My Little Jewel


But luckily, we all got used to it being just us three. Julie, my daughter, would be home before I was even allowed to think of going home, so she took care of little Jimmy. This was a good arrangement, till she hit about fourteen, and discovered that hanging around the house all day wasn't the cool thing to do. Sadly, I had to hire a baby sitter who, rather than come to the house, which would have been easier, made me drop Jimmy off there after he got out of school. Needless to say, my late lunch hour wasn't spent eating like it should have been. One Saturday, I was supposed to go to work, but instead decided that work could kiss my ass for the day, and called in dead. My boss got a kick out of it at least, and gave me the day off for originality. My luck was changing if he was in a good mood. Now, early in the morning, most guys know what goes on. I had a hard-on the size of Manhattan, and in the process of wishing it was that big during sex, and not just when I had to pee, I was doing my best to get rid of the scotch I'd been forced to down the night before. Drinks with clients, or, as the rest of the employees at the company referred to it as, "Ass Kissing After Hours. "Now, any parent knows that if you use the bathroom with little ones running around the house, then you're going to have the door open. Too many accidents happened while you aren't paying attention, you can't afford to keep the door closed. I can't count the number of times I've had to rush from the bathroom, cock in hand, and attempt to stuff it back in my pants and run at the same time. Maybe I'm just not skilled, but it wasn't as easy as, say, programming a VCR. On this particular morning, I had been taking one of those ten minute leaks, you know, the kind that feel like you're having a weak orgasm.

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   I had my head thrown back, and was trying to clean the sleep from my eyes with my free hand, when a faint sound caught my ears. It was a moan, I could tell. Oh shit, one of the kids was hurt. The stream of piss immediately stopped, and with the ease of fourteen years of practice, I turned and stuffed my half finished cock back into my boxers as I ran from the door. My feet pounded on the thick carpet, and I know some noise had to have to have been made. Later phone calls from China confirmed that. I managed to get to the door of my lovely, sweet, innocent daughter's room, before I managed to think of something. I'd kick open the door, and grab the bastard around the neck, break it, and then throw him out the window, before calling the police. Then my mind caught something that my eyes had missed. There, where the door met the jamb, there was empty space. Her door was open. I shook my head, and peeked in. I saw long red hair strewn about her head like a halo of fire, and her mouth was wide open, and a look of pleasure was on her face. But the father in me didn't take it as pleasure. She was being hurt.

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  I rushed the room once more, and then saw what was making her face contort in such a way. She had a hairbrush, almost as thick as two of my fingers, buried deep in her trimmed little cunt. I immediately skidded to a stop, and my eyes widened in an attempt to roll on the floor. "Shit, I'm sorry, baby," I shouted as I realized what she was doing, and immediately covered my eyes and ran out of the room. I didn't even stop to see if she had noticed me, I simply grabbed her door knob as best I could and closed the door. The bathroom was the only place I could think of to go, so I walked in there, finished the Three S' (Shit, shower, shave) and walked down stairs to the kitchen. I cooked me a wholesome breakfast of left over pizza and a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and sat down at the couch to eat. The thought of my little girl masturbating was out of my mind, but it was replaced by something disturbing: the realization that my little girl wasn't so little any more. Rather than try to wrap my mind around that, I dug into my breakfast and finished it in no time flat. Something left over from my college days, the ability to eat even the oddest breakfast combinations and still have enough time to play some video games before I went to class. But the videogames now days were the realm of the young ones, and I hadn't practiced in at least six years, when my little girl and I had irritated my wife with the noise to the point where she'd come up behind the both of us and cover our eyes. Somehow, I always managed to get killed in those battles. Violent video games my ass, the bloodier they were the more fun me and Julie had with them. As soon as that though entered my mind, Julie descended the stairs, freshly showered, and looking a bit embarrassed. But she didn't say anything, so I felt it my duty as both a parent, and a laid back, cool guy, to rib her about it.

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   "I think hair brushes are supposed to be used above the waist, baby. " My grin was from ear to ear, and I could see her heart actually sink into her left foot. "You saw me?" She asked dejectedly. Her face fell after that, and she turned away in that oversized T-shirt that she had stolen from me not too long ago to wear around the house. She had a look of both sadness and horror on her face. I couldn't just let her deal with this like that, it could traumatize her. "Wait, Jewels," I said to her, and stood up. She turned around, and I could see the tears forming on those beautiful green eyes. The father in me immediately ran to her and wrapped my arms around her. "Hey, now don't cry. " The most shameless girl I had ever seen, who until she was twelve, would run back and forth from her room to the laundry and back without a stitch of clothing on her body, was crying of embarrassment. What a day for me. "I don't want you to hate me, daddy," she said, and buried her face into my stomach. Six feet of mush fell to his knees and looked her in the eyes. "Please don't hate me.

