My first time with my brother.


I was 13 when I first learned about masturbating and pretty soon I was trying it out and after listening to a few girls at school I soon found out the basics and after a couple of attempts I managed my first orgasm. From then on I couldn’t help myself I was doing it two or three times a day. The feeling I got from rubbing what I know now is my clitoris was wonderful which was only bettered by having an orgasm and they were mind blowing.
One afternoon I was in my bedroom and my brother Tony and his best friend Barry caught me with my pants down masturbating and actually having an orgasm at the very moment they walked in on me. I was in the middle of that fantastic feeling when your whole body is in a spasm and I couldn’t stop.   Barry said wow lets fuck her she knows all about it. I said no, and Tony also said no don’t touch her but he came right up to me and got down between my legs and slipped his finger into me before I could actually do anything, I was still recovering from my orgasm. He said she is fantastic, look at her cunt she is all wet and ready come on lets fuck her. She knows what it is all about we just saw her finger fucking herself, she knows what it’s all about come on. I was sort of dumbfounded and I don’t know why but I was letting him continue to finger me. Tony was saying no she is too young, and Barry said she knows all about it look at her she loves it. Then with his free hand Barry undid his belt and slipped his pants and underpants down and had his penis all hard and sticking out. Come on he said she is ready for it. No Tony said I can’t, not with my sister, then he said well I want to and he pushed me back on the bed and he started to put his cock into me. Everything was happening so fast I wasn’t sure what I should do but I just let him, not because I wanted to just because he was just doing it. I knew I should be stopping him but I was so confused I just lay there and next thing I know he has his cock inside me and I could feel it inside me.

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   He said she is fantastic and he began to fuck me like I had seen people doing on the internet. Tony was not doing anything to stop him and he was watching and just standing there. Barry was saying she is fantastic, I have fucked Jan and she wasn’t as good as this. Tony said when did you fuck her and Barry said about a week ago. Then Tony said I did her a couple of days ago and it was alright. Barry said well Anna is far better, after I cum you should have a go and see how good it is. He said don’t cum in her you will get her pregnant, and he said I bet she doesn’t have periods yet and looked at me and asked do you. I just shook my head; I was actually enjoying being fucked by him. It was the first time I had been fucked and it was feeling good, actually much better than masturbating. Barry said you can’t have a kid until you have periods so she can’t yet. I really liked what I was feeling and I started to make myself comfortable and shifted myself so he could really get his cock right into me and make it feel really good. See he said she really knows how to do it, I bet you have done it to her and my brother said no I haven’t and I said nobody has.
Then he asked me if I was enjoying it and I just nodded, I was too shy to say it was fantastic. He kept going longer and longer and I was really enjoying the feeling and then he said shit I am going to cum and then her groaned and shook and I got all wet between the legs. Evidently when his cum came out his cock was only just inside me and it ran out and down over my bum.

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   I said did you pee in me and he said no I just came. I said it’s all warm and wet and he said that’s cum not piss. I had never seen cum before. He got up off me and his cock was all covered in this slimy stuff and it also had a bit of blood on it. I said I am bleeding and he said that’s your virginity. Girls always bleed the first time it is nothing to worry about. Jan bled a bit when I did her the first time too. Tony said did you do her the first time and he said I have done her three times and I was the first one to fuck her too. Hell he said I was Sue’s first fuck but she didn’t bleed she said she did that when she put a banana up herself and thought she had damaged herself, she said she was shit scarred until she found out what it was.  
Barry was now standing up and squeezing this stuff out of his cock and picked up my pants and began to wipe himself with them. I got a tissue and began to wipe all the stuff off me too. It was white and slimy, and a bit hard to wipe up. I had to use a few to get it all off me. His cock was all soft now and he was saying why don’t you fuck her she is fantastic and I could see Tony was not sure, but he was saying I shouldn’t and Barry said go on she won’t mind and he looked at me and said you will let him wont you, and I more or less said if he wants to, I want convinced I wanted to, but I was willing to let him, but it felt a bit strange letting my brother fuck me. Tony said are you sure and I said if you want to I won’t mind.

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   He said well just this once, and he dropped his pants and he had his cock all hard as well, and I got back up on the bed and he got on top of me and put his cock in and began to fuck me. He was good at it too and I was really getting the feeling now as he kept going on me and the more he did it the better it felt. Barry said see isn’t she better than Jan and he said I think she is. Barry was right up next to us watching Tony’s cock going into my cunt fucking it. He said its fantastic watching you, lift your legs up a bit Anna and I did and he said you should see it you look great. Tony was now really doing it great and I was feeling more than I did with Barry and I began to move around so I could get a better feeling and I told him where to rub his cock to give me a better feeling. See Barry said she is really getting into it, she will be a great fuck and she can join in when we fuck Jan and Sue and be a third girl. Now I was really getting into the mood and it was beginning to feel like when I masturbate and have an orgasm. Actually it was beginning to feel quite different and much better and I said go a bit harder and he did. Barry said are you cumming and I just nodded as the sensation was right there and I started to buck about as his cock rubbed my clitoris and I really was cumming the best orgasm I had ever had. Then Tony said shit I am going to cum too and he pushed his cock deep and right into me as he grunted and I could feel him pushing his cum out into me. When he had finished he said if she has a baby we wont know who the father is will we, and I said, can I have a baby, and they both said no.
After he got off me he was all wet too and I really felt great. He started to wipe himself and I said I really fell like I have to have a pee and went to the bathroom, leaving all my clothes on the floor and walked around with only my top on. When I came back they were both dressed and when I went to get dressed I couldn’t find my pants and Barry said I have them, I want to keep them to remember you.

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   I will wank off into them every now and again when I remember the first time I fucked you. See there is a little bit of blood on them where you bled, I didn’t get Jans pants but yours will be great.
I said what will I do, and he said the cum will run out again soon and its better that it doesn’t go on your pants as your mum might see it. Walk about bare and it feels good, and I had to admit even though I had my skirt back on it did have a good feel being nude underneath my skirt. Later I realised how much cum must have gone in me as I leaked it out for ages and had to wipe myself often as it ran down my legs.
After that I did it with them a lot, and joined in with Jan and Sue and we often had orgies with another guy and the three of them all took turns in fucking us. I even did it with Tony my brother quite a few times at home on our own, and it felt different with him, because he was my brother, but I still liked it.  
A few months later I had my first period and I wasn’t sure what would happen then. I talked to Sue and Jan and they said they knew how to get pills to stop getting pregnant and they both had them and gave me a packet. Evidently Sue let the guy in the pharmacy fuck her and he got her the pills for the three of us. One day he picked me up in his car and took me to a place and we fucked a couple of times. After that I would meet him quite often and he showed me all sorts of positions to have sex in. He even showed me how to have oral sex and we did that as well. He was much older and had a bigger cock and I really loved fucking with him. I love sucking him and anybody else and getting them to cum in my mouth.

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   That’s really cool. I have even done oral sex on Sue and Jan as well like lesbo’s do it. They don’t like doing it to me as much as I do to them but I don’t mind.
Sex to me in any form is wonderful and I always will remember my first day.
I am 18 now and have lost count of the number of guys I have been with and the different ways I have done it.
Tony and I stopped a couple of years ago but we had done it together so often by then. He had his own regular girl and he didnt want her to find out we were fucking each other.