Losing it all tonight


Hi, I’m Jenny; I don’t really know how to start this. I guess I should tell you straight away I’m bad, really bad. I don’t know why. I thought that you might enjoy my stories. So I suppose I should describe myself for you, I’m eighteen with long blond hair, I’ve pretty busty, a full 36D, I hope you boys like ‘em big! I’m pretty tall too, 5’10” to be precise with long legs, sometimes that’s not so good, buying jeans can be a nightmare and when I’ve got my preferred killer heals on I can really tower over some boys, I’ve been described as a bit of an Amazon. I’ve also got a few piercing, maybe I’ll tell you about them some time.

I’ve always been a horny girl, I used to love sitting in the bath playing with myself even though my Mom would tell me off, puberty hit, and oh boy what a time that was, my boobs just exploded onto the scene! I was the first girl in my class with boobs and always the biggest, I was astonished at the attention I got, it took a while to get used to having the boy staring at my chest, but they ain’t going away so I’ll just have to put up with it. I soon noticed that certain teachers were more willing to cut me some slack if I happened to let them see some cleavage, or perhaps, if I was in real trouble, let them see a glimpse of my panties, I know your probably thinking ‘prick teaser’ but frankly I was desperate for somebody to pop my cherry. I was so horny it was ridiculous. The bus home was terrible, my panties would be soaked through by the time that rattly heap got to my stop, I soon found out which seat had the best vibrations! So what’s a girl to do? Some of the boys at school were OK, but they were just boys I needed something more for my first time. I’d only just turned 16 so I was still a little confused and embarrassed in case any one caught me with my hair brush up my pussy, but I knew what I wanted and I wanted cock. I did tell you I was bad!

So I’m at home one evening and my brother sticks his head round my door, oh wait I haven’t told you anything about my family yet have I? Sorry, I can be so blond sometimes! Ok I live at home with my Dad, Malcolm, everyone calls him Mal and my older brother, Paul; he’s two years older than me. My mom left my Dad five or so years ago for the guy who cleaned the pool and did the garden, cliché right? Yeah I guess so but that s how it happened. OK so back to the story, OK I’m in my room doing some homework and thinking about sex as normal, and my Brother pops his head round the door.

“Jen, a load of us are going out clubbing on Friday do you want to come with?”Me and Paul always got on well for some reason, I think he’s hot and I think maybe he thinks the same about me, the good thing is he’s taller than me by miles so in heals I don’t look so tall, besides I love to dance and it’s nice to know some one has got your back, no matter what you do!

“Yeah, sure who’s going?”

Paul rattled off a list of names, a few cute guys so I was happy enough.


Friday after a really dull day at school I was looking forward to going out and letting my hair down.

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   I had been thinking about going out all week, I had decided I was going to pop mycherry at the club no matter what, I did play with myself just fantasizing about it, being taken roughly up against the wall out side the club, I could hardly wait for Friday. I had been planning what to whare since he’d told me we were going out. I had chosen one of my favourite dresses, it’s a sexy sparkly halter neck mini dress with a dangerous plunge front, one of those ones that look like your boobs are going to fall out of them any moment, I’m sure you know the type! And some wicked matching stilettos. I’d already decided to give the panties a miss, I was defiantly on a mission tonight and there was no way a bra would work with this dress so I’d just have to be careful, or maybe not. I was just finishing my make up when Paul called me. His jaw nearly hit the floor when I walked down the stairs.

“Fuck, Jen you look hot!” He gasped. I just smiled, this was the first time Paul had seen me all dressed up. Little did he know what I was planning.

Dad walked out of into the hall and looked me up and down the way he does sometimes.

“Paul, look after your sister. ” He said flatly.

When we got outside Paul’s friends were waiting in their car. Paul opened the back door for me and ushered me in, his other friend was already sitting on the far side.

“Shift over a bit.

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  ” Paul demanded after he’d introduced me to the others, Terry and Chloe and in the back with me and Paul was Bill. I had to put one leg either side of that big lump in the middle of the floor, I couldn’t believe it I’d only just got out of the front door and already I was sitting there with my legs open in front of everybody. To be fair to Paul he probably didn’t know I was going without panties tonight. Chloe looked round a smile spread on her face when she saw how Paul had positioned me. . Terry looked in the rear view mirror and then began adjusting it to so he too could see my pussy. I was in heaven, I guess I’ve always had an exhibitionist streak in me, I just didn’t realise how much of one I was!

