My journey into love part 1


When my mother passed away a year ago, I was sent to live with my father and his new family. My father used to stop by on Holidays when I was growing up but the older I got the less infrequent the visits became. Eventually it turned into cards and then just one card a year, which was my birthday. So I was not that thrilled to be moving in with a father that did not even want to have me around. I felt I should get to live on my own. I was sixteen and I knew that if I was given the chance I could make it, by my request when unnoticed and I was sent here. Let me go ahead and tell you about myself a little bit. My name is Stephanie and I am sixteen years old. I am not the most beautiful person in the world. Definitely no comparison to a super model. I am about five seven and weigh about one hundred and fifteen pounds. I have long brown hair that hangs to the middle of my back and blends in well with my olive colored skins and makes my greenish grey eyes really stand out. I have a B chest so I am not the most blessed girl in the whole world, just your normal definition of your average everyday teenager, and honestly, I am ok with that.  So back to my story. The first two weeks at my dads how was horrible. He and his wife seemed to be completely uninterested in me and tried to avoid having conversations with me whenever possible.

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   I did not mind this, being I was not that interested in having any conversations with them either. So being as it was the start of Summer, I spent all of my time in my room or exploring the town. Which honestly was getting boring. Then I got some news that just seem to make this experience all the more worse. My dads wife’s son was coming home from college for summer vacation. That was just what I needed, one more person that did not want me around.  I sat in my room the whole day he was supposed to come home. Being slightly angered when I did not get invited to come down stairs to meet him when he arrived. I doubted that they even told him about me being there. Since they were not fond of the idea themselves. Getting angry about how I was being treated I waited until midnight, threw on some clothes and snuck out the back door. The fence did not connect in the side so it would be quieter to go the back way.  As I got to the side I stopped suddenly in my tracks when a dark shadow stepped out in front of me. My first instinct was the run away screaming but anything had to be better then being trapped inside that house with a bunch of people who wanted nothing to do with me. So I stood as still as I could and waited for the shadow to reveal itself.

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   “Why in such a hurry?” The shadow asked me as it stepped forward. Causing me to take a few steps back. I was sure there was a look of terror on my face but I still could not force myself to run away.  “I uh,” I stumbled over my words, trying to think of an answer to give. “I just was going to go get some air. ”Stepping closer to me the light from the back porch light the shadow mans face and it took my breath away. He was absolutely the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He was tall, had to be over six feet tall, athletic looking, with a head of messy brownish blond hair that looked like it was perfected to be that way and the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen in my entire life. This shadow man turned into an angel in all but seconds and I could not move my eyes away from his. “I am Logan,” the angel spoke holding his hand out for me to shake. The name sounded so familiar but I could not put my finger on it. “And you must be Stephanie, my new little step sister?” He asked in a statement question sort of way. All I could was nod, I could not even bring myself to shake his hand.  “Let’s take a walk shall we, get you that fresh air that you need?” He asked motioning out towards the road. “I would love to get to know the girl that is going to be sleeping in the room next to mine for the entire summer.

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   That is if you would like for me to come along with?”“I would love some company actually. No one has really talked to me since I got here, beyond the typical hello and your room is up the stairs to the right. ” I said with a bitter tone in my voice which made him laugh the most angelic laugh I had ever heard. My knees shook under me and had he not have caught me I would have landed right on my face.  “You ok?” He asked, accepting the nod that I managed to give him. “Yeah I am fine, just have clumsy legs is all. ” I said feeling my face turn red right in front of him.  “Hey Lets go this way. ” He said pointing down a slightly darker path, but I followed eagerly. He knew the area better then me and I knew that if I did not stick with him I would get lost.  We walked for a good twenty minutes. I talked about my mom and life back home and he talked about his first year in college and how much he hated his mom and my dad just as much as I did. I was having the best time I had ever had in my entire life and was finally okay with being here. At least I had someone around that I knew I could talk to. After the twenty minute walk we ended up at this lake.

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   The moon was hitting it just right to give enough glow to where I could see perfectly. I did not give it much thought before I sat myself down on the slightly damp grass. Normally I would have noticed that it was damp and stood right back up but once I was down there I was not ready to get back up, so I accepted the wet grass and looked out at the water.
    A few minutes later Logan sat down next to me and handed me something shiny. Once I got a good look at it, I realized that it was a flask. I had never drank before but there was always a first time for everything and this seemed like a good moment to do so. Taking the top off I took a drink that was probably bigger then I should of. It burned all the way down my throat and I could tell that I was making a face as I handed it back to him. “Whoa. ”It did not take long for the alcohol to hit me. It was like I had been hit but a soft fluffy boulder and it did not take long for my body to fall back into the grass. Logan did the same right after I did and turned to look at me. “Pretty amazing stuff isn’t it?” He asked as he turned onto his side and hovered over me. I gulped as I tried to think of an answer but my heart was beating so fast that I could not seem to get any words out. Within seconds my heart skipped a beat and his lips met mine.

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       They were soft and inviting and I could not help but push my own lips up into it. He leaned over me a little more pushing his body down onto half of mine. It made it a little hard to breath but I did not want it to stop. 

Reaching up around his head I grabbed a small amount of his hair between my finger and pulled his head closer to mine. It hurt my lips the kiss became so hard but it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my entire life.  Shortly after the kissing began he pulled away. I let out a moan in protest to him pulling away which to my surprise made him rethink pulling away and he kissed me again. This time wrapping his arms around me and rolling onto his back. This caused me to be right on top of him. Eventually i was straddled on top of him, kissing him with a passion that made me feel my life depended on it.  The kissing went on for what had to be hours. Our hands searching frantically over each others bodies, our breaths mixed with one another. Both of our hearts pounding out of our chests. It was as if the entire world had disappeared and it was only the two of us. Everything was amazing, but it came to a stop, just as I feared that it would.

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      I rolled off of him and looked up at the sky. Trying to get my breathing under control. He leaned over one more time and kissed me on the forehead. Right before he pushed himself off the ground and put his hand out down to me to help me up. I happily grabbed it and felt as he took on all my weight and lifted me effortlessly to my feet.  “We should probably get back home. ” He said with a smile as he led the way back home. Still holding onto my hand.  I was saddened that this evening had come to an end but the summer had just begun and from the way our hearts had beat as one I was sure there was plenty more to come, and I couldn’t wait. THERE IS TONS MORE TO COME. I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS RUN AS LONG AS I CAN!!.

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