Mark and Mia - Two Very Close Siblings


"Ha! Got you red-handed!", said Mark. He had just taken a picture of Mia with the purse and the money in her hands. Mia was panicking. With his digital camera, her brother could very easily dump this tell-tale picture on the family computer for everyone to see. Surely, her mom would kill her. "Please Mark, please. . . Don't show this picture to anyone. I didn't want to do anything wrong. I would have reimbursed the money as soon as I get my allowance. ", begged Mia. Mark thought about the situation for a moment, than answered:"OK, sis, I won't tell anyone, and I won't show the picture to mom. But there will be a price to pay. Are you willing to help me out in return?""Yes! Anything you want, Mark!", said Mia, very happy to see her brother was ready to negotiate. Mark asked her to follow him in his room, a few steps further down the hall.

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   Mia agreed and followed him in his room, wondering what he wanted from her. Mark closed the door behind them, and locked it. He then turned around to his sister and said:"I've been dreaming of this moment for a year! I've been jerking off in the bathroom, just thinking about what I would do with you, if only I had the chance. And today, this day has come!"Mia couldn't believe what she was hearing: her brother was masturbating while thinking about her. Still shocked, Mia asked with a soft and shaky voice:"What do you want to do?" "Oh, me, I won't do much. You're gonna do stuff!" replied her brother. "First, I'd like you to perform a nice strip-tease for me. " Mia's heart was racing. She couldn't believe the situation she was in right now. But still, she had no choice. She was thinking how angry her mom and dad would be at her, if they knew about the theft of money, and she much preferred to do a strip-tease in front of her younger brother. At least, she was sure this would stay a secret between her and him, and nobody else would ever find out. Mark popped a dance music CD in his portable stereo system, and then sat on his bed, watching Mia. She started to dance to the music. "Yes! Take off your clothes, Mia!", asked her brother, already very excited, anticipating the nice show that was going to take place.

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   Mia was wearing a white blouse, and a plaid skirt. She started slowly to unbutton her blouse, and then proceeded to take it off completely. She was wearing a white bra under it. Mia already had a very nice breast for a 16 year old girl, with boobs big enough to fill the hands of a man. She was blushing, getting naked like that in front of her brother, but still found the courage to go on. She wanted to continue with the skirt, next, but before she had time to remove it, Mark asked her:"Turn around, facing the wall, and shake your ass for me, Mia!"Trying to keep with the tempo of the music, Mia obeyed the order, and shook her ass, as well as she could, thinking "I never thought my brother was such a perv!" After about a minute of this bottom dance, she turned around and noticed that her brother had taken his cock out of his pants. Actually, he had also taken his balls out, as he was finding it more comfortable to have his whole genitals out. It was easier to jerk off, that way. Mark wasn't touching his dick at the moment, but Mia could still see it grow. She knew her brother was very excited, but was surprised at how big his cock was. She had never seen an erected cock before. Mark stopped the music and said:"OK, let's do something else! You're gonna compress your boobs together with your forearms, lifting your hands toward your neck! Squeeze them really hard. I want to see them change colors. "Mia thought:"Well, as long as he doesn't ask anything worse that that, I can live with it!" She proceeded to squeeze her tits between her arms, as best as she could. As she was still wearing her bra, already displaying the firmness and round smoothness of her boobs, the fact of squeezing them made them look really big, round and firm.

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   She looked at Mark, who had started to jerk off slowly while watching his sister, and noticed that his dick was now as hard as wood, and was standing proudly up, like a soldier. From the look of things, it was at least 8 inches long. "Take off your bra!", asked Mark. Mia obeyed, revealing a pair of beautiful boobs. "Now, go on with the squeezing, sis! Squeeze'em real hard!" Mia resumed squeezing her tits, trying to push as hard as she could with her arms to bring her boobs together. With her hands on each side of her neck, she was pushing her forearms forward, her nipples also having a forward and upward movement. Those nipples were now hard and red, following this exercise. Mark let his sister squeeze her boobs for about five minutes, before getting bored of this show. He then asked:"OK, stop it! Now, I want you to pinch your nipples, as hard as you can!"Mia was starting to think her brother had some kind of sick obsession with her breast, but still, she obeyed, smiling. She started pinching her nipples, very softly at first. "Harder!", barked Mark. "Pinch them harder!""I can't!", replied Mia. "It hurts, if I pinch them too hard. "Mark jumped from the bed where he was sitting, and went in front of Mia. He took her hands off her boobs, and told her:"I'll show you how it's done!" He then pinched very hard on both of her nipples.

