My Aunt halloween surprise


Topic: page 1Every year my grandmother has her annual halloween party, and every year the whole family comes around from all over to celebrate her special day. My aunt Minnie and my Uncle Ted who live with my grandmother alwsy go way out with thier costumes. Last year My aunt was a eygtpian princess while my uncle was a crusader. and every year My aunt costume seem to get more Revealing and more exotic.
Now my Aunt is 36, tan skin and Blonde hair, she constantly works out giving her a tone stomach and a hard shape ass, her thighs lead down to her long strong legs. she has strong arms and 38C cup size,, i have always dream what those amazing breat look like, when i hit the age of 15 my attraction to my aunt increase, i would always glimpse over to her when she bent down. or when she wore low cut shirts my eyes would somone be drawn to her amazing cleavage hopping that her breast would maybe slip out so i could see her nipples. I remeber one time she bent over revealing her tribal tatoo and her pink g-string, im almost exploded in my pants.
Oh i almost forgot my name is Hunter i just turn 18 and i knew this Halloween party was going to be intresting, usually i would just blow it off and where something normal, not in the Halloween spirit mood, however this year i went shopping with my aunt Minnie, hopping i cauld get an early sneak peek at this year costume, We Went to Party City and right away she knew exactly what she was going to be, my heart stopped when she came out of the my dick sprung right up, she was wearing a Xena warrior princess costume, you could tell the costume was a tad small due to the face her chest was pratically coming out of it, she spun around "so What you think?, im a warrior princess" she said with a smile. Trying to collect my words and to relive my mind of my enormous hard on i stutter out " HAHA yeah you are, and let me guess uncle ed is Hercules", "oh you bet he is" she replied witha  kinky smile. God i wsh my i was my uncle, i envy that man so much, she turn around and headed back to the dressing room, when she dropped her sword, not remember that i had no underwear on and a huge hard on i got up to pick up the sword, it wasnt until aunt eyes came in driect contat of my enlage prick when i realize that my hard on was quite visible. In a panic i fell to the floor and pick up the sword handing it to her. begging and praying she didnt see it "thanks Hunter why dont you go find a costume, and ill meet you at the register" she replied. . embarrsed as hell i nodded in approval, and walk away. All i could think about was did she see my hard on? why didnt she say anything? is she going to mention something to my mother? i decided to just get a superman costume, and hurried quickly to the register, My Aunt and I left, she dropped me off at home saying "ill see you tonight" i nodded in approval and hurried quick inside for a shower and little alone time with my dick.

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I put on the costume, it stuck to me quite well, showing off my nice 8 pack abss and my well matain pyshique, Superman has alwasy been a favorite of mine, i posed in the mirror, "Oh yeah i could so take Hercules, not only in a fight but in the bed" i said to msyelf noticing the buldge in my pants that seem to get bigger at the thought of my aunt in her warrior princess costume, my thought where soon killed at the sound of my mother voice "areyou ready yet" i quickly did my hair and headed out the door.
We arrived at my grandmother house around, the drive way and half the side way was packed with famliy and friends cars, inside you could see differnt costume and people dancing around, my eyes spoted my aunt, she looked amazing i could feel my dick begin to get hard, I walked in said ehlloe to everyone, encluding my aunt. i could barley keep my eyes level with hers, i kisssed her on the cheek, giving her a hug, she grabbed my ass "wow tights do fit on you boy" she said with seductive smile, immedtly i swung my cape around me to hide my now fully erect 8 inch dick that was confined to the prision of this cosutme. "No t so bad looking yourself Xena" i replied joking around. "you owe me a dance dont you forget" she rpelied moving off into the crowd of people. Yeah sure ill dance with ya but not the way you think i thought in the back of my head.
