Mom In The Middle - Part Two


Both the young boy's knelt over Angela each one pressing their lips to her face, kissing her cheeks and lips. All their lips meeting, sharing the delicious sensation of their three-way kiss. Angela thrust her tongue warm and wet into her son's mouth probing urgently, holding his head to her intoxicated by the thrill of doing something so forbidden. Jeremy was panting and moaning as his tongue twisted and curled about his mother's, fighting to swallow it and press his as deeply as possible into his mother's sucking mouth. When Jeremy would break the kiss with his mother Robby would plunge his tongue in her waiting mouth, kissing her hard and forceful. Sliding his lips up and down the woman's tongue as he began to pull her nipples between his fingers. Both the youths were delirious with lust for the woman, their pricks surging with blood as they bobbed between their thighs each leeking copious amounts of pre-cum. Angela began pulling at the boys' cocks as she lay between them, jerking them and fondling their firm pink balls. She stroked them, feeling the soft skin slide up and down covering the heads. "I love your sweet little pricks, so warm and full of juice. " Angela whispered. Jeremy began to touch his mother's nipples as Robby was doing, kissing her neck as his fingers pinched the stiff buds. Robby had begun licking at Angela's other breast, sucking hard at the firm brown nipple as his fingers slid over her mound and first touched the moistness between her folds. Angela was twisting her hips against the floor as the two boys were driving her mad with desire for them. She pulled her son to her again kissing him deep, her hands tangled in his soft brown hair as she sucked at his tongue and kissed his face and neck panting with her lust for him. Robby's fingers had found the woman's soaking wet slit and began sliding in and out.

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   Two fingers pressed into the warmth and wetness of her cunt as he stroked the inner walls back and forth. Robby's other hand began jerking his swollen prick as he continued to masturbate Angela. Groaning he pulled the skin up and down his thin shaft enjoying the sensation, feeling his balls begin to build with another load of his rich young cream. Angela kissed her son's face and eyes, her lips savoring the wickedness of her own perversion. Suddenly she grasped the boy by his hips pulling him over her. Her slender arms locked about his firm waist rolling his ass cheeks in her hands as his penis hovered just above her lips. "Baby boy I wanna suck your cock, Mommy's gonna eat all your sweet hot cream. " Said Angela. Jeremy was beyond the limit of stopping himself now, even had he wanted to there was no chance he could fight his desire for his mother. He reached out taking his mother's head in his hands feeling the silky red hair flow thru his fingers as he urged her to suck him. "Suck it Mom, eat my dick, I wanna cum in your sweet fuckin mouth. "Robby stopped his probing of Angela's cunt as he saw her bury her lips over her son's penis. He continued to jerk his shaft and fondle his smooth full balls as he watched her take his friend's cock into her mouth and swallow it till his balls were pressed hard against her chin. Angela was beyond control as she curled her tongue of the swollen tip of her son's prick. Lapping at the thick bell-shaped head as her lips pursed tight around the shaft.

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   She lapped at the base of his meaty root with her lips, pulling at it, tugging at his swollen shaft. Jeremy's cock was flowing freely as his mother sucked and nursed at it. Thin strands of his pre-cum poured out of his slit and coated her tongue sliding down her throat. When Angela could pull her lips away from Jeremy's shaft she'd stop just long enough to push her tongue out to lap at his rapidly filling ball sack. Spreding his piss slit with her fingers she drove her tongue inside, lapping at the clear juices bubbling up. Her fingers gripped the boy's tight butt as they worked toward his ass crack. Spreading his cheeks and running her fingers over the puckered ring of his ass as she choked herself on her son's prick meat. Robby had worked his way up to the woman's head, his knees beside her shoulder thrusting his erection in her face wanting to feel her lips sucking him as well. Jeremy was shivering with his lust as he urged his mother on. "Oh FUCK YEAH, eat my dick, pull my load out Mom, eat it up!" From the corner of her eye Angela saw Robby's fuck root thrusting toward her face. His cock head was a violent shade of red from the boys' pulling and stroking. The piss hole open and leeking juice out over her cheeks. Angela released the hold on her son pulling her lips free with a popping sound as she grabbed Robby's cock knob and thrust her lips over it. Gripping each boy's pulsing shaft she pressed them both to her wet lips snaking her tongue over the heads as she opened her mouth to take them both inside. Both Jeremy and Robby could feel the warm spongy flesh of the others prick knob squeezed against each other as Angela lapped and sucked at the tender young boy meat.

