My Llittle Man


Mitch was a senior in high school just about to graduate and begin his young college life at a University that offered him a full scholarship for not only athletics but academics as well, in a town about 150 miles from home.   He had a six foot athletic frame that left most of the girls he dated panting just to take a look at him with his shirt off. His blonde hair came down around his shoulders and his longing blue eyes were always the talk around school.   He had been a star for the football team which gave him very muscular legs, and biceps that were very taut and tight.   His abs were nothing less than a four pack, but the biggest surprise yet to be found out by any of the females in the school, that was being spread around by the other players on the squad, was that Mitch was hung well in the genital region.   He dated on and off throughout high school, but most girls, who would have given themselves to Mitch, just did not have the maturity that he was seeking in a woman.  
That is not to say that Mitch did not have plenty of offers in fact several members of the cheerleading squad had offered to give Mitch a blow job or go all the way just for the opportunity to be the one to gain Mitch’s cherry.   One bright fall day after practice the head cheerleader Cindy a beautiful girl who stood about 5’ 9” with small round breast 34A and very muscular legs (developed by years of gymnastics) met Mitch at his car.   Now in this part of the world it was not necessary for people to lock their cars, so Cindy had gotten in Mitch’s GTO and taken off all her clothes.   When Mitch walked up to his car he witnessed Cindy with her leg spread wide over the seats of his car slowly circling her fingers around her shaven wet clit doing a complete insertion of two fingers and bringing them up to her mouth to suck the juices escaping from the fingers that had been deep into her pussy.   The other hand was busy pinching and taunting her nipple that was very large and stood erect like a thimble.   She openly invited Mitch to join her and bring her to a full climax.   However, after a hard day of practice and bruising two ribs plus pulling his groin muscle he was in no mood for this kind of nonsense.   Mitch’s dick had a mind of its own and sprang to life looking at this vision of loveliness but all that did was bring Mitch to the ground from the pain of the groin pull.   He told Cindy that he was in quite a lot of pain and that if she would give him a rain check he would make her happy sometime.   Cindy slowly got her clothes back on acting as seductively as she could and pouting all the while hoping that Mitch would change his mind.

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    It wasn’t long after the offer that she mysteriously left school.  Everyone knew that she had slept with half the football squad and had allowed herself to get pregnant.   Thus, poor Mitch was leaving high school as a virgin, which was very rare in Mitch’s school.
Mitch came from a broken home; his dad had left when Mitch was ten and this required him to grow up quickly and become the man in the family.   Largely due to the fact his mother Helen always referred to him as “my little man” when she would talk about him.   Mitch actually enjoyed being referred to as the man in the family because it gave him a sense of importance.   He was always doing things around the house to please his mom because he had seen her go through a lot of pain when his father had left.   She worked hard every day to provide for Mitch and herself.   If it weren’t for his mom and her job he would have had to quit athletics and probably school altogether in order to help out and provide for the two of them.   Mitch felt a little guilty about all the hard work his mom had to persevere in order for him to fulfill his high school obligation.   But what he felt most guilty about was days when she would sit around the house in a house coat and cry whimpering his father’s name over and over again remembering some fond detail about their relationship, courtship or anniversary celebration.   He would try to do anything in his power to cheer up his mom and get her out of these periods of depression but very rarely was he successful.
He got a summer job in construction which allowed him to work from 7:30am until 3:30pm without a break for lunch.   So most days when he would get home totally famished his mother would lay out a snack for him and instructions on what to do in order to get their dinner started until she came home at five.   He would sit down and eat his snack and then go to the bathroom to take a shower.

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    He loved showers because when it came time to clean his penis he would begin by soaping his balls and kneading on them a little and then lather up his nine inch penis until he reached full erection.   The head on his penis would begin to turn purple and he would start to quicken his strokes.   He would fantasize having sex with an older woman who was much more experienced and lovely to look at. He would picture himself sliding his big dick in and out of the woman’s swollen cunt and soon as he would think about cumming inside her he would feel an electric shock course thru his whole body.   His scrotum would start to tighten and cum would flow out of his penis as streams of hot liquid went washing down the drain.   He would then continue his shower and perform another cleaning after he finished all the other areas of his body.   This became a ritual for most days but today he was more hurried to get out of his shower.   He knew that this was his parent’s anniversary night and his mom would come home very depressed.   He had intentions to make the night perfect so that this would not happen tonight.
He had steaks ready for the grill and a nice bottle of Cabernet opened and breathing nicely.   He put potatoes in the oven and had bought a nice dessert for his mom with the money he was making from the construction job.   He had on a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt with no shoes and socks on.   The back door opened and his mom walks in wearing a beautiful spring blouse and skirt with stockings and a nice open toe heel to match.   He looked at his moms face and could see the surprise that lit up on her face, but he could also see the puffiness under the eyes and he knew that she had been crying.   He yelled out “SURPRISE” and she came over to the counter where he was standing and gave him a great big hug and said “my little man” is preparing me dinner tonight.