When we pulled up near the club I made a point of spreading my legs as much as possible to give Chloe and Terry a good view of my snatch. Chloe reached back putting her hand on my inner thigh to stop me.

“Jen, it can be a nightmare getting in here so hold hands with me and we may have to make out a bit to get to the front of the line, you OK with that?”

I nodded, afraid to speak, alright with that? Hell I wanted sex so much, I’d do it with about anybody right now I thought, I was so horny sitting there with my legs spread and a strangers hand inches from my smooth pussy. I got out of the car and straightened my self up as we walked to the club. I noticed Chloe was wearing a PVC dress with a zipper right up the front, she looked so hot, and I started to fantasize about undoing the zipper in one swift yank and before ravishing her. She took my hand as we got nearer the club.

“Don’t worry about Terry he loves it if I make out with other girls. By the way you look really hot in that dress. ”

Fuck I hadn’t even thought about Terry, I just looked at Chloe dumbly.

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   We joined the back of the line and I noticed the bouncers walking up the line. Chloe put her arm around my waist, I’d never been held by a girl like that before. I was so fucking horny it was obscene. The bouncer looked us both over his eyes lingering on our breasts. Chloe smiled at him so I did too. He just nodded and walked on.

“Ok, the softly softly approach failed, you ready Jen?”

I looked at Paul, he just grinned.

“Well I don’t want to stand here freezing my ass off.

As the bouncer walked back down the line Chloe pulled me closer to her wrapping her arms around me, I could smell her perfume as she pulled me in for my first lesbian kiss, her lips were so soft on mine I just pulled her closer as I felt her tongue pushing slowly into my mouth, I responded enthusiastically. I felt her hands run down my back and slowly start to feel my ass. I let one of my hands fall down to grab a handful for myself. Then she reached up and slipped her hand through the open front of my dress and cupped my left breast in her hand her thumb brushing over my nipple. I groaned as my nipples got even harder, Chloe responded by gently pinching my nipple to make it really hard. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was nor could I believe I was making out with a complete stranger in public, and a girl too. Oh boy was I in trouble.

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The bouncer interrupted us “Why don’t you take that inside?” as we pulled apart I bit lightly on Chloe’s lip and she gave my nipple a final pinch, I could tell she was as turned on as I was. The bouncer held the rope open so we could slip out of the line which was already longer behind us and he showed us through the door, describing to his friend what we had been doing.

Inside Chloe took my hand, over the music she told the boys to get some drinks and that we were going to the ladies, she led me along to the ladies room and led me into one of the cubicles, and she shut the door behind her and twisted the lock closed.

“I just wanted to talk to you, without the boys. ” I was pretty nervous; I had heard that Chloe could get a bit nasty. “I just want to clear one thing up, I don’t mind you showing your pussy off to my boy friend, but he’s mine OK? Hands off. ”

“I’m sorry Chloe, I didn’t plan it Paul made me sit like that, and I guess I just kinda liked it. ”

“Yeah you looked like you were getting off on it, if there is a mark I’ll make you clean it up. ” She smiled. I reached forward and grabbed the zipper and pulled it down in one go, Chloe gasped and tried to catch the dress as it burst open.

“Fairs fair” I said, “You’ve seen mine now its my turn. ”She smiled wickedly, and let the dress hang open putting her hands on her hips.

“So you like?” She
I was stunned; she’d had both nipples pierced and a clit ring stood out on her smooth pussy. I just lunged for those nipple rings lifting one in each hand slowly rolling the rings I pulled on them slightly to see what she’d do.

“Careful, honey.

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  ” She cautioned.

I sat down on the toilet set to get a good look at her snatch, she obviously had just had it waxed it was so smooth. The ring made her clit stand out I grinned back at her and stuck my tongue out licking her clit and lifting the ring with it. I pulled the ring into my mouth and she had no chose but to follow it soon I had her whole pussy pressed up against my face and I lapped at her hole till she came, Chloe stumbled as her orgasm subsided and she took a half pace back and leaned against the side of the cubical. She was breathing hard. I sat back on the toilet and spread my legs for her.

“What about me I pouted?” As I stroked my middle finger up my wet slit.

“Would you like my fingers in your hot little pussy?”

I nodded as she put one hand on each of my thighs and lowered her face to mine.

