Mom In The Middle-Consumation - The Final Chapter


"It's gonna feel super tight in your ass at first but just relax and don't tense up. " "I promise before long you'll find you don't want that thing to come out. " She giggled. Her son had started massaging his prick as he watched his mother ready his friend for the coming invasion to his rectum. The plug was about four inches in length and almost two in width, tapered at the tip to resemble a penis. The base had a round knob that looked as if it could twist. A broad flat area separated the knob from the shaft and small rings were hooked to it from which the straps where attached. "Shit Mom, that's gonna really fill his ass up big time. " Jeremy gasped. "That's the idea honey, gonna make his juice ready to boil right out of those sweet little balls. " His mother hissed. Angela began sliding her fingers over the greasy ring of the boy's pucker, massaging it in slow cirlces. She lapped at the pink wrinkled skin around it worming her tongue thru the tight opening. Spreading the boy's cheeks she fucked her tongue in and out of his quivering shit ring. "eat my ass out, lick way up deep in my shit hole. " Robby moaned.

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   She began wetting it with the gel as she tickled and helped to dilate it even wider. She slipped two fingers in the boy massaging all around the warm thin membranes of his rectum. Stroking the plug around and around the pulsing entrance she began worming it inside little by little. "God damn my asshole is tearin apart, it's too big, pull it out. " Robby whimpered. "Shut up right now, Just relax, grip it with your ass, suck it up there. " "If you both don't do what I say this all stops right now and stops for good " Angela ranted. The woman kept working the plug deeper and deeper into Robby's clenching ass till the base pressed flat against his firm cheeks. As much as he tried to fight against it he could feel the muscles inside suck the rigid plastic plug deeper into him. Securing the straps around each of his legs she pulled them taunt holding the plug securely in place. "Now, all done, I think we're just about ready here. " Laughed Angela. Jeremy's mother slid onto the bed parting her thighs so both boys could see the wetness beginning to trickle out again between her pouty cunt lips. Her fingers spreading the lips wide exposing the dark pink cavity of her slit she began rubbing them over the entrance. Robby was squirming about as the plug began to slide around against the walls of his ass, tingling and burning but starting to feel surprisingly so very good as well.

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  Jeremy was staring into his mother's cunt watching the wetness ooze and pool at the opening. "Look at it boys, look at my pussy just soaking wet for those pricks of yours, ready to eat them all up for you. " "So warm and sticky in there to pull all that sweet boy cream out. " She moaned. "Can I fuck it Mom, please I gotta stick my dick up in there now. " Jeremy urged. Angela began slapping at her cunt, spanking it with her open palm as the wetness splayed out. smearing the juices over it, making a slick squishing sounds with each snap of her hand. "Momma's gettin it all ready for you baby, climb on up here and put it in real slow. " Angela directed her son. Kneeling between her thighs he gripped her hips pulling himself to her. Jeremy began shoving his penis at the wet opening, bumping it and slapping at it as he attempted to enter her. "Easy baby, easy, it's not going anywhere, nice and slow, make it last. " Robby was on the bed now kneeling beside Angela as he began to pull and twist his tender erection. Thumbing the bell-shaped tip as he jerked the smooth skin up and down, just staring at the woman's slick cunt and his friend's cock ready to sink into it.

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   Jeremy lowered himself as his cock tip found her entrance, slippery and heated he felt it grip the head and began to pull him deeper inside. "Oh hell yeah, fuck yeah Mom, it's major hot and slick up there" He moaned. Jeremy couldn't hold back any longer, feeling the silky warmth of his mother's cunt was driving him delirious with lust. He slammed himself deep into her as his tightly loaded balls ground against her ass cheeks. Angela gasped as her son's penis thrust into her. Her cunt pushing itself to him, giving herself to her lusting son as she felt the head skim over the inner walls. "Oh my sweet baby boy, drill your prick right up me. " "Make momma's fuck hole boil all your juice into it. " She whimpered. Jeremy began to twist and his body shook as the sensations raced along his fuck root. His body trembled as he rose and fell into the warm depths of his mother's sex. Each stroke would send shivers rushing up his young penis. Robby was groaning as his cock tip glowed a scarlet red, engorged with blood. Feeling his cum surging within his balls and being held back by the sheer nylon stocking tied around them. He edged his way toward Angela's head, his prick hovering against her cheeks as he pleaded with the woman to suck on it.

