Little sister-in-law pt.2


Topic: Little sister-in-law pt. 2     What? Angie told me how my wife, her sister. Gave her the green light to fuck me.   I was in shock. Then Angie with her babygirl voice asked " What about anal?".   Dream come true. Her sister hates it. I have to force it on her. And now here is her little sister asking for it. I took out the lube from the night stand.   As we laid on our sides facing eachother. I put a good amount of lube in the palm of her hands. Then lead her to my cock. The feeling of her soft hands around my cock was great. Now as my cock grew in her hands. She became aroused.

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   Her kisses were hot and wet. Her body was grinding up on me as if she was trying to get in me.   Her hands were gliding up and down the full length of my cock with ease. I looked down at my cock, it was bigger than I had ever seen it. Now she took the head of my cock and started to rub her pussy with it. She was soaked.  She got the head just inside of her, not losing her grip with her hands. and started to fuck herself. Just the head going in and out of her tight hot pussy felt wonderful. So good that I removed one of her hands. So, I could fuck her alittle. She rode my cock like she missed it. Her pussy juices were all hot and sticky now. She was cumming. She let go of my cock and I buried my dick all the way in.

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   She came like a champ.   Now I flipped her over on to her stomach. Placed the head of my cock against her asshole. And just held it there. I leaned forward and started bitting her ear gentlely. She was still cumming. She let out a small groan as she backed up against my cock.   Pushing back and forth harder and harder. This and the sight of her lovely ass , what more could I ask for. I began to push down into her. Angie just held still. Man, she was tight. But at this point I did not care. As  my cock broke through, she let out a scream. Followed by some choice words.

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   I just held my cock deep in her enioying the moment.   The feeling of her tight hole wrapped around my cock, as her tight warm firm asscheeks were pressed against my crotch. Amazing. Then I felt my balls tighten. Better get to fucking.   I pulled her onto all fours. It felt like leading sheep to a slaugther house. Put her head down into the pillow and leaned back to enjoy the view. I grabbed her by the hips. "Please take it easy, cause it hurts really bad" Was all she could say. I wanted to just ram the shit out of her but since her was being a good sport in all. I didn't. I took it nice and slow. My cock felt huge in her . Has I long stroked her.

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   Pushing every last inch of my cock into her on the down stroke. And holding it there for a sec or two. I could have fucked her like this for ever. I guessed that she sensed this, "Could you please hurry up and finish, It  HURTS!".   For the next 60 seconds, I wish it was more, I just pounded he hell out of her ass. She was grunting has I was having my way with her. On the final stroke I drove in with all my might. Causing one more scream out of her. As I unloaded a huge globe into her, then another. I pulled backed and slamed into her. Forcing the rest of my cum out and into he asshole. I was stuck deep in her ass. Then she pushed back into me.   And came. Wow.

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   One moment she hates it the next she loves it. After we clean up. She told me that her sister said we could fuck as much as we wanted because she just had the baby and didn't want sex. And didn't want me to go with out. Now Angie started up again. "I can't do it again" I responded. "bet if I let you cum in my mouth you could". "No I Couldn't" I replied. "bet if I swollow you can". "bet". Her sister does not let me cum in her mouth anymore and nevered swollowed. So, this was such a turnon, plus it was going to be her first time. It was over before it started. Her mouth was so hot. She took me deep.

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   And she did not miss a drop. All I told her was " Paybacks are a bitch" And headed down to eat her pussy. .