"Jack, we don’t wanna wake your aunt now. It’s pretty late in the night, so let’s take a motel & head to her house tomorrow morning. " Carol exclaimed.
"Ok mom, whatever you say. "
They found a motel nearby, Carol asked jack to check if there are any rooms available. Jack went to the counter & asked if there are any rooms available.
"How many persons sir?" the clerk asked jack.
"Uh! Two persons. We need two single bed rooms. "
"Would you please wait a minute sir?"
"I m sorry sir, we have only a single bed room available. "
Jack motioned for carol. When she parked her car & came he explained her that there was only one room available & then it’s a single bed. He said they should find some other motel. The clerk immediately said it was summer vacation & all the motels were booked earlier. If they leave now, they would be losing this one too.
"Well in that case, we should take it.

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   Carol said. "
"Mom, but we can’t. Jack protested. "
"Oh! Common jack, it’s only a matter of couple of hours. "
The clerk then told them that they had no bell boys right now and they have to carry their luggages. Jack said he would bring the luggage and asked Carol to go.
Carol entered the room & gasped, she was surprised to see that the shower door was a glass door. The room was small too. But she had no other choice.
Soon jack came carrying the luggage. He also was frustrated to find about the room. Jack always wanted privacy, no matter what happens. But carol convinced him somehow.
Both Jack & Carol were nervous but dint show it out. They had never been in a situation like this before.

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   Slowly carol removed her grey satin shirt buttons. Her heart was now pounding in her chest. She felt someone was beating a drum in her heart & she was sure her son could hear it. Jack was also feeling the same thing.
Carol was now only in her bra & her back faced him. Jack was now admiring his mom’s slim body. She looked like an angel with her black bra and blue jeans pant. Thinking of the situation she was in she was getting exited. Her pussy was now wet soaking her satin black panties. She knew it was wrong but thought that her son did not have to know her thoughts.
Jack was having a hard time now. His dick was hard as a pole. He quickly pulled the blanket over him. But that did little to hide his erection. Today afternoon his sister made him Horney and now his mom was teasing him.

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   Carol turned around to face him. as she turned Jacks dick throbbed under his pants. Carol saw the bulge under the blanket and blushed. suddenly she paniked, her son was getting an erection by lookin at her. Jacks eyes never left his mom's cleavage. Her beautifull tits were right in front of him under her bra. She looked far beautifull than the girls in his school for him . He had seen his class girls with bikinis but this was something else. Carol knew he was looking right at her tits. She had to change the subject somehow.
"you got holiday homework honey? " Carol asked him.
"uh! what? oh! yeah. i have it mom, i already finished most of the work in school. " he said diverting his eyes from her marvelous globes.
"Wow! i guess you are really exited for the camp.

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  " Carol exclaimed.
"yeah! i sure am" he replied.
"ok then we'll take a shower and get to bed soon" she said.
During this conversation Jacks cock thankfully became flacid. Carol removed the jeans button and wriggled it of her legs. Jacks cock began to take its form lookin through jacks eyes the beauty. she was now only in her undergarments. she walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. Jack thought she was a godess sent from heaven. she quickly went into the shower. she closed the door and pulled the curtains. He could see her silhoutte. She slowly removed her Bra & her tits were clearly visible to him. her breasts were firm and round. She removed her panties and turned on the shower.

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She gasped as the water hit her breasts. The cold water was quite refreshing. Jack was now looking at his mothers hands running all over her body washing herself. He started jacking off. He was now beyond his control to think if this was right or not. He was now close and grabbed a tissue paper on the table and started cumming. Spurt after spurt he cummed. The first landed on his chest coming down to his stomach. By the time he was finished, Carol also had finished her shower. He quickly wiped his cum from his stomach.
Carol was now outta the shower.
"Hey! The water is cold, why don’t you hit the shower too? It feels quite refreshing. "
"Yeah mom, guess I’ll take a quick shower then. "
Carol watched her son’s body as he went into the bathroom. She never had sexual thoughts about him.

