My Consoling Mother


By Chrissy Larkin

A little while ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. We had been together for
about 4 years, but all of a sudden he told me that he wasn't happy anymore,
and that was it. Obviously, I was and still am heartbroken.

The first few days were torture. I couldn't hardly eat, I couldn't sleep,
and all I did besides school was stay in my room crying and feeling
depressed. About a week into it, for some reason I started feeling horny
again, but knowing my now ex-boyfriend wouldn't be there to do anything
about it, I just ignored it. After a couple nights, though, it really
started to hit. I didn't want to, but I stripped naked and started to
masturbate while my tears started going again. It didn't take long before I
was loudly crying while I was rubbing my clit.

My mother, who I am very close with, must have heard me, because she came
in and asked if I was OK. I told her I wasn't, so she turned on my light
and I sat up and started hugging her, still naked. I held onto her for a
few minutes while she talked to me, telling me that boys would come and go
and not to feel that bad, because he obviously wasn't the right one. I felt
a tiny bit better, but still cried onto her shoulder. After a few more
minutes, I stopped crying and just sat there. She then said to me, "I'm
sorry, I didn't mean to stop you, you can keep masturbating if you want. "
Even though my mom is just your typical suburban soccer mom and pretty
traditional, She has never been to conservative in matters like sex, so it
was really no big deal when she made the remark.

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  I sat next to her on the
edge of the bed, spread my legs wide and started fingering myself again and
she put her arm around my shoulder and held me tight.

We sat there for at least 5 minutes with me rubbing myself in silence,
except for the squishing sounds from my fingers. My mom is pretty playful
too, so to try to cheer me up, she started encouraging me. "Are you feeling
any better, masturbating in front of your mommy?" I cracked a smile and
said "a little". In a goofy voice she asked me "are you gonna cuuum?" I
giggled and said "yeah". She then said to me "well do it then, have an
orgasm baby" as she started scratching her long toenails on the sole of my
bare foot. I started laughing and told her "OK! OK!" I put my right leg
over her lap and started rubbing faster. About a minute later, I started
wiggling my toes and felt it building. She saw it and started playing with
them and tickling them and said "aww, look at those cute little toes! These
little piggies look like they're having fun! Looks like these toesies are
about to cum too!" Once again, I started to laugh, but breathing heavily at
the same time. Then mom started to play with my nipples, and in the same
voice, "look at those cute perky boobies, looks like they are going to cum

But this time, I came with a big, wet orgasm and moaned out loud. I
collapsed on to my pillow, with my leg still over Mom's lap. I remember my
head was spinning from the orgasm and from what I had just done in front of
my mom.
    She was looking down at me with a big smile. I don't think she
    realized she was stroking my thigh as she gazed at me.

    She let me catch my breath before she hugged me again.

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       She kissed me on the
    cheek and told me it was all going to be OK. For some reason the warmth of
    her hug and kiss opened me up to a rush of love for my mom. I put my hand
    on hers and moved it over my puffy, wet pussy and said in a little girl
    voice, "my little piggies and boobies want to cum again. . . . please. . . "

    Mom smile and snuggled next to me as she placed her warm fingers on top of
    my labia and began to expertly rub my throbbing clit. I wrapped my arm
    around mom's neck, holding her close to me, my heart beating like a drum as
    I felt my sweet mom finger me. Once again I started wiggling my toes and
    curling them as that familiar feeling of passion and pleasure welled up
    inside of me.

    As my hips began to rock back and forth, mommy pushed her long fingers into
    my pussy, quickly bringing me to a climax. My body shuddered several times
    as I moaned loudly. I could feel mom kissing my neck as she pushed her
    fingers deep into me.

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    As I calmed down, I gazed at mom, who now looked very flush. She sat up,
    put my bedsheet over my warm, sweaty body and winked at me as she left the

    My sorrow about breaking up with my boyfriend had long since disappeared,
    only to be replaced by an incredible emotional and physical longing for my

    Any comments? Please contact Chrissy at: chrissylarkin@hotmail. com
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