My life with uncle-part 7


Topic: Memories - part 7: A Shopping TripI am 23 now but this story began almost 15 years ago. It is a love story and one that continues today. My uncle (though I barely think of him as uncle now) reads all that I write, helps with editting when his memory is better than mine.
I better get writing, you guys are starting to catch up to me. Thank you for the positive comments overheard mum and one of her friends talking one day. They were talking about some man and mum described him as a ‘dirty old man’. They were both really quite nasty about him and sounded like they hated him. This made me realise what uncle had been talking about and how I must be careful to keep our secret.  
Tuesday I came home from school very excited as I knew uncle would be coming to take me away. He was already waiting at home when mum drove up the drive. Uncle had asked me to wear pants this day so I quickly rushed to change and we left. Instead of going to the lab or his room though we drove to a local shopping mall. Uncle explained that he wanted to buy a few clothes for me that I could keep in his room and change into when I visited, that way I could wear anything where I was going to the lab with him. It was fun and exciting in the shops and nice for uncle and I to look at skirts together and see which ones he liked the best. In the end uncle bought me two skirts and two pairs of panties, both white and very little. We have the same hair colour and the shopkeeper probably thought uncle was my father.

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After the mall we went straight to uncles’ place. Uncle left me in his room a few minutes to get changed into one of my new skirts. Both skirts were very short and I felt naughty putting one of them on. But uncle was delighted when he saw me saying that I was very pretty and sexy. He asked me to turn around a couple of times so he could see me totally and his eyes were glued to my legs and skirt. Then he asked me turn with my back to him. I knew he wanted to see my bum so I bent forward a bit to show him. He said that looked beautiful and asked me to bend a bit more and bit more. I could feel my skirt riding higher and higher and in the end just bent all the way to touch my toes. Uncle loved that and said my panties looked very pretty on me and that I had the most beautiful little bottom he had ever seen.  
After a few moments of this uncle took me into his arms and lifted me up to hug and kiss me. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and could feel that his cock had grown very hard. I loved that I had made uncle so happy and excited. After kissing a while uncle lay me down on the bed and stood over me looking from my head to my feet and back again. Uncle said that I had made him so happy the last few times we were together that today he wanted to see if he could make me happy.

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   I told him that it was ok and that I liked to make him happy. All the while I was looking at his pants, seeing the big bulge that was there. I wanted to see uncles’ penis again and hold it but uncle had other ideas. He got on the bed with his knees either side of me bending to kiss me. He had one hand to support himself while the other lightly stroked my arm. Uncle told me just to relax and enjoy, kept reminding to relax and just let him kiss and touch. Uncle kissed my face, my ear then moved down to my neck. It tickled a bit but was still nice. If I giggled uncle would stop and remind me to relax before continuing. His fingers had moved over my shoulders and down onto my chest. He commented on how my chest was growing and it felt nice to have uncles’ light touch. This was the first time uncle had ever touched me there. Uncles’ hand moved lower to my belly and under the top I was wearing so he could lightly stroke my tummy. By this time he was kissing my chest through my top.  
I was still having a bit of trouble relaxing and uncle was always returning quickly to kiss my mouth and talking to me, telling me to enjoy before going back to where he had been.

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   Uncle lifted my top so he could kiss my tummy while his fingers lightly stroked my legs. This did feel really nice and uncle sensed this so stayed there a long time. Eventually uncle moved down further to kiss the fronts of my thighs. I liked this too and though my legs were together I think uncle was probably able to see my panties when he kissed close to the hem of my skirt.  
I was starting to relax properly now and really enjoyed uncles light touches with his lips and fingers. He asked me to roll over onto my tummy and returned upwards to kiss my neck and whisper how pretty I was into my ear. He kissed his way down my shoulders and arms to the back of my thighs. I knew uncle would be looking at my bottom while he did this and imagined his cock would be very big while doing so. Uncle kissed along the edge of the hem of my skirt for a long time. It was so short he was nearly kissing my bottom itself. I wondered if he wanted to.  
It wasn’t long before I got my answer as I felt his fingers slowly moving the hem of my skirt up uncovering my new white panties. He pulled my panties up a bit so they were tight across my bottom and told me how pretty my bottom looked in my new panties. Then he bent and kissed my bottom once on each cheek. He asked if I minded him doing this and I said that it felt nice.