As the party moved on my family members conitue to drink, i couldnt keep my eyes off of my aunt. i notice that she wasnt drinking, which is unusal for her, considering her and my uncle are usually the first one of the floor drnking and the last ones off. Each time i saw my uncle and her talk my heart went in my chest, afriad she would mention to him what happend at the party store, or maybe she didnt see, but the way that leather outfit, stuck to her body made dsitracted me from my worries, i decided to go upstairs and try to take control oh my feelings, and maybe let of a whack to ease the tension. Now my grandmother house is seprated into to parts the downstaris and the half the living room is my aunts and uncle and the rest is my grandmother and grandfathers. Nobody ever uses the upstairs bathroom for partys due to the fact that my aunts is so much closer, so i knew i wouldnt be interuppted.
I walked in my grandmother bathroom and undid the my belt buckle and slide down the lower half of my costume, relaseing my dick from its prision, the head of it was puprle and still bulging out i began to stroke it hard saying out loud "Oh yes Aunt Minnie, i bet my uncle dick isnt as big as mine". . there was a moment of silence then from behind me a voice came, my heart stopped cold, my hands fell to my side "Your right he isnt as big, nor does he have such a qucik hard on by just starring at my chest" replied my aunt, i slowly turned around, my face bright red with my 8 inch dick hanging out. "i didnt think.

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  . " she put her hand in the air, walking over to me she leaned forward, this time my eyes stayed level with hers she whipser in my ear. "pick up ur pants and follow me superman. " she replied with a kinky smiled following her tongues wettin her upper lip. Frozen in ecstacy and fear i did as i was told, her grabbed my hand and lead me to my grandmother room, closing and locking the door, i stood at the edge of the bed scared but yet erroused question what was going to happen next.
"relax Hunter if i wanted to tell i would of told your mother about the incident at the party store" " so you did see" i replied cautiously, "yes i did, you werent the only one who got erroused, my pussy was so wet afterwards" she replied. I couldnt belive what i was hearing, my aunt who i have known all my life just told me that her pussy had gotten wet after seein my hard on, my heart raced, and i could feel my dick hardening up for the third time this night. " i just got one question for ya" she aked i nodded my head in approval, my brain was no longer functional for process words. "If i fuck you, you have to promise not to tell your mother or your uncle, and that when i need a good fuck, you will agree willing, even if you have a girl friend" she asked moving slowly towards me. At that moment my heart stopped, brain went dead. all i could do was nod in approval. My aunt laugh and walked over to me pressing her lips agaisnt mine, her tongue swam around my mouth as mine did to hers, she kiss me with such fire, and passion, she pushed me back and slowly kissed down my chest and unbuclking my belt and sliding off my red boots and lower part of my costume, i then ripped off the upper part not giving a damn if i was going to ruin the costume, i mean i was about to be fucked by my aunt i could care less.
So there i stood in my superman boxers, my aunt ran her fingers up and down my chest " wow you got a nice body, nicer then your uncles" her touch made my dick grow bigger, the boxers where begining to hurt, she slowly kissed down my chest once more, then she slipped down my boxers letting my dick free, she stared at it for a moment i could see she was getting arroused too, she stuck her hand down between her legs "Oh my god im so wet, and oh my god this has to be the biggest dick i have ever seen, your uncles isnt even that big" she replied. A smile came over my face to know i was bigger then my uncle, my aunt kissed to the head of my dick, my body shutterd, i almost came right there, she lick the precum that was oozing out, she then slowly took my 8 inch dick into her warm hot mouth, it felt so good, i could barley stand, i let out a groan when she began to rock her head back in forth, she stop sucking my dick and began to suck on my balls while stroking my dick hard, i was going to cum anyminute "im gonna cum soon" i screamed she smiled "not yet" she went back to sucking on my dick but alot harder and faster i let out a loud moan as i exploaded in her mouth, she looked up opening her mouth revealing that she had swollowed it all "mhm you taste better then your uncle" I could barley move, she bent down and kissed my dick once more, Well i made you happy how about you return the favor she replied
