My Daughter's Friend 2


I was startled awake by a loud clattering in the kitchen. "What are you doing in there?" I called out, wiping the sleep from my eyes. Heather poked her head around the corner, flashing an innocent smile. "Just gettin' something to drink, Dad. ""What time is it?" I groggily wondered aloud. "The clock on the wall says two o'clock," she replied with a smart-assed tone. "Last call," I muttered, "for alcohol. "She giggled without knowing the reference, then returned to what she was doing. I heard her whispering to Sam as she poured their drinks. When they both entered from the kitchen I was at once stricken by the beauty of these two young women; then all at once, the shame of what took place only hours earlier hit me. The girls took the same seats they had occupied previously. Heather was wearing a long t-shirt that fell just to the top of her thighs. When she sat down on the recliner, she allowed it to ride up slightly, exposing her nakedness to me. Immediately, I felt uncomfortable looking at her there, so I turned my attention toward Samantha. She had on a light blue oxford shirt with my company's logo embroidered over the left breast pocket. I figured she had wanted something fresh to wear and grabbed the first available thing from the laundry room.


   I wondered if she walked through the living room naked to retrieve it. The long front shirttails were tucked between her legs so that I couldn't tell if she wore panties under there, but I doubted it. I felt I should talk to the girls about what took place earlier in the evening. Without any notion of how to begin such a conversation, I blurted out:"You know, I wanna talk about what happened tonight. ""Yeah, we were talking about it ourselves," Heather interrupted. "You were?" Oh shit, I thought to myself, my daughter's gonna need therapy now. I flashed back to a time when she was six months old. It was a cold Saturday afternoon and I was lying on my back holding Heather up in my outstretched hands. Involuntarily, she held her arms straight in front of her, like Superman. I moved her back and forth over my head, cooing to my little "Supergirl". Baby Heather was laughing uncontrollably, so innocent, peaceful, easily amused. What the hell have I done, I wondered to myself. "Yeah," Sam said, bringing me back to the present. "Look," it was my turn to interrupt. "I just wanna say how sorry I am.

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  "I didn't know where I was going with what I was saying. I didn't even know what I was going to say. I think both girls sensed it from my hesitation. Heather broke the silence and took control. "We're sorry too, Dad," she leaned forward in her seat and pulled her shirt down, covering her smooth pussy. "Sorry for playing you like we did; for taking advantage of you like we did; and for putting you in that position, no pun intended. "I was stunned into silence at what she said. My daughter set me up? She wanted to be fucked by me?"Really," Heather continued, "we didn't expect it to go like it did, as far as it did. "Oh God, I did mess her up. "But I'm not complaining either," she comforted. Then again… I was confused. "Most of all," Heather went on, "Sam's sorry that she didn't get relief. ""Well," Samantha chimed in, "not from you, that is. "I turned toward Sam, my eyebrows raised in question. "Well," she said, matter-of-factly, "Heather helped me out in her room.

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  ""She did?""Uh-huh," Heather proclaimed proudly. "And once more in the kitchen," Sam explained. "That's when I knocked a glass into the sink. Probably what woke you. "I rubbed my calloused hands over my face as I tried to make sense of it all. My daughter didn't intend to do anything sexual with me, but her friend did. She's worried about how I have been affected by the situation, yet she still enjoyed it. Samantha still wants to be fucked, by me no less, and, I'm guessing, while Heather watches. Heather moved from her chair and kneeled at my feet, along side the coffee table. She spread her elbows out on my legs, intertwined her fingers and rested her hands on my upper thighs, near my crotch. My cock responded with a few involuntary twitches. With puppy dog eyes, she looked into my eyes and said:"If you don't want to, we understand, and we'll drop this whole thing. " My cock was beginning to grow. "But, and I'm just guessing now, I think you do. "Very gently, she grazed a pinky over my lap.

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   The feeling through the material of my flannel pants was muted, but still arousing. When my cock was nearly hard, Heather unbuttoned the fly of my pants and pulled me free. Her face was so close that I could feel her warm breath as she slowly played her hand up and down its length. I looked at Samantha. She had moved so that she was laying back against the arm of the sofa, her feet drawn up onto the middle cushion. She had unbuttoned her shirt to that her entire body was on display. Her breasts flattened against her. Her nipples were fat and swollen and circled with large areolas. Her tummy was athletic and toned. Her skin was smooth, dark and inviting. As I suspected, she was not wearing panties. She sported a heavy tuft of pubic fur above her slit, but her light brown vulva was clean-shaven. With both hands, she reached between her legs and brazenly pulled herself open, exposing the inner folds of her pussy. She was bright pink inside and shiny slick with excitement. She held her lips wide open as she began rubbing a finger over her clit.

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  Heather still had my cock in her hands as we watched Sam pleasure herself. My daughter licked her lips from sexual hunger, and then began placing butterfly kisses up and down the length of my shaft. When a large drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip, she gave me a squeeze, milking the size of the drop until it began to slowly drip. She flicked her tongue at it, tasting it lightly. She allowed it to stretch from my cock to her tongue as she pulled away. Suddenly, she leaned forward and took half my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue rocking side to side on the underside of my dick. Sam was holding one side of her pussy open and with her other hand she fingered herself. Her first two fingers slid in and out with a slick sound. She stretched her foot out and pushed Heather's shirt up off her ass. When Heather felt her friend's foot, she stopped sucking me long enough to shove the coffee table out of her way. Once satisfied, she returned her mouth to my cock, bobbing her head up and down slowly on my lap. She knelt so that her ass was pointed slightly toward Sam. Sam took the cue and was rubbing her toes against Heather's pussy. I couldn't see what was happening down there, but I could tell when Sam's toe penetrated my daughter's pussy.