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  "I shushed her and kissed her cheek, "Why would I hate you? You know I love you and Jimmy more than anything in the world, more than life itself. Why would I ever have a reason to hate you. . . ?” I tried my best at making a joke, and my eyes were stern, "Wait. . . did you wreck the car?"She tried to smile, I saw the attempt, but she couldn't pull it off. "The preacher at church told me that it was wrong and sinful to do what I was doing. " She wrapped her arms around my neck like she hadn't done since she was ten, and I picked her up and held her. "What have I told you about going to church?" I did my best to make her smile, but she was convinced I'd hate her. "Look, I do it too, I'm sure that in a few years Jimmy will start doing it, so you've got nothing to worry about. It's natural. " I kissed her on the cheek once more, and then set her down and placed a hand on her shoulder. Smiling, I said, "At least next time you should close your door before you do it?"I still don’t know why she was so freaked out about it.

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   My mom had caught me once, and she was freaked out about it. She asked me what the hell I was doing. I sort of thought it was self explanatory, hand wrapped around the cock looking at some porno mags me dad had somehow managed to avoid getting caught by mom’s vigilant eye. She always amazed me with the ability to know when I was doing something wrong, simply by looking me in the eye. I later learned that I always had this nervous look on my face when I was misbehaving. “Yes, daddy,” she said, and we hugged for a long moment, sharing one of those father daughter experiences in which both seem to understand each other a little more. Sadly, it only seems that way. I pushed her at arms length, and then said, quite sternly, “Now, this church business, I’m a little disappointed about. ” I tried my best to be serious about it, but she was all ready aware that it was almost psychologically impossible for me to get mad at her, and then when I finally managed, it would have taken tremendous willpower to stay that way. I didn’t have the time or the energy to keep being angry. She hit me on the shoulder and then bounded up the stairs. Normally, I’m not a confrontational guy, but this was something I just couldn’t tolerate. With a roar of mock rage I lifted her from the ground and turned her upside down, my fingers racing along her sides, tapping against the ticklish skin beneath the oversized shirt she wore. She laughed and tried keeping her shirt down as best she could, but her arms were weakening, and by the time I carried her to her bedroom, and then threw her on her bed, her arms had stopped struggling against her shirt, and against my hands. When she hit the bed and bounced, her shirt came above her waist, and she revealed to all in the room (me), what she wore after a shower.

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   The only thing she had on under her shirt was a thin red bush with nothing to shield it from my prying eyes. Needless to say, I was taken aback at the fact that my daughter didn’t wear underwear. That was the fatherly instinct, and it was there, right along with the man instinct, that told me in no uncertain terms, “Man, would I love to burry nine inches of meat into her. ” Unfortunately, I was only packing seven inches, so that instinct was sort of inaccurate, but the feeling of wanting to be hilt deep in her little pussy was just as strong. I shook my head, and recoiled in horror. It took a minute for me to recall where I was, and when I looked at her again, she was confused. Her shirt was still above her waist, and my eyes immediately fixed on the thick red bush. I always had a thing for red heads, my wife, every girlfriend I’d had since my wife died (all one of them), and now, apparently, my daughter. She had caught my gaze, and I tore away from her as she covered herself once more. “I’m going downstairs again. ” I said, and then completely failed to do so. Her shirt wasn’t covering much, just barely covering the wisps of hair, and if I looked hard enough, which I utterly failed not to do, I could see her plump pussy lips. She caught my gaze, and I thought I saw the shirt raise a little. That snapped me out of my daze, and I turned around, willpower and good sense once again fleeing in the face of danger and I relied on fear to get me out of that room. “Oh my god,” I muttered as I slumped against the door to my room, and ran a hand through my hair.

