Mother pt 1


He was a regular 15 year old. He had friends, some he liked, and some he could do without. He liked girls, and he thought about fucking them. But there was always one that he wanted to take, his own mother. He thought about finger fucking her and licking her pussy, he thought about squeezing and licking hertits, he thought about fucking her from behind, coming in her pussy and takingher asshole, he thought about her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock, and he thought about blowing his load all over her face. He wanted to hearher moans of pleasure as she rode him, he wanted to hear her beg for his cock, he wanted to hear her satisfaction as she tasted his sweet teenage cum.
 This kid, he was really horny. He'd masturbate about 10 times a day, looking at his dads dirty magazines and watching his tapes when no one was home.
 "Shit" he thought, as some stud fucked some young slut silly as shescreamed with pleasure, yelling obceneties left and right. He didn't even haveto see the tape, he just heard the sounds and thought of himself fucking his very own mother.
 "Oh, God Mum, if only you knew. . !" he gasped as he reached his climax. "How badly I want to taste your juices! Fuck me mom! Beg for my cock you hornyslut!" He was breathing hard now. "Fuuuuuuuuuck yessss!" He let out an inaudiblecry of satisfaction as he blew his load all over his hand.
 He sat there for some time, recovering from his orgasm.

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   His cock was going limp now, but he just thought of rubbing his moms clit while licking hersopping wet cunt and his dick was hard again. Shit, did he want her badly, andhe decided that he would have her. He HAD to have her.
 "Moooooom!" He gasped as he blew another load into his boxers.
 He was trying to get to sleep now, but the picture of the pleasure onhis mom's face as he fucked her tight asshole to an orgasm kept him awake. Heneeded a plan to get to her pussy, to at least feel it. He needed a plan thatwould avoid confrontation and a plan that would guarantee sucess. He realised that a guaranteed fuck is beyond his reach, so he needed to do the next best thing.
 Various plans crossed his mind: He thought of her reaching for somethingin the cubbard as he reached under and around, one hand rubbing her pussy overher pants and the other molesting her breasts, coaxing her, pleasuring her, tofuck him. He thought about staying up late until she went to bed, then sneaking in. He'd get under the covers and reach under her night dress while she was asleep. He finally decided on the second idea, thinking that it would have theleast confrontation.
 There was only one problem: what if this idea didn't work? What would he do if she refused to let him have her? He decided that failure was not an option,he'd have her and that was final. Now all he needed was a date.
 It was the thursday before spring break.

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   He had practically a constant hardon for her now and he sure as hell needed releif. She had picked him and hisbrother up from his dads place at around five to go for supper at his grandparents. They had supper and socialized for a while, but no matter what he did, he could not get rid of the thought of his mom screaming his name as he fucked her every which way, so he decided to see if he could sleep over. Hisbrother phoned his dad and discussed the plans. Perfect! His brother was to stay at his dads while he had his moms house all to himself. It was decided, heHAD to do it tonight.
 It was around 1:24 am when his mom finally knocked off. He was downstairs on the computer, playing a game of Americas Army. His plan was forming in his mind now. He'd wait a couple hours for her to get good and asleep, then he'd sneak into her room and initiate the plan. He was really excited, and must've whacked off at least 5 times thinking of her steamy cunt.
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