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   Her son continued to thrust and dig deeper into Angela, each stab splaying her sticky juices over his shaft and balls. Looking over she saw Robby's cock bobbing as his fist raced up and down the length of it. His eyes closed tight as he savored the feel of the load struggling to erupt from it. She gripped the boys ass cheeks pulling him to her. Her mouth enveloped the heated organ, feeling the warmth of his blood coursing thru it as she hungrily nursed at it. "Oh mother fucker, yessssss, suck it all out, eat my fuckin prick. " Robby screamed. Jeremy watched as his mother's mouth was filled with his friends stiff young meat, her lips locked tight around it. Her fingers pulling the knot tighter about his balls as she swallowed and ground her lips over his penis. Sliding her hand between Robby's legs she gripped the base of the plug twisting the knob. Robby's ass became electrified as the vibrations from the plug stung into this tender pucker. Each pulse coursing deep into his bowels tickling his ass guts as he felt her suck and nibble at his erection. He could feel his creamy load rising, fighting it's way to course up his stalk, then his climax suddenly stop short, contained deep inside the aching sacks of his balls. "Oh fuck it won't come out, I gotta pump it out but it won't squirt. " Panted Robby.

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   Jeremy was kissing his mother's neck and shoulders, his tongue lapping at her as he found her nipples and greedily pulled one then the other between his lips. His small mouth locked over the throbbing buds, he bit and chewed at them swabbing them with his tongue. The boy continued to pound his slender cock into her, soaking in the slick wetness bubbling up within her. Angela could feel her climax racing thru her, her belly tight and buzzing with the sensations as they began coursing into her mound. She knew she was going to cum on her son's prick at any moment, feel the sweet release of it wash over him. Robby's hands were digging into the woman's hair as he twisted handfuls of it urging her mouth to devour his young cock. "Shit, Oh shit Mom, I feel it gonna shoot off, it's gonna blow out. " Hissed Jeremy. Angela reached down between them pulling the silk stocking tighter around his swelling prick meat. Just as he felt his sticky load rise trying to explode, it wouldn't release, it wouldn't rush up his jerking stalk. Tears ran down his cheeks as he continued to screw deeper and deeper inside the woman. Working to dredge the sweet sap up his tube to burst free and flood his mother. Angela's mouth was leaking heavily as frothy strings of saliva ran down over Robby's thick cock knob. Small dribbles of his pre-cum seeping out the constricted shaft into her mouth. Her cum hit taking her by surprise as she bit down on the boy's fleshy knob.

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   Her legs locked over her son's hips as her cunt flowed heavy. Soaking the boy's hammering penis with thick ribbons of cunt cream. Jeremy felt the slick juices coat his root and balls as he spread the sticky lips with each thrust. He wanted to shoot his seed deep into her, to fill her with every drop trying to burst it's way free and fill her womb with it. "Oh cock fuck me, ream my slut hole you little bastard. " Screamed his mother. Angela pulled Robby's pulsing shaft from her lips, gripping her son's hair in her hands she urged him to suck it with her. "Suck it God Damn you, suck it with your momma, eat his cock and fuck me, fuck your whore mother,sweetie. " Jeremy's eyes rolled back as he became lost in the power of his mother's milking cunt hole. Without hesitation he thrust his lips over his friend's prick, lapping the hot stiff root. "Yessssss baby, yes my sweet baby boy, suck it al up, eat his prick with me. " Angela lapped at her son's mouth, her tongue snaking over his face and Robby's stalk as her son sucked and bathed it in his mouth. Thrusting himself again and again Jeremy continued to try and spew his burning young load into Angela. His mouth filled with warm sweet juice flowing from Robby's cock, he moaned and mewled hoping to reach his climax. Robby's shit tube was thundering with the vibration from the plug, swirling the milky nectar within his nuts as he shuddered forcing himself to erupt.

