My Brother, My Fiance, and Myself


Matt was shocked and smiled, a smile I hadn't seen in so long. So he answered "Hell yea man, and am I ever going to come check out your apartment or am I going to stand in the hall way while you both try to kill me?"Mike smiled as matt came in. He grabbed his bags and I showed him to where he'd be living. Me and Mike waited anxiously for Matt to come into the living room. We decided we'd go out to eat since it was Matt's first night with us in almost a year. Matt decided he wanted to go out to eat at the local pizz place and we all put on our coats and headed out the door for Mike's Car. It was a short 10 minute drive to the pizz place and we quickly went in and found a booth. Mike went up to order the pizza, leaving me and Matt alone to talk. We talked briefly and got caught up to date. He had lived with Jamie the entire time we hadn't seen each other. One night he told her he loved her and wanted to marry her, and she became upset and unhappy. She screamed at him saying he'd taken everything she owned. Her life, her happieness, her heart and soul. She told him she couldn't stand looking at him anymore and wanted him to get the hell out of her life. What a crazy bitch. Matt has got to be one of the most attractive men I've ever seen.

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   He stands 6'3", he has short blonde hair that he spikes and hes about 160lbs, all muscle. He has an extremely lean and sexy body. Hell if he wasn't my brother I would have jumped at the chance to marry him. Not that Mikes not attractive. He's 5'11" about 150lbs and muscular as well. He has green eyes and black hair, he's very clean-shaven and takes well care of himself. I myself am 5'8" with long brown hair that reaches just above the top of my ass, bright blue eyes and I'm around 125lbs with 32c cup breasts. Mike was taking a while to order so I went up and asked him what was taking so long. He smiled at me and said he'd be over in just a minute. I went back to the table and Matt stood up, I looked at him and asked "Is something wrong?"He smiled at me and said "No. I just didn't get my hug yet. " I grinned and leaned up to give him a hug. He leaned down and took me in his arms. He picked me up, something he does every time I hug him and squeezed me. "Whoa Matt put me down I'm gonna get sick!"He set me down and kissed my forehead.

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   I told him he was a punk and he said "Yea, I know, I've been around you for to long. "I stuck my tongue out at him and he said "Oh you know I love you Melissa. " I couldn't help but smile and stick my tongue out again. This time he shocked me. He leaned down and stuck his tongue out and ran it over mine. I stepped back and could feel myself blushing a very bright red. He grinned "Haha, I got you. " The little punk. I could feel myself getting turned on at the thought of his tongue in my mouth. I blushed a brighter shade of red and he looked at me and kept smiling. We sat back down in the booth and he grabbed my hands. "Baby sister, sweet innocent little baby sister, did I just turn you on??" I was shocked and could just watch him get up from his side of the booth and sit next to me. I couldn't look him in the eye now that he knew my shameful thoughts. He leaned down and whispered something that shocked me even more. "Don't worry.

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   I've been turned on by you too. Ever since I saw you tonight, all I could think about was. . " he paused and I asked "Was what?" He said "Was this. . " as he leaned down and kissed me, slowly sliding his tongue into my mouth. He leaned back and looked at me. We heared Mike approach as Matt moved back to his side, grinning at me while I blushed even more. The rest of the night at the pizza place was normal while we ate. I even had the guts to look at my brother again, who just kept giving me winks and big smiles. I didn't care what had happend. I ignored it, I loved my brother to much. We left for home after about a half an hour and Mike jumped in the shower. I found myself alone, again, with Matt. This time I was the one to blame.

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   Matt was sitting on the couch relaxing watching a movie and I climbed into his lap. He looked at me and began to say "Sis what. . " but I stopped him as I slid my tongue into his mouth. We sat like that and kissed for at least ten minutes before he spoke. "Melissa. . I didn't know you. . " this time it was his turn to blush. "Shh," I said "you didn't have to know. You just found out. " He smiled at me and kissed me back. "I think Mike's out of the shower. " He said as he reluctantly stopped kissing me.

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   I climbed out of his lap and as I moved I realized how turned on he really was. Mike came out and joined us on the couch. I had to figure something out, I just knew at that moment that I had to have Matt in bed. The only thing I could think of was to get Mike to agree to it. I had to have a three-some with my brother and my fiance. I had to do something that would get them both to go along with it withouth thinking. I was sitting between them both and decided I'd try to be sneaky about it. I leaned over and kissed my finace. I carefully undid his pants without him even realizing it. I then leaned over and kissed my brother and undid his pants, he grabbed my hand trying to stop me but I whispered "It's okay, just go along with it. " He let go of my hand and I sat back. My hand found its way into Mike's boxers and onto his thick hard cock. My other hand slid down into Matt's pants and wrapped around one of the biggest cocks I'd ever held onto. Slowly I began to move my hands. Up and down, slowly at first.