She layed down on my granmdother bed, unzipping her costume, and letting it fall to the floor, My eyes where amazing at my aunt body, her nipple where so hard, my eyes gazed at her amazing 6 pack of a stomach and finally my eyes made contact with her swollen shaved pussy lips i began sucking on her hard nipples, making her moan, i slowly kiss down her stomch i could smell her pussy so clearer, i began to lick her swollen pussy lips, my aunt grabbed and pinch at her nipples "oh yes hunter like that god like that" i smiled, she tasted so good i began to slide my tonuge in and out of her pussy, "oh yes fuck me with your tongue" she moan, i slide my two fingers in she was so wet i contunied to slide my fingers in and out while sucking on her clit, i could feel she was close to cumming "dont stop Hunter dont you dare fucking stop" i slid a third finger in, sucking hard on her clit, she arched her bach thrusting her pussy into my mouth, her pussy gripped my fingers, her body shutter as she came right in my mouth, i couldnt belive i had made my aunt reach an orgasm, i sucked up all the jusice and leaned over kissing her hard on the lips "mhm i do taste so good dont i" i nodded my head, still moving my fingers in and out, she moan louldy "oh my, alright hunter show me how super you are, and fuck me" she screamed
she got up and began to suck my dick making me hard instanly she then got up and pushed me do to the bed, "oh im gonna ride you like your never been ridden before" she replied smiling, she climb up on top of me and grabbin my dick slowly slidding it into her wet pussy, "Oh My  GOd" she screamed, my aunt was so wet and so tight i could feel the walls of her pussy clamp onto my dick, she began to move her hips up and down i let out a loud moan, "how you like that" she smiled and i began to lick and suck on her nipples, causeing her to move her hips faster and faster, "im gonna cum, im gonna cum" she screamed, she stopped moving her hips i grabbed hold of her tight ass and began to move my hips thrusting my dick deep into her pussy "dont stop im gonna cum" she screamed as i quickin my paced, soon enough her pussy clamp my dick follwoed by her cumming all over my dick. she smiled "WOw that was.

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  . " but before she could finish that sentence i stood up,wrapped my arms around her  and sat down in my grandmother arm chair, "oh i see somone wants a little more" she asked "you bet i do" i replied
She began to thrust her thigh and ass in and out, her pussy was sore but so wet, she couldnt deny me, she knew i make her reach another orgasm, she move her hips back and forth, i grabb her ass hard "come on fuck me" i scmread, her breast moving in and out of my face, god was she wet, i couldnt belive this night, this truly was a speical night, i grabbed her ass and stood up she wrapped her legs around my ass and conitnue to move up and down my dick, i place her on the bed, "let me show you why they say im faster then a speeding bullet" i said with a grin, i began to move my hips faster and faster in and out of her pussy, her hot juices covered my dick as i felt her body shutter ready for her third orgasm, she didnt even havet o say anything, i fucked her psusy faster and harder, until she came again she could balrley speak, i took my dick out of her pussy, as my aunt got her knees
"Mhm that smells and looks so good" she took my dick into her mouth i could feel the back of her throat, i moan "oh god im gonna cum soon" i grabbed her hair and began to fuck her face, making her taste her pussy, "how does your pussy taste aunt minnie?" she couldnt respond, too busy from gagging on my huge dick, "oh my god im gonna cum, i stopped fucking her face as she sucked on she could feel the tighting of my balls i exploaded in her mouth, for the second time that night, letting out a sigh of relief, i couldnt belive it i made my aunt cum three times and she made me cum twice, she got up kissed me once more "Happy halloween Hunter. " she smiled grabbing her costume and walked into the bathroom,
i layed out on my grandma's bed, lost in what an amzing fuck that had been, there was a knock on the door, and i didnt realize that my aunt had unlocked it, i look up to see my hot 18 old cuzin, stading in the door way, in what i guess was a skanky police uniform"oh i hope you have enough for one more roung for you cuzin" she smiled sticking out her tongue ring, and holding a pair of cuffs up i looked to my left to see my superman costume, "well i did come dressed up as superman"
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