Little Sis - The beginning


Chapter 1

Laurie woke up hearing a noise.   It was a warm southern California night and she was wearing bikini panties and a tank top.   Being a typical 12-year-old girl, she was scared and so she barely opened her eyes.  
The bedroom was dark.   Laurie's eyes began to adjust and she could tell there was somebody in her room.   Laurie's heart raced, but then she realized the person was kneeling on the floor as though looking for something.   She held her breath for a moment, watching.
Laurie's room was a mess.   There were clean clothes and dirty clothes scattered all about the room.   She knew which was which, but nobody else could really tell.   Laurie watched, as the figure on the floor appeared to be searching thru the clothes on the floor looking for something. . . . then the figure moved into the pale moonlight that was coming thru the window.   Laurie realized it was her brother Rick, which was strange enough, but then as she watched, Laurie realized her 15-year-old brother was naked!
Laurie lay there silently just watching.

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    Now she could make out a bit of what he was doing.   He appeared to be going thru the panties and swimsuits she had left scattered on the floor, as though her were looking for something.   She couldn't tell what exactly he was doing though.  
After a few minutes he seemed to find what he wanted and Laurie watched with one eye open as Rick took a couple of the items from the floor.   He looked her way and Laurie quickly closed both her eyes, pretending to be asleep.   When she opened them his back was turned and he was walking out the door to her room.
Laurie was now very curious what he was doing. . . but it was late.   She closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.  
The next day Laurie had definitely not forgotten what had happened.   She woke up in the morning wanting some answers.   She looked around on the floor and after a minute she could tell that Rick had taken a recently worn pair of purple nylon bikini panties.   She also noticed that her one-piece navy blue swimsuit was missing.

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She got up and put on her orange and yellow daisy pattern bikini top and bottom and then pulled a pair of shorts over it, intending to lay out by the pool in the back yard for part of the day.   Having gotten dressed she went about her normal day.   She looked, but the door to Rick's room was closed.   Apparently he wasn't up yet.   She went downstairs had breakfast and told their mother she was going to lie outside for a while.  
The sun was already up.   It was a typical southern California summer day.   Even at 9:00am it was already getting warm and the sun was bright.   She pulled out a lounge chair and lay down on it.
It was about 2 hours later when she heard the water running inside.   Mom had left to go run some errands, and Dad was at work so she knew it had to be Rick getting up and taking a shower.   Laurie got up and ran upstairs as quick as she could.   The door to Rick's room was open and she ran in looking for her panties and swimsuit but she couldn't see anything.   She did a quick search in some obvious hiding places but found nothing.   Not wanting to get caught, she ran out and went back outside.

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Laurie spent the rest of the day lying out by the pool.   Rick came out for a little while to clean the pool and she had a feeling he was staring at her for a while but then he just went back inside the house, back to his room.    Laurie desperately wanted to know what was going on in there.
At the end of the day Laurie was hot and sweaty from laying out in the heat but no closer to any answers.   She went upstairs to the bathroom and took off the bikini top and bottom she'd worn all day.   She put them in the sink and gave them a quick rinse/wash.   She jumped in the shower and rinsed herself off too. Laurie then grabbed the two pieces and hung them up in the shower to dry as she'd done hundreds of times before.   She wrapped her towel around her and quickly ran to her room, closed the door and got ready for bed.   She pulled on a clean pair of pink nylon bikini panties and a pink cotton tank top.  
As she was getting dressed she heard the bathroom door close and lock, followed shortly thereafter by the shower running.   It sounded like Rick was getting a shower too.   This was her chance to find out what he was doing!
Laurie quietly opened her bedroom door and the closed it behind her.   With the lights off like that, it looked like she'd already gone to sleep.   Down the hall she could see the door to Rick's room was still open.