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   Angela kissed up and down Robby's beet red erection as she knew both boys were filled ripe to bursting with rich seed. Seed desperately trying to claw it's way free of their sweet young fuck tubes. Angela quickly shifted herself as she shoved Robby from between her and her son. "Time to trade off boy's, lay down Robby, I wanna mount you now. " She commanded. Jeremy didn't want to tear himself free, he couldn't stop drilling himself into his mother. Gripping her shoulders he held tight not wanting to relinquish the heat and sloppy wetness devouring him. "Please momma let me cum in it, I'm hurtin so fuckin bad, I gotta shoot it out in there. " Whimpered Jeremy. Angela pushed herself up forcing Jeremy's prick to spring free, clawing her way over the edge of the bed to stand up. "Lay down Robby, Get down on your back God damn it. " She screamed. Robby slid on to his back, his cock standing straight up as he held it in his small hands still pulling it to try and milk his semen out. Jeremy was kneeling, shaking, in near collapse as he fisted his aching shaft urging his load to spill out the dark purple knob. Quickly Angela straddled Robby's hips, her leaking slit brushing the tip of his penis as she lowered herself over it.

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   "Fuck me, oh sweet hell fuck me with your pussy. " He groaned. Angela began whipping her cunt up and down the boy's slick meat, each dip over it forcing more creamy wetness to foam and spill out over him. Lowering herself on Robby she kissed his nipples, licking them and biting at the tender nubs. "Stick your cock up me Jeremy, push it up there with Robby's. Mewled Angela. Jeremy didn't need to be told twice. So overcome with his need to shoot off he gripped his mother's hips and began hunching his erection against Robby's slippery cock shaft. Screwing himself between the other boy's swollen organ and his mother's quivering cunt lips. He felt the head push thru and slip alongside Robby's prick. Angela groaned and pushed back forcing more of herself over her son's hot bloated member. Angela could feel the vibration from the plug buried deep in Robby's ass buzz thru his prick as it banged against her cunt walls. Jeremy too could feel the tingle running up his own stalk as he fed more and more of it inside his mother. Working with each other they established a fluid rhythm and both boy's were buried balls deep within the woman's sloppy cunt. They began gliding in an out of her, rubbing against one another's pricks as they splayed Angela's pussy wide open with each thrust and backward stroke.

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   Angela pushed back and forth over the pair as she used her muscles to clench and release the boy's pulsing cock stalks. "Oh you sweet mother fuckers you, split my cunt open, ream me out you bastards. " She wailed. Robby and Jeremy both were beating into the woman furiously, trying desperately to cum inside her. "God damn I gotta cum now, my balls are gonna explode. " Jeremy whimpered. "Pull the nylons off now, HURRY, shoot it all up me boys, Every mother fuckin drop you can spit in me. " Command Angela. "Jeremy shoot your juice up me thick and hot, spray my cunt with it. " "Spank mommy's ass and cum up her slut hole. " Both the boys grabbed wildly at the nylons holding back their pent up ejaculations. Sliding the knot free they felt the cum well up from their tight balls and begin surging up the creamy pink tubes. Jeremy slapped as his mother's ass cheeks with his open palms whipping them a burning crimson as he plunged in and out of her soaking hole.
    Robby gripped the women's breasts in both hands and twisted them brutally as his orgasm tore thru him. Angela's firm ass was aglow with each slap from her son's hands.

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       Welts raising up on the soft white skin as she bucked and pushed between them. Locked tight between the boy's she gasped and felt her ass go numb with the force of each blow. Robby moaned as he felt the first gush of semen travel up his fuck pipe and spew thickly into the woman. A hot viscous gout of sperm raced up and parted the piss slit as it plastered Angela's cervix. She felt the burning gush run down the walls of her cunt as Robby drove himself over and over. "Sweet fuckin Christ it's shootin out, just squirtin the fuck all out in there. " Robby bawled. Jeremy felt his friends load spew over his prick and he too erupted deep and strong inside of his mother. His balls pressed hard against Robby's feeling the hum of the plug beat out between them, he flooded her. Warm milky spirals of semen rocketed out the crown of his cock, splashing into Robby's sperm dumped into the woman's womb. He continued to slap against her ass cheeks as each ripple off sperm poured out of him, jerking from his quaking tube. Robby shoved deeper and pulsed more of the hot sticky seed over them both as he jetted again and again unable to stop. Milky ropes of cream ran down both boy's thundering balls as they continued to erupt into the woman. Angela bit her lips and clawed back at her son holding him steady as her nails raked bloody furrows along his hips. "Oh yeah Mom, I'm gonna spray every drop of my spunk up that hole.


