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He was saying many times “yes Tina suck my cock”, “Tina you are a good cocksucker”. Then I saw him between her legs moving up and down. I was confused and kept staring at the whole thing at one moment, I saw him looking at me and got scared and closed the door and ran back at the TV room. After my aunt picks up my cousin my brother came up to me and told me to keep my mouth shut or I will be in trouble, I was scared of him so I did so. They kept doing the same thing everyday but I never went again to his room as I was terrified. But my curiosity to see and found more about it and know what they were doing was growing daily. Then one month later I was home with dad and as both of them Brother and Mom went out. I was watching again TV and decide to go to my room and read some comic books, on my way thereI passed from dad’s bedroom. I open the door to talk to him and I was surprised again as he was naked and saw his penis, He was shocked too and try to cover himself as he had just came out from the shower. I went close to him and asked him “what is that Daddy?” He was speechless that moment Then he put the towel around him to cover himself and told me “you are too young, when you will be older you will learn more about it”. Then I asked him “please let me see it again, I want to see your cock “as we were both sitting on the bed. I was hugging him. He refused but I kept insisting to see it. Then he gave up, he told that he will let me see it but don’t tell anyone cause he will be in trouble I told him don’t worry about it. As he took of the towel from around his waist I saw for the first time a cock from close. I was laying close to his legs and kept watching his cock I asked him “Daddy why your cock became bigger now?” He did not answer my question.

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  Then I remember my cousin Kissing and licking my brothers cock and move my head close to it and Kiss my dad’s cock and move back again and look at him smiling Daddy was shocked as his cock became bigger and harder. Oh, daddy I told him right away now it became so big can I touch it. He did not respond to me and I out my hand and grab it I remember my cousin stroking it and I started doing the same. My Dad was laying at the bed and I was playing with it as I had seen my cousin to with my brother. It was fun playing with a cock I said to my self, and then I wanted to lick it as I have seeing before, I wanted to do the same as my cousin had done. I had all the memories of that scene in my head and ready to try. I kept stroking Dad’s cock and I went closer and started doing what I have seeing a month agoFirst I start kissing the dickhead and lick it. Then I try to put it in my mouth put I did not know what to do, so I decide to keep licking it as I had a part of the dickhead in my mouth, moment late my mouth was fill with a sticky cream, I found later that I was spermI heard my dad drink it baby, eat my sperm. I wanted him to be happy so I try and swallow it slowly then I started licking his cock from the sperm. I was excited I have done the same thing as my brother and cousins do everyday after school. My dad got up and hung me, He told me do don’t say anything to anybody many times because he will he in trouble by mom. But I was not planning to say anything to nobody. I told him “ Daddy if I don’t tell anybody will you let me then do that again” I felt his hand holding my ass as he kiss me . Yes baby I will, he responds back to me. We were doing it every Wednesday and Friday when mom was taking Peter to the gym and sometimesSunday to as mom was not home visiting her friend.

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   He teach me to suck good and those days I was sucking him 3-4 times and had him Cumming before mom came back home. We were both naked at his bed, we was rubbing his cock on my face my ass, pussy, fingering me, licking me. It was a year later when I decide to try the same with my brother. It was late at night mom and dad were sleeping and I went to his room. He was laying at this bed watching TV. He was surprised seeing me up so late. He asked what are you doing up so late and then go back and sleep. I kept going close to him and told him to be quiet because mom and dad will wake up. Then I remind him about that incident a year ago,when I saw him and Cousin Tina having sex. He repeatedly told me again to keep my mouth shut because I will be in trouble. I told him that I want to see his cock and he doesn’t have to worry about it. He was surprised with me and what I have told him, but he did not refused taking off his cock and showing it to me. I instantly Grab it and started playing with it. Now he was shocked as I kept going and then started sucking himHe puss me back and when and locked his door. He came back and told me suck me now sister.

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  I took his cock in my mouth and suck him until his shoot his sperm in my mouth; I swallow every drop of it as dad has taught me well. Then I looked at him and told him you see I am a good cocksucker tooHe took me in his arms and hung me, then he put me in his bed and started licking my pussy, I loved that a lot. After a while he lay beside and hold in his arms, and started kissing me. I heard him saying, I love you sister, I want to fuck you like I fuck Tina. He was between my legs and slowly put his cock inside of me and will small thrusts started fucking me. And the time went by it became faster and faster. I was not virgin as dad had fingering but never had a cock inside of me. My brother kept fucking me and then I felt him Cumming, my pussy was full of his Sperm, he lay beside me exhausted. After a while I wore back my sleeping wear and went to my bed I was so happy that my brother fucked me. The next day after mom and dad wake’s up to go to school they left for work. My brother came to my bedroom and he kisses me, it was a passionate kiss as our mouths Had stuck together and our tongues were playing, dad had made an expert during that yearHe open my legs again and started fucking me again, I felt so good his cock inside of me pumping. I whisper many times “yes brother fuck me, fuck me” He started making comments as he was doing when he was fucking our cousin Tina. “I love you sister, I love you. I love you small pussy, it’s so tight” He fill my pussy twice with cum before he stop. We got ready fast and rush to go to school as it was getting late.

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  That was the begging of a long great relationship between me and my brother. We were fucking every day. Dad fucked me few years later and we all continue having sex without then knowing about each other. But I told them both after I had the kids with them. We had our first 3some 2 years after my marriage. I got married when I was 22 and have 3 daughters (14, 13 and 8), one with my dad, one with my brother and one with my husband. But he doesn’t know about my secret relationship with dad and my brother and also that our two older daughters are one my dad’s and one my brother’s. I have taught both of them a lot of things as both have been participating at our games when my husband Is away. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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