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   The resulting groan emanated from her throat, vibrated down my shaft, past my scrotum and settled somewhere around my asshole. Uncontrollably, I bucked, thrusting myself deep into Heather's throat. She choked and coughed with surprise. Sam enjoyed the sight and pumped her fingers into herself faster. "Heather, I need it, now," Sam pouted. "Mmmmm," came the negative response with slight headshake from Heather. After she had recovered from my surprise throat stabbing, she continued sucking and was unable to respond with words. Sam wiggled her toe in Heather's pussy while she kept her fingers working at her own. "C'mon Heather," she whined. "I want your dad's cock in me. "Mmmm," Heather moaned in protest, again. She was apparently enjoying her work too much, as well as Sam's toes, to switch at that time. Sam began thrusting her foot at Heather's pussy. Slick pussy-slurping sounds filled the room. My daughter began grinding herself backward against her friend's foot.

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   Sam pummeled her own cunt with her fingers. Both girls were moaning ecstatically. Heather's moan was a hum that vibrated through me, sending shivers up my spine. Sam's was a sort of whiny moan:"I nee-e-e-e-d to be fucked. Ple-e-e-e-a-s-e. I want his cock in me, no-o-o-o-w-w. "Sam's fingers flew blindingly over her pussy as she reached her peak. She raised her hips off the sofa and forced her leg straight. That must have pushed half her foot into my daughter because she allowed my cock to pop free from her mouth so she could scream. It was a sound of utter pleasure, not pain. She reached down between her legs, holding Sam's foot in place and gyrated her hips. In unison, both girls came loudly. As their orgasms subsided and they relaxed, Heather crawled to her friend and placed numerous kisses all over Sam's cheeks and mouth. "Oh God," she gushed. "You are so unbelievable.

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  ""Oh Heather," Sam said, disappointed from coming too soon. "Okay, Sam, you can have him now. I think you're good and wet. ""I'm too sensitive right now," she whined. "No, now is perfect," Heather turned to me. "Go ahead, Dad. "I didn't want to cause Sam any discomfort, so I hesitated. "C'mon, Dad," Heather insisted. " Fuck her. She needs it now. "I obeyed my daughter, kneeling between Sam's bent knees. Heather gripped my cock firmly and lined me up with her friend's sopping pussy. Sam still protested. When Heather was ready, she tugged on my prick, forcing my hips down and sinking my cock into Sam, who cried out and dug her long red fingernails into my back. The sensation of her nails sinking into my skin urged me on.

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   Lying in a missionary position on top of Sam, I pumped long and steadily into her young pussy. She wailed in pleasure. Heather knelt along side her and licked her nipples. At the same time, she reached down and played with Sam's clit as I fucked her. It didn't take long for her to reach a second peak. "Oh God," Sam screamed. "I'm gonna cum again. "Every few strokes on my part were met with my daughter slipping two fingers down along Sam's pussy lips, astride my cock. She'd pinch her fingers tight around my tool, causing a sensation that when coupled with the warm and wet pussy I was fucking, was bringing me ever closer to my own orgasm. I placed my hands on either side of Sam's waist for leverage and pumped her faster. "Ohhhhh, Mr. Frieze!" "Oh God," I groaned. "I'm gonna cum. ""Cum in her pussy, Dad," Heather encouraged. "Don't stop.

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   Cum inside her. "Sam arched her back. Repeatedly, I thrust into her deeply. My pubic bone was rubbing hard against her clit, forcing Heather's hand out of the way. She moved in behind me. Sam was screaming at the top of her lungs. "Fuck me! Fuck me! MAKE ME CUM!"Heather cupped my scrotum with one hand and teased my asshole with the other. "I'm gonna cum," I shouted. "Cum with me, Mr. Frieze," shouted Sam. "NOWWWWW!""Nnngggggg!" I grunted as Heather's finger pushed past my sphincter and into my asshole. I slammed hard into Sam's cunt and exploded savagely into her, splashing the inside of her pussy. Heather sunk her finger deep into me, past one knuckle, then another. Sam's pussy erupted, drooling juices over my cock and down onto my balls. My hands and feet went numb.


  Sam clawed at my back frantically commanding:"Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm gonna cum again!"My abdominal muscles grew tight and burned, but I continued pumping. "I'm coming again," yelled Samantha. Her nails dug fiercely into the flesh on my back. She clawed her fingers down, leaving long deep scratches in their wake. Every muscle in her body tensed, the strongest being her pussy. Her vagina was clamped tightly around my cock, and more of her cream drooled from her pussy, coating my crotch. As we slowly returned to earth from our orgasms, I collapsed onto Sam. Heather removed her finger from me and scooted around next to us. "I have never had such an intense orgasm," I breathed. "That was fantastic, Mr. Frieze," Sam bubbled as she began laughing. "I think you can call me Mike now, Sam," I corrected. Heather took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately on the mouth. Our tongues twisted together. It was the first kiss we shared in that way.


   When we parted lips, she kissed Samantha just as eagerly. Then the three of us shared a kiss, our tongues searching for and dancing with the other's at the same time. After several minutes of playful kissing and laughing and breath catching, the girls bounced off to Heather's room without another word. I staggered off to my own room for some much needed rest. .