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   “I need a cold shower. ”The water was cold, and it cascaded down my body, sending shivers down my spine and raising goose bumps along my skin. I didn’t know why my daughter was having this effect on me. I had my forehead pressed against the wall, and slowly I let my hand slip down to my now erect cock. I barely touched the head when disgust wracked my body, causing me to shudder and shake my head. Water flew all over the walls of the shower, and that’s when I noticed that there was a head peeking through the door of my bathroom. A red head with green eyes attached, and a lightly freckled face that held it all together. She hadn’t put anything else on, it seemed, and as she watched my hand near my cock, I could tell her hand was somewhere else. She was using her left hand to support her on the door jamb, and her right hand, which should have been in full view, was nowhere to be seen. Her sleeve was empty, and her shirt bulged down near her crotch. The thought of her masturbating again sent a thrill down my spine, but I fought back. I was stronger than all of this. I had the willpower to not touch myself. I was watching her, I don’t know if she could see me, but I could see her eyes glaze over in lust over the short distance, and her shirt near her crotch seemed to move slowly at first, then faster. She began shuddering, and it took me by surprise when I suddenly felt the stirrings in my groin, not of an impending erection, but of an impending orgasm.

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   Mutiny, against my own body, and no longer just my cock, but my hand, too, was in on the conspiracy to ruin me. My cock was pumped furiously by my clenched fist, and my legs went stiff as white ropes of cum danced from the tip of my cock. Julie had since lifted her shirt, and her hand was moving frantically on what I took to be her clit, though with my eyes half closed, I couldn’t tell much of anything. All I could see was fingers buried where I was confident they shouldn’t have been, and didn’t want them to move away from. Her body went rigid, and I could tell she was trying her damnedest to be quiet, but a small gasp escaped her lips, and she nearly fell over forward from the awkward angle she was standing at and gripping the wall. Had the wall not been there, she would have been flat on her face. She realized she had made a noise before I got out of the shower, the jets of water washing cum off of my hands, and she booked. What was going on with us? One little incident had turned into this huge ordeal that neither of us would ever be able to talk about for fear of embarrassing the other, or so I thought. I got out, dried myself, off, and went about my Saturday like I should have. My Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and all the way till Friday were pretty much the same, too. The week went by, with me catching Julie in some compromising positions, no longer masturbating, but I walked in on her accidentally while she was admiring herself in the mirror. The fact that she wasn’t wearing clothes failed to escape my notice. Every time I got into the shower, her head peeked around the corner, and I had started leaving the curtain a little open so we could see each other. I knew she could tell I was watching her, and neither of us seemed to care, but eventually, things would be getting even stranger. Finally when Saturday came, and the incident happened again, I stepped out of the shower before she had finished, hard cock pointing at her, till I covered it with a towel.

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   She was scared, and tried to run, but I said, “Julie, don’t move. We have to talk. I’ll be in your room in a minute, okay? Just let me get dressed. ”I found myself a robe while she waited patiently in her room, finishing herself off; I later came to find out. Boxers and house shoes completed the outfit, and I thought I looked quite like the old man that everyone has living down the street from them. I approached her door with much trepidation, and then pushed it open. Her hands immediately gripped her sides at the creak of floorboards in front of her room. “I know you’ve been watching me. . . ”“You’ve been watching me too. ” She countered scornfully. She was enjoying the little peek show, both giving and receiving them. She had started wearing either only her underwear or a shirt that didn’t cover anything below her naval. It was having its toll on me.

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   I hadn’t been able to sleep better in years, but my dreams were plagued with Julie’s cunt split open by my massive cock. I could tell it was a dream because my cock was only a little above average in reality. I sighed as she revealed her own argument, and then I lowered my head. “And I shouldn’t have. ” I looked at her, and then I closed my eyes. Lust was building behind them, and I didn’t want her to see it. “I love you, but we can’t do this any more. It has to be out in the open that this is not good for us. I know that, and you are old enough to know that. ”“I don’t care,” she said at length, after much time had passed, and we both were silent on the matter. “I love you, and this feels. . . ” she couldn’t describe it. She obviously knew what an orgasm was, but she didn’t know the feeling of doing something she wasn’t supposed to do.


   I was very lenient, and when they did something they weren’t supposed to do, they got punished. But this was somehow different, as if in the back of both our minds, we knew that it wasn’t right, but we also knew that right and wrong were only circumstantial philosophies. Was it wrong to kill a man? Yes. What if he was trying to kill you? Then it’s okay. Was it wrong to watch your father masturbate? Yes. What if it felt so good for both sides of the equation? What then? Was it bad? All these arguments weren’t battling for supremacy, because there was no resistance. I was convinced it wasn’t bad, but I kept saying, “It’s wrong,” because it was ingrained in me that incest was a thing of evil. Even my upbringing told me that. My parents were liberal, letting my make my mistakes, but I learned that it was wrong from them. What if they were wrong?That thought hit my like a hammer hits a gong, and as I resonated within my head, I looked to my daughter. She could see the feelings behind my face. I knew, however, that I would wake up now. All I had to do was pinch myself, and I’d wake up. I pinched myself. It hurt.