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   Stroking them both, getting them harder and harder every seconds. I continued working their cocks, increasing my speed just a little bit with each stroke. Mike leaned over and asked if it was a good idea to do this with my brother on the other end of the couch. I kissed him and told him to just go along with it. I turned my head and Mike watched as I kissed my brother. Mike squirmed and moaned "Oh god that's so fucking hott. " Matt seemed surprised and said "Oh fuck, dude, you into this shit?" Mike seemed a little embarassed but replied "God damn dude, that's fuckin sexy. "Matt smiled and agreed. Knowing I had both of their approvals I got on my knees infront of Mike and slid his boxers and pants off. He helped by sliding off his own shirt then reaching down for mine. As he peeled it off, Matt got behind me and undid my bra and dropped it to the floor. He undid my pants and slid his hand inside them and started rubbing my clit while I slowly began to drag my tongue up and down Mike's throbbing hard on. He pulled my face up untill I was looking at him and said "Maybe we should move into the bedroom. There's more room in there.
    "Matt reluctantly slid his hand out of my pants and stood up.

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       I stood up and Mike followed. We went into the master bedroom and made our way to the bed. I pulled my pants off and slowly slid my thong off, showing my brother my pussy for the first time. He leaned over and kissed me and whispered "Damn. Glad you shave. "We sat on the bed for a minute and I looked at them, smiling I asked "Are either of you Bi?? I want to know. " Mike and Matt looked at each other and smiled at me. Mike started "Melissa, me and Matt are best friends. We, well, kind of experimented together. So this is nothing new for us, but we were never with a girl at the same time. "I was shocked at this and began to feel myself getting more turned on. Matt continued "See, we didn't just kiss either. We went down on each other too Missy, and, well, we kind of," blushing as he finished he said "licked each other too. "I was really turned on at the thought of my brother and my fiance sixty nining. I smiled and asked "Will you two do me a favor, will you kiss each other?"Without hesitation they leaned over and didn't just kiss quickly, they got into it.

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       Tongues and everything. Their arms were around each other as they laid back on the bed, endjoying the kiss. After a few minutes of watching them they sat up and looked at me. Me and Mike began kissing and Matt was rubbing his hands up and down our bodies, feeling all of Mike's muscle and my smooth creamy flesh. Mike got off of me and I laid down in bed. Matt went to the foot of the bed and spread my legs. He climbed on top of me and slowly kissed my neck. I could feel him move down my body slowly, leaving burning hot spots where he kissed. His tongue danced across my abs and down to my clit. My clit began to throb as Matt slid his tongue over it slowly. Matt sat up and asked me "Missy, can you lay on your side, please?"I got on my side and he opened my legs. He slid his head back between my thighs and burried his face into my tight cunt. He drug his tongue up and down slowly, flicking my clit occasionally, driving me crazy. I could feel the bed move and looked up to see me holding his now throbbing cock infront of me. I leaned up and accepted his thick 7" cock into my mouth.

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       I began using my tongue on it, stroking it softly as Matt continued his assault on my pussy. I looked over and noticed Matt move his legs apart as Mike slide down and wrapped his lips around Matt's hardening huge 9" cock. Matt moaned onto my clit, sending tremors of pleasure racing through my body. I could feel my orgasm building up and I instantly shoved my head down hard on my boyfriends thick cock. He moaned and I could see him swallowing my brothers thick cock. Matt was now moaning loudly and I heard him moan out "Oh fuck Mike I'm gonna cum. " Mike quickened his pace and started thrusting his hips in and out of my mouth. I could feel Matt's tongue plunging deep inside of me now and I couldn't hold back. Quickly I groaned and began to cum, forcing all of Mike's cock down my throat. I could feel him groan and knew he was recieving a full mouth from Matt and he reached down and grabbed my head and came hard down my throat. I could feel one, two, three, seven shots of hot cum shoot down my throat and I quickly swallowed it all. Mike slid his cock from my throat and Matt lapped up at my pussy and took the remaining juices before sitting up. He leaned over and him and Mike shared a kiss infront of me. They then laid down on either side of me. I knew it was going to be interesting with my brother living with us.

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       More to come, if anyone wants it. . . . . ?.

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