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   Mia couldn't help it, and screamed in pain. "Shut up, sis! You don't want mom to hear us, do you?", whispered Mark, afraid she would attract attention. And as a matter-of-fact, their mom did hear the scream. She asked from downstairs "What's going on up there?". Mark frowned, and opened the door slightly to answer. "It's nothing, mom! Mia was just screaming for nothing. ", shouted Mark. "Mia, what did your brother do this time?", asked again their mom from downstairs. Mia answered:"Nothing, mom! He just pinched me!" Mom finally said:"Mark, stop teasing your sister, and do your homeworks, instead!" Mark replied:"OK, mom, whatever. . . ", trying to sound bored by the order he received. He then closed the door again and locked it. Turning to his sister, he said:"No more screams, OK?" Mia agreed, and put both her hands on her mouth to cover it. She figured that would muffle the screams enough.

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   Mark took back both of her nipples again, and started to move them, first slowly, like a pendulum, but soon started to make a large circular motion with the nipples firmly pinched. Her boobs were moving in the same way. After a while, Mark started to quickly shake the nipples horizontally, left to right and back. Mia released some muffled screams under this treatment, but luckily nothing loud enough to attract attention again. At one point, Mark started to shake the nipples up and down, making his sister's boobs bounce about frantically. Mia's eyes were watering from the pain, but she endured the treatment, as silently as she could. After about ten minutes of this nipple-pinching session, Mark said:"OK, let's take a break!" Mia sat on the bed, and Mark sat beside her. She dried her tears, happy that this torture had finally ended. She then noticed that her brother had resumed masturbating. It seems like the little boob dance he had just seen had really turned him on. Mia didn't want to watch, so she turned her head in the opposite direction. But Mark said:"Don't be afraid of my cock, it won't bite you! Sometimes, it will spit, but that's about it!" Mark was laughing at his little joke, but Mia didn't find it funny. "Take it in your hands!", asked Mark. After hesitating a lot, Mia finally took Mark's dick in her right hand. She felt it big and warm.

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   "Now, you can jerk me off!", said Mark "You already know how to do it, you saw me in action. Up and down!" Mia started to jerk Mark off slowly. It was really hard in her fingers. It was the first time ever that she held a penis in her hand. She asked her brother:"Are you going to ejaculate?" Mia had heard this expression in her sex ed class in school, and thought it appropriate to use it here and show her knowledge, although she had never actually seen an ejaculation, and had no idea what it looked like. "Not yet," answered Mark, "we still have stuff to do before. " Mark then asked his sister to drop on her knees on the floor. After she did, Mark stood up, just in front of her. "Now, big sister, you're going to suck my dick!", ordered Mark, very excited at the idea of what Mia would be doing soon. Mia seemed disgusted, just the idea of putting her brother's cock in her mouth would normally be enough to make her puke, but she considered she had no choice. "Start by licking the tip. ", said Mark. He took his dick in his right hand, and pushed the foreskin (he wasn't circumcised) back, to reveal his dick's head. "Lick it good, Mia!", asked Mark. With a lot of hesitation again, Mia stick her tongue out, and approached her brother's cock.

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   She started very timidly to lick the tip, almost not touching it at all. A little later, after she got used to the salty taste, she licked a larger surface, sometimes licking the bottom part of the head, sometimes the top. "Turn your tongue around it, Mia. Yeah, that's it!", whispered Mark, who seemed to appreciate his sister's efforts. After about 5 minutes of licking, Mia was much more confident, and was licking this cock's head as if it had been an ice cream cone, only much warmer. Her brother suddenly stopped her, saying:"Stop! I don't want to come right away!" Mia gave one last lick, just to tease him. They took a little break, then Mark said:"Now, take my dick in your mouth and start to suck it!" Already knowing what her brother's cock tasted like, Mia didn't hesitate much, and took it in her mouth. She started slowly bouncing her head up and down on this cock. Her mouth was almost too small to take it. But still, every once in a while, she was able to deep-throat it, even though she would gag a bit when she tried. Mark was very appreciative of the treatment. He asked:"Suck it harder, sis! Harder!" Mia closed her lips around Mark's cock, and sucked as hard as she could, while still bouncing her head up and down on his dick. Sometimes, she would lift her head too high, and Mark's cock would get out of her mouth, making a popping noise. Mark enjoyed it, sometimes encouraging his sister:"Yes, that feels good! Keep goin' Mia!" After 6 minutes, Mark said:"OK, Mia, let's change a bit. You'll just suck the tip of my cock, while jerking me off.