      " Jeremy Panted. Shuddering he collapsed over his mother's backside, biting and licking at her neck and shoulders as he let loose and drained himself completely in her. Thick foamy strands of semen flowed out of Angela over the boy's and between their legs as they came with each other. Angela could feel her own cum mingling with theirs, fluttering out in slick sprays between them. She forced her tongue into Robby's mouth licking at his and sucking it into her mouth as she let her orgasm spew over the youths. Warm pools of the boy's cum cream spread out on the sheets under them, the nylons holding their climax back, coated with the slimy wetness. Angela pulled the stockings up from under them seeing the thick clinging stands of sperm running over them. She pressed them to her lips feeling the silky smoothness of the nylons, lapping the warm goo from them. Sucking them into her mouth as she cleaned them of every drop that had leaked down and covered them. "Eat it mom, eat all that fuckin spunk off them, eat mine and Robby's cum right off em. " Hissed Jeremy. Angela was in tears as she writhed and ground herself between the two boys. Her belly and back slick and hot with their sweat and hers. She cried out as her ankles locked over Jeremy's legs keeping him wedged tight against her backside. She let herself go weak and grasp Robby's hair between her fingers as she felt herself begin to trickle warm pee down her thighs.

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       Her orgasm smashing into her, the sweet release of it pressing her bladder to let go, she couldn't contain it. Both boy's felt a rush of warmth cover their pricks and balls as Angela pissed out over them. The acrid honey colored warmth spraying them both and coursing down their legs. "Piss it out Mom, piss all over us, feels fuckin great shootin on my dick. " Jeremy screamed. "Robby was wiggling in the warmth, letting it soak his groin and splash over his belly as the woman continued to spray the pungent urine over them. "Hell yes, soak my balls in that piss. " Gasped Robby. Jeremy felt the growing tickle begin to crawl up his penis and the warmth of his mother's pee wash it as he too began to let go. "Oh baby, oh you sweet nasty fucker, piss up momma's cunt hole. " Moaned Angela. Robby felt Jeremy's pee spray over his shaft and cock tip, soaking it inside the woman. Grunting he forced his own bladder to expel itself and began spraying deep into her. Twin streams of stinging amber piss flooded Angela deep and forceful. She was whimpering and grinding herself between the boys as all three had lost control of themselves, not trying to fight against their forbidden desires.

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       "Oh God help me, I love it, so fuckin nasty, I want it all up there. " She wailed. The bed was sodden with the warmth of the urine, the slick wetness of the boy's semen and all of their sweat. Angela slid off of Robby, her son's limp penis ploping free as she flooded the bed with the mix of their spermy loads and the urine sprayed into her. Jeremy fell beside her gasping, his breath hitching as he reached for his mother. She knelt between the two boys, lapping at their belly's, licking their groins and cocks as she tasted the combination of their loads and the still warm piss clinging to them. Both Jeremy and Robby reached out to take Angela's hair in their hands wiping themselves with it, pushing her facing between them, having her clean them both. "God damn that's good, get it all Mom, get us both nice and clean. " Pleaded Jeremy. Angela was purring as she kissed and lapped at the pair, washing them both as a mother feline bathing her kittens. "I can hardly wait for the next sleep over. " Robby chided. Angela brushed her fingers over his lips looking at the boy, whispering softly to him. "Don't forget Robby, I'm Jeremy's mother, I'm always going to be his first and foremost. " "Now and then we can all still have some fun, but I belong to Jeremy now.

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      " Looking somewhat dejected Robby gazed at Angela. "Awwww shit, what am I supposed to do till then. " He groaned. Angela just winked at him and with a wicked smile knelt down, kissed him on the lips and said. "Hey don't forget honey, you have a mother of your own at home. " More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.