“Well forget it, I ain’t a Lesbian! What I do is just for fun, you can frig yourself off!” I couldn’t believe it! I could still taste her pussy in my mouth, we’d made out outside the club and now she was telling me she wasn’t going to return the favour, the bitch! She stood back still with her dress wide open and pulled her mobile out of her pocket. “Common then I’m waiting. Touch yourself” I don’t know why but I did, Chloe smiled as I started to play with myself in the cubical. I guess I sort of lost control because when I opened my eyes again she was filming me on her mobile, by this stage I didn’t care any more, I just went on rubbing my swollen clit. I started to cum on my own fingers, I guess that is what she was waiting for and she opened the door to the cubical. “You gotta see this!” She yelled and before I knew it there were about a dozen girls all crowded around the cubical door watching me cum, most of them seemed to be filming me or at least taking photo’s as I came sitting their in the toilet with my legs spread wide, I was so embarrassed but there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I just came as hard as I think I had ever done.

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   As soon as I trusted my legs I stood up and smoothed my dress down, pushing my tits back in. All I could hear were words like slut, whore and tramp as I marched out of the toilet. Chloe caught me up and grabbed my arm. I was furious she had just humiliated me in front of goodness only knows how many people.

We had a load of drink and we were all soon dancing the night away. I was still on the look out for my prey so when I cute boy started dancing with me I let him. We hada few more drinks, we danced a bit more, then they played one of those good old bump and grind tracks and I left him in no doubt about my intentions, as the song finished I pulled him close and told him to take me outside. He took me by the hand and led me to the back of the club and out through and emergency door into the alley behind the club. He pushed me towards the wall and his hands were all over me, I was in heaven, just the way I had fantasised, his hands on my breasts and pulling up my skirt feeling for underwear that just wasn’t there, his hand slid round cupping my moist pussy. I groaned as his warm hand started playing with my pussy. I responded by tugging the zipper of his fly down and reaching in for his hard cock, I couldn’t believe how soft the skin was, or how hot it felt in my hand. I tried to wrap my hand round it and I pulled it free of his pants. I pushed him off me slightly then smiled as I squatted down to suck my first cock, I shivered slightly as the breeze blew over my exposed pussy. I dipped my head to take him into my mouth. I loved it running my tongue up and down his shaft as I bobbed my head back and forth.

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   I let his cock slip out of my mouth before he could cum and I stood up.

“How was that?”

“Awesome” He replied. His hands went round my ass lifting me up, I wrapped my legs round his waist and I could feel the head of his cock probing for my so wet hole. I couldn’t wait.

Suddenly the door burst open and Paul came bursting out into the alley, he saw us straight away and yelled “Hey get the fuck off my sister!” My new friend nearly dropped me as he struggled to distance himself form me and shove his hard on back in his pants.

“Hey man just relax, we weren’t doing nothing. ” He said as my brother advanced. I was desperately trying to pull my dress back into shape. Paul looked furious as he advanced on us.

“Yeah well just fuck off now and this will be over. ” For a minute I thought there was going to be a fight, but Terry came out of the door too and I guess my new friend decided he’d rather not take of two guys, especially when one looked ready to kill. So he just shrugged and turned and walked quickly away. I was livid, I was just about to pop my cherry and Paul had burst in like some asshole. Paul walked over too me once he’d finished staring daggers into the guys back.

“You Ok Jen?” He asked.

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“No, Paul, no I’m fucking not Ok you tool, what the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Terry decided he didn’t want to be part of this fight either so he ducked back into the club. Paul looked at me dumbfounded.

“Jen that guy was going to fuck you! Did you even know his name?”

“Yeah I know what we were going to do; I wanted him to screw me!” I shouted back.

Paul looked shocked, I guess he’d never thought of me as a grown up, a woman with needs all of her own. That took the wind out of his sails. He looked embarrassed.

“You should have told me, I just looked round and you were gone, Chloe said some guy took you out here. I guess I over reacted, I’m sorry” He looked at me with puppy dog eyes, but I wasn’t ready to let him off that easy.

“Yeah well I’m a big girl now and if I want to screw some guy it’s none of your business!” I spat back.

“Jez Jen what is your problem? I said I was sorry, calm down!”

“What’s my problem? What’s my problem? I’m sick of being a virgin I was going to pop my cherry and you come in here all high and mighty. ” I just lashed out and slapped him in the face.

“Oh so that’s it is it? Sick of being a cherry?” He said rubbing his face where I had slapped him. He looked angry like he did when he first burst out of the door. “So you wanted a cock did you? Think you’re a big girl now? Just ‘cos you’ve got a decent rack doesn’t mean shit. ” He was really close now his face inches from mine.

