Mother and Son


It had been ten years since he left me and Johnny.   I was only 19 at the time, single with a 4 year old son living in a trailer.   Since my husband left us to fend for ourselves, I’ve had to work odd jobs, often two at a time, and have no time for a social life.   I was finally able to afford a two bedroom apartment with one bathroom to share.   It was already ten years since I had sex.   I began masturbating on a nightly basis; I would smoke a joint sitting by my bedroom window, go to bed, and rub my vibrator on my clit until I came.   After an orgasm I would just pass out.
Johnny was now at the age of fourteen, already in the stage of curiosity and raging hormones.   He was in a phase where he was always curious about the woman’s body and watching girls getting fucked.   One night I woke up to the sounds of people in the middle of heavy sex panting and screaming.   It was really faint coming from Johnny’s room.   I sneaked over to his bedroom door and saw that his room was dark except for where his computer monitor was on his desk.   I watched him as he double clicked on a link on a free porn website and the video player popped open to play the clip.   It was a gangbang clip where a hot woman with big tits was letting four men fuck her.   Johnny let the movie repeat a few times as he jerked his dick.   Within seconds he shot his load into the tissue he was holding in his other hand.

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    This sight was shocking yet strangely arousing.   I just watched my son beat off to a porno.   I sneaked back into my bedroom and fucked myself with my vibrator.   I thought about my son’s cock shooting a load of cum into my cunt.
I was taking a bubble bath one day and Johnny came strolling into the bathroom to pee.   Years of sharing the same bathroom made it second nature to leave the door open.   We often used the bathroom while the other was present without giving it a second thought.   As he was peeing I leaned back against my bath pillow and pretended not to notice him glancing over at me.   The gentle waves of the bathwater soothed my tired body.   The lights were off and my candles were lit around the bathroom.   The room had a celestial glow, and my supple wet body soaked in the heat.   My nipples were covered in the soapy bubbles but my tits were exposed.   The bubbles slowly dripped down my soft double D cup tits, revealing my big pink nipples.   Johnny stood there a moment staring intently at my wet delicious breasts.   I heaved a heavy sigh lifting my tits out of the water to give him better view.

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“Mom, can I get in the tub with you?”
I opened my eyes startled, “Don’t you think you’re a little old to be bathing with me?”
 “I just wanna play around a little…in the bubbles,” his voice already crackling deeply.
“Okay, just be careful not to splash too much,” I giggled holding back a smile.   What?  Are you flirting with your son?! I scolded myself.
Johnny eased himself into the bathtub naked.   Oh god, look at his young body.   He looks so firm and he’s grown into such a stud.   I just couldn’t resist salivating at the sight of his young naked body.   To make room for him I had to sit up a little more showing off my big bouncing tits bobbing in the water.   He kept staring at them while pushing his fingers through the hot water around him.   Ripples floated quickly around us and then faded away.   I looked at him at a loss for words, when he suddenly reached forward and started to rub my tit gently with his fingers.
“Mom, you’re beautiful. . . ”  I could see his cock stirring in the water.

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    I watched it slowly harden as he fondled my tits.   I could see his wet pubes unleashing his dick out into the water.   Paralyzed for a few minutes, I just sat there in the tub letting my son feel my glorious tits.   He realized that his cock was hard and at its full length, so he started to reach for it .
“Here, let me do that for you. ”  I said in a sexy voice as I reached down to hold his hard dick.   I wrapped one hand around his thick rod and started to caress it softly.   He started to breathe heavily, so I slowly stroke his cock harder and faster in the water.   “Oh Johnny, this will be our secret.   My boy your cock has grown so big since you were a little boy.   That’s right, cum for your Mommy.   Come on sweetie. ”  There I was leaning forward, my big tits pushed forward against Johnny’s busy hands rubbing and pinching my nipples.   I pumped his thick cock with my left hand while I rubbed his balls with my right hand.   And with one deep groan, my son shot his load into the water.

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    It was the hottest thing I had ever seen.   While he sat there panting in satisfaction, I panicked and hurried out of the bathroom.   I was astonished by my actions, I had just jerked off my son in the bath tub.   It was so wrong, but it felt so right.   The sight of his seed spilling out of his cock into the soapy bath water was arousing.   My pussy felt creamy as I settled into bed.   When the bathroom was cleaned and I was ready for bed, Johnny was already in his bed asleep.
I smoked my joint in the darkness, lying in bed ignoring the closed window.   I tapped the end nervously into the ashtray.   With every tap a flash of the event moments before kept going through my mind.   I could still remember the look in his eyes.   The fire and passion that burned deeply underneath them; I could sense that this wasn’t the end of it.   Johnny wanted to fuck his Mother.   I felt the horniness in his hands when he groped me roughly in the tub.
Finishing off my high, I grabbed my vibrator out of my end table.