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   “Damn it,” I muttered under my breath. “Why can’t we watch each other?” She asked, crossing her arms under her chest, and effectively turning the barrier between my eyes and her breasts into a window. I turned my eyes away from the cleavage revealed saw at the top of her tank top, and immediately regretted it. Tears formed at the edges of her eyes, and she couldn’t hold the quaver in her voice when she said, “You don’t love me. ”I didn’t know how that thought could have entered into her head. I didn’t love her? Of course I did, that’s why I was keeping these thoughts at bay, which I wasn’t, but I at least made a good effort. “No, Jewels, I do love you,” O wrapped her up in a hug, and pulled her onto my lap. “I love you so much, but this isn’t right for us to do. I don’t want to see my daughter in a sexual way because society would take me away from you, and lock me in jail. ”Just to prove that, my cock decided that this would be the best time to prove me wrong. It began to rise as I stroked her back, and hugged her to my chest. I didn’t know what to do. If I moved, she would be scarred for life, thinking I didn’t love her. How was I supposed to react? She took the problem out of my hands, and into her own, as she shifted around, and kissed my neck. Her hand slowly went into my robe and down my stomach, and I tried my damnedest to keep from moving.

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  It wasn’t so hard, since my body had completely lost control of itself; or rather I had lost control of it. My body was fully in control. I simply sat there, and let her hand get closer to my cock. Finally, she slipped her hand under the waistband of my shorts, and gripped my cock in her tiny fist. “No, Jewels please don’t do this,” I said. I kissed her head, and tears began to form, but the blood surge that jerked my cock told her I wanted it. My cock wasn’t cooperating with me, that little bastard. It was getting back at me for all those beatings, no doubt. “I love you, dad. I’ve heard so much about sex from my friends, and I want you to be my first,” well that was a comforting thought. At least she hadn’t had anyone else in her. No, wait! I was trying to justify myself. I knew what was coming next. I would tell myself something similar to, “I would be keeping some other, undeserving bastard from stealing it from her. I would then rationalize that all guys were undeserving bastards, and none of them deserved the honor of taking her cherry.

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  “I love you, too, but please don’t do this. ” Was I insane? Yes, definitely. Who wouldn’t want a hot red head to play with his cock? I didn’t. She was my daughter, and my defenses were slowly weakening. “I’m begging you,” I said, and she apparently took that the wrong way. She took it the way that meant she got to take my cock out of my boxers and stroke it luxuriously up and down, a feathery light touch that would send my eyes back in my head. She did this, and my eyes rolled back in my head. “I want you, daddy,” she said. She didn’t know what her words were doing to me. She didn’t even have that husky voice that women seemed to learn at the age of sixteen. She was two years early for that, but she was turning me on more than any woman I had ever been with had managed. Stroking my cock like that, looking at me with those big green eyes, she was having the same effect on my inhibitions that nuclear bombs had on paper. They were completely obliterated. “We can’t do this,” I failed to say, and then went on not to mention, “It’s wrong, you’re my daughter, and I love you. ” Instead, I said, “I want you too, baby, but.

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  . . ” and the but was the last word I spoke because she pressed her lips to mine, instead of quitting like deep inside I didn’t want her to. My cock was so hard, and her touches so light, it was driving my crazy. Some how, my arms wrapped around her, and I tried to push her away, unaware for the moment that “away” was, in fact, the opposite of the direction she went. She pressed to my body at my insistence, and pushed me back on the bed, despite my silent protests. What was happening to me? Was my mind going? No, it had gone when I entered her room. This was something else; something in my mind had broken. It was my social acceptance. I didn’t accept society any more, so this was all very good and well. I lied back, and let her take over. Her shirt came off when my hands magically pulled it from her body, and I was amazed once more when her breasts came into view. I had seen them before, but I failed to see much of them, as I had been busy covering my eyes and bolting from the room. They were firm, maybe a handful, and her pink nipples looked like targets, on which my tongue almost immediately scored a bull’s eye. Her moan was caught between a sigh and a gasp, making for that irresistible hiccup sound that I’d always found so hot.