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    She ran into his room as quietly as possible (not wanting to get caught by Mom or Dad!)  Once she got there she knew just where to hide.   She opened the sliding closet door on the far right.   Rick didn't keep anything he needed often in there so he wouldn't have any reason to go in there tonight.   She'd be safe in there for awhile and might finally be able to see what her brother was doing with her panties and swimsuits!  She squeezed herself into the closet and found an open spot on the floor where she could sit.   She slid the closet door closed then cracked it just a bit.   From here she could see almost the whole room except the doorway.   What was most important to her though, was that she could see the entire length of the bed against the far wall.   Laurie was sure that whatever Rick was doing with her panties, it would happen on or near the bed.   Now she just had to wait.
When Rick went into the bathroom he couldn't believe his luck.   He'd heard Laurie in there earlier and when he looked in the shower he found exactly what he was looking for, the freshly warn bikini he'd seen on Laurie earlier.   It was damp from her having washed it, but he didn't mind.   In fact. . .

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  as he thought about it, this might be perfect.   Besides. . . he thought, he had a pair of her recently worn panties anyway.   He showered quickly, leaving the bikini bottoms on the counter.   When he was done he dried himself off and pulled on the pair of shorts he'd brought with him.   He then grabbed the bikini bottoms and stuffed them down his shorts to hide them.   He listened but could hear Mom & Dad were still downstairs.   Cautiously he opened the bathroom door.   Looking across the hall he could see the lights off and the door closed in Laurie's room.   It looked like she was already asleep.   He shut off the bathroom light and ran quickly back to his room, closing and locking the door behind him when he got inside.  
Laurie could see the bulge in Rick's shorts when he got in the room.   Then she felt another rush of shock and curiosity when she saw him pull the bikini bottoms she'd been wearing just minutes earlier out.

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Rick flipped off the lights in the room, leaving it lit by only the street lights from outside.  
Laurie watched as Rick took off his shorts.   Even in the pale light she could see his penis hanging between his legs.   She remembered when they had played "doctor" and other such games a few years ago, but she was shocked and how much it had grown!  Laurie remembered the last time they had touched each other.   She'd been nine and Rick twelve when it happened.   Mom and Dad had gone out for the night and left them alone with Rick doing the "baby sitting" of her.   He'd talked her into taking her clothes off before taking a bath and then she'd let him touch her and after some encouragement from him, she'd touched him too, stroking his penis till it got hard in her hand.   It didn't get that big at the time though.   Now Laurie thought it must have grown twice the size of when she'd seen it last.   It had to be at least 6 inches now.   Back then, they'd even tried to have sex, but Rick could only get the tip of his penis inside her.   After that he just kind of rubbed it up and down between the lips of her cunny.   She'd actually enjoyed that.   There was something about the way he rubbed it.  
Laurie remembered it feeling good and joking about how it looked like a hot dog in a bun!  After a couple of minutes of Rick rubbing his penis between her legs like that though a bunch of white stuff came squirting out all over her cunny lips.

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    Rick had told her about "cum" and how good it felt for him when it came shooting out.   After that they'd gone to the bathroom and she'd taken her bath while Rick sat on the edge of the bathtub and told her about how girls "masturbated. "  She'd tried doing it while he watched, but couldn't make herself "come" like Rick wanted her to do.  
Now Laurie smiled at the memory.   She certainly knew how to make herself "come" now!  In fact, just thinking about it had made her horny.  
Laurie peeked out the little opening again.   As Rick stood there she could also see the dark patch of pubic hairs surrounding his penis.   She watched him stroking it, making it hard.   After just a minute or two Laurie could see it was standing straight up now and was even thicker than before.  
As she watched, Rick laid down on the bed.   She couldn't see as well from her vantage point but heard him moving around, searching for something.   Moments later though, he sat up for a second and Laurie could see he'd pulled out the panties he'd taken the other night from someplace.   He was holding them in one hand and had her bikini bottoms in the other hand.  
As Rick lay back down Laurie couldn't see exactly what was happening but he had clearly done something with her worn panties.   What she could clearly see though, was Rick's hard penis standing straight up in the pale light.

