My aunty plays torment.


When I say torment,what I mean is she turned this thing around. (Turned the tables on me)

What happened was,being a young teen,I'd developed a crush on my maternal aunt. She only had daughters,so may well have not realised. I now spent much of my time at her house. Yeah,we were very compatible she'd told me,where as her two daughters always seemed to be challenging her,this forty something widow. So she tended to use my ear as a pressure relief valve for the stress they were giving her.

I'd even got to staying over which suited my crush, fine. Now always rising bright and early,my sights were set on getting a peak at my aunts interesting sexual attributes. Up till now I hadn't had much luck,but this morning was different. I'd stealthily passed my aunts bedroom and the door was closed - still in bed I guess! - dratting my bad luck, I crept silently downstairs and grabbed some milk,gulping it down my throat and back up,hoping to see a change in the situation.

I was in luck,as I climbed the stairs a flitting glimpse of my aunts thighs crossed my vision as she scurried back to her room - That was at least up to her bum I thought, as my cock stiffened. I passed her partly open door only to get a glimpse of her lifting her nightdress up and over her head. Bravely I hung there realising with her head lost in the ruffles of the nightdress I may even get a look at her pussy. No such luck,she had her pants still on,but those tits I had only dreamed of popped down from the raised garment and bounced on her chest with full plump nipples stiffly and slightly upturned.

My pants were sticking forward as the hardon in them had made it happen. There they were,my dream vision,her tits all naked.

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   Guiltily I hide as I thought behind the partly open door and doorjam. On seeing her tits in mirror image - now reflected in the dressing table mirror - I was enwrapped in my dreams as my aunt started to cover these beauties with her bra' - Then it happened,as I watched the bra' action stopped and her back was now showing with her tits (the real vision) headed straight towards me.

What a stupid asshole; I hadn't thought of it but if I could see my aunt in her mirror,she could see me looking. I froze as she faced me - I was dead! NO! She had a devilish smile on her face - "Dirty little toad,looking at me as I dress!" - the door closed on me. Still rooted to the spot,my mind stood still with the fact that not only had her naked tits been no more than an arms reach from me,my eyes had registered a very dark shadow under those nylon - I think it was nylon! - panty's. Christ! That was her bush,I'd seen her fucking bush!

Dizzily I headed down and out her back. What now I thought as her dog wagged his tail,happy to see me. Dropping his ball for me to throw for him,my mind went to my now deminished hard on. Fuck had she seen me sticking out like I was,if she had what did she think? I'm in deep shit here!Surprisingly,aunt all chirpy after I built up my courage to face her. She was intent on doing us breakfast, "Hey,egg, bacon,fried bread okay adding,I'll need to keep up your strength don't you reckon?"

That knowing look said it all - I didn't know it at that moment but this was the point the tables were turned on me - Blushing profusely,I had no answer. . . Just to digress: I was a quiet shy type,not a jack-the-lad (Get your knickers down darling) type teen. So having been caught,I at this moment was completely out of my depth. - "I figured out where this morning came from! She said.

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   - My smutty paper and I can guess even ,which snippet gave you the idea" - This is murder,my aunts revelling in seeing me squirm. - "Don't get me wrong Mel' - Me Melvin - I found it rather flattering, A young lad just in his teens wanting to see the sexual attributes of what must seem to you a right old biddy"

As I sat opposite her,my mind was saying - tell her,go on,let her know you find her sexy and you love her. - It didn't happen as I searched relentlessly to find a subject to change this conversation. - "Course,I realise what you're thinking,I have trouble with those thougths as well. Waste of time trying to talk it too those daughters of mine. . . to self centred those two. Course with you its different. Not having son's I'm as much in the dark about their teen thoughts as probably you are about your aunts" - I found myself drawn to looking at her tits. I wonder,did she after all put that bra' on? those nipples look far too prominent to be covered by anything other than that silky blouse.

Guiltily I felt myself getting hard,try as I may,I couldn't not look at the damn things especially now she was moving around in front of me making them wobble. - No she was, still sat eating but every movement seemed to be making them tremble! - My mind crashed back to reality. - "Course,it was that woman and son thing wasn't it?" - That broke my eyes off her tits. A devilish smile again.

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   I looked in her face, - "It was, - you read it and thought about me and you you randy young begger!"

I knew I was trapped,but would never admit it, - This mother had had fun leading to sex with her son and they said it was all to do with her state of mind being that she was a widow. There was some palaver that they understood and slapped her wrist and that was that! - Aunt went on. Thing is,never, as I said having had teenage son's I'm surprised if the. . . well you know if it would do anything for her!" - I while being shocked at how straight forward she'd spoken,was equally indignant that she felt a teen cock wouldn't be enough to work sexually. - I was very proud of my five-and-a-half inch penis. Well for my young age that is! - It was longer and thicker than my mates anyway.

Chuckling now. - "Bet you don't wonder about that tho'? bet you'd like to find out and all" - She stood and poured another cup of tea for herself. - "I better finish this conversation,its doing things to me" - Finding my voice I blurted out, - "Me too" - jumped to my feet and headed out to the dog. - In my ears was her last sentence - "And it shows!" - I knew exactly what she meant, - My cock was rampant and sticking out its full length like a fucking tent. My face was on fire as in straightening it up my belly, my aunt was gloating thro' the window. My face now needed a fire crew to cool it off! She'd now actually seen me touching my hardon.

There's no way I can stay over again tonight,can I? What if?? My mind discarded my aunt's baiting.

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   I'd show her whether a teen penis could work in an old woman,just give me a chance aunt Olive,I'll show you it will!

More to follow. .