My Cousin Sarah


It all happened when I was 15 years old. My cousin Sarah was 27. She looked very young. She wasn't "skinny" but she wasn't "fat. " I guess you could say, in a way, she was "thick. " My lust began for her when I was 12 years old. I began noticing girls, and their physique and body parts. On one night, my cousin (when she was 23) and I began to go places together, just cousin things. After many excessive hours of walking around places with her, I noticed her ass. It was like no other woman's ass I've seen in a porno. My cousin wasn't just some skinny girl with a round ass. My cousin was a well balanced, thick girl, with an ass to die for. It was so big, meaty, and juicy. I just instantly wanted to grind up against her and fuck her on the spot. However, I always tried to hold back my thoughts and feelings for her of what I wanted to do. Many times in the car as she drove, I would go through several phases of having a boner the whole time, wishing for her ass.

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   We always played around with eachother and acted stupid, pinching and slapping eachother's asses playfully, or well, she did. . playfully. I did just so I can have a piece of that heaven called her soft, meaty, juicy, ever-so-fuckable ass. Even in our arguments, they were strange, she would say something like "well if you don't like that, then kiss my butt!" and I would laugh, wink, and say "ok" then she would just laugh. I guess it didn't mean anything, but I would kiss, lick, and eat her ass out any time she wanted me to, if given the chance. It all just happened one night, in a flash. I'll always remember it, and I'll never forget. I lost my virginity, to my cousin. She had just moven back into her mom's house (my aunt's house) which is only down the road from my own house. Her and her boyfriend Ricky had argued many times, and she was frustrated with him, so she had moven back into her mom's house just to get away. They were still dating, yet she was still mad at him. I didn't know much about the whole thing, I just thought he was a lucky guy to be able to fuck her brains out in the first place. I always sat around wondering if he ever gave it to her up the ass. I always sat around wondering if she would take it up the ass.

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   I wondered about a lot of things. Over many months as I got older before I turned 15, and even during the era when I was 15, my cousin told me many times that she would go out and buy me condoms when I find a girl that I was ready to have sex with. I always laughed and told her that I would find a way to get them. I always wished I could have told her many times that I wanted her to spread those legs for me, and let me fuck her in the sweet spot, then roll her over and buttfuck her. However, one night, it happened. It was a warm day in June. She was off from work for a couple of days. I, on the other hand, was out of being able to watch TV or anything. My mother was gone to work (my aunt was gone to work as well), and I had nothing to do except stay at my aunt's. Sarah, as I said, lived there now, and was in the bathroom, taking a shower the whole time. While she was, I grabbed a couple of pairs of her panties that she had wore or had to be washed in the upcoming day or so, and sniffed them, licked them, and stroked my cock with them. I was watching TV, and she came out of the shower, steaming (literally), still a little wet from the water and hot spots, with a towel wrapped around her head wearing a plain t-shirt and pokadot pajamas that made her ass look ever so nice. I walked up behind her, and playfully, grabbed her ass, smiling. After about a 5 second hold and her saying, frustratedly, "ugh, move your hand off my butt," I removed my hand and said "I hope your butt is clean!" and I laughed. I continued to stay in her room, with such a hard cock, sniffing my hand as where it was on her ass, dreaming of fucking her.

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  She came back into her room, her hair completely dry, same with her body, and laid down on her bed next to me. I tried to hide my hard-on but it was so hard to, as I kept thinking of how I'd love to ram my cock up her ass. Out of nowhere, she said, "how's love life going?""I broke up with Nicole last week. . . she was getting on my nerves over a lot of things, and just being you know. . . bitchy" I replied. Nicole was my girlfriend at the time, or well, ex girlfriend at the time. "Did you have sex with her?"When she asked me that, I wanted to twist something in a loop.
    I said "No. . I don't know how to, I'm not sure if my cock is big enough. And like I said, I have no idea how to.

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      "She looked at me weirdly, and said "Well. . let me see. C'mon! Don't be embarrassed! I'm your cousin! When you were a baby, I seen it all the time anyway!""What? No. . . what?. . . . . . . . " she grabbed my pants and pulled them down as my cock was still EXTREMELY hard and it shown.

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      "WOW! It's bigger than Ricky's!. . . Uh, I mean, Nicole would sure love that! Wow! Do you, uh. . . . uhh. . . *she giggled* need that taken care of?"I nodded in between a yes or no, and said ". . what do you mean"She started to blush, "Do you want me to give you a handjob?!"I was very intrigued to hear her say that. I said "Um, I could always do that to myself but sure. "She moved her right hand over my cock rubbing the rim of it's head.

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       I leaned back in relief, loving the sensation that my cousin Sarah was giving to me. I just couldn't believe how she was giving me a handjob. She stroked my cock, with her eyes just stuck on it, glazing at it, staring at it with both of her eyes, just watching it. As she clinched my cock, I thought of her ass slamming back and down on my groin area in thrusts as my cock began to get even harder. She moved her face on down and put her lips around my cock. I jerked back by an accidental default motion in reaction with an "ohhh" sigh of relief. She said "Relax. . . I'm going you a blowjob. " I stayed lean back, I moved my hand over her head and pushed down as she deep-throated my 7 or 8 or so inch cock. I then rose up, and said "Sarah, since I shown you my cock, will you take off your clothes and let me see your vagina?"She shook her head and said "Trey, I'm only doing this to get you off so you will feel better and relieved. "I replied saying "please, Sarah. . .

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      . . . "She gave in, and removed her clothes. Her pussy was very pink. I just wanted to fuck her so bad, even though I didn't know if she was up for the gig. she leaned back in and continued to blow me. She still yet continued to bob her head up and down the shaft of my cock. She then leaned up and said the words that I've longed to hear. "Oh, God, I'm so horny now, just fuck me. " I got up on my knees and so did she. I lined up behind her ass and looked at it as she guided my cock into her pussy. I needed to find a way to fuck her ass. She motioned herself and pumped my cock back and forth as it felt so good. I was so hard that my cock was hurting.

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       Her pussy was pretty tight, and better than what I expected. I pulled her back as her ass slammed up against me. After three minutes of hard thrusting, I withdrew my cock from her pussy, and leaned down and started licking and fingering her ass. She hesitated when I first started to, and said "what in the hell are you doing?" I replied telling her "Sarah, please, forever, I've been wanting to fuck you in the ass, and have been just driving myself crazy over many fantasies that I've wanted to do to you. Please, Sarah, please, I love your ass. "She looked surprised, smiled, and had a devish look on her face, and said "Well, I guess you can, but if you would have told me a long time ago, I would have let you! You're my cousin. . . I love you, and your cock. "I toungued her asshole. Since she took a shower, I couldn't taste any fecies, or anything. All I could taste was the sweet nectar of her monster fucking ass. I continued to toungue her ass as she moaned, and moaned some more. I leaned up, and knew it was time. The moment I've been waiting for, the one moment I've been dying to make happen.

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       My cock going deep in her ass was now a portentous moment. She spread her ass cheeks open, and I popped my cock in. She pumped her ass up and down the shaft of my cock. "OH FUCK ME! Oh, God. . . Trey. . . fuck me. . . . oh. .

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      . yeaahh. . . . . . " I reached my climax and slammed her ass back against me as I cummed as hard as I could up inside her. I'm now 33 years old, married, and have two kids. However, I will never forget that day. .

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