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Do you really want to hear it Adrianna? Yes tell me every detail I said with excitement. Bridget threw her hair back and took a deep breath. . . ok here goes.
I learned how to fuck when I was 11. I wanted my step dad so bad I was honey all the time and had an appetite and curiosity for sex that you would not believe. I knew it was wrong but I seduced him anyway if it's one thing my mother taught me it was guys like young girls and if I knew how I could get anything I want from the old bast.
One night my mom was out on her usual all niters with her friends and I was upstairs in my room I could hear my step dad watching a porno through the vents. I started getting hot and decided that I was going to make my move. I put on some cute little thong undies and my half tank shirt and slowly walked down to where my step dad was. I knew he could possibly take the bait because he was always checking out my friends. He was drunk as usual so I knew he would easily get aroused. I slowly walked in front of him and I could feel his eyes on me as he scrambles for the remote. "Hi Dad I can't sleep". I said in a fake tired voice while stretching just enough to where he could see my little pink nipple poke out under my tank.

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   "OOPS" I looked down at his shorts and could tell he was hard as a rock. I just lost my virginity to the boy down the street and wanted some more. I wanted someone with experience someone who could show me the ropes I wanted to be the best fuck any guy had the pleasure of fucking.
I went to sit on my step dads lap he hesitated for a minute and inquired what I was doing but it didn't last I could feel his hard cock on my thigh ooh dad. I want you to teach me how to be great fucks I want tell a soul. I could see he wanted to but he asked me is I was sure anyway. Yes I am sure.
I always wanted this I must be dreaming he said as I got on my knees and pulled down his shorts. Oh sweet fuck he moaned as I slowly deep throated all I could stand of his cock down my little throat. Am I good daddy? I inquired oh yah baby your good. Suck it harder honey. He instructed me through it all and told me to pay attention to his balls. I didn't like that part at first but it started to really get me wet my panties where drenched.
I got to try your tight little pussy and he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He laid me down while whispering you’re so hot slowly he played with my pussy rubbing the head of his cock on my clit and down to my little hole.

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   Slowly he pushed it in it was tight my step dad was much bigger then what I was use to. Slowly with each gentle thrust he sank into me I could feel my pussy contract and fight his cock slowly I relaxed and took all of his cock into me. Oh finally I have in me I moaned. That’s sooo good daddy. I felt so good to see him want me like that. So sexual a bomb could hit him on his head and he wouldn't have noticed. His hands where big and rugged grabbing at my little waist. I watched as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my little pussy I knew it would soon be over. I was tingling from head to toe oh daddy I cried cum in my little pussy show me how much you like it. His throbbing cock unloaded warm cum deep inside of me I loved how it felt. I gazed up at my step dad and with a sigh of relief "Yummy".
"WOW I don't think I could ever do that" "I can't believe it; well your dad is hot. I could do your dad" I said in awe.
You know how I was babysitting that kid across the street when I was 13? Bridget inquired.  "Yeah, I said knowing she was going to tell me another story"
"Well" Bridget said slightly.

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   The boys father was hot he had this dorkey little wife ugh she got on my nerves.  I started noticing the way he would look at me a talk to me when she wasn't around which was rarely. One day he came home early and I just laid Tim down for a nap. I was surprised to see him in the kitchen when I walked in. But I was happy as well, here’s my chance I thought to myself I am going to get him plus make some bonus money at the same time. So I asked him "Do you know how a young cute girl can can some good money Mr. Anderson?" Joking tapping him on his arm and giggle ling at the same time. Then I Walked over to the counter while the phone was ringing and picked it up. Bent over in my shorts trying to show Mr. Anderson my sweet little ass.  It was his wife inquiring about Tim I assured her everything was great and that he was taking a nap. I hung up with her and swung around to see Mr. Anderson’s stiff cock trying to bust out of his pants. He put down the glass of water he was nursing and was ready to walk out of the kitchen when I grabbed his crouch and pressed my tits on him. Oh Mr.

