Little Brother, Part VIII


Robbie shuddered as he spread the baby oil onto his erect cock. He'd taken Dylan's advice and was glad he had. "Dude, it's fuckin' awesome. " Dylan had said. Robbie had to agree. This felt incredibly good; his hand glided effortlessly as he coated the length of his long, skinny cock. He removed his hand and looked at his glistening, throbbing stalk. It was so hard it hurt. Wiping his fingers on the hand towel he'd thought to get from the bathroom, Robbie manipulated his PC mouse and quickly found MediaPlayer and started the video he'd downloaded last night. On his monitor appeared his favorite jack-off fantasy, Jessica Alba. The young actress was poured into a tiny blue bikini and was scuba diving. Robbie skillfully slowed the video down so that he could carefully see every movement of her curvy body. Now he resumed stroking his shiny cock, again marveling at the difference the baby oil made and making a mental note to remind Dylan what a freakin' genius he was.

Robbie's eyes became half-lidded as he slowly stroked his incredibly sensitive cock, all the while taking in every curve of Jessica Alba's underwater ballet. He'd hoped to make it last awhile, since he'd learned that the longer he could hold out, the more intense and better his climax felt, but the combination of the baby oil lubricating his sensitive cock and the shape of Jessica Alba's tight butt as it swam underwater had his cock leaking quite a bit of clear fluid within seconds. Robbie,just for a second considered trying to squeeze it back, but then realized it was too late and with a semi-muffled grunt, the 13 year old felt his toes curl up in his Converses and he shook from head to toe as his rock-hard young cock erupted, sending a long rope of his sperm flying onto the front of his dresser.

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   He closed his eyes and savored the sensation, almost unable to squeeze his incredibly sensitive cock. When he'd pumped out the last of his sperm, he opened his eyes and saw the messy mixture of sperm and baby oil coating his fist. He once more reminded himself to thank Dylan for this incredible discovery. And, he realized, it smelled good too.

Erin was just exiting the bathroom as Robbie walked past, heading downstairs for dinner. It was only recently that he'd begun noticing his older (by 2 years) sister as something other than a pain-in-the-ass. When he saw her, his eyes immediately went to her softball-sized breasts that were apparent under the tight t-shirt she was wearing, and even though he'd just drained his balls not 5 minutes before, he felt his 13 year old cock begin to stiffen once more. He'd seen those breasts naked only a few days earlier and his imagination saw them again, perky and firm, pink nipples pointy and erect. Even though his cock was slightly sore from it's recent pounding, Robbie was already planning his next "session" and he knew his sister would more than likely be the "star" of it. He grinned at her, momentarily puzzling her, because it was oddly out of character for him, but she smiled back and they both headed down the stairs. Erin thought he smelled good. .

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