Me and my Mom


Well first let me describe myself. I'm 14 and I have brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm not tall, but then again I wasn't short either. I have a 8 incher on me, kinda big for a 14 year old or so everyone says. As for my mom ((Jenny)), she was 36 ((guess you could call me a 'high school oopsie)) and had Blonde hair and blue eyes, a definite hottie. She and my step-dad had gone out ofr the night and I was stuck watching my sister the whole night. I eventually fell asleep on the couch after she had gone to bed. My mom came in, alone, she was kinda noisy when she came in so I woke up.

 "Hey mom, wheres Phil?" I asked "Still at the bar" she said rolling her eyes "Your sister asleep?" "Yeah" I said "Went to sleep almost as soon as you left. I fell asleep on the couch, not very comfy. " "Well" she said "I guess you could come in and sleep in my bed with me" "Ok" I said "Oh wait, you dont mind me being in only my underwear do you?" she asked "No" I said. In fact, I kinda secretly liked the fact I would be sleeping with her "Do you mind if I do the same?" "No not at all" she said. We went into the bedroom, got undressed and got into bed. "night mom" I said "night prosper" she replied.
 After I drift off to sleep I started to have an awesome dream about a cute girl i knew giving me head but it felt pretty damn realistic. It ended pretty shortly and I woke up to find that I WAS getting head.

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   From my MOM. "Hey mom what are you doing?" I said, not angry just plainly "Oh Prosper I couldn't take it" she said "You looked so hot in your boxers I just had to suck you off. . . " I had also noticed she had taked her bra off "Well" I said "I GUESS I'll be ok with it. . . . on one condition" "What?" she asked "Anything. " "You gotta let me eat you out" I said  "Its only fair" "Ok fine by me" she said smiling as she pulled down her panties and spread her legs "Ok son gimme all you got" I bent over and started to lick her moist pussy. 'oh god she tastes good. . . ' i thought as i picked up the pace. "OH GOD PROSPER YES! YES! LICK YOUR MOMS PUSSY! YES YES!" she moaned as she had a massive orgasm.

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   "prosper, please do your mommy a favor and fuck her" she said to me pulling my boxers down. "Dont worry I'm on the pill" "Yes ma'm" I said with a grin and took my dick and thrusted into her pussy "MMMMMMM YES!" she yelled "FUCK ME! FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN!" she cried as I started to thrust harder "Mom I'm gonna cum!" I yelled "Yes Prosper cum in your mommy's pussy!" she moaned. At that point I had to have haven the biggest orgasm I've ever had. "Wow mom. . . . that was great" I said. We were about to get dressed but then my sister walked in. . . .

but that's another story for another time.  

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