Megan's Blackmail - Part Two


While laughing I apologized and asked her what her plans were tonight. “I thought I wasn’t allowed to go out or anything?”“No you’re right, just checking to make sure you know, that’s all. ” Todd answered. “Sis? How do you feel about bondage?”“Bondage? I’ve never tried it if that’s what you’re asking. ”“You’d like to try it though?”“Um … it never really seemed to do anything for me, of course that’s just from seeing the web sites. I might like it if I tried it. Why, you got something cooking in that little brain of yours?”“Yeah, actually I do. Go ahead and stay in here after you’re done cleaning, we’ll be back in a little bit. ”“Ok. ” She answered. We left her room and headed down stairs, out the back and into the shed. “Todd, look for any rope, string, chains, something we can tie her up with. ”“Well what are you thinking brother?” he asked inquisitively. “I’m thinking we tie her up, right, and then blind fold her, then call on the help of some of our friends to fulfill the fantasy, have ourselves a nice little gang bang here. ”“Brilliant, I love the way your mind works Arik. ” He complemented.

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   After about an hour we found all we needed, or might need. We returned to her room and told her we wanted to try something new. “I don’t know about this guys, in the shed? It’s so dirty in there though. ” She snickered. “Yeah I know, but it’ll be fun, just try it. ”When we went through her room before, we were looking for something sexy she could wear for her opening act. The opening act was to be the gang bang and we found the sexiest thing she had to wear, was nothing at all, except a little tape maybe. The next few hours were spent getting together with our friends and letting them know when and where to be. We had four friends that could make it, I thought that would do just fine. We were all due to meet in the shed at eight p. m. . The shed is more like a garage with no cars in it, pretty big. It’s in the very back of the yard so mom and dad won’t know anyone is in there. Once mom and dad returned from the store we helped carry the sacks of food in, then told them we were going out to a friends house for a few hours.


   Megan did the same thing before joining us in the shed. Perfect I thought, just about 7 p. m. , plenty of time to get her up before the guys get here. “So what are we going to do in here?”“What do you think? We’re going to tie you up and use you. ” I answered. Todd grabbed the ropes we had collected earlier, along with a massive roll of black duct tape while I gathered the small table and something to use for a blindfold. I decided I would just use her top as a blindfold. My plan was to tie her up, blindfolded, and have the other guys fuck her without her ever knowing for sure it was someone besides us fucking her. “Ok sis, strip and climb on the table, sitting on yours knees and bent over. ”“What?”“Just do it Megan!”Once on the table, we tied her up very carefully. Each of her wrists were tied to a different table leg, one rope was pulled around her lower back and tied under the table. Her legs were then tied apart widely to each remaining leg of the table. She protested slightly when we tried to cover her head with the top, but submitted ultimately. Next I used tape to spread her ass cheeks even farther apart, leaving her wide open.

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   Todd and I went outside then to wait for the guys, leaving her tied up all by herself. “Shhh, be quiet guys, she doesn’t know about any of this. You have to be real quiet when you’re in there so she doesn’t know who all is here. ” I whispered. Todd continued for me, “Matt, just go in there and drop your pants, you can only fuck her cunt, but you can play with her ass, got it!?!”“Yeah I got it man. ” He answered. “Ok, James, Mike, John? You three will go after Matt in the order of youngest to oldest, so it’ll be James, Mike, and then John, alright?” I asked. After they all agreed to the order and the no anal rule, we made our way quietly inside the shed. I motioned to Matt to step up behind her and take her. Each of these guys is a little older than Todd and me, the youngest of the four being James at eighteen. The oldest is Matt, he’s twenty-one and the guy we use for beer usually, that’s why he gets the first go at her, he’s getting us some beer later. Matt didn’t waste any time, he slipped his finger between her spread lips and felt that she was plenty wet, and ready to go, then he put his cock head to her. He gradually worked his cock into her pussy an inch at a time. We all almost busted out in laughter when she started moaning. His motion was short and quick.

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   He held his finger in her ass the whole time. His thrusts started to pick up just when he pulled out and starting jerking off. His cum went splattering all over her ass and lower back, he was done too soon for her. Next was James, as soon as he was behind her he was all the way inside her. His thrusts were more deliberate than Matt’s. He took his time diving all the way in, and then pulling out most of the way, leaving just the head inside her. With cum on her rear, and the glistening cock sliding in and out of her cunt, I was developing a painful hard on. Todd, beat me to the punch though. We left a little hole open in the head covering for her mouth, he quickly put that hole to use. He walked in front of her and put his dick to her lips. Realizing what he wanted, Megan opened her mouth allowing him to enter. He slowly worked his cock in her mouth. Once he felt satisfied with his depth, he began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth while James fucked her cunt. The room was filled with slurping sounds, the musty smell of sex, and hard dicks. This was amazing seeing her take two men at one time, my sister, getting double penetrated by her brother and his friend.

