My Cousin Dianne


Topic: My Cousin DianneSo here I am holding my cousin and she's inconsolable.  We've always had a very good relationship and even after she was married we kept in touch, till I went away to study.  In the intervening years our contact waned and since the town we stayed in was a small one we still saw a lot of each other.  My Cousin was originally from another city about 250 miles away and she came to stay with us when I turned 11 years old.  Within a year she fell in love and got married to Peter.
I am 25 years old now and Peter had a liver ailment and passed away last year, my cousin really took it hard but it was losing her job that brought me here.  My cousin is short and tiny in comparison with me she is skinny and petite and have these wonderful breast that just fits into my hand.  Up until now I've never ever thought of her in a sexual way and I was just consoling her embracing her in my arms, giving her a shoulder to cry on. The radio is playing in the background and the song thats playing is a personal favourite to both of us, its a balad and I can feel my cousin swaying to the music. I draw her closer and we're dancing, I can feel her body against mine and involuntarily I'm feeling a stirring in my loins.  I try to suppress it and think other thoughts but she moves closer to me and it seems to me that she's grinding her crotch onto mine.  Now I cannot stop my response and I nervousy remark that it seems as if she's trying to seduce me.  She replies please hold me close, hold me tight in your stong arms, thats what I need and want now. I comply and only now I become aware of what she's wearing, she's wearing a short sleepshirt that is very flimsy.  Since she's shorter than me I can feel her pussy on my leg and something else, its opening and closing on my thigh as we're moving. We continue dancing in this fashion and the next thing I feel is her shuddering in my arms.

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    Its unmistakeable, sha just came from the friction, I can't believe what just happen and feel slightly embarrased by it all.
Her next move shocks me she looks up at me and says Steve I want you to fuck me, I need a good seeing to, I haven't had any sex for over a year now and I need this.  I hesitate and say I can't you're my cousin, its incest, her reply is even more shocking she steps back and lifts her nightshirt over her head. Before I can stop myself I'm drinking in her sexyness, her breast jutting out ready for action, my gaze wanders down to her groin area and her pussy is a vision to behold. Her lips pouting like that of an orchid with the morning dew glistinening on it is just to much for me and all resistance crumbles. With one scoop of my hands I've layed her down on the sofa and I'm kissing her flower, she moans and this spurs me on.  I can feel her juices on my cheeks and her fragrance is intoxicating, I'm lapping at her pussy with long strokes of my tongue, I can feel her hands loosening my pants buckle and next I feel her hands on my 6" dick stroking me.  I can feel that she's close to cumming and I concentrate on keeping a steady rhythm so that she can reach the crescendo.  This time when she comes she isn't quiet, yessss oooh baby I'm comming, you're tongue is sooooooooo gooood yes make me come lick my clit  ooooooooh yesss yesss fuck me baby, fuck me with your tongue.
Without further ado I stand up position my dick at her cunny and ram my dick into her pussy to the hilt.  Even with her pussy well lubricated the girth of my dick causes her to gasp. Do like my dick in your pussy I ask, oh yesss, yess she replies you don't know how often I've fantasised having that dick inside me fuck me boy, fuck my tight pussy. And man is she ever so tight I feel her pussy grasping my cock and letting it go. I pull it out till just the tip is at her entrance and than I ram it back into her tight pussy.  My passion builds and I change from long strokes to shorter shallower strokes.

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    She meets each and every thrust with her own and I marvel at how well we fit together. I'm close to cumming she gasps and clasps her legs behind my backside forcing me inexorably deeper into her. Fuck me she screams, deeper, harder, fuck me, faster, faster fuck me.  Her cries makes me glad that we're alone and I respond by pummeling her even harder and faster. I'm cumming she screams and the grasping of her cunny walls increases sending me over the edge. I convulse into shooting spunk into this pussy thats milking my manseed into her welcoming pussy, I shoot and shoot and I can feel some of the jism dripping from her overfilled pussy.  She's making soft mewling sounds and I collapse on top of her, my dick still inside her warmth.
I must have laid like that for a minute when I feel her thrusting pussy. Inexplicably I've remained hard and as I lift myself to reciprocate. She pushes me and says my turn to be on top, I turn onto my back and let her be.  The sight of her bouncing boobs is so beautiful that I reach for them and they fit nicely into my hand, they're shaped like oranges and I can't help myself but to lift myself and put them into my mouth. We are now very close to each other and I kiss her, I can't believe that this is happening and I'm enjoying her tight pussy. I say to her, I've always wanted to fuck your two younger sisters as they are very sexy, I never thought I'd be doing this with you. Why she asks, because you're like a sister to me I replied. She says maybe your dream can come true quicker than you think, but shut up now and fuck me.