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   Anderson I love older guys you’re so sexy. Do you want my tight pink pussy Mr. Anderson I inquired while rubbing his cock. He quickly grabbed me and slammed my little ass on the counter. He pulled off my little shorts so fast and before I could day a word his throbbing cock was half way in me. It felt so fucking good as he was fucking me I asked him who his little princess was. He fucked me hard it hurt and felt good at the same time.  Mr. Anderson shot is cum all over my pussy and stomach the warm cum felt good and I took some on my finger and tasted it. Needless to say Every time Mr. Anderson came home early I got a 300. 00 cash bonus.
"NO way" Adrianna exclaimed” So that's how you bought all that shit so quick I thought you where selling pot or something, you little slut!"
“I learned when I was 15 through my other neighbor next door that I liked a little pain with fucking" Bridget said quickly. I was out back sun bathing in my little purple bikini and Mr. Teller was outside mowing the lawn I had sun glasses on and everytime he faced me he was checking out my body.

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   Mr. Teller and I would talk here and there and I started getting feelings for him. I really liked his wife she was so sweet she would bring me cookies over and talk with me about school. So I kept my distance out of respect for her from Mr.
    Teller. But that day he was mowing the lawn with his shirt off sparked it for me and I had to have him. Little games would not do it for him he was upper class and knew people and I knew it. But it was a challenge to break him for me so I pursued ever so slowly. After a couples of weeks of little flirts Mr. Teller pulled me aside one day in is front driveway. "Listen Bridget you’re a really pretty and smart girl but you don't want an old man like me I could be your dad for Christ sake find a nice boyfriend who will give you want you want. I agreed with him and went on my way smiling.
    A week before Christmas my mom announced she was going to host a party. I eagerly insisted that she invite Mr. Teller and his wife over she agreed.

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       Christmas Eve Mr. Teller and hid wife showed up along with many others and my boyfriend at the time. They where all getting drunk and merry and singing Kuroki are having a blast. I danced and ignored Mr. Teller for a little wile and as the night went on I noticed that every time I looked over his way he was looking straight at me. I was getting tipsy myself from sneaking drinks and went up to my room to play some video games when I heard a light knock at my door. In cam Mr. Teller and he sat down next to me on the floor. "I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I miss having out talks" I felt his hand go up my inner thigh slowly up to me panties. I was instantly wet and my pussy were throbbing. Without a word we started messing around but everyone was right down stairs. "Sneak over to my house"Mr. Teller said breathing on my neck. He left out the door.

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    I waited about five minutes and went down stairs. My mom informed me that Mr. Teller went home for the evening but Mrs. Teller was still partying. I joined them for a dance and told them I was going in the back yard for some air and slipped out the door.
    Mr. Teller quickly let me into his house shut the door and kissed me so passionately I wanted him in my pussy bad. He licked my little slit all over sending me into sheer ecstasy when he came up and asked me if I ever tried anal before. I told him once with my boyfriend but it hurt too much. That I was too tight or something. Mr. Teller turned me around and fingered my pussy then my clit. Slowly he put a finger in my tight ass it felt good "That's it relaxed baby here's another finger" After three fingers it hurt but felt good. He pulled out his fingers and slowly put the head of is cock in my ass and held it there. I could tell it wouldn't be much longer before he had the whole cock in my ass.

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       "Your sweet little ass is so tight I am honored to be the first" He jammed his cock hard in my ass I cried out in pain it was sharp and it felt like I was ripping. "Shhhh little girl it will feel so good soon" Mr. Anderson said lustfully as he pumped his cock in and out of my virgin ass. "Play with your clit, that's it is it feeling better?" It was feeling better and he slowed down I played with myself as he fucked my ass and I had the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life "oh fuck yeah oooh" and my ass contracted around is cock as he came. He kissed me all the way up to my lips and suckled on them for a bit. I found out that I wanted to try more anal sex and set out to find more gentleman cocks to quench me. They all paid me top dollar to have my tight little pink pussy.
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