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   The room was awash in the heady scent of sex and the sounds of lust as the trio were beyond the limit of their own passion. Thick strands of saliva dripped down Angela's chin as she fed herself on the boy's dicks. Her lips stretched wide as they fucked into her mouth, both their balls slapping her chin and cheeks as she coaxed the flowing pre-cum from each of them. Robby was panting and shaking as he felt his load ripple up from his balls. He looked over at his friend seeing how Jeremy's eyes had glazed over, his lips mouthing the words "Eat me, suck it out, suck it out, suck it out. " Jeremy had his mothers hair gripped in his hands twisting and pulling it as he sought to drive his meat further into her prick hungry mouth. Angela could feel the throbbing veins of each boy's prick pulse with blood and quiver thru her tongue.
    Her throat being battered by one cock tip then the other as they took turns plunging back and forth. Her breasts were slick with a frothy mix of prick juice and saliva as she gulped and lapped the young boy's hot shafts. Jeremy was the first to blurt out his climax as he gripped his friends shoulders to hold himself from collapsing. "Oh fuck Mom, here it comes, I'm shootin off nowwwwwwwwwww. " Jeremy held tight to Robby's shoulders as he leaned forward and let the thick streams of cum race thru his shaft and burst out of the tip into his mother's waiting mouth. His piss hole flared opened as a torrent of thick semen washed over Robby's cock head and spilled out flooding his mother's throat. When Robby felt his friend's load spurt out over his own cock he grabbed the base of his meat and began milking his own load into the woman's mouth. Angela was choking as twin streams of sperm jetted out of the boy's pricks.

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       Her tongue flinging the gooey loads over the roof of her mouth and teeth. Thick strands would pool at the back of her throat and slide down as she gulped to drink the boiling loads. She kneaded each boys' balls coaxing more of the sticky cream from their erupting cocks. Cum began spilling out of her lips over her breasts as the slick boy meat thrust in an out of her gaping mouth. Robby was on the verge of blacking out as he moaned and felt his entire shaft crawl with the explosion of his climax. Angela couldn't think, her mind numb, just going on instinct as she began to strangle on thick ropes of semen flooding her throat. She fought for control but couldn't stop sucking, couldn't stop drinking the pure ripe seed that she lusted for. Gulping down the hot rich boy cream she felt them begin to ebb and gasped for air. Cum bubbling up in her mouth as she fought to breathe. She lapped the tips and nestled her lips under the thick ridges of the heads nursing the last drops from each of them. Savoring the sensation of their loads as they trickled the last drops into her foamy mouth. Both boys pulled free as they knelt down on their hands to steady themselves. Shaking, their heads spinning as they lowered themselves beside Angela. Angela crawled on her side coughing, choking for air as her hands reached out to touch the boys beside her. Angela continued to cough and retch as she rubbed her fingers thru the spilt seed on her lips and breasts.

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       Smearing the warm slimy ropes of cum over her face and nipples. Licking her fingers clean not wanting to relinquish a single drop of the pearly liquid. She pulled her son and Robby to her, kissing their chests and faces. Her hands tracing over their warm flesh. "Oh my sweet baby's, I want your cocks inside me soooooooooo fuckin bad!" "I want to fuck you both. " Angela's voice a whisper as she pulled her son to her and felt Robby wrap his arms around her, being in her special place, in the middle of them both. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER. has a huge list of babes and escort services in Mykonos!

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