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   I lay back and her bucking increases in speed, she's going so fast now that I can barely lift myself to meet her thrusts. She takes my hand and puts it on her love button. I just keep it there as her bouncing causes her clit to rub against my finger. Oh, oh Steve, I'm cumming, oh fuck me Steve, harder, harder, faster, in the throws of passion I try to meet her every thrust and I can feel her pussy milking my dick.  I can feel my jism rising and  I let her have it this causes her to go over the edge and come again, oooh, ooooh again, again I can't believe it I'm comming again. Oooh Steve, ooh oh. My spunk fills her pussy and now I feel my dick softening. She lifts herself and gives my dick a kiss.  
She asks me were you serious about my sisters? I say to her, I've always had a thing for them, since they never stayed with us I was never that close to them, so I could think sexual thoughts about them. Since she's kneeling at my dick, she pops it into her mouth and starts to suck it. As exhausted as I am I still find myself responding, with my dick hardening I say to her I'm ready when you are. She says lick me first and moves her flower to my mouth as I start to lick I feel her lifting herself and breaking contact with dick. I feel the cold of the night air on my dick and I ask her to continue blowing me, she says just now.  I feel her move her body as she stoops to continue blowing me, but this time she feels slightly heavier as her warmth envelops my dick I stop what I'm doing and look down and to my shock realises that someone else is on my dick. I push her aside, I see these black boobs, they're much bigger than Dianne's, I look up and who shall it be but my cousin Raylene, Diane's youngest sister.

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   I turn my head to the side and level with my face is a white pussy covered in red hair. I instinctively know that this must be Berniece Ray's older sister and I think to myself I'm in heaven. . . . . . . .
So here I am lying with Raylene impaled on my cock and Berniece's pussy a couple of inches away from me and after having fucked the delectable Dianne and I can't believe my luck.  There's so many questions going through my head yet at the same time I'm being distracted by the pussy moving up and down my love pole.  As if she can read my mind Dianne tells me the story.  She had been feeling horny and didn't know who she could get to fuck her as she was really weary of the people in our small little town.  She knew that her reputation would suffer if she satisfied her needs with just anybody, it was Raylene's suggestion that they get me as I wouldn't be able to talk about it later due to the fact that it was incest.  It turns out that she saw me masturbating the last time I visited and how could I not, with Raylene prancing around her house with the skimpiest sleepshirt.

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    I just imagined what it would be like to have my dick sliding between her firm big boobs and I could not contain myself. Well since she saw me she knew I had the hots for her and she guessed correctly that I could be persuaded to fuck my cousins because of my actions.  Who would have thought that in my hurry to gain sexual release that night, I set these actions in motion.  Anyway since Dianne knew me very well she knew that I would not be happy to do this if I knew that her sisters were also in the house and hence she hid them away before setting her plan in motion.  Furthermore since she was aware off my chivalrous nature she knew she had to take my time to think about my actions away from me.
 As I've mentioned before I'm 25 years old, I'm a black male and my cousins are as I've described a truly unique.  Coming from a family where their family where their father was dark skinned and mother was light skinned. Dianne was a mixture of both i. e. brown skinned Berniece two year younger than Dianne was fair skinned like their mom and Ray as I've mentioned was dark like her father.  Ray was a buxom lady with curves in all the right places she had a real sexy ass and bouncing boobs that was my fantasy.  Bernie had the same body shape as her sister but with smaller pert boobs.
Ray's moans brings me back and I can't believe that she's impaled on my cock. She's riding me like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco and I know that I won't last very long despite the fact that I've come a couple of times before. Its just the sight of her bouncing goodies in front of me thats driving me insane.