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    With wine no less what is the special occasion.    Mitch’s face turned a little red and told his mom there was no special occasion.   He had received his first paycheck and thought they needed to splurge a little.   She told Mitch that he needed to save all the money he could because College would be a big expense.   Mitch knew in his mind that this was an anniversary and he was determined not to let his mom suffer through another one.
He told his Mom to go and change and that he would get the steaks started.   He poured her a full glass of wine and told her she had enough time to soak in the tub and take a short nap if she liked before dinner would be ready.   That was her favorite thing in world to do or so Mitch thought because she would always spend long periods of time soaking in the tub.   What Mitch had no knowledge of is that Helen would take off all her clothes from a hard days work and begin to slowly feel her body.   She first removed the silky blouse which exposed a beautiful red bra with a soft lacy front.   She liked this bra because it accentuated her breasts and she could see the areola peeking through the top.   She would allow herself to go into sort of a trance and would begin to dance a little as she removed her bra.   She would fantasize that someone was watching and all she wanted to do was to please that person.   She would fantasize about all sorts of people but what was strange is that typically in her fantasy she would end up with Mitch. Although she knew how wrong it was of her to think of him in that way, she just couldn’t help it because he was so damn fine and virile young man and she just loved the way he looked.

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    So she unhooked her bra and let it slip to the floor, allowing both her hands to cup her breasts.   She would then allow her nipples to slide between her fingers and pinch them ever so roughly.   Next, her stockings would be seductively removed and then she would let her skirt just fall to the floor.   As she stroked her left breast she would allow her right hand slowly ease its way down to her lacy red underwear.   She allowed her fingers to slide up and down her clit until they were very moist and then she would slide her index finger all the way up inside her and began to feel her G spot just as the tub would be full of warm tepid water and awaiting her body and spirit.
She would remove the panties, excited for the climax and slide into the warm tepid water, and then allow it to engulf her into a sort of cocoon and then immediately begin her exploration of her body.   For her age she was not half bad to look at her C cup size breast with a large areola and very large nipples were always an erogenous zone for her.   Her shaven pussy with its huge labia protruding out between the lips gave her tumultuous amounts of pleasure.   She began her ritual of touching her left breast and pressing against the nipples while her right hand explored her pussy until she would feel her clit get hard as a rock.   Once this level of eroticness was achieved she would start to flick her clit back and forth until she would feel the burning deep within her belly begin to rise and the wave of orgasms that would result would take her breath away, her whole body became shaky and so sensitive she could no longer touch it until the feelings subsided.   She finished her bath and for whatever reason decided to douche herself real well before dinner.     She walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed to get dressed in an over sized t-shirt that made her breast look great and black panties…. and exited her bedroom for the kitchen.  
She had finished off the glass of wine Mitch had poured her and when she came to the kitchen to pour herself another glass she found the table made and the food awaiting her.   They had such a great meal together and Mitch had even lit some candles so that they could eat by candlelight.

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    They laughed and just enjoyed each others company like the whole world outside did not even exist.   After the second bottle of wine Helen just felt like all the cares of the world were lifted off her shoulders and she was really relaxed.   She allowed herself to even flirt with Mitch and allowed him to have a glass of wine for dinner.   Mitch knew that what he was doing by allowing his mom to escape from the thoughts of the event, but he could not quite understand why his mom was acting the way she was.
All of Helen’s inhibitions were gone at this point and she looked at Mitch very seriously and asked if he had ever had sex before.   He looked at his mom in disbelief and said Mom you can’t ask me that question.   She looked at him sarcastically and said well I guess by that response I would have to say that you answer is no.   She then asked if he had ever seen a woman in the nude before.   He stated that of course he had looked at naked pictures before in some of those magazines but that he had never seen any in person which was a lie but he did not want to hurt his mom’s feelings.   At his point what she did next just shocked Mitch to unbelief.   She stood up and removed her oversized T- shirt and told Mitch to stand up and to look very closely at her body.   Mitch could not believe his eyes or his ears but she reiterated for Mitch to stand up.   When he did, he realized that his dick had just grown to full height and was standing very tall and at attention within his blue jeans.   This did not go unnoticed to Helen when she slowly but deliberately rubbed the outside part of his jeans using the backside of her hand to run the full length of his member.   She then told Mitch to stick his face down and examine her breasts up close.

