Mother and son help each other out pt. 2


Topic: Mother and son help each other out pt. 2 Chapter 2
 It's best to read part one first.  
My mother and I have been getting along better then ever, ever since we started having sex. We are having sex anywhere from three to five times a week. There are some days when I can’t get enough and we have sex more.
My mother, who was tall and shapely and looks great in skirt. She stood about five foot eleven inches tall. Her honey colored hair was long and straight. It came to about the middle of her back. Her hips were shapely and her ass looked like it was an apple. I could stair at body of hers for hours and never get bored. She would wear these booty shorts around the bedroom and drive me nuts. Her full breast never sagged. They are a soft white color with a small pink nipple. I love to suck them at night and drive her insane with pleasure.
While tracing her lovely curves, I parted my lips and touched them to her stomach letting the tip of my tongue barely hit her skin, “Mom, you know I love you right? We are going to be together forever?” I asked.

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“I love you too, Scott and as for forever, I am not sure. ”
“Well I want to mom. ”
“I know you think that but what about us in the future? Don’t you want kids and a wife to love?” My mother said while gently stroking my cock. It was becoming semi-hard again.
“I have you now, I don’t need a wife. And as for kids you can have mine. ” I said with a smile on my face. I kissed her soft breast and rubbed her lace booty shorts. I loved the way it separated her cheeks.
The look of shock on my mothers face almost gave me a full hard-on. I love making her think about our relationship. I love asking her to do things that she has never done before.
“Scott I can’t have your kids. I can’t have any kids. I am fixed.

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  ” She said with a sad look on her face. “I am sorry son. I would if I could for you. ”
“It is okay mom we’ll think of something. ” I said and then ran my fingers between her legs up to her pussy. She jumped a little. Then I bit her nipple a slightly and then sucked hard. This drew her nipple up into my mouth and drove her nuts.
“Oh Scott you are some lover. I want you to fuck me son. ”
Yes mommy was all the reply I could muster before I sucked her breast deep again. I began to rub her pussy faster through her panties. I could feel them getting wetter with each passing moment. Her pussy was easy to please. I could work it with my tongue or fingers and get her to cum at least once and sometimes even twice before fucking her.

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Nancy rolled over to her back and I moved in between her legs. I could smell the sweetness coming from her women hood. She was already starting to moan and my cock was almost fully erect now. I began to slowly rub my tongue against her slit. I could feel her pussy lips swelling and pushing against the material. I licked and started to suck her pussy gently. I could feel her little bud start to push through its lips. I used my fingers to rub it and my tongue to keep it wet. She was ready for me now.
I moved up to meet her lips with mine. Her juices still lingered on my lips. My cock needed no help; it was harder then a rock. I placed the tip of my cock over her panty-covered pussy and began to dry rub. I could see this was driving her insane with lust. Her hips were bucking and her hands were rubbing whatever she could get her fingers on, her own tits, my ass and my back.

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   It felt great. Her touch drove me nuts.
The tip of my cock touched her warmth and caused me to ooze more pre-cum. I pushed again against her lips again and again she moaned. My cock ran up between her lips and panties. Her lips where swollen and wet. My mother let out a soft moan to tell me she enjoyed the teasing my cock was giving her. Her head was tossing from side to side.
My mother reached down and slid off her panties so that I could make love to her. My penis gently entered her love box. It was dry so I took it easy. I pressed slowly at first to allow my large bulbous head to penetrate her very tight pussy. I entered her slowly. I could feel her hands pressing against my chest telling me that she still had slight pain when I entered her. I could feel her juices once my head entered her moist tight pussy.

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   The heat she was producing told me not to stop.
I entered her slowly building up momentum with each stroke like an old steam engine. I lowered my lips to hers and parted them with my tongue. I could feel her softness touching mine. I could feel her wetness engulfing me. I was fully in the moment, my cock, my tongue and my mind. I love this woman, I thought.
I was working up speed by arching my back and rolling with each thrust. I pumped in and out of her pussy like a precision sewing machine. Every thrust I made I went a little harder and deeper. I started to kiss my mothers neck with my soft lips and tongue. I teased her as I fucked her. I placed the tip of my tongue against her neck and could feel her cum against my cock again.
There was no question I was getting ready to cum. My mother still could make me cum in a really short time.