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    Then, she watched as Rick covered his hard cock with the crotch of her bikini bottoms and began stroking himself again, rubbing the soft nylon material up down his penis.
On the one hand, Laurie was shocked at what she was seeing.   On the other hand. . . it was kind of sexy.   Especially when she thought about the idea of her big brother maybe wanting to touch her again.   Laurie felt her nipples getting hard and rubbing against the cotton of her tank top.   They felt good!  Laurie reached up and began teasing her puffy pink nipples as she sat there watching her brother masturbate.
It didn't take long.   After a few minutes Laurie heard Rick grunt softly and breathe loudly, panting.   She guessed that he'd "come".   She thought about his "cum" squirting into the crotch of her bikini, the idea was again kind of "icky" and sexy at the same time.   Laurie felt her the fingers of her right hand brush against her left nipple, sending a shiver down her spine.
She heard him doing something; she assumed he was hiding the panties again.

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    She then watched as he sat up and carefully folded the bikini bottoms and set them on the floor by the bed.
Laurie watched him stand up, her brother's penis softening now.     He glanced around the room and then moved to the door; taking cum filled the bikini bottoms with him.   She couldn't see him but guessed that he was listening to see if anyone was up.   He opened the door almost silently.   Laurie stood up as quietly as she could.   She heard Rick step out into the hall and then walk to the bathroom and closed the door behind him softly.   Laurie hurriedly opened the closet door, stepped out and closed it behind her.   She moved as quickly and quietly as she could out the door, into the hallway and then realized there was no way she could get back in her room without him hearing her.  
Instead she guessed he would go back to his room now and so she stepped quietly about halfway down the stairway at the end of the hall.   She ducked down in the dark and listened.   As she guessed, she heard the bathroom door open a minute or two later and then she heard a couple of quick steps as Rick went back to his room and closed the door.
Cautiously she took the few steps back up and glanced around the hallway corner to verify he was gone.   Then Laurie quietly stepped back to her doorway, opened the door silently and entered her room, closing the door just as silently behind her and then turning the lock.
Laurie couldn't believe what she'd seen tonight.

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    Now both her twelve-year-old nipples were begging for attention and as she sat down on her bed she could feel the wetness drooling out of her cunny and into the cotton crotch of her panties.
She knew tomorrow as going to be an interesting day!

Chapter 2

In the morning, Laurie heard Rick walking up the stairs as she sat in her room.   Laurie's heart was still racing as she tried to understand everything she'd  seen just last night.   She'd thought she'd have had all her questions answered when she snuck into Rick's room, but now all she had were more questions.   She decided to see if she could get some more answers.   She opened the door to her room and saw that the door to Rick's room was closed again.   She could hear his stereo playing some loud song.   She walked across the hall and into the bathroom.   She found her bikini where she had left it last night, hanging in the shower.   She closed the door to the bathroom and locked the door.
Laurie reached into the shower and took the bottoms out.   She cautiously looked inside.   In the crotch of them she saw the same milky white stuff she remembered from before.   It had pretty well coated the entire crotch of her bikini now.   She reached out with one finger and touched it.


    It was still very sticky.   When she pulled her finger back, some of it was still stuck to her finger.   She raised her finger to her nose to smell it.   It smelled a bit strange, but not really bad.   She decided to see if it had a taste.   She stuck out her tongue and flicked it over her finger.   It had a sort of salty and sweet taste but nothing bad.   She smiled remembering how she'd done almost the exact same thing 3 years ago when Rick had squirted between her legs.  
She wondered what Rick would think if he saw her wearing her bikini right now.   She figured that would definitely get his attention!
Laurie stood up and pulled off her t-shirt and shorts.   She reached behind her back and unhooked the "training" bra that hugged her small 28AA titties, and then slid down her panties.   She noticed a small wet spot in the crotch of her panties.   She recognized the smell of her own juices as she pulled them off.   She looked down at her body as she reached back into the shower for her bikini top.   As she pulled the top on and tied it over her small breasts, she felt the cool material rubbing her sensitive nipples.

