My brother and his two friends


Our parents had left around about 7 that morning to visit some friends and although the temptation to lie in bed all morning whispered to me, I really wanted to start on my tan. Three hours later I forced myself to slip out of bed and went downstairs to get a glass of orange juice. Since there was just me and my 16 year old brother in the house I didn’t put anything over the top of my halter top and baby blue string bikini panties. My name is Nikki; I was 14 at the time and it had been two weeks since I let myself be gangbanged by my brother and his friends. The delicious memory of it still resided with me and as I sipped my OJ, I reached up and through the thin cotton top gently teased my left nipple. I looked out through the patio doors at the sparkling blue pool and saw that the sun’s rays were just coming onto my favorite sunbathing area. I like that spot because none of the neighbors can see me there. I also prefer not to have tan lines…I went back up stairs, grabbed a shower and put on my black bikini. My parents would die if they knew I had it. I bought it through a friend, who when she saw me try it on, said she didn’t realize that a swimsuit could be made with that little material. I sat on the patio chair and unhooked the top freeing my B cup breasts from their skimpy restraint and then untied the side strings of my bikini bottom exposing my small rectangle of black pussy hair to the sun. After spreading on some lotion, I lay back and let the warm sun heat my body. After a while I turned over to do my back and I guess I must have dozed off. Two hours later, I heard my brother Jess clattering around in the kitchen making some lunch. I put on my bikini again and went back into the house. My brother looked at my back and said “Looks like you caught the sun a bit sis.

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  ”I glanced down and noticed that my chest had gone a little pink. He went into one of the cupboards and pulled out a bottle of aloe vera. “You should put on some of this. ”“Can you put some on my shoulders please Jess, I can’t reach. ”He squirted some on to his hands and started rubbing it into my shoulders, easing off my bikini straps so they fell loosely to my upper arms. “Umm that feels nice. ”With that encouragement he worked his way lower to my hips. “Damm girl, there’s not much to that bikini. ” He commented. “You like it?”He didn’t reply but started to massage my butt, sliding his hands under the material. “You want your front doing while I have this stuff all over my hands?” He asked. Saying nothing, I swiveled round. He started on my neck before moving lower and I closed my eyes savoring his light caress. “Were you sunbathing topless?”I sensed his hands shaking as he got closer to my boobs. I didn’t answer but put one hand behind my back and unfastened my top, letting it fall to the floor.

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  “You were you little minx. ”Jess put more lotion on his hands and started circling my firm curves of flesh. A little tingle of electricity shot up my body and I shivered. I could feel myself already getting wet, knowing I was going to get fucked by my brother. He let his fingers brush my now rock hard nipples and I gasped out loud as he pinched each one between his thumbs and index finger, pulling them towards him stretching my tits into pointed cones. Oh, it felt so good. As he caressed my breasts I reached down, unbuttoned his shorts and slipped my hand inside. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and my hand quickly encountered his erect dick. I circled my palm around it and started to slowly pump him, his precum oozing out onto my wrist every time my hand went down his entire length to touch his balls. He was groaning with pleasure and I could tell that he was very close to cumming, so I withdrew my hand, circled his neck, pulled his face towards mine and kissed him hard on the lips, my tongue searching out his. I pushed my hips against his. I could tell this tease was leaving Jess aching with the urgent need for release and his hands dropped from my breasts to the side strings of my bikini bottoms. Two tugs and that tiny piece of cloth fell to the floor. I shifted position so that I straddled his right leg and flexed my hips. The feeling was great, little shocks of pleasure making my breath come in ragged shallow bursts.

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   My pussy juices were pouring out onto his skin. Jess could stand it no more and pushed me against the wall. The cold surface and the primitive force of it made me breathe in sharply. He stepped in between my thighs and I could feel the base of his steel hard cock grind in between my pussy lips. His hands cupped the cheeks of my ass and lifted me up so he could penetrate me. I knew that he was so horny he would just ram himself inside, tearing me up, so I gripped his shoulders and tried to slow him down. His fingers gripped my bottom and he pulled my skin outwards fully exposing my hole. There was a brief cold sensation of air which was quickly replaced by the hot purple tip of his manhood. His excitement had seemed to made him grow in size from our last fuck. “Easy. ” I warned. “I’m a little tight. ”He not only released my weight but pulled down ramming himself inside me. I gasped; part in pain, part in the pleasure it brought me. His lifted me up again and this time sunk his entire length in.

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  “Jeeeezz. Don’t move for a moment. ” I begged as an intense explosion of pleasure rocked my body, emanating from the stimulus of my clit from his groin. His eyes locked onto mine. I could see only pure animal lust and he started to pound my pussy, slamming me against the wall, faster and faster. I could feel him starting to swell and my own orgasm started to peak making me dig my fingers into his shoulders. “Oh God sis, I can’t hold it anymore. ” He cried. “Cum deep inside of me bro, fill me up with your seed. ”“Oh, oh, ohhhhh. ” He gasped and I could feel his hot jiz shoot up, extending an aching wave of electricity that rippled throughout my body. As he slowed his rhythm, savoring the last throes of his orgasm, I released my grip and slumped back against the wall. He was still staring into my eyes. “I love you little sis. ”“I love you big bro.

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   Big in more than one way now. ” I laughed and kissed him. He eased himself out and I could feel his semen trickle down my inner thigh. “I need a shower. ” I announced and picked up my discarded bikini from the floor. “Let’s continue this a little later. ”After a nice long hot shower I went back into my bedroom and selected my favorite hot pink thong, a white, short, zip up skirt, matching pink push up bra and a thin button up white blouse. As I examined myself in the mirror I smiled and popped two buttons so my cleavage and bra were exposed. “This will revive him. ” I thought. I went into Jess’s bedroom and lay on the bed, stomach down facing his TV, my bare feet resting on the pillows. “Anything on?” I asked as he channel surfed. “Nah. ”At that moment, the doorbell rang and he went downstairs to answer it. “Hi Steve, Jon, come on in.

