Mandi Couldn't Help It.


Mandi's mother and Father had her at a young age, But her Father loved her and would never leave her for anything in the world like her mother did. Mandi was doing nicely without a mother and she had blossomed fast. She now had 38C breast and she needed no bra but still wearied one, she was 5'5, 103 Lb. Also with a nice body and had all the right curves right were she needed them. Mandi went into the hall way and walked to her Father's room. Only wearing a long white nightgown. Mandi was now 15 and at the point in her life were she had been learning about her body, She had walked in on her father watching a porn movie but luckily he was fast asleep. She talked to her best friend Jenny about it who was now 17 and also used to be her baby-sitter. Jenny had told her the whole story about "The Birds and The Bee's. " After the Mandi was stuck on it. She loved the way her body felt when doing it and was now addicted and It didn't help that what her Father thought he was hiding she knew about. Mandi would always go into his room and watch his Tapes. Mandi went into her father's room not wasting any time, She shut the door to her father's bedroom behind her. Then walked to the bed and looked under it, Finding some old shoe boxes. she grabbed one and placed it on the bed, Opened it and grabbed a tape. Mandi put it into the VCR and hit play, She then turned the TV on.

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  Mandi walked back to the bed and laid down on her stomach facing the TV as the tape started to play. It was like many of the other tapes her Father had. Much Younger women with Older men, They were always hard-core and that is just what got Mandi's heart beating so fast. Her body was already aching for her to touch it and feel it. Mandi sat up and moved her hand down to her always shaven pussy and began to rub gently, Sliding Two fingers into her self moving them in and out and a nice soft pace. Her thumb moved to her clit and rubbed against it. Making her Hips move into her hand. Making her fingers go deeper into herself. Mandi Moaned loudly. Feeling herself so near already but not wanting to it end. Mandi then Moaned loudly again not hearing a car drive into the garage. She kept going. Her Thumb working away at her clit and she added another finger into her. Mandi was now laying down. Her eyes shut tightly.

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   Her hips moving wildly. Now three fingers moving in and out of her hungry pussy wanting more. Her other hand was now under her shirt working away at her left breast pulling and pinching the already hard and aching nipple. Mandi's Father gasped at what he saw but not moving to stop her, Mandi didn't notice him at all. He had come home after leaving some of his tools at the foot of the bed. Jon's cock grew hard and he could help but rub hi large budge in his pants he soon walked to the bed. Jon took off his shirt and slide his shoes and socks off. Jon knew he watched and looked at his daughter many times before like this, Always wanting something that tight around his now aching cock. He removed his socks and now pants, watching his daughter not hit her orgasam and her body tightened up and shook all over. Jon removed his boxers, Licking his lips watching her cum run all over her hand. The cool air hitting his now erect 8 inch throbbing cock. Jon moved onto the lower half of the bed. He then mover his head down and began to lick her cum away. Loving the taste her pulled her hand away and started eating her out, his tongue now flicking on her clit. Mandi didn't notice him move onto the bed From the shacking she was doing until it was over with.

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   She felt something down below and was about to look when she felt her clit being played with. Soon her hips were going up and down and an orgasam hit her fast this time. Jon felt her body tighten again and moved over her body. Mandi opened her eyes after it stopped and her eyes widened now seeing her father. Mandi was to scared to move or say a word. Jon without letting his daughter accept her fate. Lowered himself onto her. He kissed her lips and the head off his cock was at her opening. Jon did one hard thrust down and went 2 inches in. It was like he had been taken over or something. Mandi felt him enter her. She arched her back. Her body now pressed against the bed. She felt little pain from only 2 inches, and wanted more of him in her. Father or not.

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  Jon did two more thrust down. Now had 7 inches of his 8 inch cock. Jon noticed he had not broken her cherry. Mandi had broken it herself one day playing with many objects. She had noticed she did something to her insides but it didn't hurt. Jon pulled almost all the way out just before pushing all the way in. Now all of him was in her. Slowly Jon's thrust were hard and long. This was driving Mandi mad. Jon watched Mandi shut her eyes. Mandi moved a hand down feeling him enter and then almost leave her. Soon her hand went to work on her clit. Her hips meeting all of his thrust now. Both moaning madly but not saying a word to one another. Jon's thrust became faster but just as hard.

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   He was trying to hold back but could not any longer. Mandi hit her biggest orgasam ever, her pussy tightening around Jon's cock. He had hoped to take it out but his plan had not work, As soon she her tightened around him his hot stick load after load went deep into his daughter. Both sweating and moaning. As their orgasam's ended Jon laid beside Mandi. Mandi smiled and finally looked to her father. She moved one of his hands to her pussy, making him help her hold him in, and the other to her right breast. Jon laid with Mandi for almost half an hour before calling in sick to work. Jon also had a long talk with his daughter But Mandi didn't listen and they soon were moaning and thrusting at one another again. .