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After we cleaned the kitchen and rested for an hour, we all walked into my parents bedroom. My mom told us, "Now we can have some real fun. " As she said this, she pulled out a 9 inch double sided dildo and a strap-on.   She put the strap-on on and said, "Mallory, come over her  and ride my cock. " I crawled on all fours over to her, then stood up and positioned myself over the pink tip. I slowly lowered myself until I impaled my self on it. It wasn't much bigger than Mason's cock, but it felt so good. As I was ridding my mom, she motioned to Mason to get behind me. She held me down as Mason spread my butt cheeks and put the tip of his dick at the entrance to my anus. He rammed it in so fast it felt like a jackhammer going in. He was about to pull out and ram it in again, but my mom said, "Wait a second. Let her get used to being double pentrated. " So we waited with my mom in my pussy and my brother in my ass. After a minute, I told then, "I'm ready to go. " So they both pulled out and them nodded to each other. They both rammed their cocks in both my holes at the same time.

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   I was in heaven as they slowly increased their rythem to match each other. On the third pump from Mason, I could feel my orgasm slowly building up. By the fifth pump, I exploded all over my mom. She said, " Stop. Clean me up now. " So Mason and I moved around to each side and slowly started licking up all of my cum. Then my mom said, "Since Mallory is the only one thats had an orgasm, shes going to eat me out and give Mason a blowjob. Start with Mason so I can taste him in my mouth. " So I start off deep throating him, and almost completely pull my mouth off his cock, but right when I'm about to reach the end, I go back down. I contuinue this motion till he says, "I'm about to cum!" My mom says, " Switch to my mouth Mason. " So he gets up and starts mouth fucking her. He cums quickly enough and my mom swallows it all. Then she says, "My turn. " So I move down and start slowly sucking on her clit. She starts moaning, so I start sticking my tongue in as far as I could.

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   This leads to her squirting her sweet juice all over my face. She tells Mason, "Go clean off her face. " As he cleans my face, she gets the double sided dildo and slowly inserts it into her still dripping cunt. When Mason finishes, she tells me to spread my legs and get ready. She walks over with the dildo still in, and positions the other end at my entrance. She slowly inserts the end and only stops when she reaches my womb. Then she says, "Now we move like a seesaw. So she moves out, and I move in. We switch, and keep the motion going. After about 10 minutes of this, I feel another orgasm comming on, and inform my mom of thi. She says, "Keep it up a little longer honey. We'll cum together. " As she says this, we both have the biggest orgasm either of us has ever had at the same time. My mom says, "That was fun. Now you two have to rest, while I go get a surprise.

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  " So she walks to the car and leaves, and Mason and I fall asleep in each other's arms.
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