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    Mitch at this point did not hesitate to do anything his mother told him to do so he stuck his head down and looked very closely at his mom’s breasts.   She took his hands and placed them over her breasts and showed him how to move all over them and then how to pinch and play with her nipples.   Helen was in heaven, she could feel the wetness coming through her panties and her labia becoming quite engorged by all the blood flowing to vaginal area as the liquid started flowing down her legs.   She knew in her mind what she was doing was wrong but it had been four years since she had held a man and she just needed to be serviced and treated like a horny animal.   She then explained to Mitch how to take his mouth and place it over her areola and flick her nipples with his tongue.   He began to lick and suck on the nipples until they grew to their full erectness which was about one and half inches long.   Helen begin to moan in such a loud way that Mitch stopped his sucking, but his mother placed his head over his head and demanded that he continue.    She felt her legs start to quiver and had a tiny orgasm while Mitch serviced her breasts.  
She took Mitch’s hand and tiptoed into her bedroom where she started to perform her little sensuous dance and put her hands all over Mitch as she slowly removed his t-shirt and began to rub her fingers all up and down his chest. She then proceeded to remove his jeans and became quite enamored as to the size of the tent that Mitch had showing from his underwear.   She let her hands roam up and down his legs until she reached up and grabbed his underwear and pulled them to the floor.   Mitch was in absolute shock but he was enjoying the touching so much that he was not about to say anything to his mom because he feared she might stop.   As she stood up and allowed the back of her fingers to rub against Mitch’s huge penis and she planted a long and loving kiss on Mitch’s lips.   She pressed her body up against Mitch and he felt as though he would explode right there.   Her nipples rubbing against his chest and his penis pressing against the black panties was just driving him wild as her tongue swirling around in his mouth didn’t hurt the moment either.

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    She released his mouth and began to lick her way down to Mitch’s cock.   When she arrived at his member she informed Mitch that it was okay for him to cum quickly because she knew he had never had anything done like this to him.  
She put her lips around his purple head and began to suck the precum off his pee hole as she started to engulf his penis into her mouth she licked the very hole that all that precious cum would soon be emerging.  She reached up and lightly stroked his balls with the back of her fingernails which drove Mitch right over the top as he exploded right in his mom’s mouth.   She started swallowing all that precious jism out of his sack and moaned as he unloaded stream after stream of that sweet nectar.   She licked every drop out of him and stood up to give him another long and loving kiss.   Mitch could taste the cum from his own penis and enjoyed the taste as much as his mother.   After they unlocked there lips his mother told him to get on his knees and remove the black panties that by now were soaking wet from the previous escapades.   Mitch got down on his knees and slowly removed the panties as he did so he noted a really strong pungent smell coming off that area.  It was a very musky smell and Mitch really liked the scent.   His mom told him to begin to kiss and lick her as she really needed to feel his tongue against her labia.   Mitch had no clue what she was talking about but he did see the big part sticking out between the two lips so he started to lick on that as fast as he could.
He began to taste the juices that the vaginal area was excreting.   He loved the wonderful taste.   His mother fell back onto her bed and opened her legs wide so that Mitch could really get his tongue in all the right places.

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    Mitch was a fast learner, when he would lick or kiss a certain area his mom would begin to moan and pull on Mitch’s head to beg him not to stop.   She was in absolute heaven and she knew that her first orgasm was coming soon, so she began to pant and try to tell Mitch that everything was okay and for him not to stop. Right before her first orgasm she told Mitch whatever he did to lick as hard and fast as he could and not be concerned over the liquid that would spurt out of her vagina.   She had always had orgasms that would shoot about three or four feet across the room and didn’t want Mitch to be concerned about it.   Mitch instinctively did something that put her over the top.   He placed his finger right up against her anal hole which sent his mom into an orgasm that was so cataclysmic she started to see stars and Mitch felt the first spurt come out of her pussy and as it hit the back of his throat he opened his mouth and took about three good spurts that were released, as he swallowed he found he loved the wonderful taste.   Each time he would begin to lick his mom’s labia another spurt would come from her vagina.   After her third orgasm she told Mitch to stop for just a second so she could collect her breath.  
She pulled Mitch up to her and told him that she wanted to feel his wonderful manhood inside of her.   All the while she is rubbing it with the back of her fingernails as it was standing at full attention.   She rolled Mitch over onto his back and mounted up onto his manhood.   She felt the head of his penis begin to penetrate the entry of her vagina as she slowly impaled herself onto his cock.   She felt as though the inside walls of her womb was being ripped apart.   This was by far the biggest member that had violated her womanhood.   Once she had impaled herself completely on his manhood she could feel him pressing against her cervix.