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    As it hummed steadily in my still pruned up hands, I began rubbing it against my clit.   My panties were off and my cunt dripped its juices onto the sheets.   “Oh yeah, Johnny,” I moaned loudly as I covered the vibrating rubber cock in my pussy juices and rubbed it vigorously against my clit.   My hips were gyrating against this vibrating cock.   I was so lost in the ecstasy that I never noticed Johnny slipping underneath the covers and into my bed.   “Oh God, oh yes!” I was cumming furiously onto this rubber cock, my legs were spread widely, and my body humped up against the blankets.   Suddenly, I started to feel him sucking on my tits.   He sucked on my nipples sending tingling sensations throughout my body.   I looked up into the darkness where I could faintly make out his face.   He was smiling as he massaged my tits, swiftly pushing my legs apart and moving his cock towards me.   Everything happened so quickly after I came; my cunt was throbbing, it was still sensitive and swollen after my climax.   I felt the head of his dick press up against my pussy lips ready to shove it’s way into me.
“No, Johnny, don’t!”  I protested in a dazed confusion, but I only pushed my legs farther apart.   His frame was already much larger than mine.   I have a small frame and I am petite at 5’4”, which emphasized the largeness of my breasts even more.

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    At the age of fourteen, he was already 4 inches taller and 30 pounds heavier than me.   He felt me submit to him, and he laughed aloud as he shoved his dick into me.   His thick long cock plunged into the tight walls of my sopping wet cunt.   “Oh Johnny…” I moaned softly as I felt him drive his dick deeper and harder inside of me.   My hips and body moved rhythmically against his thrusts as he fucked me grunting like an animal.   I could feel a surge of pleasure through my body as my juices flowed down to my ass and soaked the bed sheets.
“Mom, your pussy is so tight.   Oh, you feel so good,” he grunted as he pounded his cock into me.   My cunt hungrily slurped at his prick, and I writhed in pure ecstasy as my son pumped his thick meat into me ready to explode.   “Oh God!” he yelled as he forced a final deep thrust into my pussy.   I tightened my hole around his fat cock giving full resistance against his big throbbing member.   I could feel his dick pulsating as it blew streams of cum into my wet warm cunt.
Johnny laid back in exhaustion next to me.   I pushed the blankets back to get a better look at my son’s growing body.   His body was tan and sweaty, with obvious muscle tone in his upper body.

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    His pubic hair was matted down and his cock was slightly limp covered with my pussy juices and his cum dribbling out the head of his cock.   I rubbed my fingers around the head of his dick and traced its shaft until I reached his balls.   His cock was so beautiful.   Like I expected, his dick quickly hardened in my hands.   Johnny grabbed my vibrator from the sheets and turned it on high.   He brought it to my cunt and started to force the rubber cock into me.   “Suck my cock,” he growled at me impatiently.   I looked up at him as my mouth closed around his dick.   I could see the lust in his eyes as he rammed the vibrator in and out of my dripping wet pussy.   He was in a trance, and he only felt hornier for more fucking.   He fucked me furiously with the vibrator and I started to cum on the rubber cock.   Johnny just slipped it deeper and faster in and out of my cunt.   With his other hand he pushed my head farther down on his cock, I felt it hit the back of my throat and I gag.   “You’re such a whore. ” I heard him mutter as he fucked my mouth.

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    It was exciting--these words coming from the mouth of my son, whose dick I was sucking hungrily.   This made me feel like a dirty whore.   And it felt so good.
“I wanna fuck your tits now.   Lay on your back. ”  I took his direction and lay on my back propping my tits up with my arms at my sides.   Using my arms I pushed my tits together and watched him slide his cock between them.   As he titty-fucked me I reached forward and licked his cock every time it came close to my mouth.   “Yeah, suck my cock, you whore,” my son groaned as he kneeled over me.   I was moaning and panting at the sight of him fucking my tits with ease.   He grunted and pulled his cock back, and began to jerk his cock in quick hard strokes.   “Oooooh!” he yelled as he unloaded his cum onto my tits and face.   With his other hand he bounced my tits around as he aimed his cock at them.   He got off watching himself spray his cum all over my bouncing tits.   I rubbed his cum all over my tits and fingered myself as I watched him cum.