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  " Without ever taking the cock out of her mouth, Mia took it with her right hand, and started to stroke it, while still sucking the cock's head. "Stroke it a little faster, Mia!", asked Mark. She obeyed and was now jerking her brother off at a fairly quick speed. Four minutes later, Mark, feeling he wouldn't resist much longer to this treatment, said:"Stop, Mia, I don't want to come too quick!" He took his dick out of her mouth. After a much deserved break, he asked:"All right, sis, now it's time to suck my balls. " Mia lifted the cock to have access to her brother's balls.
    She started taking one of them in her mouth, and sucked on it softly. Then, she switched, and started sucking the other ball. Mark said:"Oh, Mia, you're good at sucking balls! Can you take them both in your mouth at the same time?" She let the second ball out, then observed both balls hanging together below Mark's cock. "They're too big, Mark! I don't think I can take them both together at the same time. "Mark replied:"Start with just one, then while still holding it in your mouth, take the second one! Just push it in!" Mia followed her brother's hint, and succeeded in taking the second ball in her mouth by pushing it in with her fingers while opening as wide as she could. "Oh yes, Mia, yes, that's it!", whispered Mark, "Now suck them both, real good, please!" Mia sucked as well as she could, although she didn't have much room to spare for sucking. She also had to breathe by the nose, since she definitely couldn't do otherwise at this moment. Sometimes, she was gagging because of these two big balls in her mouth, but Mark seemed to appreciate when it happened, as Mia was then unvoluntarily putting a little pressure on her brother's balls. After what seemed like an eternity for Mia, Mark told her she could release the balls, one by one, softly.

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       That's one order Mia was very happy to obey. "All right, sis, now clench your teeth together, but open your mouth and make a big smile!", asked Mark. Mia was wondering what her brother wanted to do now, but she did as he wanted, anyway. Mark then pushed his dick in his sister's mouth again, only this time, it would not go inside, but rather rub against her teeth. Mark was humping her mouth like this, and could see a big lump moving up and down on her cheek. "You see, Mia? I'm brushing your teeth with my cock! Isn't that neat?", asked Mark. Mia couldn't answer, obviously, but she nodded. After a short while, Mark pulled his dick from his sister's mouth again. Some pre-cum was still hanging between his cock's head and Mia's lips, even one foot apart. Mia tried to break this thread of pre-cum but it would just stretch without breaking. "OK, Mia, we've reached the finale. Are you happy? I'm gonna give you some nice cream to reward you for a job well done. I want you to suck again on my cock, as hard as you can, and I don't want you to stop, no matter what happens! You'll concentrate on my cock's head. And when I finally come, I want you to swallow everything. Don't you lose a single drop!" said Mark.

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       "You're gonna come in my mouth?" asked Mia. "Yes!" answered her brother, "and I expect you to act like a responsible big sister, and not waste any sperm. This stuff is precious! So swallow everything. " With that said, he offered his cock again to Mia, and she again stuffed it in her mouth. Mia started sucking as hard as she could on the tip of Mark's cock, while wondering what would happen. Would her brother let her know before he came? How would it feel like? She was worried about it, since that would be the first time a boy would come in her mouth. She had no idea what to expect at all. "Anyway," she thought, as she was frantically sucking Mark's cock, "this will soon be over, and not a minute too soon. " After about 4 minutes of intense cock-sucking, Mark couldn't take it anymore, grunted, and started to release his sperm. The jets of cum were thick, and close together. He released 7 jets, being a young and healthy teen like he was. Not to mention he hadn't come in a week before today. Mia was caught off-guard by the first few jets. She wasn't expecting jets of hot liquid hitting the back of her throat. Remembering she was supposed to swallow everything, she started to swallow all that she could, but the sperm was coming fast and plentiful.


       Her mouth was litterally flooded with this goo. At one point, she gagged, and couldn't help but cough and spill the overflow of cum from her mouth. It fell on her plaid skirt. She quickly regained control, though, and could swallow all the following jets. After everything was done, she looked up to her brother's eyes, and said: "I'm sorry, Mark, I couldn't swallow everything. It was just too much. " Some cum was still hanging from her chin. Mark replied:"It's okay, sis. You did the best you could, and that's what counts! Next time, you'll do better, I'm sure!" Just as he was saying this, they heard their mom shout from downstairs. . . "Mia! Mark! Come downstairs! Suppertime!" Mark quickly zipped back his jeans, while Mia was scrambling to put back on her bra and blouse. Mark helped her by cleaning the sperm still hanging from her chin with a paper tissue. In no time at all, they were finished and went downstairs to the dinner table. Their mom told them:"I hope you're hungry, kids, I made you some spaghetti!" Mark replied:"Yes, great! Let's eat!" But Mia, on the other hand, said:"I'm not so hungry, mom!" Her mom turned towards her, and asked:"Have you been eating junk food again between meals?" She then noticed the sperm stains on her skirt.

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       "What the heck is that?", mom asked, "How did you get those stains?" Mark looked at his sister's skirt, worried, and thought:"Shit!! I hope to god mom doesn't recognize what kind of stains these are. " Luckily, Mia was a quick-thinker, and she replied:"That's the junk food, mom! I ate a hot dog, and I guess some mayonnaise fell on my skirt. " Her mom replied:"Well, that's some sloppy eating! I didn't raise you like that, Mia. You're excused from the table for tonight, if you don't want to eat supper. Go clean up that skirt of yours. " Mia started to climb up the stairs to her room. She turned around to see Mark winking at her. She would have given him the finger, but her mom was looking in her direction, so she couldn't. THE END (MORE TO COME LATER)You'd like to comment, or even suggest ideas?Write to daswritr@hotmail. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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