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    This led to her first little orgasm for which Mitch could feel the liquid flowing down his member.   He told his mom he did not think that he could hold it much longer and that he wanted to cum again.   She told Mitch to go ahead I think I can keep you inside me even if you do cum.   Mitch made one push and he felt his balls get rigged and his first load was spurting away deep within his mother’s womb.   She immediately began to lift and push down as fast as she could in order to keep Mitch’s member hard and rigged inside her. Mitch’s mind was going crazy as his hormones were raging and he felt that all he could do was to meet his mom’s rhythm by pushing when she slammed down on his aching penis and retreat when she lifted her hips.   Helen reached down and grabbed Mitch’s hands and placed them over her wanting breasts and told Mitch to squeeze and pinch them so that she could feel his wanting hands all over her body.   It seemed with each thrust that Mitch would make, he would feel little spurt flowing down his member.   He could tell that the comforter underneath him was soaked to with cum and his mom’s sweet juices.
As Mitch approached another orgasm his mom surprisingly sensed the oncoming release and she promptly reached for Mitch’s engorged member and held the massive amounts of cum rushing to the young mans urethra as she waited until the wave of passion, although frustrating, was interrupted by the hold she had over his member.   Mitch thought he would die if the eruption did not take place, but soon felt a relief and calmness once the moment of climax had been reached and abruptly stopped.   His mom looked at her new found lover and stated that she needed him to hold on for just a moment while they explored a new avenue to invade.   She calmly reached over to her dresser and pulled out a lube of some sorts.   She first licked her sons flaming member to get all the cum and juices she had left behind and began to oil his member with the warm lubricant.   Mitch was in heaven and was moaning each time she stroked the lube around his entire penis.

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    She told him that he would need to sit up and mount her from behind in order to accomplish the next round of passion.   She got on all fours and directed her son to place his penis at the base of her anus.   She began to slowly rock and move to get the right angle and then proceeded to push back on Mitch’s head.   She informed Mitch to now help her by pushing gently into her so that he could get the head of his penis in her anus.   Mitch’s mind was racing as he felt the head of his penis sink into the beautiful cherry of his mom’s behind.   It felt so tight and she told him to hold until she could get loose enough for him to enter her all the way.   She told Mitch to stay still and to allow her to impale this huge member into the smallest cavity of the anus.   She began to push against the wall and felt as though she would explode.   Once the penis was about half way in she felt her first orgasm flow through her body and the rippling of the climax could be felt through the thin membrane and immediately made Mitch wonder if his mom was okay.   She informed Mitch that she had reached nirvana and for him to remain patient just a little longer and then he could open the floodgates of his passion and release the wonderful streams of love juice deep within her bowels.  
After a few minutes Helen had achieved engorging his entire manhood into her small anus and Mitch had reached a point where he did not think he could hold it much longer in fact after only two pushes he pushed with all his might and let loose a long stream of cum that penetrated every bit of space in the small area of the bowels.   He felt nausea and euphoria all at the same time.   The minute that Mitch released his mom felt a huge orgasm rise deep within her womb which sent a tingle and pain all through her body. Huge amounts of juice where coming through her vaginal walls and flowing down her legs.   At this point she collapsed on the bed and Mitch fell down next to her in a heap of exhaustion.


    After about thirty minutes of rest his mom suggested they go to the bathroom to take a shower and get cleaned up for bed.   When they got into the shower mom made sure that Mitch’s hygiene especially around his genitals where very clean inside and out.    In fact, she used her mouth most of the time which led to another eruption for which mom proceeded to lick, swallow, and clean all over again.
She informed him that it was time to go to bed and Mitch started to walk out of her room and back into his own.  She smiled devilishly and stated, where are you going young man, I stated for you to get into that bed as she pointed to her own. Mitch sheepishly crawled into the bed and she looked at him all nice and clean and stated “my little man” has some more work to do.
She was thinking how wonderful it was that it was only Friday and she still had the entire weekend left to carry out all her remaining fantasies.   She was startled when she heard the knock at her bedroom door only to see her son telling her that dinner was ready and waiting on the table.   Her erotic dream had been cut short by the interruption and she was disappointed that her most wonderful fantasy had only been a dream from the nap she had laid down to take after her bath.   She rose from the bed to go and eat and noted that the sheets were soaked from juices.   Did she create all this wetness herself?
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