My little sis(part one)


It was my sisters 14th b'day and she called all her friends. it was a grand party. at the time of her cutting the cake it was i who first put the cake in her mouth. when i did she seemed to look at me with light glistening in her eyes. little did i know then what was to happen. and this was the begining of my sisters love for my dik. months later my parents had decided to go all the way to england to meet our relatives and i and my sis had to stay alone as we had school. . and it began. my parents left for the night fligh. . the next morning i woke up early to go to school and to my amazament i saw my sis sitting next to me with a tray of coffee in her hand. . . i asked her wats rong with her and she was like. .

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  . "u no dear brother ever since my 14th b'day i've sort of. . well its embarasing. well wat i'm trying to say is that i've sort ofliked you. and then all of a sudden she removed her shirt and i saw the most beautiful breasts ever. they were small and cupped. . . and she put it to my mouth and forced me to suk on it. . . just then i felt her hands on my pants. . next second she slowly pulled the zip down and then my underwear and touched my dik.

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  . . all of a sudden she got up and started staring at it. . i asked her wheter she ever saw one before and she said no. so i asked her to lick it. . . and she thought it was disgusting so she hesitated but i told her all guys do it and she said ohk and tied licking it and really loved it so she took in the whole thing and withing minutes i came inside her mouth. . she loved it. then she removed her panties and i saw the most beautiful vagina ever. . . .

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  . . with 3 hair coming out then she asked me to lick it if I didn’t have a problem and I said that there was no problem and put my face near her vagina. . and began to lick her vagina slowlyShe instantly started to moan and I put my finger inside her and she was astonished…and I said don’t worry people normally do that……then she said ohk and I continued…………. we did this for 10 minutes when she finally came all over my hand and I licked it and gave some to her coz she had never tasted it before………. Then I she was about to put her bra on wen I told her to stop……. . then I told to come on top of my dik and she asked me why and I explained to her about sex and she said alright And then she slowly got on top of me and sat down……. . then I pushed her a little more down and started to slowly insert my dik with great difficulty becoz she was a virgin…………she said it was paining and I said don’t worry after some time it wont……. . she said ohk then finally I got her vagina open……. . and I told her to start to slowly movie up and down she said why ……….

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      and I said becoz that’s how u hav sex…. . She said ohk and then caught the sides of the bed and started to move up and down and started moaning a lot……I loved it toooooo …………I kept staring at her breasts moving up and down………then slowly I started touching them and licking her nipples ………. she got damn horny and started moving faster……then finally she said she felt like peeing……and I told her it wasn’t pee but she was going to come…………and finally she came over me……. . and said sorry……then I to came inside her and she loved it…. then she got off and started licking my dik to wipe of the cum……. and then we both laid down on the bed and slept………. . to be continued……….

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