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   I beckon Bernie to come closer as I need distraction and she squats over my face her pussy positioned just above my mouth.  I take a deep sniff of her intoxicating aroma and nearly shoot my load.  Through her red curls I see her beckoning clit and lifting my head I take it into my mouth. Dianne not to be left out takes my free hand and without ceremony sticks two of my fingers into her wet quim. I can't believe that I've got Dianne impaled on my fingers, Ray on my cock and I'm munching at Bernies snatch.  To say that this is a dream come true is an understatement. I'm concentrating so hard on satisfying Bernie that I don't hear the keening sound Ray makes as she comes.  Ooooooooh, ooooooh eeeeeeeee, I'm comming Steve I'm comming, her pussy grips my dick so hard that it drives me over the edge and jets of cum streams from my cock.  The intensity of my orgasm is so much that I nearly pass out and in the process I suck soo hard on Bernies Clit that she erupts. My stimulation of Dianne's G spot and the two girls cumming drives Dianne over the edge and her knees buckle as she has a glorious orgasm. They all collapse on top of me and there's not an inch of my chest that isn't covered by the soft flesh of my cousin's boobs. I lay there totally spent and I know that it'll take time for me to recuperate.
After a couple of minutes (i think I must have passed out) I realise that Dianne and her sisters are on the floor licking each other's pussies. Dianne is on her back speadeagled with Bernie's's face in her cunny and Ray is squatting over Dianne's face her pussy in Dianne's face. Bernie's pussy is in the air just screaming to be fucked.


    Her fat pussy lips is something to behold and before I know it my dick is responding to this site.  I can see that her lips are glistening from wetness and I know I can just enter her.  I grip her hips and I guide my rampant cock into her waiting pussy. My cock makes a squelching sound as it enters her soppy pussy.  I enter her slowly and withdraw slowly screwing my cock back into her pussy whilst moving my hips in a circular motion.  I keep this up for about three to four minutes until I feel that Bernie is pushing back with increasing urgency.  She lifts her head and says make me cum Steve, faster Steve, fuck me hard stop teasing me fuck me hard. Being the true gentleman I comply with her request.  Taking my hands off the boobs I've been playing with I move my hands to her hips to give me better leaverage. I pull my cock all the way out till its just my head thats being gripped by her pussy lips.  Seeing her pussy lips stretched so wide spurs me on and I ram my dick into her.  She gives a satisfying grunt. I increase the speed of my penetration to such an extent that she just keeps her mouth on her sissy's pussy and my thrusts is moving it up and down all the while grunting with each thrust. Her pussy gives off these tiny pussy farts as the wind gets forced out of her pussy by the strength of my thrusts and the contact of my groin against her peachy ass is as if we're being applauded. Clap, clap, clap, clap, her ministrations of Dianne's pussy cause Dianne to come violently in her mouth, Aaaaiiieeeeeee is the sound comming from Dianne's lips.

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   Bernie breaks her contact with her sisters pussy and arches her back as she tries to force her pussy even further onto my cock.  You're fucking me sooooooooo nice Steve, harder, harder make me come on your beautiful rod, fill me with your juices.  This is aaaaah great, fuck me harder, harder, I'm cumming ooooooh weeeeeeee yess baby yess yess, yess ooooooooh baby you're so great. I feel the tingling sensation as the jism rises it feels as if its all comming from my back and I grunt in satisfaction as I come, as spurt after spurt hits against her cervix. I'm totally spent and collapse onto her backside.
After about five minutes I withdraw my sword with a plop from her loving sheath.  My dick is starting to ache from all the hard work its done, but I know that this night is still far from over. I'm laying on my back on the floor with Dianne on my chest and Bernie and Ray in each arm. I comment that I'm really tired at this moment and Dianne says that I shouldn't worry, "we'll give you time to recuperate. " So what are your plans for the weekend they ask me in one breath. I reply that I didn't have any plans, Ray replied so you can spend it with us then.  I reply I'm fine with that what do you have in mind? Well we'll make supper just now and thereafter you can have your way with us again if you want to. My reply is this "I've had the chance to fuck Dianne on her own without any interuptions and without having to spread myself too thin can I have the same priviledge with Ray tomorrow and with Bernie the day therafter and we can have the same ending to each session as what we've just had?  Oooh that would be nice Ray replies but one thing we forgot to mention is that we're gonna be here for the whole month, will you be able to cope with us for the whole month.  I don't know I reply but I aim to please ladies, I aim to please.

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