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   I shook my head, trying to dislodge her nipple from my mouth, but my lips were sealed, trying to keep it in. My lips won, and her breast jiggled with the motion. She seemed to cry, clenching her eyes tight against the pleasure, and when I looked at her, her face scrunched up in ecstacy, I almost came right them. But her hand clenching down hard on my cock stopped that, and the little bit of pain from her nails beat some sense into my addled mind. I let her nipple go, but as soon as I saw it, covered with my saliva, I had to make the other one match it, and dove onto it. Never let it be said that I did anything half assed. I knew I was screwing up my daughter’s life, but damn it, if I wasn’t going to do a good job of it. “Ooh,” she groaned as I descended onto her nipple like a pirhana on a steak. I chewed on it, bit down gently, and ran my teeth all over the hardened nub of flesh. I sucked, and I slobbered, licked and nibbled on her breast, till she was almost crying in pleasure, then slowly, my body changed again. I wasn’t the same man, her dad, confused but willing. I was the man I liked to be when in bed with a woman I could have fun with. I wanted nothing more than to please her right now. My own pleasure was secondary, I was focused on hers. The change that went in my mind was something I recognized, but couldn’t do anything about.

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   I sat up and pushed her down on to the bed, spreading her naked legs gently, and shucking my robe and boxers. I wouldn’t need them for this. My mouth descended on her stomach, licking and suckling her skin gently, but ravenously. She was like my last meal, and I wanted to get every bite of it and savor the flavors. Likely, if anyone found out, she might truly be my last taste of anything pleasurable. My tongue traversed her tight little abdomen like a road map, tracing the faint lines of her muscles, before coming to her pubic area, and letting my tongue trace through her light bush, feeling the hairs tickle my tongue and nose. Her slit was wet, that was obvious, but her smell, that was something I didn’t expect. I was expecting the pussy smell, the smell of a woman’s sex who had been through more. It was pungent, even after washing, as long as she was excited. But Julie’s pussy smelled clean. Not shower or douche clean, but pure, untouched. This might be the only time I had ever smelled something so beautiful, so I inhaled deeply, then let my breath go, warm and soft, against her pussy, causing her to convulse in pleasure. Her body wriggled along the bed, and, though she had calmed down, her muscles were still tense. “I love you,” I said to her, and then slipped my tongue along her wet folds before anything else could be said. She convulsed again, seized up, and then her body shot rigid, though she hadn’t cum yet.

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   It was the sexiest sight I had ever seen, still to this day. Her taste was just as beautiful as her smell, and I groaned as I licked it, sending the vibrations deep into her body, ringing her little clit with the force of the sound. She shook again, and before I knew it, she had cum all over my face, drenching me with her juices, clean and pure. I licked as much as I could from my angel’s cunt, then wiped my face, and slithered up her body. “I love you,” I said again, and kissed her. Some of her juices were still on my lips, so when I kissed her, she tasted herself, and moaned. I didn’t know it at the time, but that single taste might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back and turned her into a bisexual. But that story is for another time. “I love you too, daddy,” she said, then reached down to my cock, rubbing it between her hands, rolling it as best she could without causing me pain, which wasn’t much, but I felt it. “I want to feel you. ” She begged, not the sort of begging no one ever sees a woman do, but the sort of begging that a dog did when desperate for food. It wasn’t a necessary beg, because as soon as I heard her words, I had given an involuntary jerk, and touched her pussy lips with the head of my cock. I stopped myself from burying it within her, to both keep from hurting her, and to keep from breaking my dick in half. Both would be very bad options to pursue. I touched the tip of my cock more slowly to her pussy lips this time, and she whimpered in response.

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   I pushed, and her mouth opened, and a silent scream seemed to penetrate her body, one that she felt and didn’t voice. I hadn’t even gotten the tip in, and she seemed to be dying from pleasure. I pushed more, and the tip barely moved in. She cried out again, that sexy hiccup that would never form a full gasp or moan. Then the head was in, and I rested. I could have ploughed into her, but I wasn’t interested in getting myself off. Not yet. “Please more, daddy,” she breathed, her lungs unable to pull in full gulps of air before they were forced out of her. I obliged her, and slowly pushed in, but stopped short, and looked down at her gravely. “It’s going to hurt the first time, Jewels. ” I leaned down and kissed her gently on her upper lip. She didn’t care, she wanted more. Bucking against me to get it in, an inch slipped forth, and I found her cherry, more or less shreaded from her active lifestyle when she was little, riding her bike, playing, and such. But it was there, I could feel the remnants of it. I slowly pushed past, and her hymen popped with a slight stinging sensation on her part.

