Little Temptress and alot of daddies PART TWO


Part Two:
“Don’t even tell me you slept with your teacher!” Adriana said sharply. “Here I am studying my ass off when all I have to do is fuck my teachers” Adriana chuckled “No, I have to hear this one and I’m not going home tonight I’m calling mom now” Adriana whisked away and returned shortly. “Which one Bridget” which of the cute ones did you fuck?” Adriana said as if she couldn’t catch her breath. “Well there actually where 2 and a half. The last one well we went half way when he stopped and had second’s thoughts. Bridget said smugly. “Ok, the first one was in 7th grade when I first met you Adriana” Remember Mr. C ?” Bridget exclaimed with excitement. “ Well the talk was that he was a perv anyway so I thought I’d test it out and see how easy it would be” “So one day I put on the shortest skirt I could get away without getting sent home and no panties” Bridget  brushed her hair seductively while winking at Adriana. “Every time he looked at me I gave him a peek somehow” Bridget exclaimed playfully. “Then I kept talking to Paul next to me asking him questions. I could see that Mr. C was paying close attention. Mr. seemed to be enjoying the show and was sweating a lot at this point. Then I glance around the class to see if anyone else noticed.

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   Only James I didn’t care. ” Bridget said with a wide smirk. “Anyway Mr. C seemed to get really mad all of a sudden and told me to stop interrupting him”. So after the bell rang he told me to stay and speak with him. ” Bridgett ran err hands through her long hair “For the first time I became nervous so I approached him cautiously and inquired why he was so angry. Mr. C told me that I shouldn’t distract him like that and then leaned over and whispered into my ear “But I liked it do you want to meet after school?” Bridgett threw herself back on the bed” It was on all day all I could think of was what we where going to do how hot is it going to be oh and of course who will catch us. After school I went back to Mr. Cs room and he was getting ready to leave. ” Mr. C said in a secretive voice “Meet me on,,,,,, Street so no one will see us I’ll swing by and pick you up. You know my car?” Mr. C said inquisitively. “Ok start walking now and I’ll meet up with you and he quickly shooed me out the door.

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  ” Bridgette winked and then lights a cigarette as she took a long drag she rolled over and shook her head. “What Adriana asked swiftly” “If I knew what I was getting into I would of thought twice” Bridgett responded and then paused to take another drag off of her cigarette. “He swung up with his car and off we flew we ended up at his house I was kind of surprised I thought we would fuck in his car or something and it would last about 4 minutes if I was lucky” Brigette laughed hesitantly “ I asked if he was worried and he replied without a doubt. He grabbed me around my ass and pulled me to him and we kissed passionately. “I just am totally shocked that I never noticed” Adrianna stated wide eyed. “So we went into his living room and he closed off all the windows and lit some candles and as I was sitting down on the coach he knelt down and spread my thighs apart and slowly started to message and rub them he lightly kissed the inside of my thighs and once I was totally into it he dove into my slit. I played his hair while he sensually sent me onto ecstasy. Just when I thought I was going to explode he stopped and took my hand and led me to the chair he sat down and took out his cock. I knelt down an made love to it with my lips and my mouth and he and I where enjoying every minute of it. Then I slowly took of my shirt hiked up my skirt and sat on is hard throbbing cock and slowly moved my hips as sexy as I could. ” Bridgett rubbed her little belly as she continued” I was so into Mr. C. We must have fucked what seemed like hours. ” Bridget said with a big smile of remembrance. “Hey was that around the time you wouldn’t hang out with me as much now I know what was going on you ditched me for a time there you Bitch” Adriana said smoothly.

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   “Well now you know why. We fucked almost every day I just couldn’t get enough of him. I was spending the night and everything. But one day I showed up on the weekend and he was on his way out. He told me to wait in his house and he would be back in an hour if I wanted to. So I went in and after about thirty minutes or so I started getting bored and nosy. So I went into his bedroom and found some porn tapes and I popped on in and I was shocked at what I saw. It was me and Mr. C. As I looked at the other tapes I decided to put them in and see what else Mr. C got. There where three other girls one looked in her twenties or so and the other girl on one of the tapes looked like she was 9 or something. I was floored and sick at the same time I admit that I was only in the 7th grade but hell a 9 year old and she didn’t look that happy. ” Bridget was holding her head looking down at the floor “I didn’t know what to think at this point so I just left. Mr.