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   Uncle must have been pleased because he proceeded to kiss every inch of my bottom. After quite some time he asked me to put my bottom in the air so I moved I moved up onto my knees. He asked me to rest my head back down on the pillow, then he began kissing my bottom again, kissing every last inch once more. Uncle kept asking me if it felt good, if I was enjoying and to kept on telling him how nice it was.  
Uncle kissed down the middle of my bottom and was very close to my vagina. He paused and asked me if he could pull my panties down and kiss me some more. I said yes and felt my panties coming down until they lay at my knees. Uncle said nothing for a moment and I knew he was just looking at me. Finally he said “Sarah, you have the most beautiful little bottom I have ever seen and such a pretty little pussy. ” I was starting to get a bit fidgety being exposed like this so uncle bent and began kissing my bottom some more. This felt even nicer as he kissed each of my cheeks all over. I knew that he would kiss my bumhole and wanted him to do it. Eventually he did and his tongue stayed there for a long time. Then he said “Sarah, lift your knees love, so I can take your panties right of. I did so and soon my panties were gone, my skirt up over my hips so that I was totally exposed.

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   “Sarah, move your knees apart a bit baby, that’s it. You have such a beautiful body, I love it. ” His tongue returned to my bumhole again and I must admit it felt really nice and gentle to be kissed there. “Sarah, I want to kiss your little pussy now, it looks so pretty and in need of a kiss. Do you want me to?” I said yes but uncle wanted me to tell him in full, he often liked to hear me say it this way and use his name. So I said “Uncle, I want you to kiss my pussy now. ” Uncles’ tongue returned to my bumhole for a few moments before I felt him moving lower. I felt his tongue trace lightly along my vagina before his lips touched and he began to kiss and lick me there a bit firmer. He paused occasionally to tell me how wonderful I tasted and to ask if it felt nice for me. It did and of course I told him so. After some time I felt him move up over me until his mouth was up beside my ear. I also realised that he had pulled his pants down at some point and felt his hard penis with only his underwear covering it pressing against my bum. It felt wonderful and I wriggled a little against it. Uncle whispered in my ear “Sarah my pretty girlfriend, do you like uncle licking and kissing you down there?” I whispered that I did very much. Uncle continued “Can you feel how excited I am baby? Can you feel me pressing against your pretty bottom?” I wriggled again and said yes.

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   “I think we are both quite excited now baby so I need to talk about some things with you again. ” “Ok” I replied. It felt nice having uncles big cock against me so I was happy to just stay there while he talked. “Sarah, my sweet little girl. I know you are starting to mature and I did tell you that a lady can cum too before. Do you remember?” Uncle was rubbing his penis against me as he talked so I was trying to hear him properly but being distracted by his movement. I could also feel a bit of his wetness against my bottom. I told uncle I did remember. Uncle kissed my ear “I don’t know Sarah, if you are mature enough to cum or if you are relaxed enough to cum this day but I would like to try. Do you want to?” I was very interested in this talk now, “yes uncle. ” Uncle kissed me again “Good girl, you are so lovely. I don’t know what it is like when she is getting ready to cum but I have read that some girls feel like they want to pee and get a bit confused. So when I am kissing you there baby, if it feels like you want to pee, don’t worry about it, it is just natural and you won’t pee. Do you understand gorgeous?” I had been feeling that before but wanted to hold off so I told uncle “Yes uncle, I understand. I felt a bit like that before but now I understand.

