Me and My Hot Cousin- Part 2


Topic: Me and My Hot Cousin-Part 2 
We were still on our USA vacation but it was coming to an end very soon. we were at San Francisco airport waiting for our flight out. there we were our two families. we had spent the last 4 days in separate. my cousin Dana and her family went to Connecticut and We stayed Jearsey.
 Little did our families know that Dana and myself had been fucking eachother a few days prior to our parting of ways. For those of you who are new let me Describe her to you she about 5 foot 6 Tanned long Hot Legs perfectly round ass and the most georgeous set of tits i have ever layed eyes on. . We met up at the airport as planned and me and Dana having always been close always sat next to eachother. She walked up to me
"hey Tee" She said with a wink
"hey Dana"
"how was the rest of your holiday"
"heheh well hopefully we can change that before we get to sydney"
"what did u have in mind?"
she shrugged. "i Dont know. . but we'll think of something"
I laughed and we walked around for a bit waiting for the plane. we had about 3 hours to kill to we told our parents we'd go for a walk around. we went around the airport and talked. then suddenly she pulled me into and isolated part of the airport and kissed me.

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   i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. i was kissing her soft lucious lips our tounges touching eachother. Then she pulled away and took my hand and dragged me to the disabled bathrooms.
We went inside and locked the door. since it was a part of the airport that was very isolated we werent in any danger of being intterupted. When she came in she got on her knees undid my jeans and started to suck on my cock. It felt soo good to have her hot lips on my cock and it didnt take long for my cock to get nice and hard. she stood up and took off her shirt and bra and let her lovely set of tits loose. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her closer and started to suck on her perfect tits. she moaned as i lightly bit her nipples.
I lent her up against the wall and pinned her arms up and kissed her. then i started to go down on her and undo her tight jeans. i pulled them down and to my surprise she wasnt wearing any panties.   I then started to lick and suck her nice little pussy. she squirmed and moaned.

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  . after a  few minuites of my toung in her pussy she begged me to fuck her.
"TJ JUST FUCK ME!"  She said.
I turned her around and slid my hard cock intio her wet pussy. she was so tight. i started to pump my cock in and out of her little cunt. As the time went by i fucked her harder and harder. untill i felt myself starting to cum. .
"Cuz Im gonna cum. . where do you want it. . ??"
"i wanna taste your cum. .


  all inside my mouth. . "
So i Grabbed her hair and pulled her onto her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth adn started pumping my cock untill i came in her sweet little face. . . she swallowed all my cum and i kissed her again.
We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed again. . then we let ourselves out of the bathroom and started to walk back to where our families were. . we boarded the plane and as usual the adults sat at the front of the plane and us kids further back. . me and her Sat next to eachother ofcourse.  
It was close to half way into the flight when i felt Dana's hand under my blanket and started to rub my cock through my jeans. .

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  I looked at her and smiled and she kept rubbing me. . my hand slowly crept under her blanket and she had changed into a skirt when we boarded the plane so i had easy access. i started to rub her clit and i slid my fingers under her wet panties. she undid my zip and took out my hard cock. . she started to wank it slowly while i fingered her. . . all this was happening right infront of her 2 brothers and the rest of the plane and no one even knew. . the next thing we know were rubbing and fingering eachother harder and harder we came in eachothers hands. . after we caught our breath she snuck me a small kiss while her brothers werent looking. .

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then she whispered. . "I love you"
I looked at her and replied "I love you too. . "