My Little Sis!


    I was only 16 at the time and had just got my full license. It was a pretty exciting time in my life, but I was pretty much wrapped up in me, like most other teenagers. I had a girlfriend of about 2 years, but she was very conservative and heavily believed in Religion. I was Christian, but my family hardly ever went to church because we were always busy with some sort of event. I'm fairly well built for my age because I play at the highest level of Rugby and Football for my age group in my province (I live in Canada) and the years of working out in the gym have given me a fairly nicely sculpted body, one many girls have commented on numerous times. Although I have a girlfriend, I do often have sex with other girls at parties and on occasion. She knows about this and obliges as she isn't ready for that step, my raging teenage hormones, which im sure years of highly physcial and competitve sports has added to, are more than ready. Because of this, I have slept with a bunch of girls, but the next would certainly be the best.
    I came home late one night from a party, pretty drunk and just passed out on my hallway floor as I usually did. My mother and I were open about our personal lives and therefore were very close. She picked me up, no easy task as I am 6 feet tall and 210 pounds of muscle, and dragged me to bed so that my dad wouldn't wake up and find me passed out on the floor. My sister was just 15, only 9 months younger than me, and I had recently started to notice her behaviour around me as weird. She would randomly just burst into my room after I took a shower or just lie in my bed, often in just a short t-shirt without a bra and panties.
    My sister was very attractive, especially for her age. She had a very beautiful, mature face, one that could win over any boy she wanted, but it suprised me to find out that she had only ever kissed a boy before. Of late, we had been getting closer and I thought this was because she wanted to abuse my new driving privlages, but she rarely asked for rides.

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   She has a nice, round, firm 34D breasts, a smooth stomach and the most perfect round ass. Truely an angel.
    Recently she walked in on my masterbating and instead of immediately closing the door and running, she stayed, almost intrigued at the sight of my 10 inch cock and then reluctantly closed the door. I had always thought about having my little sister, but could she want me too?
   Back to the story, I woke up the next afternoon at 1 to find myself alone in the house as usual, or so I thought. I stripped off my clothes and left my room butt naked on the way to the shower. I decided to first head downstairs for a quick cup of coffee and some advil to help my hangover, only to be greeted by my little sister. As shocking as this was, I just strolled on as if nothing was out of the ordinary, my 10 inch cock bouncing around, fully erect from the previous night. My sister looked at me and immediately responded with 'You could at least put some clothes on!' 'Well you shoulda gone with Mom and Dad if you dont want to deal with it! Its not like its nothing you havent seen before' 'Ya, but those werent my own brothers! Plus I couldnt, Mom and Dad left for a week trip like they said yesterday, you just chose to ignore them. Anyways, you're in charge. '
   I quickly scanned my memory remembering breifly my mother waking me up telling me they were leaving to see my grandparents in Flordia. I simply ignored this and carried on the rest of the day, but continued to stroll around the house naked. I noticed my sister continually looking over at my large cock and just laughed it off most of the time.
   That night I decided to go out with some friends and see a movie. 'Im going out, anything you need while im gone?' 'No im good, dont get piss drunk cause im not carrying you up to your room like mom does!' I just laughed that last comment off and left the house.
   I came back that night to find my little sister awake at 3 am in the morning and told her to get some rest.

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   She headed for the stairs and I followed her up, saying Good night at the top and heading down the hall to my parents room. Whenever they left the house I would take their room because their bed was better for having girls over. Plus the mickey mouse garbage plastered on my room walls since I was a baby didnt exactly turn most girls on. I quickly stripped to the nude and fell asleep, exhausted from a late night of hanging out with friends. About 30 minutes after I closed my eyes I was woken up by my little sister who came in, insisting she couldnt get any sleep. I said she could sleep in the bed.
   She giggled when she got in the bed and realized that I was naked so i quickly jumped out and grabbed some mesh basketball shorts from my room, they didnt exactly hide anything, but they covered me up. I climbed back into bed on the opposite side of my sister when she said she felt scared, so i instinctively pulled her tight to my body and held her to make her feel safe. She just giggled and said 'Wow Josh, you really have gotten more muscular over the past few months, no wonder so many girls want to fuck you!' 'Watch your language young lady, I may not be dad but i still dont want you swearing! And thank you for the compliment, I have been trying to gain some mass. ' 'Well its really showing. '
   With that I just went back to trying to sleep, until she turned towards me and faced me, her face was so close I could feel her warm breath, she smelled like vanilla, it was intoxicating. I could now feel her hard nipples through her tight t-shirt and couldnt help but get aroused. My penis just started to grow by itself, here I was in bed with my beautiful little sister, the girl I have jacked off to countless times, was now in my arms and I had full control over her. My erection grew so fast I didnt even have time to hide it, there was no doubt she could feel it now.
   'Wow someone is excited, could that be because of me? Lets see what we have here.

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  ' She pulled her hand down and instantly started massaging and stroking my now fully erect cock.
    'I've dreamed of your cock for so long, I can't believe im finally touching it. ' I couldnt believe she was stroking me! My own little sister was touching my erect cock and willingly too! 'Oh sis, Ive jacked off to thought of you for so long, I cant contain myself anymore!'
       With that she locked my lips in the most amazing kiss I have ever had. Her tounge was swirlling around in my mouth uncontrollably and I just couldnt stop it, I was in hevan! 'Wow sis, musta been all those boys that gave you practice, eh?' 'No silly, Im still a virgin and I've only kissed one boy before. ' I couldnt believe what I was hearing! My own sister, a virgin!? I now had only one thought in my head, fucking my sister.
       'Sis, I gotta take you right now and its gonna hurt, but you're gonna love it so much more. ' 'Oh I've waited so long for you to say those words to me! Fuck me Josh, Fuck me right now!' At that we started to passionately caress each others tounges, wildly kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow! My shorts were sudenly ripped, litterally ripped, right off and my large cock was fully exposed.
       She moved right down to my huge cock and threw the entire shaft down her throat until she gagged. She move her head up and down furiously, gagging every now and then on my massive cock until I couldnt take it any longer. My cum exploded in the tightness of her throat and she swallowed every last drop of my money shot. 'Mmmm you taste so good. ' I didnt need her to say anything to know what to do next. I stripped off her shirt and started to kiss her rock hard nipples as a gently palmed her mound. It was clean shaven which only got me more excited. I quickly moved my lips down her firm stomach until I reached her glorious pussy.

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       I quickly started devouring it while teasing her clit with my finger. She started to shake uncontrollably and scream wildly as her first real orgasm pulsated through her body.
       I then got up and towered over her, my cock now fully erect and ready to fuck my sister. I asked her if she was ready and inserted my cock before she could answer. I first fucked her slowly, moving my hips in and our of her wet cunt as she squinted. Then I inserted my cock further until I reached her hymen, I drove so hard that it broke with ease as she let out a soft cry followed by 'Oh Josh Fuck me now!' I didnt need her to say anything else as I drove my cock furiously in and out of her tight pussy. The sound of my balls slapping on her ass was so arousing I had to focus to keep from shooting my load right in her.
       Then she started to squirt all over my cock and stomach as I felt the muscles in her pussy squeeze around my cock, I had to pull out and shove deep in her ass until I came so hard. I stayed in there for 10 minutes as my semi-hard cock emptied all of its' load into my little sister and then pulled out and collapsed beside her. 'Mmm, Josh you're such an amazing lover, keep that up and I may just have to marry you!' 'Haha, naw, but we will definately always have these special moments. ' To that she just rolled on top of me and mumbled, 'Get your rest sexy, you're gonna need your energy for the rest of the week. '