Little sister-in-law pt.3


Topic: Little sister-in-law pt. 3   Now revenge was mine. She tasted so good. I ate her out till she was begging for me to stop. Man, wish I could get hard now but couldn't. We washed up and sat in the kitchen and talked till Sandra, her sister . came home.   Sandra wanted to hear all about it, so I went to bed and let Angie tell her. I quickly fell asleep. The apartment was really quiet when I wokeup the next morning.   I went to the livingroom were Angie was sitting on the couch. "Where is Sandra?". She told me that she went out of town with her parents for the day. She must be pissed-off cause she didn't say anything to me. Then I felt my cock come alive. I stripped naked catching Angie off gaurd.

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   I kneeled down between Angies legs and leaned in to kiss her. "I don't think we should do it again, cause Sandra seemed alittle upset". She turned her head away so I started kissing and sucking her neck. Her legs wrapped around my naked ass and her hips pressed forward against me. "No, if she was upset she would have sent you with your parents. " As I grinded against her pussy. Within seconds I had her naked. I worked her tits squeezing and sucking them. Pinching her nipples. I could smell her pussy all ready to be fucked. I slowly worked my way down her flat abs. I just took my time licking every inch of her little pussy. Licking up all of her juices. I went to work on her clit as I worked 2 fingers into her. Damn she was tight.

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  . She let out alittle "ouch". It did not take her long before she was cumming in my mouth. What a beautiful pussy she had, I pulled up and got a good view of her spread eagle at the edge of the couch, Her small face, big brown eyes full of lust, dark black hair. Her tits were swollen, nipples erect. Her little hairy pussy there for my taking. So, I just took it.  This was not lovemaking. It was fucking. I fucked her as hard as I could. Angie took everything I could give her and encouraged me to keep on pounding her. I had her knees over my shoulders and pressed against her shoulders. I was up on my toes in order to get as mush power into each stroke as I could.  I would stop with my cockhead in her and have her look down at it. Then slam down up to my balls.

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   What a fuck. I knew it was only because her drained me the night before. Or else I would have came already. I pulled out and lead her to the bedroom. Put her on all fours. The view of her ass just made me want to take a picture. It was perfect. I started to put my cock into her pussy when she said "My ass is sore, so go has fast as you can". Don't have to tell me twice. I just shoved my cock up her ass. No mercy. "AAAHHHHHH shit it hurts" was all she could say for the first couple of minutes. Has I worked my thick cock in and out of her. She began to loosen up. Her asshole was all juicy and hot.

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   Her ass walls were all smooth around my cock. Making me want to cum. I was fucking her hard and deep trying to shot a load. But it would not come out. For several minuted I tried to work that laod out but it would not come out. It was driving me crazy, cause I had to cum. For some strange reason I pulled out of he ass, Then slammed into her pussy. Oh much better.  Angie pushed back onto my cock. The began to ride my cock. I tried to hold her still cause this was too much pleasure for me. She pulled the load right out of me. My balls hurt as she drained the last drop out of them into her tight pussy,I did not want to pull out but did anyways.  As we laid in bed Angie kissed me softly on the mouth. "You know that you have a long hard day ahead of you?!?".

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   Lucky me. .