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    She could feel her nipples hardening, and as she finished tying the top on she could see them poking out against the tight Lycra cloth.   She reached out for the bottoms again and slowly stepped into them.   As she pulled them up, she felt some of the wetness from the crotch rubbing on her legs.   She stopped before pulling them all the way up and looked between her legs.   The small tuft of long, blonde hairs that was beginning to cover the outer lips of her twelve year old pussy was already just about to be coated with the "cum" that was inside her bikini.   Laurie knew that boys "cum" was what had their sperm in it, and if got it inside her at the wrong time, she could get pregnant but Laurie hadn't had her first "period" yet and she remembered from Health class that until she did she really couldn't get pregnant.
Laurie finished pulling the bottoms all the way up.   The crotch felt cool and damp now, against her warm pussy.   She pulled the bottoms up tight.   She could see the thin nylon material spreading her pussy lips apart.   As she let it go, she could see it was still pressed into her, and her slit was clearly visible.   She knew that would get Rick's attention too.   She looked in the mirror and quickly brushed her long blonde hair.   Now she was ready to go see Rick.   She looked herself over one last time and wondered if her brother sperm were swimming inside her right now.

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    Then she unlocked the door and stepped out into the hallway.
She walked to the door to Rick's room and knocked on it.   He didn't answer.   She could hear the music blaring inside.   She knocked again, louder.   Still there was no answer.   She reached down and grabbed the doorknob and tried turning it.   The door was unlocked, so she turned it all the way, opened the door, and stepped inside.
Rick was lying on the bed watching the TV while the stereo blasted away.   He looked over at Laurie and his eyes looked her up and down.   They stopped when he saw her hard nipples poking out against the thin material of her bikini top.   When his eyes finally worked their way down, he immediately sat up as he noticed what she was wearing.   Then his eyes just seemed to stop as he stared blatantly between her legs at the visible slit of her pussy.
"I'm going to go lay out by the pool and work on my tan, wanna come?" Laurie asked.
Rick nodded his head.

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    "I've gotta change though, I'll be out in a minute," he said as he stood up.   Laurie could see the bulge of his hard penis inside his shorts already.   She grinned and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.
Laurie walked into her room and quickly grabbed her towel off the chair it was hanging on then she started to head for the stair.   Just as she got to them, the door to Rick's room opened and he came out, wearing his swimsuit and holding a towel.   Laurie continued to head down the stairs.   She could almost feel Rick's eyes staring at her ass as she quickly walked down the stairs.   She walked through the family room and pulled open the sliding glass door that opened out onto the patio.   She heard Rick coming up behind her as she stepped outside.   She grabbed one of the lounge chairs and bent over to pick it up and pull it out into the sun.   She heard Rick stop and watch, as she stood there bent over.  
"Well, are you going to help me?" she asked.
"Sure, sis no problem. " Rick answered as he quickly stepped over to the other end of the chair and lifted it into the sunlight.
Laurie laid her towel out on the lounge and lay face up on it.

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    She kept her legs parted slightly in case Rick was watching.
Rick was definitely watching.   He could see the wet stain of his cum in the crotch of her bikini and wondered if Laurie knew how it got there.   He was incredibly excited to see her wearing it, especially so soon after he'd cum in it.   He wondered if his cum was getting inside his sister's cunt.   The way she had it pulled up in between her slit, he thought it had to be, and that turned him on even more.   He tossed his towel on the ground and decided to lie on the cement next to his sister's chair.   He was enjoying the view from down there anyway.
Laurie glanced down at Rick and knew what he was looking at.   She lay back on the lounge and closed her eyes as if she didn't notice.   She lay there like that for a few minutes, letting him enjoy the view.   Then she opened her eyes.   Rick didn't even seem to be trying to hide the fact that he was staring at his sister's pussy anymore.
"Are you enjoying the view," she asked softly.