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   I could smell the alcohol. “I was just looking out for you and this is how my sister thanks me?” I tried to push him off but he was way to strong for that, so I tried to slap him again, he caught my wrist and held it easily in his strong hand. I tried with the other hand and got the same result. I was squirming to try to get free and in desperation I tried to knee him in the balls, I missed he snarled at me as he kicked my legs apart now I was well and truly pinned and helpless, I could feel the cool breeze on my bare chest and I suddenly realised my dress was completely open exposing my tits for all the world to see. “I’m gonna tech you a lesson then” He snarled. I wondered what he meant. He let go with one hand and I heard him pull down the zipper on his pants. “So is this what you wanted?” He said forcing his dick into my hand. “Well?”

“Yes Paul, I wanted to get laid” Did I just really say that out loud to my own brother? Then it occurred to me I had a hand full of his cock. He was bigger than the other guy by a fair way.

“Well then let’s do it” and without wasting a second or giving me a chance to move he scooped me up, pushed me back against the wall and with one push he was deep inside me, I gasped and clung to him through the pain, he held me in his strong arms then slowly started to fuck me. The pain subsided quickly as this new feeling grew in my belly I could feel my orgasm start to build, except this time it was different, with my pussy full of Paul’s lovely cock I could think of nothing else, I started to gasp and cry out as the feeling built till it totally overwhelmed me and I came hard and fast in his arms till I was a trembling wreck. Then I felt his cock twitch inside me and I could feel him coming inside, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I’d had sex for the first time and with my own brother. I didn’t care I thought it was amazing, already I was thinking of doing it again! He pulled his now limp cock out of me and for the first time looked me in the eye.

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   Before he could say anything I kissed him, full on the mouth, he tried to pull away, but gave in and soon we were really making out, his hands on my bare breasts and smooth ass. We pulled apart and he looked at me with something like wonder on his face.

“Jen, that was amazing, but you know we shouldn’t do that. ”

“Yeah your right, we shouldn’t” I squatted down again and started to suck his cock clean, tasting my own juices and his salty cum. I could feel his cum dripping out of my pussy onto the ground. I looked up at him as I sucked him clean. He made no move to stop me. I stood up once I had finished and tucked his dick back into his pants and pulled the zip up, his hands were back on my breasts again. “Take me home please. ” We quickly found a cab and it took us straight home, I could feel Paul’s cum leaking out of me the whole way home.

As I was waiting for Paul to find his key I took my dress of completely and stood there on the porch naked except for my high heals. Paul groaned when he looked round and saw my fully nude body. I pushed past him into the house making sure to brush my breasts on him as I passed. He closed the door behind us and followed me up the stairs and into his bedroom, I sat him down on the bed and sat in his lap like the strippers do, so my breasts were in his face.

“This is really bad, you shouldn’t do that Jen.


  ” He said as he reached up and cupped my breasts rolling the nipples.

“Ok then I’ll just go then, shall I?” I asked as I pushed my breasts right into his face. He just groaned. I pushed him right down onto the bed and began undoing the buttons of his shirt. Once his shirt was off I turned round and put my knees either side of his head so we were in a 69 position. I started to undo his belt and pull his pants down; I could feel his breath on my shaven pussy so I lowered myself down so he could lick at my wet cunt. As soon as I had his clothes off I started to suck his cock again, he was hard again in seconds. I pulled myself off his tongue, pivoting myself round so I could ride him. I took his cock in my hand and started to wank him as I leaned forward and let my breast swing aggress his face. “Are you sure you want me to go?” I teased. He responded by gripping my hips and forcing me down on his dick, he slid in easy; I was so wet and ready for a good fuck. I sat back letting him enjoy the view of his sisters naked body riding him, I loved the feeing I could move his cock just where I wanted it, and I loved the way my breasts bounced, Paul seemed to enjoy the show too. He reached up and started to play with my tits as I rode him, I could feel my orgasm coming closer and I wanted him to come at the same time. I leaned down and whispered to him, “I’m going to cum; you’re making me so horny. You’ve always made me horny” He liked that as I could feel his cock twitch inside me.

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   I told him “I used to fantasise about you fucking me. ” And then he came, that pushed me right over the edge and I came too.

We lay there afterwards. Paul looked at me. “Did you mean that? Was I a fantasy for you?”I nodded; it was true I had thought about what it would be like. I rolled out of bed and picked up my dress and shoes, Paul watched me as I walked to the door, I turned round and looked at him.

“This is all yours any time you want it. ” I said running my free hand down my body scooping a breast and finally touching my pussy. Paul just grinned, so did I.

