Mother's new dress pt. 3


Topic: mother's new dress pt. 3
Mother’s New Dress
Chapter 3: Parking Garage
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I closed the car door and was proud of myself. I was still over sexed from planning this night and wanting to please my mother. I had already come once but it was too quick. I walked around the car and hit the switch of the egg, this made my mother jump one more time and I could see her cum right on the car seat. Dad wasn’t going to be happy.
We drove for a few minutes until we arrived at a parking garage downtown. It was in a very upscale part of downtown that many people hung out it at night. I grabbed the ticket and headed for the upper levels. It was about nine at night and the party on the street was in full swing. My mother looked exhausted sitting next to me. She was still wearing her long black dress and which off set her beautiful red hair. Her full bosom was barely held into her plunging top. She was the most beautiful woman I knew.

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   I had the black mail material on her still but I don’t think I would need it anymore. She was my cock whore. I often wondered if I would ever meet someone like her to marry.
My car traveled around in circles while I looked for a nice dark place to park. I found one that was perfect. The space sat between a minivan and an SUV. My car squeezed in just right. My mother placed a hand between her legs and started to gently rub her aching pussy.
“Son please let me have your cock. I need you deep inside me now. ” She was almost whining while rubbing her own pussy.
I reached into my pocket and shot her with the egg again. Her eyes rolled back and her long red hair fell to around her shoulders. She was cumming again. I could see the wave of excitement roll over her face, again and Again.

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   I reached up and cupped her breast. It was perfect in my hand. Most men love huge breasts but for me I always like them at just a right size. I loved my mother’s breasts. She was a handful not quite a D cup. I think she was a full C they call it. They were soft and firm. I loved to squeeze them.
I rubbed her breast as she closed her eyes and let me have my way with her body. I used my free hand to grab her face and kiss her. I slide my tongue into her mouth. I could still taste my own cum on her lips and in her mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair and kept kissing her. I found her nipple through the material and squeezed. She responded and kissed me even more passionately.

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   I slide my hand into her low v-neck and found her bare breast. I was so horny that I had to fuck my mother right then.
My mother reclined back as I climbed over the stick shift. She had one set of fingers in her mouth and the other in her panties rubbing her pussy lips. I could see that she wanted my cock so badly. Without pulling my pants down, I pulled my cock out and yanked her panties to the side. I entered her gapping pussy. I pushed the egg in deeper with my cock. My mother jumped again and hot cream ran over my cock. The egg was vibrating on full and I started pumping at her gapping hole. I could feel the vibration of the egg on my cock and it was driving me insane.
I grabbed the back of the seat to support myself with one hand and my mother’s breast with the other. I had braced my legs on the floorboards for leverage. My mom’s stocking covered legs were spread wide open to accept my every trust. Juicy sounds echoed in the car and the aroma sex was tantalizing.

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   I began to feel my manhood expand. I knew it was only a matter of time before I unloaded another batch of cum into my mother’s pussy.
My mother was bucking her hips to meet my every thrust. I could feel her lifting her ass off the seat and then dropping again. The rhythm made the car heave from side to side. The steam from our lovemaking was fogging up the windows and I was going to cum any second. My mother was trashing her head from side to side. With one last thrust, I push the egg in another half inch or so and shot my cum deep in her pussy.
I left my cock in my mother’s pussy. I could feel her muscles contracting and relaxing with every wave of pleasure. I lie on top of her and let my cock go limp just feeling the moment.
When I with drew my cock, I tried not to spill cum on my mother’s dress. I noticed that she had cum so much that it run down her ass and onto her dress. I guess I didn’t have to worry about spilling, I thought.
I rolled off my mother and lay in the drivers seat.

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   My cock was slick and wet from the mix of juices. My mother lay there in the passenger seat with the biggest smile on her face. “Wow! Son, you were great. Where did you get this vibrator from?” She was flying high.
“I saw it in a catalog and thought about your pussy. I wanted you to have a good time. I wanted to give you what dad never could. ”
“Your father doesn’t even look at me anymore. I am glad that you like fucking me. Do I satisfy you to son?”
“Mom, I couldn’t ask for a better lover. I would like to try something though. ”
“What is it?”
“I want to fuck your ass. ” I said with a lazy Sunday morning tone.
“You want what?” My mother was shocked. Her head snapped in my direction like someone yanked her cloud out from under her.

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“You have never been fucked in the ass before?” I said with a very big smile. I was going to be the first to fuck my mother in ass.
“Nope and I want it to stay that way. ”
“Mom you remember that video I have right? I think I could post it to babyboygraphics. com and make you famous. ”
She turned away and said nothing to me. I took this as a victory.
My mother looked tired, but the night was not over. I had one more plan for my mother tonight. I lay there in my seat to catch my breath. I closed my eyes and thought about the idea of fucking my mother’s virgin asshole. I could feel my cock starting to harden again.
“Mom we have one more stop tonight. ” I said while zipping my fly up.
“Really honey? Can’t we go home and have sex one more time before your father gets home?” She started to say.

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“I think you will like it mom. ” I said as I dismissed her.
With that I started the car and drove away. “Mom I have a surprise for you. I received an e-mail from my friend at babyboygraphics saying that Club Zero has dancing tonight and DJ Quick is going to be performing.
“I want to see you dance mom. ”
If we could have only seen what was going to happen when we arrived at the club later that night. This would change the relationship of our family.
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