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  Her moans of pleasure became more intense after a few minutes of this. They were deep, long moans, almost groans of passion. Here I was more aroused than any one else, being her brother, and I was stuck holding the damn camera. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed something, anything. I reached down with my free hand and pulled my cock out of my athletic shorts. I began stroking my cock while watching the long, slippery shaft gliding effortlessly into her gaping pussy. I had barely even started to get a motion going when James tightened up, releasing his seed into her womb. He soon continued though, he kept grinding his hips into her, almost moving the table around in circles as he did. Mike then tapped him on his shoulder and told him to move on, and he did after a few good thrusts. Her cunt was only open for literally seconds before Mike had his cock buried inside. I continued to fondle my own cock as Mike started slamming his into her cunt. His balls could be heard making contact with her pelvic area at the bottom of each thrust. Her moans became louder as Mike pounded away, she was enjoying this brutal style of his, and she was about to cum. Her toes curled harshly as her orgasm rippled through her body. She was trying to move against Mike but she couldn’t, she was stuck there, purely along for the ride.

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   Opening her mouth around Todd’s cock, her moans were now more like yells of ecstasy. Between the sounds of her cumming, the sloshing of Mike’s dick in her cunt, and the occasional slurping from the oral ramming, I could feel the nut building in my balls. I almost dropped the camera as I shot my first load into the air. I quickly sent another hurling towards her, where it landed on her back and the next on the floor. This made Todd loose it as well, he grabbed her head, roughly slamming his cock into her throat as she tried in vain not to gag. Mike kept hammering away, harder still, he was now moving the table across the floor. Just as I thought he was about to cum, he pulled out quickly and jammed his cock into her well lubed asshole. She jumped as much as she could with this, this anal invader. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, his pole reaming her asshole. Her moans were now muffled screams of pain as he drilled her illicit hole. Another minute passed and he roughly grabbed her hips and started yanking her back into him. His legs were shaking as he dumped his jism into her rectum, holding her back against him, leaving his cock pulsating deep inside. He pulled out and the nut juice slowly oozed its way out, and down over her slit. John was next, he put his cock to her ass, I hit him on the arm telling him no. He pleaded with me saying that Mike did it.

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   I wanted to be the first, I wanted to pop her anal cherry, but Mike did beat me to it. Realizing this, I gave John the ok to fuck her up the ass. He looked like a kid with a big, new toy, his face lit up with excitement as he looked back at her still cavernous hole. After little aim he lunged his body forward, pummeling her with his entrance. Matt and James were now standing on either side of her, jerking off watching John fuck her asshole. She was again motionless, though she was still moaning aloud. I couldn’t tell if the moans were from pleasure or pain, hopefully both. I watched intently with the camera as Johns cock moving in and out seemed to pull her asshole with it. The whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about how it’ll feel with me fucking her ass, and Todd fucking her cunt. I’ve personally always thought it would be weird, feeling another cock humping through the thin vaginal and anal walls, might be erotic, who knows, yet. John was humping her so hard, her ass would ripple every time his pelvis slammed into it. I could see her hole around his dick was turning red, and so could Mike and Matt. They looked at nothing but her ass being drilled, they finally both came from their intense stroking. Their semen flew all over her back and sides. Megan began getting louder as time wore on, I think she was enjoying this rectal intrusion.

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   Her moans were consistent with her previous orgasm, but dramatically increased when Mike reached under her and started rubbing her clit. She again started trying buck about but was unable to do so. Her moans were now screams as both Mike and John picked up the pace. Her toes were curled, her back was arched as much as she could get it, and her fists were in very tight little balls of anticipation. This was to be a new high for her, I thought as I heard the scream of sinful lust escape her mouth. It was long, a whole breaths worth, it was deep and from the gut. Her whole body was visibly shaking, her knuckles were white from the fist, and her whole foot was now a mess of spasms. “Oh my God!” John said, feeling the contractions around his wood. His face seemed to spas out right then as he began pumping his nectar into my sisters asshole. He had pulled out mostly, just leaving the head inside her now wide-open anus. He milked his cock dry of every drop before he dove in one last time. He rested inside her allowing both his cock to shrink, and her asshole to close up tightly around his shaft, while Mike offered her a cool down run of shivers by stroking her clit. Her screams had gone, but were replaced by panting, and whimpering. I couldn’t believe it, I had just given my sister the most incredible sexual experience of her life, and caught it all on camera. Once John was done, we all got dressed and left her alone in the shed, writhing about, covered in cum, filled with cum, tied down and taped apart.

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   I left the camera in there still rolling, set up a few feet away aimed right at her drenched, aching cunt and asshole. Outside we relished in what had just happened. We all sat outside the shed chilling out, all but Matt, he went to get the beer. When he returned, we drank a few and they left. Todd and I went back in the shed to relieve her, offering her a beer as we untied her. “That was amazing little brother, but one thing, who else was here?” She asked. “Um …. . we had a few friends come over and help out. ”“How many friends?”“Don’t worry about it sis, it’s not important how many. ” I answered. “So, did you like it though, the bondage part?” I asked eagerly. “Oh yeah, that was great. I kept wanting to move around and thrust back against them, but I couldn’t, so that part sucked, but it made it more intense too. ” She explained.

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  We helped her sneak inside without being seen by mom and dad. I had cut up her shirt to use for a blindfold so she was completely topless. All three of us disappeared into the bathroom for an hour or so. Todd and I gave her a sensual massage and helped clean her up while taking a bath. The next morning she was complaining about being so sore. “Oh yeah sis? Well just wait, last night was nothing compared to what’s next. ” I taunted her. To Be Continued?.
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