My first time.


"Hey Billy! I'm going out to visit Aunt Betty for a few days! She has become ill. " Mom shouted up the stairs to me. "All right Mom!" I replied as I heard the door close. After I became bored about 30 minutes later I headed down stairs to watch some TV. I switched it on to find it on the Playboy channel. Why the hell would Mom be watching this, I thought to myself. On TV was a really Hot looking women getting her ass fucked by this guy. She had long blond hair, perfect round tits, and a shaved pussy. I then noticed my pants start to bulge, I unzipped my pants to reveal my rock hard 6" cock. I slowly start to slide my hand up and down getting faster and faster as I went on. I came all over my hand and some spilled onto my pants, I just sat there with my hand on my limp cock for about 5 minutes. I heard the door open and I quickly pulled my pants up and my top over my dick, it was my sister who had come home from cheer leading practice. "Where's Mom?" She asked me. "Ah, she went to Aunt Betty's for a few days because she was I'll. " I replied, still trying to hide my dick. "Hm," she said as she headed off to her room.

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   I then realised that I had left the playboy channel on, I quickly switched channel. After about 20 minutes Mandy came back down and went to the kitchen, she was wearing a really short skirt that only just covered her panties, and a really tight top that really showed how big her tits were. I turned around and asked her to get me a drink of Cola, as she reached up to grab a glass I caught a glimpse of her pussy, obviously she wasn't wearing any panties. I quickly turned around before she noticed I saw. She came back over with the drink and handed it to me, then she sat down on the couch opposite me. "So, wotcha been doing today?" she asked, trying to start up a conversation with me. "Sitting up in my room playing games and the likes. " "And wanking. " "What?" I said in surprise, "Oh, nothing" She replied smiling. She got up and went back to her room, I continued to watch TV.
After 5 minutes she came back down with a towel around her, "I'm going sunbathing in the backyard. " She said as she passed me. After the programme finished I stood up and went to make myself a sandwich. As I was putting it together, I looked outside and saw Mandy lying there, completely naked. I stood there, staring at her round tits, and her perfect shaved mound.

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   Then I felt my dick touch the counter. I finished making my sandwich and went to sit down and eat it, still thinking about my sister. I shook my head, that was a wrong thought to be having, but it was just so good looking and inviting. I finished my sandwich and then thought of what to do, with my sister returning to my head I went outside. Obviously she was asleep because she didn't notice me standing in her sunlight. I pulled down my pants and started to jerk off again. After about 5 minutes I felt myself starting to come but I didn't move, my cum spurted out all over her stomach, but she didn't move. I knelt down and rubbed my hand over her mound and then I slid a finger in and started to finger fuck her. "What the hell are you doing?" She screamed. I jumped up so fast and took off that I forgot my pants were still around my ankles, I tripped over and fell face first on the ground. This didn't stop me though, I kicked them off as fast as I could and ran up to my room, locking the door behind me. I lied on my bed, thinking of what I had just done, and whether she would be mad or not. I stayed in my room that whole night, going without dinner, as I was scared of what she would do to me.
I must have drifted off to sleep because I awoke to a quiet banging sound, I unlocked my door and crept up to Mandy room to see what she was doing. I pushed the door open just enough for me to see, she was driving her fingers deep into her pussy, and moaning too.

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   I felt my boxers bulge again and flipped then over my hardening cock. I slowly started to jerk off again while watching my sister going all out on her bed. I lost my balance and fell into her door, opening it. I stood up and ran into my room. I went back to sleep.
I awoke to my dick being sucked off. I opened my eyes to see Mandy driving her head up and down my rock hard cock. I sat there and enjoyed my first time being sucked off. I came into her mouth and she just swallowed every last bit of my cum. "Now would you like to finish off what you started earlier today?" She asked. Without replying I hopped off my bed and she got on and lifted up her nightgown, I placed one finger into her already wet pussy and slowly started pushing it out. "What, do you think I'm a virgin or something? Put more in, and go faster!" I immediately placed another finger in and started to go a lot faster. She started moaning loudly until she came to her orgasm. She let out a big sigh and motioned for me to hop onto the bed. "Fuck me, little brother.

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  " I grabbed my rock hard cock and placed it on the opening to her pussy, and then slowly pushed in. She moaned and I started to go in and out. "Faster!" She screamed. I kept going into her for about 5 minutes then I said, "I'm about to come!" I arched my back and pushed into her one last time before letting all of my man juice into her hot wet pussy. She rolled me over and started riding me, "Now let me come. " She rolled around on my cock until she let out a loud moan and had another orgasm all over my shaft. "Thank you. " She said as she rolled over and lied beside me. I went to sleep thinking about me no longer being a virgin.