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    When he was finished I noticed that he was still big and hard.   My son was young and insatiable.
I was ready, waiting for him to order me around some more.   His dominance was quite exhilarating.   I sat up and watched him stand up and face the bed.   He stroked his cock and smiled, “I want to see you on your hands and knees in front of me, Mom. ”  So I bent forward and got on all fours positioning myself in front of him.   My round smooth ass stuck out at him as he traced his fingers around the lips of my glistening cunt.   It looked red and sore, all the more inviting to Johnny to fuck.   His raging hormones urged him to fuck me.   My pussy was aching to feel my son’s thick cock, big enough to stretch out my tight cunthole.   He grabbed a hold of my hips and started to fuck me.   As he pounded his thick rod into me I could hear the suction sound my pussy was making every time he pulled out.   I forced my ass out and backwards against his thrusting hips.   I couldn’t stop moaning every time he pounded his meat deeper and harder into me, “Yes, harder and faster, cum in my cunt,” I groaned loudly.

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    This made him even hotter.   He slowed his fucking periodically, but always rammed it hard into my pussy just to watch himself push in and pull out from between my juicy wet cuntlips.   He steadily stroked the length of his cock into my pussy, and started to rub my ass.   Johnny traced his fingers over my asshole and shoved a finger inside.   I gasped and tensed up my cunt around his cock as he finger-fucked my hole.   I could feel his spit drip from his mouth and onto my asshole.
His boldness startled me and I began to protest.   “Johnny--please!”
He smashed my face down into the pillows with one forward thrust of his body, and using his knees he pushed my legs apart.   “Please don’t, no one’s ever done that before!”
Johnny leaned over my body and whispered into my ear, “It’s okay, Mom, I’ll be gentle. ”  I felt him ease the head of his cock into my ass.   He pushed on into my tight ass, against the resistance.   He was panting at the walls of tightness closing around on his pulsing shaft.   My son’s cock felt rock hard tearing its way up my virgin ass.   Tears were streaming down my face and my head was throbbing from being high.   I was frightened at Johnny’s forcefulness.


    He put the full weight of his body on top of mine pinning me down.   I couldn’t struggle against him anymore; my body was tired and throbbing with both pain and ecstasy.   I became limp and submitted to his every move.   I could feel him thrusting his cock in and out of my ass.   “Oh God you’re SO tight!” my son screamed.   He pumped faster fucking me harder.
My body submitted to the pain and pleasure ripping through it.   I felt his hot breath on my neck, and heard him breathe, “I’m gonna cum in your ass!”  His hands groped for my tits as he slowly pushed his dick into me.   I spread myself as wide as I could and braced myself for his penis as it penetrated my tight virgin ass.   I cried a little more as I felt his pounding quicken and tear my asshole.   “Oh yeah…” he sighed as he heaved one last push into my ass.   I could feel his hard meat swelling and pumping his seed into my tight little ass.   Johnny rubbed his fingers around my cunt as his pulled his cock out.   His seed spilled out of my ass and onto the bed.   He pulled me over onto my back and forced my legs apart while he grabbed and sucked my tits some more.

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    He started to trace the juices from my cunt onto his index finger and over my clit.   Then he jammed three of his fingers into my cunt.   I moaned, powerless against the strength of his hardening cock.   “Just one more fuck, Mom, I want to cum inside your cunt again. ”
Johnny pushed my legs apart and drove his cock deep inside my swollen red pussy.   My cunt was so sore from being fucked by the rubber cock.   It felt so tender with his dick fucking me hard.   “Oh yeah cum in me!” I screamed.   Moaning and humping against his cock I started to rub my tits.   He pounded his meat into my cunt harder and faster grunting heavily.   I felt his mouth lick and suck greedily at my nipples.   I began cumming on his big member.   I felt the walls of my cunt tighten and release rapidly around his cock being driven in and out of me.   My juices dripped out and covered his dick and balls.   His slippery cock pump faster and harder into my cunt.

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    I was screaming in ecstasy as he fucked me deeply.
“Oh Mom!” he yelled as he thrust his prick inside me unloading his cum.   I felt his dick thicken in me pulsating with cum juice.   “Oh yeah, oh, oh,” he kept moaning as he slowly push his cock in and out.   I could feel my pussy juices and his cum dripping out of my cunt.   Johnny stopped and lay on top of me panting.   He grabbed a hole of my tit and closed his eyes with a smile on his face.   His dick was still swollen and inside of me.   I fell asleep with his cock still hard inside of me.   Our juices covered his cock and my cunt.   He slept in my bed for the night.   Sometime during the night I vaguely remember being spooned and awakened with his cock fucking my sticky pussy.
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