Me and my daddy pt 2, my son


Topic: Me and my daddy pt 2, my sonMy son/brother, Jaedan's 17th birthday was coming up, and boy had he grown into a sexy young man, like his father, our father. He was 5'9, brown hair with amazing green eyes. He played alot of sports and loved swimming so was very toned, had all the girls chasing after him.
I was planning a party for his 17th birthday while he was swimming with his "today" girlfriend, i happened to look out and see them hugging and kissing, while his hands wondered all over her body. I started getting a little hot watching only after a few minutes, i slid in the corner and watch as he rubbed at her young breast and explored her pussy with his other hand, i couldnt help but start rubbing my tits. i must admit, i felt so jealous of this girl, as she was playing with my sons cock. I could feel the juices flowing out of my pussy down my legs, i slid my hand down and started rubbing my pussy while still playin with my tits.
It had been almost 5yrs since i had gotten this hot over a guy, my father/husband has been sick the last few years with cancer, so sex hasnt been somthing that happened alot. As i rubbed harder and faster thinking of Jaedan with his hands all over me, i realised he was staring right at me, smiling. I froze at first, i didnt know what to do. When i saw he was enjoying me watching and was not going to say anything as he continued dry-fucking this girl, i went back to rubbing my pussy and playing with my clit. I could feel my orgsam building very fast, i tried to keep watching Jaedan, however i must have blacked out from the most entense orgsam i have had in years, cause the next thing i could see was Jaedan walking towards the back door alone, with his little girl friend nowhere to be seen.
I was so embarrased, scared yet strangly turned on pretty bad to see him standing there in the door way licking his lips at the sight of me on the floor with my hand on my pussy. It took a moment before i realised i should say something, but i had no idea what to say. "Uh Jaedan, I'm so. .

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  . " i started"mom, i saw you watching me out there, and i know i shouldnt, but i liked you looking at me like that, like how you do dad""Jaedan, i dont think we. . . . . . ""Mom, i know what your going to say and i know, its wrong for me to look at you and want you like i do, but i cant help it. Everytime i see you i get hard. ""Jaedan, wait a minute, your father and i were going to. . . talk to you after your 18th birthday about something. But i think now is a better time for you to know somethings. Im going to go clean up and tend to your father, but we will talk to you tonight after your brother and sister go to bed.

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   okay?"i said as i started getting up, Jaedan just moved over and put his hands on my hips and lent in to kiss me"Jaedan, please, go straighten up, we will talk soon, i promise"With saying that, i walked away and went to my room to talk to my husband. I filled him in with everything that had happened, and he agreed, it was time Jaedan knew the truth about our family. We agreed to tell him once the other children had gone to bed.
The rest of the day went on by as any other day, as the kids got ready for bed, i was nervously sat in the lounge trying to figure out how to explain to my son, that i am his mother and his sister.
I must have went into a daze, as Jaedan brought me back to reality by shaking sorry i must have been off with the fairies. Whats the matter?""you promised we would talk when Corey and Annabelle went to sleep, and they have been in bed for over an hour! even dad is asleep now, look im sorry about today, just dont tell dad, i have seen how jealous he gets, please it wont happen again""Honey, shh. look il go see if your father is awake, and i promise he wont get mad at you, we will tell you everything when he is here. "I went to check if my husband was awake, but Jaedan was right, he was fast asleep. I went back downstairs to where i had left Jaedan to explain to him we would talk another time, "Jaedan, i know i promised, but we will have to talk another time, when your father is here, he needs to tell you as well. ""Mom please, tell me now, it must be important, i want to know. Just tell me now, dad is always asleep these days, god knows when he will tell me!"I could see the fustrastion in Jaedans eyes, that and confussion. I was in two minds, i wanted to comfort him and tell him, but i wanted to honor my husband's wishes and wait for him to be with me to expalin things. Jaedan touched my arm and spoke softly,"please just tell me, i need to know""Jaedan, all in time, just wait for your fath. . .

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  "Jaedan pushed my hand away and started raising his voice,"fine, i'l go wake him up, mom this must be serious or you would have just told me!"Jaedan headed for the hall to wake his father,"Okay, okay Jaedan, wait, come sit down i will tell you everything. "
As he sat down next to me on the couch i had no idea of how to tell him. It was kind of strange, i just opened my mouth and it all came out, i explained how when i was around his age when i fell inlove, and got pregnant with him, this he already knew, then i explained how the guy i had fallen inlove with and got pregnant by, was my father. The rest was kind of a blur to me as to what else was said, time flew by so fast, i looked at the clock and realised we had been talking for over 3 hours. Jaedan asked alot of questions about how everything happend and how we were able to get married and if i had any regrets ect.
I got up to make up a hot chocolate, and Jaedan followed me into the kitchen,"Mom""Uhha sweety?"i said as i was getting things ready. "If you are dad's daughter, and you two are now lovers, can we. . . . i mean can i also be your lover?"I had no idea what to say, well okay, i did, i wanted to jump on him and tell him i wanted him! But i didnt, "Jaedan, you will find the one you love, and when you do, you will know as she will be your world. It does not matter who she is or where she is from. Just dont let your penis do all your thinking son, or you may end up regretting it. "Jaedan didnt say a word back, he just grabed hold of me and pulled me close and kissed me rough. I could feel my knee's going weak from his kiss, i was instantly turned on, i could feel my pussy starting to get wet.

