighs, also as if by themselves, widened. I kept squeezing my left breast with my left hand and watched as the fingers on my right hand gently twirled in the upper fringe of the short, soft light brown hair just above my vagina, which had begun to ache with that delicious throbbing I was getting more and more used to. When my index finger slightly parted the lips of my vagina, I closed my eyes and moaned softly. My mind was picturing Robbie watching me and beginning to pull his shorts down. I imagined seeing his white underwear, a "tent" formed by his hard penis. In my mind, his eyes were focused on my naked body and without taking them from me, he used his left hand to slide his undies down and his long, skinny penis sprang out by itself and the head slapped his tummy just above his short pubic hair. He didn't touch it, but his penis stayed straight up, throbbing slightly. I could see the tip was leaking and it looked shiny, glistening. He finally wrapped his right fist around it and slowly started pumping it, his eyes never leaving my nude body. Within seconds, I imagined him bending his knees slightly and hunching his hips forward and then, his arm a blur, I fantasized him grunting and shooting a long rope of sperm across the room and landing at my feet as I also grunted and jammed my fist between my legs and humped it, biting my lip to keep from crying outloud. It took me at least a minute to compose myself.

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   I looked down between my legs. My pelvis was still quivering, jerking a little with no rhythm. My pubic hair was matted and tousled. I didn't want to take another shower but I knew if I didn't, I would have that "smell," so I turned the water back on and re-showered. Then I went downstairs to help mom with dinner. I was hopelessly obsessed and wondered if anything would or could relieve it. .

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