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  . well I noticed how your bikini is wet in the crotch and I was trying to figure out how it got that way, that's all, " Rick stuttered.
"I think you know how it got that way very well," Laurie replied.   "I saw what you were doing with them earlier, that's why I went and put them on.   I knew it would get your attention, " she added.
"What do you think you saw me doing?" Rick asked nervously.   His mind was filled with panic that if Laurie really did know, and she told their parents, he'd be in BIG trouble.   At the least he'd have to put up with a "talking to" from Mom and Dad, but they might take him to some doctor or psychologist or something.  
"I saw you masturbating with them and then you squirted your stuff in them.   That's your cum isn't it?" Laurie said.
Laurie watched as Rick was clearly in a panic about her having seen.   "I'm not gonna tell Mom and Dad, but you have to tell me something, " Laurie said.
"What do you want to know?" Rick asked.
"Do you do it a lot?" Laurie asked.
"Do I masturbate a lot?  Usually about once or twice a day, sometimes more," Rick answered.

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"What do you think about when you're doing it?  I know you have some of those porno pictures, do you think about being with one of those girls?" Laurie asked.
"No, the pictures are just sort of a warm-up, I think about you when I'm really going at it though," Rick said.
"Me?  What about me?" Laurie asked.
"About how beautiful you are, how I'd like to see you naked, to touch your body and to make love to you," Rick answered.   "I know I can make you feel good.   Would you like me to make you feel good, sis?" Rick continued.
"What would you do?" Laurie asked.
"I'd start by running my fingers over your nipples and teasing them, getting them all hard.   Then I'd suck on them for a while while I starting running my fingers over your soft pussy lips.   After a little while I'd get down between your legs and lick your pussy and flick my tongue over your clitoris.   After a little bit, I bet I could make you feel real good, maybe even make you cum," Rick said.
"Would you want to stick your cock inside me?" Laurie asked.
"Well, maybe later, after I made you cum," Rick said.
"I don't know if I'm ready for that, at least not yet, "Laurie said.
"Oh come on sis, it'll be REALLY fun!" Rick replied.

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"Yeah, I can tell by the big bulge in your swimsuit you like the idea of fucking your sister, but I'm not ready for that, " Laurie said.
"Please sis. . . I gotta do something with it, now that it's hard!" Rick said.
"Why don't you just go masturbate," Laurie asked.
"Oh come on sis, you've gotta give me something more than that!" Rick replied.
"Well, I want to see you masturbate again, but I want a better view this time, and you have to tell me what you're thinking about while you do it.   Ok?"  Laurie answered.
"I have a better idea, I'll jerk myself off while you lay down there between my legs, then you'll get a really good view, but I want you to take off your swimsuit so I can see you naked under me.   Ok?"  Rick countered.
"Well, ok, but we have to move the chair back into the shade where the neighbors can't see anything. " Laurie said.
"Ok, lets go!" Rick replied, anxious to see his sister naked.   He grabbed the chair and quickly pulled it into the darkest corner of the patio where nobody would be able to see them.

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Laurie stood next to the chair and reached behind her to untie the bikini top.   Rick stood across the chair from her and had already pulled his swimsuit off and was already stroking his cock.   Laurie watched with fascination as it got bigger and harder.   She finished untying the top and let it fall down onto the chair.   She reached up and lightly brushed her nipples with her fingertips, feeling them stiffen.   She slipped two fingers into the waistband of the bottoms and started sliding them down.   She lifted first her left leg and then her right out of them and tossed them onto the chair as well.   Then she lay down on it and spread her legs so Rick could see.   Her fine blonde pussy hairs were matted down with the cum Rick had left in the suit.   She ran her fingers through it and then used one finger to spread the lips of her slit slightly apart.   She looked up and Rick.   His cock was very big and the head was a deep purple color.
Rick step forward and straddled Laurie's waist.   He began stroking his cock faster now as he enjoyed the sight of her pink pussy lips covered with his cum.   He wanted to fuck her desperately.