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  ” Uncle seemed delighted “oh my sexy little girlfriend, you are getting excited. ” He kissed my ear again. “ok baby, I want you to roll over on to your back again, I am going to kiss you that way. I am going to open your legs wide too so I kiss you properly. ” 
Part of me didn’t want to move, I liked having uncles cock against me as it was. But I also wanted to see if I could cum so I rolled over and uncle moved back. I looked and saw his underwear was very wet and his penis looked huge inside them. Uncle saw where I was looking and slipped his underwear down and off so I could see it. It stood almost straight up and I knew I could make uncle cum if he would just let me. But uncles’ hand went to my knees and gently parted them. He bent and kissed my belly then downwards to my pussy. My pussy felt very warm to me and wet though maybe that was just from uncles’ tongue. “Uncle told me that my pussy had opened a little and looked beautiful. ” Then he kissed it again and I forgot about everything else for a while. I’m not even sure if I did cum that day.

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   Uncle patiently kissed and licked me and I grew very excited. Maybe I did have a tiny orgasm but I do know that I loved what uncle was doing to me and wanted more.  
Eventually though time ran away on us and uncle stopped what he was doing. He rolled me gently to my side and lay behind me, wrapping his arms round me. I could feel his cock still huge against the back of my thighs and his hairy legs against mine. He seemed to want every inch of our bodies to be touching. He kissed my neck and whispered to me how pretty I was and whether I had enjoyed. I told him that I did and cuddled against him. His cock was huge and he was rubbing it against the backs of my thighs seemingly very excited. I asked if he wanted me to play with it now but he said it was just nice to have it against his pretty girlfriend. He asked if it felt nice touching him and I told him it did. He had an idea and asked me to stay side-on with my legs perfectly together. I felt him moving about and his cock up around my bum. It was flowing juice and I felt wet all round that area. Then I felt his cock pushing between my thighs and soon our bodies were close together again but this time his cock was sticking out in front of me jammed between the very top of my thighs.

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   He asked how that felt and I told him it was nice. He said that if he moved back and forth in this position that it would feel a lot like he was having sex with me and asked if I wanted him to do it. I said I did and so he began to move. He was very excited and held me very tight to him. It felt wonderful to feel his big cock moving against me like this, it was even rubbing against my vagina each time and I wanted it to slip in. He moved my hand down in front of me so I could feel the big head of his cock emerging each time he pushed in to me. He told me he was close to losing control and asked if I was ok. When I said that I was he seemed to hug me even tighter and his movements became faster and faster. I could not move as he held me so tight but I tried to touch his cock with my hand as much as I could. He was groaning his excitement into my ear very loudly and I knew he was going to cum very soon. Finally he thrust very hard between my thighs, held me so tight I could barely breathe and started pumping his cum into my hand. I wanted to catch it all but knew I was losing most, running out of my hands. His groaning and breathing was so loud and went on a long time. I could feel his cock flexing between my thighs and against my pussy. It felt really nice and I imagined that uncle had just fucked me.

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   Gradually his breathing lessened and his grip on me relaxed. He still held me close but began kissing me again and whispering how wonderful I made him feel and how powerful I had made him cum again. I felt so happy to be able to do this for him without thinking brought my hand to my mouth and began to lick all his cum off. He was silent watching me and when I had finished asked if I liked the taste. I said that I didn’t really but wanted to learn to like it. really I wanted to clean my hand quickly so I could put it back on his penis. But I had to do two or three more trips as each time my hand returned it seemed to get find more cum down there.  
We rested and kissed and talked for a little while. I told uncle that his cock had felt so nice rubbing against my vagina and that I had wanted it to slip inside. Uncle reminded me about rule number one and also added that his cock was probably far too big to fit in me. I mentioned a dream to uncle and this led him to quiz me about my dreams at night. I told how every night I imagined he and I were naked in bed together and he promised that next week we would do that. All too soon though time ran out, I had to change back into my other clothes and uncle took me home. Though we were a bit late, mum did not seem to mind. Again he stayed for dinner, it was nice to have him there.


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