Mum's drunk


Sneaking into the house at 2am, I waited at the door and listened to see if my mum was still up. It was a Friday night so it was unlikely.  
My mum was a social alcoholic, she would drink once a week but when she did drink, she usually returned home wrecked.  
After a few seconds I finally realised that either she had found a man for the night and hadn’t returned home. Sneaking upstairs I stopped listening to my mum’s TV. She was indeed home, and probably keeping the neighbours up if the volume was anything to go by.  
A twist of her room handle and I pushed the door quietly as her TV came into view, twisting my head slowly round the door, I stood mesmerised for a few seconds watching my mum flat on her back on top of the covers.  
I stood watching the sight that lay before me, my mum’s feet were flat on the bed as she lay with her legs spread wide giving me a wonderful view of her red panties that she was wearing. The greatest sight was the fact that through the material of her panties I could see the outline of her thin lips pressing against the material.  
“Mum, are you asleep” I whispered watching to see any sort of movement.  
“Mum, get under the covers” I whispered realising that she was out cold.  
I should have known that if history was anything to go with she was totally out of it.  
My mum started drinking months after my third dad left her, my mum was a beautiful woman but from what I knew first hand she was hard to live with.  
She worked as a manager for a large firm; she was very motivated, very organised, and extremely competitive. Something that most of her partners couldn’t handle.  
My third dad had taken enough and finally decided to leave; he had only been with my mum for about two years.

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   Then before I knew where I was, she was going out on a Saturday night hoping to meet Mr Right.  
It didn’t take long before she was coming in wrecked, yet much to my surprise the following morning she could remember nothing about the night before, usually the early memories stayed intact but after a certain point she knew nothing.  
Creeping over to the bed I sat gently on the edge of the bed and looked up at her face. For 34, she was still a good looking woman. Every six weeks she got her hair dyed blonde, and had soft curls added, giving her that slightly innocent look.  
My eyes rolled down to her medium sized breasts hidden by a tight red top and red bra leaving just a little of her thin stomach visible.  
Mum had worn a short black skirt, not mini, but not far off it with a thick black belt.  
She had even put on black tights earlier, but somewhere along the night she had managed to lose them.  
Finally my eyes sunk down to her red panties looking at the thin small groove that lay between the gusset of her panties.  
“Fuck what a sight” I thought staring intently at her pussy through her panties watching a few black hairs sneaking out of the side of her panties.  
My good sized cock was hard in seconds as I brushed my hand over my trousers enjoying each brush of my hand as my eyes stayed fixed on her pussy.  
I wanted to touch her panties; I wanted to stroke myself to climax beside her. I really wanted to climb on top of her and fuck her.  
I guess I must have sat there for about a minute then decided to take my fate into my hands.  
Nervously pushing my hand forward I stopped my fingers just short of her panties giving it one final thought then ever so slowly and gently I grabbed at  the side of her gusset I pulled gently watching more black hairs come into view.

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“Oh fuck” I whispered ever so quietly then shifted my head to the side finally looking into the space I had created.  
My cock was now solid, my eyes fixed on her pink lips that peaked out between her slit, the lips weren’t really big but they seemed very pronounced.  
I guess I must have sat and watched for about a minute then slowly let her panties fall back into place then headed over and turned off the TV before racing to my room and masturbating to the thought of fucking her.  
The following morning I woke realising that if she wasn’t asleep, I was really in the shit. An hour later my mum appeared downstairs complaining of a headache then headed to the kitchen to devour pain killers.  
The rest of the day I waited, yet nothing was said. The following week I sat waiting for her to come home. Watching her stumble in the door then head up to the toilet.  
An hour later I headed up to bed making a stop at her room door listening to her TV, although this time she must have found the volume control and managed to keep the TV set at a decent volume.  
After a few minutes of sitting on her bed looking through the side of her panties, I finally decided to push my luck further and slip a finger inside the gusset and touch her tender lips gently.  
A minute of touching her pussy gently and I was ready to explode. Jumping to my feet I headed to my room and finished myself off.  
For the next three weeks the same thing happened every weekend, Mum would come home; I would touch her pussy gently then head to my room to relieve my frustrations.  
Yet as each week that went by the more obsessed I became about sliding open her lips and actually getting to see her fuck hole in all its glory. I was 16, and horny.

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   It was one thing to have a quick peek, but could I really part her lips and get a good look without her realising.  
Little did I realise that the following week, my dreams would be answered.  
As usual I headed up to her room an hour after she had finally made it to her bed, turning the door handle, I stepped into her room slowly realising that mum had finally decided to make a break with tradition.  
Mum had some how managed to get her clothes off and slip into a short nightie. I stood mesmerised looking at her thin long legs watching the nightie just cover her ass as she lay with her back to me.  
Sitting on the bed for about a minute, I finally decided to lift her nightie ever so gently watching as her bare bum came into view.  
My cock hardened instantly as I looked at her petite bum and the bottom of her pussy. It was like a dream. After about 30 seconds of staring and masturbating under my trousers I finally decided that I had to have a touch.  
Slipping my fingers slowly forward, I stopped finally resting them gently on the thin bit of visible pussy just in front of her bum.  
I must have been sitting there gently tickling her lips for little more than ten seconds when mum started to moan.  
I shit myself, had I woken her up, she would fucking kill me. I lifted myself from the bed as quickly and as softly as possible then watched as she rolled gently onto her back, then as if an after thought pulling her knees up until her feet were resting on the bed.  
I stood watching the most amazing sight; mum never shaved and had a thick black patch of hair covering her pussy. This was the first pussy I had seen in real life.