I walked down the hall towards my room, I could smell myself, all sweat and cum, I was too tired to care though, a shower could wait till morning. Suddenly my Dad’s door opened and he stood there in front of me. I was too shocked to say anything.

“So you think you’re so clever don’t you?” Oh boy was I in trouble. My Dad had never spoken to me like that before; mind you I don’t think I’d ever been caught walking down the hall at 3am butt naked and full of cum! “Get in there!” He said roughly pushing me into his room; I could smell yet more alcohol, what the heck was going on? I tried to say something, he cut me off with a hissed “Quiet! Don’t make excuses! Think I wouldn’t notice you coming back here naked sticking of booze, been out with other men, you make me sick! Didn’t I give you everything?” Again I tried to protest but he just grabbed my mouth making it impossible to speak. He pushed me face down onto the bed.

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   I was so confused this was my kind daddy getting physical with me, what was he thinking? “On your hands and knees. ” He commanded, I obeyed. I was terrified of him. He spoke again “So been out getting fucked? Thought you could crawl back here and I’d be none the wiser?” I could feel more of Paul’s cum oozing out of me as I knelt there exposed to him. “Not this time you bitch!” Then he was on the bed with me and I could feel his cock between my ass checks, now I realised he was planning to fuck me! My own father and after I’d just had sex with my brother, oh what a night this was turning out too be! “I’m not going to have any used pussy, I think I’ll use your asshole!” He hissed, I tried to get away but before I could he speared me with his cock, hard and deep into my virgin asshole. He started to fuck me hard with not a care in the world to my screams. His cock twitched once, twice and he was cumming in my asshole. He stayed there rigid as he emptied his balls deep inside me.

Suddenly form the doorway Paul called out “Dad what the fuck are you doing?”

“Go away son this doesn’t concern you this is between your mother and me. ” So that was it he thought I was Mom, coming back from her lover.

“Dad, that’s Jenny. ”

I looked round over my shoulder and he gasped realising he had just anally raped his own daughter.

“It’s Ok Paul, I’ll sort it out. ” I said as if it were nothing. Paul went back to his own room.

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   My Dad pulled his limp dick out of my asshole. I looked over my shoulder at my dear Daddy. “Can I get up now?” I asked. He nodded. I turned round to face him, I didn’t bother to cover myself, it didn’t seem to matter.

“I’m sorry Jenny, I thought you were your mother, I got confused. Are you Ok?”

“I’m sore, you were very rough and I’ve never been done like that before. ”

He blushed very red.

“I kind of liked it. ”

He blushed even more. Before he could stop me I kissed him.

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Chociaż any city of Poland może wydawać się niewinnym miejscem, to jednak odkryjesz, że sprawy wyglądają kompletnie inaczej, gdy już, sprawdzisz oferty towarzyskie bydgoszcz.Mogę obiecać Ci, że to lokalizacja aż ocieka pożądaniem i może zaoferować wiele sposobów spędzenia czasu dla absolutnie każdego mężczyzny pragnącego spełnić swoje najbardziej niegrzeczne pragnienia i zrealizować najbardziej wyuzdane plany. Na szczęście mamy niesamowite kurwy z całego świata , które pomogą we wprowadzeniu tych wszystkich niegrzecznych marzeń w rzeczywistość. Zapraszamy Cię do obejrzenia i sprawdzenia ich CV, aby wybrać najbardziej seksowną i najbardziej sprośną dziwkę czekającą specjalnie na Ciebie. Długie doświadczenie i wieloletnie sukcesy na rynku ogłoszeń towarzyskich umożliwiają, że ogłoszenia sex są w stanie zrealizować wszystkie oczekiwania. Dlatego też wyrusz na poszukiwanie niesamowitych robótek ręcznych, cudownego seksu oralnego, niezapomnianych panienek do towarzystwa, zapierających dech w piersiach sesji analnych, dzikiego seksu grupowego, BDSM i wiele więcej. Nie krępuj się i wybierz najbardziej dogodną metodę płatności i nie martw się o swoją prywatność lub bezpieczeństwo, ponieważ nasz zespół profesjonalistów dołożył wszelkich starań, aby zapewnić całkowite zabezpieczenia i komfort wszystkim użytkownikom prywatne sex ogłoszenia gdańsk. Nie bądź onieśmielony i uwolnij dziką stronę swojej osobowości, a w zamian doświadczaj tej długo oczekiwanej i totalnie niezapomnianej satysfakcji seksualnej wraz z pięknymi damami z
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