Love and Lust


Topic: Love and Lust 1Lust. I only see lust in myself now. That was what he thought while fiercely rubbing his thick meat. The heat was getting unbearable under the blankets but still he had to keep the volume down and pump to climax to get her image off his mind. The seductive silhouette of his young step-mother floated in his mind dangerously as he imagined her moaning in ecstasy with him. "Uh. . Ah. . ah. . . !" He let off his load and slumped into the softness of his bed. This is so wrong to him but his body simply couldn't resist the urge to masturbate to her. His father was a Professor in a certain university. Five months ago, he came home announcing his plans to get re-married (his wife died 10 years ago).

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   The bride? A charming woman of only 24 years old, merely 5 years older than his son. Unfortunately the old man was not lucky enough to enjoy time with his newly wedded bride as he met with a fatal accident a week after the wedding. The bride came home with the news, crying in the son's arms. The young man's only thought was to take good care of his new mother and settle his father's funeral. All was like normal and the relationship between them grew better and better each day. He would come home from school and there was dinner waiting for him, with a warm sweet smile on his mother's face. Then they would laze on the couches watching tv through the night, chatting and pillow fighting with the cushions. In the night he would tuck her into bed. It was a habit he got into doing since during the time when his father just passed away, he had to make sure she could get to sleep by staying at her side. When he had problems he would talk to her about it and she would give her soundest advice. More than a mother, she was like . . his wife. And then one day while he watched her doze off to dreams, he gazed at her beautiful face. Reaching a hand out to move a clump of hair away, he felt the softness of her skin.

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   No, he really couldn't resist it. And he reached over to peck lightly at her forehead. # The next morning, he felt a little embarrassed when he saw her in her usual routine. Cladded in thin silk with the hem slightly above her knees, she had an apron wrapped around her waist, and was by the stove making breakfast. "Good morning, sleepy head. " She chimed as she heard his footsteps. "Breakfast would be ready soon. But wait have you brushed your teeth?"She sounded like she's talking to a kid, but he is known to be really lazy at such habits. Not answering her, he slumped down by the dining table and shut his eyes for he was still quite sleepy. Placing a plate of eggs and ham before him, she went into the washroom for a moment. Then when she came out, she was holding a toothbrush with paste and a cup. "You sleepyhead. Come on~" She held the brush to him and when he didn't reach to take it, she lovingly brushed his teeth while giggling the whole time at his sleepy face. It was pure bliss for him. How he wished that everyday was like that.

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   When he finally opened his eyes, her warm eyes came into sight and he couldn't control himself but to grab hold of her hand. Seeing that she got slightly surprised by that, he quickly made it as though he was playing and wanted to brush her teeth too. They ended up in laughter and spilling the cup of water all over the floor. Breakfast proceeded as usual and he set off for school, only to end up thinking of her for the whole day. After school, he practically ran home with just a single thought - to see her smile. He rushed up the stairs and unlocked the door, only to find that she was not at home. Too excited to sit down and think, he paced to and fro waiting for her to come home. At around the usual time for her to be home to make dinner, she still wasn't home yet. He looked around for a note or something which she might have left behind saying that she will be late but to no avail. This was the moment he wanted to see her the most, but where was she?! The anxiety grew as time passed later into the night. At around midnight, he was already sleepy and dozing off on the couch, still waiting for her to come home. Then the door unlocked and he immediately spring awake. It was her. He rushed over and grabbed her close to him, hugging her tightly. "Where were you?!"Surprised, she tried to mutter some explanation.

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  "I was out with a friend. . " and she immediately realized that she had forgotten to leave a note. "Oh my. . I forgot to leave a note. . I'm sorry. . "He still held her tight as if afraid to let her go. His fingers dug into her skin and tangled in her hair as he held her head close to his body. He could feel her warmth and smell the fragrance in her hair. Almost feel her heart beating, in tandem with his pounding heart and hot blood. His flesh grew, pushing against his pants and threatening to touch the woman before him. Seeing that he was silent and only kept holding onto her, she realized that he was really worried.

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   At that moment she moved her arms up to hug him back and felt his warm hardness. And perhaps it was at that moment when she finally knew his thoughts, and her own feelings for him.  
#This is the first chapter of Love and Lust. I imagine it to be quite long, and this is just the beginning of it. Hope someone likes this story. I know my english isn't great so comments and advise are welcomed!
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