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   I could tell from the wince of her beautiful freckled face that it hurt a little, so I stayed still and let her get used to the pain, and my girth. My cock wasn’t very long, but it was wide enough to please whoever felt it. And right now, slick as it was, it was almost getting crushed inside her wet, tight cunt. “Oh, god,” she cried, then her head fell to the side, and she bit her knuckle from the feeling. Then her body arched upward, and she screwed more of herself onto my cock. Halfway in, and the feeling was exquisite. I couldn’t remember ever feeling a more wonderful sensation in all my life. Then I got a little impatient. I grabbed onto her hips, and pulled her down onto my cock, pushing inside, and then, finally, I bottomed out. My entire cock was inside her cunt, and my body went limp, all except for that one organ. The strain of pushing in slowly so I didn’t hurt her was immense, I came to find out. I tried to rest for a moment, but Julie would have none of that. She bucked and tossed her hips up and down, trying to get me to move. She slammed her ass against my thighs, and I got the message. Slowly I started out, pushing in and out of her tight, clutching walls, sawing in and out of her at a steady pace.

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   I kept this up for a long time, simply staring down at her body, young and tight. Julie’s body was flushed and sweaty as I pushed into her, and I could tell she was approaching yet another orgasm. Pushing all the way in and grinding my pubic bone against her clit, I set her off. Her walls clutched my cock, and she began bucking and screaming, so much that I thought the neighbors would hear. I pressed my lips to hers to muffle the sound, and almost instinctively, my motions sped up. Her clutching walls were pulling me, pushing me, and manhandling my dick inside her pussy, causing me to become ever closer to my impending orgasm. I started sawing in and out of her once more, faster, with my mouth locked onto her lips, and soon the slow lovemaking became an all out fuck. I was pounding into her, not hard, but she definitely would feel sore afterward. My cock passed between her lips, and I felt them too stretching to accommodate me, wrapped tightly around my cock, sending sensations from the head of my dick, to the head that was as of now out of order on my shoulders. I lost track of time as I ploughed her pussy, but eventually, after however many minutes passed, I felt her clutching pussy grab at my cock again. She was about to cum again. I knew I was going to join her for this one, whether I liked it or not. I sped up, and strengthened my thrusts, pushing deep into her, and pulling out, then slamming home once more. I got into a rhythm that kept speeding up as I felt my balls twitching. I felt it.


   They convulsed, and I knew I was ready. Luckily, so was Julie. “I’m cumming again, daddy!” she cried out, and her pussy clamped down on my engorged shaft. I indicated I was going to join her with a pronounced groan, and then I plunged deep into her, my seed shooting from my cock, and blasting her walls. My cock jumped within her, and my balls pulled tight against my body and after six or seven good shots, I collapsed on top of her. I had cum too hard, and it was taking its toll on me. I couldn’t even think to get to my own room, so instead I hugged her, and we both fell asleep, my cock slipping from her pussy somewhere along the course of our long nap. The noon sun shined through the blinds and onto my face, waking me finally, and I woke. I remembered what happened, and smiled down to my daughter. I had made her feel so good; it was something to be proud of. I leaned down and kissed her gently. “Hey, daddy,” she said, and that’s when I lost it. My mind came back to me, and I was horrorfied at what I had done. She was my daughter. I stood up, and gripped my head.

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   I looked for something to blind myself with, but luckily nothing presented itself. Oedipus was coming to mind, only my wife had died, and I slept with my daughter. In order to get my mind off of ending my life, I tried to think of the play that came from. “Elektra,” I said at last, then sighed, and sat down on her chair, naked still, and began to weep. “I can’t believe I did this to you,” I said, and looked to her. She had gotten off of the bed, and approached, but when I looked up, she was smiling reassuringly. “Baby, I am so sorry,” I reached out to touch her, but drew my hand back. My head then took its place on my palm, and I cried my eyes out. “You didn’t do anything to me, daddy,” Julie said, crying too, and she sat in my lap. “We did this, you didn’t do it, and I didn’t do it, we did it. ” She kept putting emphasis on the word “we. ” Why the hell had I raised her to be so damned smart? I wanted her to hate me, it was what I deserved. I wanted her to scream and yell at me, but it wasn’t happening. That meant she was right. Parents are supposed to be right, not their kids.

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