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    He imagined her on her knees as his cock was sliding in and out of her tight cunt.
       He felt his balls tightening and knew this wasn't going to last much longer.
    Laurie could see Rick was really enjoying it.   His cock was probably less than 3 feet from her face.   This was much better than when she hid in the closet!  She could see how thick it was, how the veins were standing out.  
    "Are you going to squirt soon?"  Laurie asked.   Rick just nodded his head and then he groaned.
    Laurie watched as Rick's cum shot out of the head of his cock and splattered her neck.   Then it shot a couple of more times and Rick's cum landed on her breasts.   Finally, he squeezed the last few drops out and they dribbled onto her belly.   Then Rick squatted down and rubbed the last little drop up and down her slit.  
    Laurie reached down and began rubbing the cum over her breasts and belly.   She grabbed her towel and wiped the cum on her neck off so it didn't get in her hair.
    "Next time I'm gonna squirt it inside you, " Rick said.
    "Why don't I come to your bedroom tonight after everyone goes to sleep?  All you have to do is leave your bedroom door unlocked tonight.

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      "  Rick said.
    Laurie just smiled.  
    Chapter 3
    Laurie awoke to the touch of her brother's hand sliding up through the armhole her tank-top nightshirt as he began fondling her small breasts gently.   She rolled over onto her belly and opened her eyes to look at him, remembering that she had left her bedroom door unlocked just as he'd asked her to earlier.  
    The room was almost pitch dark, and still very warm on this summer night.
    "I thought that might get your attention" Rick whispered.  
    "That's ok. . . I know something that'll get your attention" Laurie whispered back as she flipped the sheet that was covering her off, showing her 15 year old brother that she wasn't wearing anything other than the tank top. As she parted her legs, her pussy was clearly visible in the pale moonlight.
    Rick took a long look and smiled.   Laurie could see his cock was already hard.   "Damn. .


      . doesn't that thing ever go down!" Laurie laughed.   "Not when I'm around you, sis. " Rick said, smiling.  
    "Speaking of going down though. . . " Rick said with a grin "that's just what I wanted to talk to you about tonight. "  "Lie back and let me show you what I mean" he added.
    Laurie lifted off the pale green cotton tank top, leaving her fully naked on the bed.   Rick climbed up on the bed straddling her legs and then leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth, once, twice and then a third time.   Laurie had kissed plenty of boys and she loved kissing. . . with her eyes closed it was just like kissing any other boy, except way sexier considering they were both naked.

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        Laurie sighed softly and began to open her mouth, letting their tongues work together teasing each other.   Laurie began kissing Rick back, letting herself enjoy the feelings.   She felt Rick's hands brushing over her sensitive nipples, first her right, then her left.  
    Rick broke off kissing Laurie and slid down a bit.   He began licking Laurie's right nipple, feeling it stiffen underneath his tongue.   Laurie gasped.   Rick wasn't really sucking her nipples (she didn't usually like that) but he was teasing them with his tongue.   Laurie felt like there was a direct connection between her nipples and her clit at that moment. . . ,it was intense!  She could feel her body responding.   Rick switched to her left nipple. . . and Laurie's body tensed briefly, the feelings even more intense now!
    Rick stopped and whispered, "feel good?"  "Don't stop!!" Laurie replied throatily.