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   But now she felt something different about him.
He stood naked & turned on the shower. As the cold water hit his body, he gasped. He stood under the shower for a few minutes. He brought the image of his sister pressing her body against his cock. His cock was getting hard again. His cock was semi erect & hanging lose when he was out of the bathroom. Carol had sliped into a pink night robe. She had'nt noticed him in the shower. Her boobs were pressed against the soft material & her nipples were poking out of the robe & he could see them clearly. He realized she wasn’t wearing any bra & his cock started to get hard.
Are you gonna stand there the whole night. Carol said.
"Uh! Sorry. " He stammered.

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Carol climbed on the bed & saw jack. He had changed into a loose shorts and a white T-shirt. Jack said he could sleep on the couch. Carol agreed with him and slept. Jack had a tough time sleeping. He dint know what time he slept. When he woke up Carol had already taken a bath & was packing their clothes.
"Jack! We’re getting late, Take a quick shower. I called your aunt Julie & she said they were ready & said we could have breakfast there. We gotta hurry. " Carol cried.
Jack was ready within minutes and they headed of to Julie’s house. They got there pretty soon. After long hugs and kisses they were in the house to have breakfast.
Julie had shoulder length black hair & rather average height.

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   She was a little darker than carol. Her tits were medium but firmer than her sisters. She had married Tim a year after carol had married Bruce. She liked him as he cared about her a lot since high school. The only problem with him was he never had sex with her. The last time was nearly a year and a half. Even then she was happy with him.
Tim was not much of an interesting person, Workaholic. He was blonde & slim and looked quite old for his age.
Her daughter Lisa had long waist length black hair. She had inherited her mother’s breasts. She was 18.
Jeremy was Julie’s son. He was a slim boy like his father and a year older than jack, but he was shorter than jack. He had black hair like his mom.

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   Although he was slim, he was quite attractive.
Julie kept glancing at her nephew’s body. She dint want to admit it but she was attracted to him.
"Jack has grown tall, isn’t he?" exclaimed Julie.
"Well yeah, he’s been hitting the gym lately. Hey Jeremy has also got taller" said Carol.
"I’ll be leaving the trip in a week, is that ok with you guys?" Tim said.
"We’ll be fine" they all replied in chorus.
They all packed off & they reached the motel Cross-slides as her husband had told. Carol immediately noticed them & asked them to follow her SUV. Barbara and Victoria had also brought their SUV’s. Both of the SUV’s followed her.
Barbara had a smoking body, long shapely legs, huge firm tits, long golden hair. She had maintained her body pretty well. Even though she had a quite the looks, She was very shy.

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Her daughter Kate had shoulder length blonde hair. She was 16 but she looked older than her age with firm tits & beautiful body like her mother. But she was rather bold than her mother.
Tom, Barbara’s son was also 17. Had blonde hair, was slim but fit. He got most of his looks from his mother & his attitude from his father. He was bold, self confident. He was a good student too.
Barbara’s husband Phillip was an average looking person. What counted was his care for them.
Victoria was a hot brunette with firm breasts. Her ass made up for her body. Although her ass wasn’t big it would always catch people’s eyes.
Her daughter Alley was also a brunette like her mom. She had ripe big tits & a juicy ass like her mother.


   She was 17, a year older than Kate.
Her husband Jim Farrell was a nice person. He had blonde hair. He had a Fair complexion.
She had two sons Jason and Billy. Jason was 18. He was tall and had a fit body but not muscular. He was blonde like Jim. Billy was 16 and was chubby and had put weight. He had his looks from his Victoria. He had her brown hair and an average body.
Lisa, Kate, and Alley were together along with their friends. They did not have interest in the camp this time. Kate had some school project to finish and both of them said they were gonna stay with Kate and help her out the whole summer.

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