Mrs. Parks and Her Daughter


After some days I realized, how lucky I could be to have my room on the right side of our house, because I had free view into Sarah’s bedroom and on the pool in the garden. So I could watch Mrs. Parks and jerk off whenever she was there. Due to the fact her husband wasn’t at home very often, Sarah was bored like hell, so it was just a small surprise, that one day a strange man came to visit Sarah. I knew that Megan was on holiday with her grandparents, so that Sarah was alone with that guy. It didn’t take long and I could watch both of them fucking around in the house. As fast as I could I grabbed my dig cam and filmed some scenes. I knew they would help me to fulfil my desires. I filmed how she sucked his huge cock and swallowed his loads. I had a really cool close-up of his shaft sliding deep into her tight asshole and when he pulled out she took it in her mouth again and he fucked her head like he did her ass before. That scene made me cum immediately, so I had to take a break and care about myself. When I was ready to take the next shot, I found them at the pool and now this guy licked Sarah’s pussy while she moaned from pleasure. As she came, she screamed so loud, that the whole neighbourhood must have heard this. It went on this way for the whole next day and I had several hours of finest porn material to confront her with. Two days later, her lover was gone and Megan at school, I went over to her house with a videotape in my hand and rang the doorbell. Sarah opened up, she was hot in her tight white tank top and some black hot pants.

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   “Hi ! I am Davey. ” I introduced myself. “Oh yeah, the Mitchell’s son. ”“Right, Davey Mitchell. Her… I have here something important, which you should see Mrs. Parks. ” I told her and showed the tape in my hand. “Then step in Davey. The VCR is right over there. ” she pointed over to the living room. So we went in and she took place while I turned on the TV to watch the video. I took a seat next to Sarah and pushed the play-button on the remote. She looked at the screen where you could see the close-up of a hard cock sliding out of an asshole. The camera follows it until some pink lips close around the shaft and then zooms out, so that Sarah could see, that it was her mouth taking the cock of her lover. “Oh my god.

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   Davey, why have you …” she asked me confused. “Just watch a little bit more, Sarah. Then I will tell you:”So she watched herself getting nailed in several positions on the screen, while I took the action and pulled out my cock, which was ready to have a good fuck. Sarah looked at it with shock in her eyes and asked me, what I am doing. “You know, it’s pretty simple. You just do what I tell you or I’ll show your husband this tape or one of the copies I’ve made. I think it is not hard to imagine, what I want. So, please get naked for me. ”I thought this slut would struggle more, but she did as I told her. After a short moment she was naked in front of me and I told her to get on her knees. My cock was pulsing in front of her face and I placed the tip at her lips. Sarah reluctantly opened them and I forced all of my 8 inch down her throat. With my hands I grabbed her head and began to fuck her sweet mouth as hard as I could. Tears were flowing down her face as she struggled for breath, while I kept my cock buried inside of her. Then I started to fuck her mouth again like a pussy and it didn’t take long for me to cum.

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   I pulled out and emptied my cock all over her face. My sperm hit her hair, eyes, and nose and dripped on her breasts. “What’s going on here ?!!” a silent voice said. I turned around and looked at Megan and my cock became instantly hard again. She stood there very unsure what to do next and looked at her mom’s face which was creamed with my juices. Then she looked into my eyes, which seemed to ask me, what the hell happens here. “Your mom made a mistake and now I punish her for that, Megan. You also made a mistake by dropping in at this special moment and so you will have to take the consequences. ” I told her. I couldn’t believe that this happened to me. I walked over to Megan, who didn’t dare to move, reached under her short skirt and ripped off her panties. Then I stepped behind her, my dick touched her butt and my hands explored her pussy. “Stop it !” shouted Sarah. “Shut up, slut! Or you daughter’s ass will be ripped by my cock. ”Now both of them were crying.

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   I pushed one finger in her tight little asshole to underline my words and let her moan. Then I rubbed this finger on her lips and Megan tried to turn away with disgust, I just smiled. “Megan, be a good little girl and clean your mother with your tongue, but don’t dare to swallow or spit it out, keep it in your sweet mouth, or your mom will suffer. You understand?”Megan nodded. She walks over to Sarah and begins to slurp my sperm off her skin. I watched her little tongue working on Sarah’s face. Her lips glistened from semen and in her pale blue eyes I could see her disgust. The best moment was, when Megan licked the juices from her mom’s nipples. When she finished her job, her little mouth was all filled with thick, white sperm. “Now swallow it all. “ I ordered her. Megan’s eyes widened and with two gulps she drank my sperm. “Good job, Megan, now listen carefully, you too, Sarah, from now on, you will do, whatever I wish. Otherwise Mr. Parks will get to see the tape of Sarah fucking this other guy and you know that this would mean to get divorced and to leave behind your rich lifestyle you now have.

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   Did every one of you understand ?” Both nodded quickly. “Fine. Megan, now I’ll rape your mom’s ass and afterwards you will clean my cock, okay? “ Megan didn’t do anything. “ I take this as a yes. ”I forced Sarah on all fours, so that she looked right into her daughters face, stepped behind her and placed my cock at her entrance. I smiled at Megan and pushed in. Her mother screamed out. “AAAAHHHWWW !! Stop that. Please pull it out!!”“Oooh you fucking bitch, shut up. ” I answered and fucked her harder. Her body was shaking heavily while I pumped her ass with all my strength. I wanted her to suffer real bad in front of her child. “Megan, come here and watch my cock sliding in and out of your mom’s ass. ”Slowly she came to me. I grabbed her by the hair and forced my tongue between her lips.

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   With the other hand I pulled on Sarah’s hair, which made her scream even louder. After a while I slid my dick out and Sarah fell exhausted on the floor breathing heavily. I got up and rammed my penis into Megan’s mouth. Though it was very small I managed it to bury all my 8inches in her. For a short moment I stayed this way and then I shot my cum right into the little girl’s stomach. As I pulled out she also fell on the floor crying and shaking. I looked at the two bitches and laughed out loud. “ Tomorrow I will be back, girls. I want you two to await me in the sexiest dresses you have to offer. Hope you understand me. ” I told them and left their house. .