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   I was trying my best but I couldn’t hold it in for much longer.
“Mom, I’m going to cum. ” I said. I was closer then I wanted to admit.
“Its okay son. I am ready for you. I’m going to cum again too. ”
I started to pump harder and harder. My hips were grinding against my mothers on every stroke. I was building up a large wad to fire. I wanted to fire this one on my mother tits. I like the feeling of standing over her and cumming on her face or tits. It was a powerful feeling to have cum spray over her and to have her worship my cock.
I pulled my cock from my mother dripping pussy and started to jerk it off over her tits. My mother started to rub my thighs and squeeze my balls.

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   I cocked my head back and gripped the base of my cock readying for an explosion.
“Oh mom,” I said, “I can’t hold back any longer. I am going to cum. ”
“Give it to me baby. I need your cum on my tits and face. You are a good boy for making mommy cum. ” She begged.
“Ohhhhhh mooooooommmmm here it comes. ” I shouted.
My cocked jumped in my hand and sprayed cum all over her tits and face. I stroked it from base to tip again and got another shorter burst. This time cum spilled onto her tits and nipples. A smile lit up her face as cum began to ooze from my limping cock. I was proud of what I had done. It was a special day anyway.

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   It was my birthday.
While I was kneeling over my mother with my limp oozing cock, suddenly my head whipped toward the doorknob that was turning. My mom’s head snapped towards the door also. I was in a bad position and there was no place for me to move to in time to hide. Whoever was coming through the door was about to see what my mother and I had been hiding for the last couple of weeks. There was no stopping it.
The handle turned and to our surprise the door opened just enough to see my aunt Casey’s face poke in. She was just like my mother. Casey was about five foot nine or ten inches tall with the same curvy body my mother had. My aunt’s hair was curly though, not straight like my mom’s. They both had a great ass.
“What’s all the noise about in here?” My aunt said as she entered the room.
My mother’s face said it all. The shock was like a ripple that raced a crossed the lake on a still day. My face fell in shame and horror.

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   I didn’t want my mother to suffer because of my lust for her. I didn’t want to stop having sex with my mother, but what could I do. I was half standing and kneeling over my mothers face. There was cum all over my mother’s face and tits. How can we play this off, I thought.
My aunt slide into the room and her eyes lit up like saucers. The site of our fucking must have driven her speechless because she just stood there. She didn’t say a word. She just stood there watching and waiting for someone to say something. We all just looked at each other. No one dared utter a word. My aunt’s head turned from my face to my mothers. The site must have been something of a shocker because she was still speechless.
“Casey,” my mom started to say, “Casey please, it’s not what you think. ” She clamored trying to pull herself from under me.

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“Nancy, what do you mean. Is that not your son’s cum on your tits? That’s not his limp cock hanging there?” Casey managed to spit out. I wasn’t sure of her tone. It was shock and maybe anger.
“Aunt Casey wait it was my fault,” I started to say.
“I’m sorry that I barged in on you two but I heard some delicious noises coming from in here and I wanted to see what I was missing. ” My aunt suddenly blurted out.
What I did I just hear? I thought. I must have done a double take because my head whipped from my aunt to my mother. My legs started to cramp so I had to move out of the position I was in. I rolled over on to the bed and almost passed out from exhaustion.
“Casey, what are you saying?” My mother said.
“Nancy there is nothing wrong with this,” Casey said as she sat on the bed next to me, “I get horny too and I wish I could get Lee to be my lover. There are too many hang ups when trying to date. ”
I just laid there in shock.


   My mom started to smile at her sister. I wasn’t sure what was happening but I liked it. My aunt was down for the love fest. My first thought was that I wasn’t going to jail and my next thought was that I wasn’t being thrown out. I closed my eyes and started to drift of to a happy place and time.
My mom got up to clean up and my aunt sat next to me talking. I could hear them talking about the day and up coming events. My mom laughed at something and my aunt replied that work was never going to be the same.
I didn’t remember anything after that. My body had taken me to a deep sleep.
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