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  "mom" Jaedan said as he pulled away,"Im not thinking with my cock, i love you, i always have. I thought i was wrong and strange to feel this way, now after finding out the truth, i see this is how it was ment to be, mom i want you. I want to make love you, want you to be my first!"With hearing that, i didnt need to hear anymore. "Jaedan, come on, lets go to your room and finish this there"
We go into his room, and he was sitting on the end of his bed, trying so hard to get all his clothes off as fast as he could. "Baby, slow down, here let me do it. Dont be in a rush, we have all night. "I started undressing him. kissing my way down his body as i removed all his clothes. "My turn now mom" he said as he stood up and lowered me to sit on the bed. He was so gental, just like his father had been all those years ago. Kissing and nibbling as he undressed me, running his hands all over me. "Hmm mom you taste so sweet" he moaned as he started licking around my already wet pussy. "Oh god Jaedan" was all i could say.
things were moving so fast, or maybe it was just it was so intense, but i could already feel an orgsam building, and it was building faster then ever. "OH Jaedan.

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  . . hmmm baby im going to cum. . . . oh yeah there baby right there"i screamed as i rammed my pussy hard into his face.
    I couldnt help it, it was like an animal or something had over taken me, i was out of control. "Oh fuck Jaedan. . . . im. . .

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       im im cumminnggg!!!"Jaedan didnt let up, he kept on sucking and nibbling my clit as my body continued to shake as my orgsam started to die down. "Oh mom your cum tastes so sweet" he wishpered as he started kissing up my body to my mouth for me to taste. I couldnt wait any longer, i broke the kiss and pushed him off me on to the bed,"Oh my baby, lay down mommy gunna make you feel so good"
    I started sucking his cock, i tried to do it slow and soft, but all i wanted was to make him cum, and cum as hard as i just had. "OH FUCK MOM! if your not careful il blow in a second"I kept sucking, pushing all his 7in cock deep in my mouth until i felt his balls against my chin, listening to him moan my name as i sucked him so violently. "Oh fuck. . . mommm im ready. . imm cumming!!!!"he tried to pull back as i felt his cock twich as he started to cum, but i just pushed it deeper in my throat, sucking every last drop of his cum out of him.
    We laid there together for what seems like a lifetime, neither one of us said a word, just laid there looking into each other's eyes. Jaedan broke the silence. "God mom, i love you so much. I want to be with you, i want us to become one. Please, i want to make love to you now!"he leaned in and started kissing me, there was no need for me to answer, he knew i wanted him  just as much as he did me.

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    He leaned more into me, forcing me to lay on my back, slowing he rolled over so he was on top of me. He didnt move though, just rested on me while our kisses became more intense, more hot, more wanting, craving. I could feel his cock, as hard as a rock pushing against my dripping pussy. "Jaedan, make love to me, make love to your mother NOW! i need your cock baby"Jaedan reached between us and glided the head of his cock along my pussy, rubbing it against my clit, teasing me so bad. I was thrusting into him, trying to push my pussy down over his cock. "hmmm you want my cock mom?""oh god yes, baby stop teasing me, i want you now"
    With that Jaedan let go of his cock and let it just rest in the lip of my pussy. "Mom you want it, you get it in your pussy" he said with a grin on his face. I started to move my hand down to push it in, but he took hold of my arms and raised them above my head. "no mom, not with your hands, try and push it in just with your pussy. "I started moving around, trying so hard. his cock kept rubbing up and down, id get it so close to going in, and then it would just slide past. After what seems like forever, as i got it close to the opening of my pussy, Jaedan pushed forward hard, slamming his cock into my pussy. "ohh fuck!!!!!!! Jaedan, fuck me fuck me so hard baby i need it"Jaedan started fucking my pussy so hard and fast, kissing me in between trying to catch his breath.
    "Oh mom. .


      . i cant hold it, im going to cum soon" I knew he wouldnt last too long, i started griding my pussy into him, making my clit rub against his body, sending waves of pure ecstasy through out my whole body. "Hmm yeah baby, Jaedan its ok baby mommy is gunna cum. . . . fuck me harder baby, cum with me oh yeah that it Jaedan. . fuck me! fuck me fuck me oh ohhmm yeh im cumming bbabby, cum in my pussy hmmm ""FUCK MOM!!! its so tight im gunna. . oh god im cummmming"We stayed like that for ages, him laying on top of me with his cock still deep inside me. "Mom?" "Yeah hun""I love you, i dont ever want this to change. I want us to be together always, like you and dad,  can we?"I had no idea what to say, all i knew is it was something i wanted"Baby, i will always be your's, now come lay here and lets get some rest. "
    Weeks have passed since that 1st night, and there have been alot of nights like that since. I  found out that i was 8 weeks pregnant (that was awhile ago now), yep with my son's 1st child.

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       Our very 1st love child, i am now almost 5months pregnant with what we are told is a little girl.  My husband knows everything, and at the moment we are in the middle of a divorce, Not because he is leaving me cause of this, just he wants me to be happy after he is gone, as we will be lucky if we see the end of the year with him. Now all Jaedan and i need to do is tell my daughter everything, as my son Corey already know. Oh and find somewhere else to live, where Jaedan and i can be together.
    If you want to know more, leave feedback, and i will tell of how my other son Corey found out about me and his brother and our little threesome.
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