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   I was fascinated.  
I sat staring for about 30 seconds then decided that I wanted to know what it felt like properly.  
Throwing all caution to the wind, I slipped my fingers over to her hot pussy and laid them gently at the top of her lips. About 10 seconds of holding my fingers still against her lips and I finally decided to go for it.  
Ever so slowly I began to slide my finger gently up and down her warm lips, it didn’t take me long before I realised that her lips were slightly damp. Yet before I knew it my index finger without any pressure slid gently between her lips as I realised that she wasn’t damp, she was actually wet.  
I sat enjoying the dampness around my finger as I moved it marginally up and down inside her lips. Then decided to get bolder and try and find her clit.  
Sliding my finger up and down a few times, I finally felt something hard it wasn’t very large, it felt like a small hard spot but much to my delight and fear, the first time I touched it, mum let out a little moan.  
I must have sat there with my finger next to her clit for about 30 seconds fearing that she would waken up and murder me. She didn’t.  
Another touch, another moan. Then suddenly I realised that my mum was probably like me. The number of mornings I had woken up with my boxer shorts full of cum. I could barely remember having an erotic dream, but the evidence in my shorts told me that I must have had one.

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Slowly pulling my legs up onto the bed I sat cross legged beside her, then slipped my other hand over and pressed gently at her wet red lips with another finger feeling her lips part then take my finger inside her lips.  
My tool was now solid and my hormones were raging. I wanted to see what my finger was touching. Slowly and ever so gently my finger and thumb moved into position then one final look at her sleeping innocent face, I prized my finger and thumb apart.  
I couldn’t have positioned my fingers any better, as I parted her lips watching the sticky fluid between her lips shine with the dim light, my eyes finally fixed on the hard spot that I had been pressing.  
“Oh fuck” I hissed quietly guiding my finger back then pressing lightly as my mum let out another soft moan.  
For the next minute or so, I sat fixated on my finger as I slowly pressed her little red button listening to her moan gently. I sat in a daze watching her beautiful pussy. I wanted to lick her, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to lie on top and feel my cock slide into her.  
I sat there playing with her clit listening to her moan gently, little did I realise that the more I got excited the quicker my finger moved over the little red button.  
It wasn’t long before my mum’s moans were almost every second, I looked down then realised that my finger was indeed quicker than it probably should be.  
The problem was, I was engulfed in the magic of touching a woman, I hadn’t even thought of the consequences of my actions. Suddenly about a minute later I was about to realise the consequences.  
By now my mum’s breathing was really quick her hips were moving gently with each press and her knees were swaying slightly. Suddenly without warning my mum shut her legs tight locking my fingers between her legs as the fear washed over my body.

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Mum let out a massive groan as I watched her body shake on the bed for a few seconds then suddenly relax feeling her legs open slightly allowing me to slip my fingers out as I scampered from her room and sat on my bed sniffing wildly at my fingers before thrusting them into my desperate mouth, finally tasting her delicate juices.  
Within a minute, I was tugging like mad at my now desperate cock then suddenly let out a groan as I shot my load straight into my waiting hand.  
The following morning I stood in the kitchen slowly stirring a warm cup of coffee, thinking about what had happened the night before as I listened to my mum head down the stairs.  
“Morning” mum said for once she actually sounded really chirpy. Mum opened the fridge grabbing a cartoon of juice then taking a few gulps of it before placing it back into the fridge.  
I turned my back waiting for the backlash, then watched my mum put her hands on the work surface either side of me pinning me in.  
“Did you sleep well last night” mum asked as I stood nodding.  
“You know I had a wonderful sleep last night” she said as I stared at my cup watching the coffee spin gently.  
Next thing I knew mum placed a gentle kiss on the back of my neck then pulled back.  
“Can I ask you to do me a little favour” mum said quietly as I nodded wondering what the hell she was on about.  
Leaning into my ear as I felt her breath on my ear.  
“Next time I’m drunk, use your tongue, I’ll make it worth your while” Mum whispered as I turned and watched her grin then walk away humming happily.  
I stood in shock, unable to say anything. She knew, how did she know? 
For the rest of the morning I sat wondering if I should mention it. I didn’t want to but I had to.


That night I sat watching the TV with mum as I looked over at her watching her looking at me and smiling.  
“Mum, how…?” I stopped unable to ask the rest.  
Mum gave me a grin then decided to confess that she woke half way through as my finger slowly worked her. She admitted that she hadn’t been touched by a man in almost a year. When she finally realised that it was me that was touching her she was enjoying it so much that she didn’t care.  
“You know, I lay there hoping you would stay until I had an orgasm” she smiled then nodded “and you did”.  
“What did you mean about using my tongue” I asked nervously.  
“Well I guess the next time you do it, if you use your mouth on me, then I probably wouldn’t have any objection if after I was finished, if you asked me to return the favour” Mum said with a grin as I sat in shock watching her lift herself and head through to the kitchen and wash her cup.  
Friday couldn’t come quick enough!
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