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  ” I heard him say. Steve and Jon are brothers who lived just down the street. I squeezed my thighs together remembering the last time they had come round and the way they had taken turns to fuck me on the couch. The three of them came into the bedroom, Jess assumed his position sitting on the floor against the bed facing the TV and Steve and Jon laid down either side of me on the bed. Jon dropped a backpack on the floor. I ignored them and didn’t take my eyes from the TV. “Hey Jess, we brought a movie. ” Jon said and tossed Jess a DVD from his backpack. “We borrowed it from our parents. Found it under their bed. ”Jess opened the case and inserted it into the DVD player. Steve and Jon looked intently at the TV. “This is a really hot one. ”We watched as two guys started to undress a blond. The brothers squirmed a little as the action started.

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  “Hey Jess, can we strip your sister naked?” Steve asked. Jess shrugged and the brothers rolled over onto their sides so they faced me. I ignored them. I felt a hand fondle my legs and then the tickle of fingers as they moved upwards towards the hem of my skirt. They hesitated for a minute before lifting up my skirt. “Wow, that’s a great thong. ” Steve said as he traced the outline of it across my butt. Jon reached across and unzipped my skirt and between them they pulled it off my legs. Steve grabbed my right shoulder, rolled me over and I lay there with my legs parted. I imagined myself as a rag doll and my head slipped off the edge of the bed. I looked across at my brother, but he was intently watching the movie. Fingers traced the front of my panties and I could hear them talking about the way my thong had tucked into the lips of my labia. “Take her shirt off. ” I heard Steve say, and eagerly the buttons were undone and my blouse was pulled off. Each brother grabbed a bra covered breast, squeezing them and pushing them together.

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  Jon eased his hand behind my back and unsnapped my bra which joined the blouse on the floor. That made my brother swivel round to look at what was happening to me. I could see him start to get hard. I felt a mouth encircle each nipple and I involuntarily arched my back. “I love your tits Nikki, lovely little mounds of soft flesh. ” Steve commented as he took off his clothes. I looked up at the movie and I noticed they were mimicking the action. As one of the porn stars straddled the girl’s chest, Steve did the same and slipped his cock between my breasts, titty fucking me. “Ahh, this feels good. ” He announced, sliding his cock between my breasts. Jon glanced up at the TV and then buried his head between my thighs, pulling aside my panties to allow his tongue free access to my clit. Steve glanced back. “Eat her out good Jon, get her really wet. ”The stimulus was starting to get to me and I could feel the first tendrils of an orgasm building. These two had certainly been studying from the first time they fucked me.

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  “We won’t cum as fast as before, we both jerked off before we came round. ” Jon announced. “We want this to last longer. ”Jon pulled off my panties and shifted between my legs, his tongue running from my clit to my asshole. God it felt so good and soon I was bucking against his face. I knew he must be soaked as my juices mingled with his saliva. He moistened a finger and inserted it into my asshole. I gave a little gasp as a second finger joined the first. As he licked my pussy, more juices trickled down to lubricate his fingers as he gently stretched me. The characters shifted position in the movie and Steve rolled me on top of him, his hands reaching between my legs to guide his cock into my vagina. I felt Jon’s hands pull my hips down to impale me onto his brother. I could feel his hotness as he pushed deeper inside of me. “Oh that is so good. ” I murmured. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the second guy was moving between the girl’s legs also.

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  “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you. ”I felt a long cold squirt of gel into my asshole. Steve stopped fucking me, and had almost pulled out, the tip of his dick just at the entrance of my pussy. Gently Jon eased himself in to me. “Tell me if this hurts. ” Slowly he moved in and out, gradually getting deeper. The feeling of his cock in my stretched ass was good and the sensation heightened as Jon pulled me down onto Steve’s cock. “Oh God, I am so full, I can’t believe it. Go slow or I am just going to explode. ” I begged. “Dude I can feel your dick inside against mine. ” Steve announced. He looked over at my brother. “Fill her other hole, Jess. ”My brother did not need any further encouragement and pulled his cock out and entered my open mouth.


   I could taste both his salty precum and my pussy juices after our kitchen fucking. Steve and Jon had worked up into a steady rhythm and Jess cupped the back of my neck and thrust into me as I sucked hard on him. I started an intense orgasm and would have screamed out in pleasure except Jess slipped his entire length into me as I lifted my head back, causing me to gag slightly. “Oh this is so good, so good. I can’t last. ” Jess panted. “Her cunt is twitching, ahhh fuck I’m cumming, jeeezzzz. ” Steve howled. Simultaneously the brothers came, squirting streams of hot semen into my cunt and ass. Never before have I experienced this type of pleasure. Our combined noises tipped Jess over the edge and with a guttural cry filled my mouth with his fluid. I didn’t swallow but held it. As he pulled out and stepped back, Steve surprised me by kissing me and sucking the cum out of my mouth and swallowed it. Steve and Jon pulled out of me and we lay there naked on the bed for about an hour exhausted. As they left, Jon announced that next time he was going to be the one fuck my pussy.

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   “Be back soon. ” I called. Shortly after the phone rang and I answered it; my parents had just left and would be home in about half an hour. I dropped backwards onto my Jess’s bed, pulled my knees up and spread my legs apart. Jess looked over at my cum caked thighs. “Bro, we have time for one more? Interested?”He dropped his shorts and stroked himself hard. As he started to penetrate me he said “I think you know the answer to that Nikki. ” Comments email me at clintonbeverly@yahoo. com and reference bro & 2.
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