Morning Musing


Blinking awake in the too bright morning sun streaming in the bedroom window I pulled the covers over my head hoping for a few minutes more sleep. As I snuggled deeper under the covers, it was then my mind, still fuzzy started to pull the differentness together. I was in my bed but not on the edge I normally sleep on, I was in the middle, sandwiched between two naked girls! The one on my right was always there, my wife Carol. The other was my seventeen year old daughter Laura. For half a heart beat I pondered why she was there, then all the memories of what we three did the night before came flooding back in a rush! The three of us had spent half the night making love to each other in almost every possible way!I sat up in bed with a start as compression of what I had done came flooding back. My wife rolled away by the disturbance I had caused. My daughter who’s hand was around me reached out  seeking me once again. Laura’s hands found my leg and she and she tried to cuddle up. Awkwardly I climbed over her and out of bed. I needed time to figure out what had really happened. Scrambling for my shorts embarrassed at the idea my own daughter might see me naked I yanked them on then turned back to the bed. Laura seeking human contact had scooted over and now lay spooning against her mothers back. Carol’s short hair was mussed; Laura’s long brown hair flowed out across the pillow perfectly framing her face.   The rest of their bodies mere outlines under the sheets. I had a brief flash, a recalled memory watching them sleeping so peacefully. It was the sound of my daughter’s voice, “Oh God! Oh Yes! Fuck me hard Daddy! Squirt in me! Fill me up”! Shaking my head clear I turned away from the ladies and softly closed the bedroom door behind me.

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   Standing over the coffee maker watching the rich dark liquid filling the carafe, my mind whirling with confused thoughts. Was it a dream? What really did happen last night? It had been a family night. I took my girls to a movie then dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The three of us had several margaritas the waitress never asked for ID for my daughter so I just let it go. In a big room next to the dining area was a band and dance floor. After dinner the girls wanted to go in there. I recalled more drinks and dancing with both ladies. When we got home we were all happy the girls still excited from the evening. I remembered my daughter still wanted to dance so she went into the living room and put on some music. I could see in the drips of the coffee a reflection of my wife dancing, mother and daughter, holding each other passionately in a slow dance. Who kissed whom first I couldn’t say? One moment they sway together in rhythm with the music. The next the girls were perfectly still, heads tilted, lips locked as their tongues explored each others mouths. I poured my coffee into my cup. Adding a single spoon of sugar and stirred. Watching the liquid swirl in the cup seemingly in a mimic of how my head felt, made me want to sit.

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   Plopping down at the kitchen table I held my cup in both hands and brought the hot drink to my lips. The Taste was strong pungent and aromatic. The flavor triggered off another memory.   Carol’s puss tasted Musky robust earthy. Laura’s cunt was sweet and delicate, a real contrast between mother and daughter. Was it their diet or age that gave the ladies such different flavors? The tactile feel of there snatches as the pressed them into my face was just as different as their taste. Both ladies shaved only my daughter left a thin strip of pubic hair right in the middle, like an arrow pointing to her clitty. Carol wasn’t freshly shaved she her cunt felt prickly in places where the hair had just started to grow back. I took a huge swallow of hot coffee trying to recall how I knew what the felt like, tasted like? I remember them dancing I could still clearly see them kissing but what happened that all three of us were naked in my bed?  Nothing but flashes came to mind. I could see them kiss then giggling and more kissing. Next they were on the couch with me pulling me to my feet. We danced; we kissed then hands touching on each other everywhere! Carol led us down the hall towards the bedroom. I could see myself almost falling over as I tried to slip out of my pants in the hallway. I remembered pulling down a zipper on a dress, was it Carols or Laura’s? The three of us fell on the big bed laughing. Then there was a nipple being pressed to my lips! Whose nipple? That was quickly replaced with a pussy lowering itself to my face.


   I couldn’t remember whose as at the same moment I felt lips surround my cock causing me to close my eyes. It wasn’t just lips! I remembered the tongue licking up my shaft and those lips softly sucked on the head. The sound of the toilet flushing told me one of the girls was up and awake. In a few moments I would know if this was dream or real? Had both ladies really gotten up on their knees presenting their bottoms to me? Had I really taken turns plunging my cock first in mother then daughter? And how did Laura end up on her back lying under me? Her legs hooked over my shoulders as I pounded away in her tight wet hole? My wife at my side chanting, “Fuck her good Mitch! Do her hard”! While under me Laura panted like a puppy begging me to cum inside her?I took three more big swigs of my coffee to finish it off. I got up for a refill and again stood watching the dark rich liquid fill the cup. As I swirled my single spoonful of sugar I felt hands reach around and a nude body press to my back. “Morning daddy! I had lots of fun last night”! Another voice came from the doorway, “Laura! What did I say? Let your father wake up first”! “Ah mom I was just saying good morning. I wasn’t going to fuck his brains out here in the kitchen you know”! I felt Laura’s hands and body leave me and heard her cross the room to her mother. I had been to scared to turn around and felt myself trembling. I was scared to face them. It wasn’t a dream but now what would happen? Would I stand there and face the yells and screams of accusations? Would I shortly hear “You sick bastard! How could you fuck your own daughter”? Or even worse things?Back stiff I heard a wet sound then a giggle. Carol spoke at last, “God Mitch we created a monster last night”! I turned quickly ready for anything and spied my daughter happily suckling at her mom’s tit. Both girls were completely nude. Carol’s hand wrapped around Laura’s head, holding her in place while Laura was trying to wiggle her hand between her mother’s legs, Carol winked at me then pushed our daughter away, “Stop that. I need some coffee first! Go tease your father if you that horny”! Wordlessly I turned back to the Coffee maker and poured my wife a cup.

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   Two sugars and a dash of creamer as I turned back to hand it to her both girls were right behind me. Carol kissed me quick muttering “Thank you dear”.   As she swatted our daughters hands away who was still trying to get at her mom’s cunt. Laura frustrated at her failure to arouse her mother spun to me and rubbed my boxers where my cock lay hidden. Her voiced bubbled in excitement as she asked, “I want sausage for breakfast. Okay daddy”?  Again Carol scolded her, “Laura! Let you father wake up first! We have all day to pick up where we left off! Oh for gods sake come sit on my lap and I’ll rub it until you settle down”! Laura happily followed her mother back to the kitchen table. Sipping at my second cup of the morning watching my wife masturbate our daughter as if this was just another morning mom chore made me realize what ever line we crossed the girls had no plans of undoing or going back. The family threesomes would continue and no one was going to discuss the rights or wrongs. From here on things would only get more intimate, more passionate, and more playful. Seeing the contented look on my daughters face as she got had her clitty rubbed as my wife attempted to sip her first cup gave me a feeling of freedom. There would be no sneaking around it was all out in the open. I was free to join in, watch or take either or both when ever I wanted. “So what’s do we want to do today ladies”?  Laura giggled Carol gave me one of her famous looks like I was some ignorant child. “Well okay then. I better get started on breakfast.

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   Looks like I’m going to need all my strength to get through today”! I know it’s not all the well written…I’ve had a long dry spell where none of my stories got further than one paragraph… I kind of pushed this one hoping to break my bout with writers block…in a real way it did I’ve got the idea for several more stories starting to bubble up from wherever they come from… I. posted this without proof reading it. It got me threw my dry spell and that’s all it was meant to do, time to move forward rather than dwell…hopefully the next will not be so bad? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<.
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