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    Rick continued teasing her nipples, now allowing his right hand to graze down between Laurie's legs.   She had parted them slightly and Rick let his middle and index fingers slide softly up and down her slit.   He felt her wetness oozing and began spreading that up and down before focusing little circles on her clit.   Laurie moaned softly as she felt him teasing her, "mmmm".
    Rick continued his ministrations, alternating between her nipples while his fingers continued teasing his little sister's budding clitoris.   He could feel her twelve-year-old body responding to his touch more and more with each passing moment.
    "Laurie, spread your legs farther apart now. . . I'm going to kiss you down there," Rick whispered.  
    Laurie did as Rick asked and watched as Rick knelt down between her legs and she watched and felt his lips kissing and then ever so gently licking her between her legs.  
    As Rick got bolder, his tongue began seeking out her little clit, gently sliding his tongue over it and then around it in small circles.   He felt Laurie's body stiffen underneath him at first and she gasped, "Ooh!" but it was quickly followed by, "Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!"
    Rick began stroking his tongue up and down her slit, back and forth over her clit.   Slowly at first, but with increasing tempo he continued teasing her.   He wanted her to cum.

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    Laurie felt a strange warmth spreading out inside her.   She felt her nipples getting harder (if that was possible!)  Whatever Rick was doing, it felt incredible!  She'd masturbated before and had an orgasm that way, in fact Laurie was kind of proud of the fact that she knew she was the first of her girlfriends to do it, but this. . . this was different.   Wonderful!
    Rick increased his pace but tried to relax his tongue, keeping it flat against Laurie's labia and clit.   He tried to imagine a rhythm with a song in his head.   As he got to the end of the song, he would loop it in his mind and start over.  
    Laurie felt it building inside her.   She thought she was going to cum at least 3 times now but every time just as she got close Rick would move or change something and it wouldn't happen.   Still. . . this time maybe.
    Laurie reached down and placed her hands on the back of Rick's head as if to guide him.

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        Rick continued as he had been.
    "Don't stop, just like that," Laurie whispered now, urgently.   "Please don't stop!"
    Rick did just as she asked, his tongue now focused up and down on her clit.   Suddenly he felt Laurie's legs pressing against his head, her hands pushing down on the back of his Laurie whispered and cried out in a hushed voice.   She felt the orgasm crash over her like nothing she'd felt before.   Masturbating was nothing like she whispered again and again trying to catch her breath.  
    Rick looked up at her from between her legs with a smile, "Feel good sis?"  he asked knowingly.
    "Oh my god. . . that was amazing!" Laurie replied happily.  
    "Now I suppose you want to fuck me though, " she said somewhat nervously as she lay back and relaxed, her brother still perched between her legs.
    "Well. . .

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      yes, I would love to fuck you, " Rick said, "I think you'll like how it feels too, sis,"  he added.  
    "I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet Rick," Laurie said.   "There's just been so much to happen between us in the last 24 hours.   Isn't there anything I can do other than that to make you feel good like you made me feel. "
    Rick desperately wanted to fuck his sister.   He wanted to feel the tightness of that beautiful little pussy surround his cock.   It was SO close right now, so warm and wet and inviting.
     Still, he thought the better of it.   Better to let her wait a little bit longer.   Besides she was offering him something for tonight, so its not like he wasn't getting anything.
    "Well sis. . . you could return the favor.   Suck and lick me like I just did for you.

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      "  What do you think?"  Rick asked.   "Plus. . . I'll go back down on you while you do it,"  he added, enjoying the thought of a 69 session with his little sister.
    "Ok!" Laurie said happily.  
    "Laurie, if you do this right I'm gonna squirt my stuff in your mouth," Rick said questioningly.  
    "It's ok, I tasted your stuff today by the pool when you squirted it on my belly and I tasted a little of it the day before too.   It tasted ok. "  Laurie said knowingly.
    "Allright. . . but there's gonna be a lot more this time.   More than just a taste and you really need to just swallow it.