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  C kept inquiring why I wasn’t coming over and after a couple of weeks I decided I was going to confront him. So I met with him at his house and asked him about the girl who looked like she was nine on is tapes. He had a “busted expression” on his face and after a minute of recomposing himself he exclaimed that it was a friend of his and that yes it was wrong and he took the tape and destroyed it in front of me. Mr. C then sat next to me and apologized and said that his friend had a pedophilic problem and that e should seek help. That after talking with his friend is friend surrendered all things of that nature to him and that he would seek help. Mr. C then went on to tell me that it all was destroyed except for that one and that he held it for evidence if he found out that his friend hurt another kid. ” Bridgett continued with a sad face “I was so stupid back then his sick stories convinced me that it was ok somehow. I being the way I was well you know. Anyway that dissipated into just a memory and Mr. C left shortly after anyway. ” Adrianna sat back “So that’s why Mr. C left suddenly. ”
“Wow, damn” Adriana said shocked “Just when I think I’ve heard it all”.

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   “Do you want to know how I got straight A’s in history?” said Bridget.
    “You with… no way I can’t believe it he was a jerk he was ugly no not you and him, is it Mr. S in High School or some other grade?” Adriana ingured with haste. “I didn’t fuck anymore teachers for a while. I was having a lot of trouble in my sophomore year and it this part of history was so boring I couldn’t retain anything so I decided to do it. ” Bridget continued “It was a couple moths after the first day of school and I was bored and restless with the “BOYS” I wanted a real man by this time and haven’t got to know any because well you know party here party there. I sensed I couldn’t just throw myself at him so it was a slow start. I didn’t get a response for a while. Then I started staying after class and talking with him every day I always had a question and this went on for 2 months. Finally Mr. S decided that since I was having so much trouble that one of his top students would help me. I insisted that he do it and after a little tug of war he agreed. So he set aside lunch hour and told me to meet him in the class with my lunch every Tuesday and Friday. So after the second meeting I started flirting with Mr. S and he would stick to the books slowly every once in a while he inquire about my life and how things where going.

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       With each meeting it was more talk and less studying. He genially was interested by this point and I learned a lot about Mr. S I decided that more body contact was going to happen on our next tutoring. I sat closely next to Mr. S and got comfortable started biting into my lips and leaning over so he could see my cleavage. I moved my leg up against his and he didn’t stop me. I slowly slid my hand to his crotch and still he didn’t stop me. I grabbed his cock and instantly felt it become hard in my hand. Mr S leaned back in is chair with a satisfied moan I continued playing with his hard cock through his pants and watched as he moaned in great pleasure. Mr. S quickly looked at the clock and grabbed both of my hands and stared at me for a moment. “I don’t know how we are supposed to do this you are the only girl that I have ever thought about cheating on my wife with. ” Mr. S then stood up and walked over to his desk and sat down with a big sigh. Oh Bridgett my cock is so hard for you and class starts in five minutes.

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       Listen you know that little motel down the street? Meet me there I’ll let you know what room after school. ” Bridgett lit another cigarette and concentrated on putting down the lighter on the end table. “Room 10, which was our room he made reservations on the phone drove up, grabbed the key and I met him shortly after. I wasn’t attracted to his mind, his looks, his wallet or even the way he fucked there was one thing that man had I totally was attracted to. His big wide cock. It got so bad all I could think about and daydream about was that big cock sliding in and out of me pleasuring me. ” Bridgett swung her head back and licked her lips “Yummy, his cum was sweet like candy just thinking about it makes my pussy wet right now. I am full blown Horney” Bridget then gazed at Adrianna “Have you ever fucked a girl Adrianna?” Bridget took a quick drag off of her cigarette “ I always wondered if it was true if a women could pleasure me more than a man you know” Adrianna agreed “Yeah I’ve wondered that myself sometimes and you’re the only person I will admit that to that’s for sure”
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