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      "  Rick said.  
    "Ok.   I really don't mind.   I think it's going to be fun. " Laurie said with a grin.   "Now it's your turn to lay back and let me try. " She added.
    Rick leaned back, his head against the headboard as he watched Laurie kneel down between his legs this time and begin stroking his cock with her thumb and two fingers at first.  
    Laurie felt the hard cock in her fingers twitch just a little and she let her tongue out of her mouth to lick it like an ice cream cone.   It was a little salty but nice too.   She began licking it all over.   She noticed that when she licked the underside it would swell and Rick would moan just a little.   She wanted to see what would happen if she took the whole thing in her mouth.   She opened her mouth wide and put the whole head in her mouth.  
    "Just like that only go up and down and suck it a little,"  Rick guided her.

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    Laurie did just that and soon found that she could go all the way down to the bottom and back up.   Rick liked it when she did that!!!
    "Now go all the way down and then use your tongue to lick the underside sis," Rick added softly.
    Laurie tried doing it just like that and immediately felt Rick responding.   His cock swelled in her mouth and when she got her tongue to the tip she could taste just a little of his salty juice ooze out.
    "Ok sis. . . now just like that don't stop, but slide over here so I can lick your pussy a little while you do it. "  Rick said, guiding her once again.
    Laurie positioned herself, following Rick's instructions and started again just as she had a moment before.  
    Rick couldn't believe it was happening.   His little 12-year-old sister's pussy was planted firmly in his face and he was exploring it like a kid in a candy store with his tongue.   At the same time, he could feel her soft warm mouth licking and sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. . .

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      and she wanted to swallow his cum!
    Rick closed his eyes and let himself focus on the feelings now.   It felt SOO good!  He knew he was going to explode soon.  
    Rick buried his tongue between Laurie's labia, trying to get his tongue where he desperately wanted to get his cock. . . inside her.   At the same time, he knew he was incredibly close to cummming.
    Pulling away for a moment, "Oh god sis. . . I'm gonna cum!" was all he could mumble.
    Laurie heard Rick's mumbled words.   She also felt his cock swell in her grasp, but this time much bigger than before.   Then she heard him say, "Yes!"
    She remembered what he said about swallowing so she kept his cock in her mouth and tried just using her tongue on the underside.   A moment later she tasted and felt the first gush of it squirt into her mouth and she hurriedly swallowed it.

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        Another came just a second later, and then another smaller squirt, followed by one more.   Laurie swallowed every bit.   It didn't taste bad at all! 
    Laurie felt sooo happy!  She'd made her brother cum just like he'd done for her! It felt SO nice to please him, almost as good as cumming herself!
    Laurie licked the last little dribbles of her brother's cum from his softening cock and swallowed it too.
    Laurie looked up and smiled at her brother, returning the question from before, "Was that good. " 
    "Oh sis. . . that was incredible!"  I love you!" Rick said happily.
    "Rick can we do this again?" Laurie asked.
    "We can do it every day and every night if you like. " Rick said.   "In fact its better for you if we do it at least once a day.   You see, mixed in with a guy's cum is an important hormone called testosterone.   I read where guys bodies make a lot of it, girls bodies only make about 1/10 as much but if I squirt it inside you or if you swallow it, your body will absorb it, and that's really good because it'll make you like sex more.   It also helps a girls body to respond to sex better too, making your pussy wetter, which will help you enjoy sex more too.


        I think that's why once a girl starts having sex a lot of times they start wanting it more often.   So, like I said, every day we should try to have me squirt it either in your pussy or have you swallow it at least once a day. "  
    "Ok, but will you teach me more?  Someday maybe we can even fuck like I know you want to,"  Laurie asked softly.
    "Laurie, I'll teach you everything and we'll have all the fun in the world exploring each other.   Someday, when you're ready we'll even fuck. " Rick said with a smile as he pulled her up close to him and held her twelve-year-old naked body firmly against his.   "Until then, we'll figure out fun ways for us both to get my cum inside you ok?"
    "mmm. . . that sounds wonderful, I can't wait to do it again" Laurie whispered as she drifted back off to sleep in her brother's arms.

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